Doktor A’s Brass Podlings at Oalaworld

Dig Doktor A’s Podlings as much as we do?  Then you might be interested in a very limited non-articulated Cold Cast Brass Podling Edition available from Oalaworld shortly. Podling sculptures!  There are just 10 of these metallic beauties to go around — so get ’em while you can.

3 Replies to “Doktor A’s Brass Podlings at Oalaworld”

  1. blimey!
    brass eh, nice work doc, mighty impressive, looks great all shiny.
    pushin the boundries again… great stuff.

  2. Well “cold cast Brass” (Polyester resin with sintered Brass mix).
    Like the Playlounge “Pewter” ones.
    I am guessing Oalaworld tipped VP off about this one..

  3. Sweet parts. “cold cast Brass”? Surprised I’ve not heard of it. I’m off to research, but if you have any learnings you could pass on, the info would be much appreciated.

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