Gary Baseman: 16″ Toby Plush!

The long-awaited day has finally come!  The first batch of Gary Baseman’s Toby plushes were delievered to Billy Shire Fine Arts and are on their way to 95 lucky and patient collectors.   Francine picked up our Toby from BSFA on Saturday.  To our pleasant surprise, Toby came with a very nice certificate of authenticity plus a limited edition print of one of Baseman’s ephemera pieces.  The print was apparently a ‘thank you’ to collectors for their patience regarding the delay in delivery.  A very nice thank you at that!  Toby’s very cool at 16" tall with a poseable head, limbs and tail.  He’s also quite stable with the use of the tail for support. Each Toby is signed Baseman in a very discreet location (ahem!) and the print number matches up with the plush number — quite nice.  Most definitely worth the wait!