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Oct 27, 2005

'Cut & Paste' Head to Head Design Competition

The Cut & Paste graphic design competition will be held on November 19th @ 10 PM at M1-5 (Tribeca, NY).  Hosted by MC Bobbito, Cut & Paste will feature a tournament style arrangement pitting  eight competitors head to head with a maximum of  15 minutes to work on an assigned design theme.  The crowd will be able to view the competition up close and personal through large projection screens.  The idea is based on DJ Battles  but instead of DJ's spinnin' it'll feature  graphic designers armed with Mac G5's, Wacom tablets and such.  The competition will be judged by  Tristan Eaton (Thunderdog Studios), Kendrick Reid (Comedy Central), Doug Jaeger (thehappycorp global), Jeff Staple (Staple Design).  All eight contestants will receive a cool gift bag, the semi-finalists will also receive a whopping 2GB Mimobot from Mimoco  and the winner will receive an Apple iBook for his or her dope under-pressure designs. 

Cut & Paste seems like a pretty innovative idea whose time has come.  Designer toys are one canvas and outlet for talented designers to get their work seen, appreciated, purchased and enjoyed.  Competitons such as Cut and Paste will likely raise the bar for top-notch graphic design and by extension designer toys as well. 

Want to Enter?
Drop an e-mail to  [email protected] by NOVEMBER 4TH with the subject "ENTER CONTEST" with the following information:

1) Name, address, phone number
2) Work info - position, employer, brief job description
3) Link to website, portfolio, or other online proof-of-work (no attachments please)
4) Brief bio (3 sentences max)

For more info check out www.cutandpastecontest.com.

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Heyo - just so you know, the URL to CUT&PASTE is misspelled. The link is good, but it should read: www.cutandpastecontest.com. Thanks!! -John

Whoops! Fixed -- thanks for the heads up.

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