Tequila Week 27 — Tequila Release Party Video

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Wow, what a sweet ride it’s been watching Tequila develop before us every week on Vinyl Pulse. Can you believe this is week 27!  This is the 2nd to last week of Tequila coverage — but don’t fret as we’ll be ringing in the new year with El Panda starting on Friday January 6th 😉 Ok, for this week have a really slick video of the Tequila Release Party.

Tequila Release Party Video
You saw the pics for Muttpop’s  Tequila Figure release party. Now it’s time to see the Quicktime Video! The Tequila Release Party was featured on the AMAZING Urban Testing Ground  VIDEO BLOG by Superstar Blogger JOEL KUWAHARA.

Joel’s Urban Testing Ground sets a high bar of quality for video bloggers. His coverage of all things “underground” is always insightful and entertaining. Muttpop was very honored that Joel took the time and effort to showcase our first release party on his blog. Be sure to check out his other entries including a few on graf art and breaking.

Check back next week for a peek at RAW Tequila boxes loaded with hand-drawn original art!  And, starting in 2006 we’ll have weekly coverage of  Muttpop’s next dope toy.