Flying Pig and Cold Day in Hell Trexis by Joe Ledbetter


Here’s a look at Joe Ledbetter’s upcoming 10-inch Flying Pig Trexi which will hold the included 3-inch Cold Day In Hell Trexi. You might be wondering about the previously shown Electro Lizard design.  The official word is that  Joe recently visited a fortune teller who cautioned him to keep away from giant lizards for a while.  So in an attempt to avoid certain doom, Joe decided to create a new design for his 10" trexi.  In other words, artist’s preference. As with the other 10-inch Trexis the full set (10-inch + 3-inch) will be limited to 200 sets and the 3-inch figure will also be sold individually (500 pieces). 

The new design of the 10-inch Trexi definitely sits on the softer side of Joe’s work which while different is still quite nice.  The smaller 3-inch Cold Day in Hell Trexi is pretty mean looking, check the blue forked tongue.  I really like the larger outer design, though I’m slightly less enthusiastic about the smaller one — it feels a little fragmented for the lack of a better word. But that’s being really picky šŸ˜‰ Taken as a whole, we have a nice contrast in vibe from the larger fig to the smaller one.  While the Elctro Lizard was certainly cool, this  new design offers up a nice change of pace as an alternative.