Sam Fout – Project: Neptoon

In The Year 2526….mankind has eradicated all human life from the galaxy. Earth’s Animals have formed national teams and launched their space arks into the cosmos…..Unable to reach peaceful
agreement, the terms construct crude arenas on surrounding moons. There they organize battles and competitions for total control of the last inhabitable planet…Neptune.

This is the world of artist Sam Fout. He calls this world Project: Neptoon. In this world, there is blood, there is sex, there is love and there is war…it is a classic tale of survival of the fittest. Who will win? Well, we will have an opportunity to find out when the characters become vinyl toys which will come with dice, cards and mini DVDs. We will wage brutal wars between the teams until one true leader RULES Neptune!!!…but until then….checkout Sam’s new So Far No Good show at Wootini from November 11- December 5.


Team US



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