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Oct 02, 2005

"The Saddest Place on Earth"

At Camille Rose Garcia's show titled "The Saddest Place on Earth", were over 2 dozen pieces of Camille's work on display. I was really there to find out about her new toys by Necessaries Toy Foundation but was very quickly distracted by her art pieces. The muted color paintings filled with sadistic acts of a little disturbed girl along with dioramas of her creepy cartoon characters reminded me of a fairytale went wrong. But, no matter how wrong it was, I couldn't help but to bring Sadie and Katie home with me. At 14 inches tall, I was expecting a top heavy toy like these twins to topple over but to my delight she stands perfectly stable on 3 feet!!







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Thank you for these pictues. Im in the mid west and cant wait to buy the set figures.

Was Camille nice? I live the figures, how did you have the strength of will not to buy the set?

I called the gallery and they sold out of their first allotment of figures, can you find out when the rest will be available for non California folk?

I love your site and all the great work you are doiing covering these peculiar toys. Are you a lady too? Where there many goths at the event?

Keep keeping it fresh!

Sarah O.


Thanks for visiting the site.

Camille was sweet and accommodating to fans who wanted their toys and books signed.

I believe the toys were exclusive for the gallery until mid October and will be released to the general public by mid Oct.

Surprisingly, there weren’t many Goths at the show.

And yes, I am lady :-)

her work really speaks to me, i cant wait to have her li'l ladies in my home!

beautiful photos!

I wish that Camille would show in NYC!! I love her stuff (I have some of her girls tattooed on my arm!) Can't wait to get a Lulu and Cherry doll!

You are one bad Momma!!!

thanks much indeed for posting these pictures, its nice to be able to get close to the works without actually being there... seeing as how i live on the other side of the continent from where the galleries she shows at usually... very much enjoyed the site! im eagerly awaiting my copy of her book and a nicely framed print, as well as the upcoming book release....

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