10″ Trexis are coming!!!

A while ago, we reported Play Imaginative’s
plans of making 10-inch Trexis, well, they are almost here. These
special toys are not just huge but each comes with a little extra
something,a 3-inch counterpart sits in the Trexi’s head. They are being
produced in 2 phases and here are pics of the first 5 from the first




Darren Gan

David Horvath

Joe Ledbetter

4 Replies to “10″ Trexis are coming!!!”

  1. yeah the tokidoki one is fantastic! been a fan of their work for some time now and is nice to see em getting in on the scene.
    all the others are great, looking forward to seeing these in the flesh!

  2. I love trexis. I cant wait for the big ones! The David Horvath and the Tokidoki look amazing! I just hope they dont ask $200+.

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