Sket One x MAD: custom 12″ CiBoy

Sket One and MAD are two of the top cats in the designer vinyl game and are tight buds as well.  Ever wonder just how sick Sket One x MAD would be?  They did too!  Here’s one small part of the answer — a custom 12" CiBoy done by both Sket-One and MAD for Kidrobot (exact use is unknown at this point) earlier this year.  Towering at a foot high this guy looks fab with a nice jagged merging of the two super-clean designs.  Just in case you’re somehow not familiar with the artists, Sket One’s design is on the left and MAD’s is hanging on the right side 😉

Want more?  You’re in luck!  Sket One and MAD are taking their collaboration up a few notches with their joint  show, Controlled Substances at  Toy Qube (10.22.05).    As one of the  show’s proud sponsors (along with Wheaty Wheat, Playtimes, and Clutter), Vinyl Pulse will be bringing you an extended series of Controlled Substances sneak peaks in the weeks leading up to the opening on October 22nd at Toy Qube in Flushing NY.  Trust us when we say that MAD and Sket One are working on some truly sick and inspired stuff. 

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  1. Fucking insane! See people. Whoever wasn’t thinking about going to this show better go. I’ll be there for SURE!

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