Whoa! 20-inch Blue El Dunny Loco by Tristan Eaton and Kidrobot

Shazam (Hey, I’m excited!).  The once-clogged Kidrobot pipeline is now flowing freely and new toys are coming left and right.  Next up is the long-rumored twenty-inch version of Tristan Eaton’s blue El Dunny Loco.  This bad boy bigger than ever Lucha Libre wrestler is limited to just 100 pieces for 249.95 and will be avaiable online this coming Thursday (09.08.2005). Check the product page for the 20" Blue El Dunny Loco  — it’s not sold out that’s just a glitch in KR’s system. I probably don’t have to say this… but set your alarm clock and sit by your web browser on Thursday if you want one of these.  They will sell out almost instantly IMO!