JLed’s Mr. Bunny Triplets

Joe Ledbetter’s Mr. Bunny vinyl figures from Wheaty Wheat Studios
have made a huge splash on the scene.  The ultra-limited (50 pieces)
black/yellow KR exclusive Lava Bunny sold out immediately.  The regular
edition Yellow Mr. Bunny (400 pieces) has been completely distributed
to retailers and is pretty hard to come by for retail price.  The
coveted blue Sno Bunny edition (just 100 pieces) should be available
any day now from retailers.

These figures are an excellent representation of Joe Ledbetter’s
unique 2D drawing style.  JLed’s signature character has made the jump
to 3D as  one of the most unique designer toys available today.  Wheaty
Wheat is quite proud of the JLed series toys and rightfully so.  The
design of these toys is meticulous right down to the metal inserts in
Mr. Bunny’s ears to prevent droopiness.  Beyond the figure, the
packaging is sweet.  The box panels contain 3 amazing JLed
illustrations including a nice yin/yang pair – one featuring a dolphin
and the other featuring a ravenous shark. 

Many collectors are frustated about the relatively small edition
sizes for Mr. Bunny.  Wheaty Wheat decided on the print runs back when
JLed was not the mega star that he is today.  Believe it or not, there
was some question as to how well these would sell due to their very
unique design.  Hindsight is 20/20, but the end result is an extremely
desirable and highly sought after piece.  No doubt about it!

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