Vinyl Abuse Project – Custom Vinyl

Steve wrote in to tell us about the Vinyl Abuse project from Future Plastik and Vinyl Abuse which features custom vinyl records by 30 artists from around the world.  This project puts a fun spin (heh! stop groaning!) on "custom vinyl". At a date to-be-determined all 30 pieces will be displayed and available for sale on the Future Plastik website.  Urban art continues to grow and spread across a wide range of seemingly endless canvases.  Pervasive art is becoming more and more of a reality which is very cool IMO.  The 30+ participating artists include: Razzle, D-Sifer, Mimic, Midge, Fluff, Tmboo, Tesselate, Okkle, Rob Schwager, Doktor A, Peskimo, Young Sparta, Sket, Lunartik, Schizo, Pavid, MAD, Hixtril, Bytedust, Playskewl, Schnook, MooDude, Bax, Rainbow, idlechimp, Clutter magazine, Sichi, Bran, D13, PhuEk and No.L.  Thanks to Steve we have some pics of some of the project pieces.  Keep your eye on Future Plastik for the arrival of additional pieces!

Sket One