Photos from the Be@rbrick World Tour in NYC

Sket One was kind enough to send us this huge stack of very nice pics from last night’s opening reception of the Be@rbrick World Tour featuring a large number of huge custom Be@rbricks.  I really love the setup of the space with the visible wire/string — almost makes them feel like huge puppets.

Michael Lau


Pete Fowler


Eric So







James Jarvis

Frank Kozik


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  1. Y’know considering these are supposed to be “name” artist and invited to do this, I see quite a few lazy designs here. Who’s the one with the K on the face? Uninspired much? And, Michael Lau continues to punish us with his by cardboard period. Way to mail it in oh king of vinyl.
    I really like about 12 of these. A few more are just…meh. I know about a dozen unknown artist that could destroy some of these big name hacks. Their time will come soon.
    Looking at the overall display I’m satisfied that not going to see this was the correct choice.
    And big ups to Sket One for the pics. By the way, your one of the unknows that I’m talking about.

  2. Thank you for the props GSMT (interesting name), but I kinda felt dissapointed also, until it was explained to me that this show has been around for 2 years and some of the designs are that old, and they might of had restrictions also on design so they could produce or manufactur pieces from the show. The bar for custom pieces is much higher now (THANKS MIQ!) 😉
    So take all of that into account, the pieces were nice and displayed well.
    Good to see Medicom in the states!! Now for that custom 12″ show ;} keep a Brutha in mind!

  3. Wow, I slept on this one, maybe I should check my email!!!… Thanks to my man, Sket, for taking these pics. Many of us Be@rbrick diehards already own many of the minis of these designs, so it’s funny to see questions like, “Who’s the one with the K on the face? Uninspired much?”.
    LOL, the K is the trademark of non other than Japanese model maker / artist Kow Yokoyama, whose Maschinen Krieger, Ma.K. & Ma.Kub(rick) and NIke designs should be on your “to google” list!!!!
    Now, who wants to sell me their 5 pc set????
    Cheers all. M500_uber_alles

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