“Fly Boy” by VanBeater

"Fly Boy" by VanBeater


For the love of sweet hearty wheat… it’s VanBeater! Self proclaimed master of scribble induced pareidolia! He was born a Yankee, but raised up in the dirty south on CheerWine and B’z BBQ (Take your shirt off, spin it around in da air just like a helicopter). The Beater mixes seven years of working experience; with the love for armpit farts, Saturday morning cartoons, and (insert your favorite immature thing here). Currently, he is getting together a body of work that will include tee shirts, stickers, letter press prints, and several hand painted works. VanBeater is also creator of Jamungo’s Sqwerts and co-creator of Jamungo’s BlowUp Dolls. Both toys to be released very soon (sorry for the delay… don’t get me "started"). VanBeater’s day job is creating web based games and interactive experiences. His “real world” clients include : Citi bank, HBO, Red Bull, Hasbro, Lego, Mazda, Verizon, and oh so many more. Go now and peep his latest steez before you get owned!

To learn more about VanBeater visit www.vanbeater.com.

4 Replies to ““Fly Boy” by VanBeater”

  1. Hey Y’all,
    Thanks for having a look at the works.
    Dr.A: I will have stuff to sell shortly, so please check back in a couple of weeks.
    Slovak34: Yes, Cheerwine KILLS ( I was raised in north Raleigh btw 😮 ). Did you know they have cheerwine icecream?
    Okkle: I WILL have shirts, but princes isn’t’ at the top of the list. Sorry:(.
    Be Good,

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