Tokyo Plastic’s Opera Dude available now

Tokyo Plastic produces some of the most amazing flash animations I’ve ever seen — the music, the art, everything meshes into an amazing whole.   Their  first toy, the Kokeshi (geisha) doll figure, was incredibly well-received with the various colorways selling out in a flash.  Opera Dude is the lastest Tokyo Plastic character to make the jump to 3D.  The long-awaited  Opera Dude figure is  finally available from Myplasticheart, the official online presence of Tokyo Plastic. First seen in the mind-blowing Music Box project done for Aiwa, the Opera Dude toy from Flying Cat has a large swivelling eye and poseable antennae. Want to learn more?  Need to buy one?  Check out MPH’s Tokyo Plastic section. Also, MPH is going to be giving away a free Opera Dude.

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  1. Hi, I wanted to create a blogger template layout and was wondering if I could use the image of the Opera Dude (45353197_348e465f0a_m.jpg) that I saw in your site?

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