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Sep 27, 2005

Designer Chocolate Bars from Yoyamart and Chocolate Bar

Wow the art we all love is starting to appear everywhere.  From toys to ipod covers to USB flash drives to chocolate bars.  Yes, that's right Chocolate Bar in collaboration with Yoyamart are introducing a fall line of gourmet choc-o-graphic Artist Bars  featuring labels from ten artists including: Gary Baseman, Nathan Jurevicious, David Horvath, Sun-Min Kim, Rolito, Toy2R, Friends With You, Tim Biskup, Dalek and J.D. Boujnah.  A portion of the sales of Artist Bars will be donated to childrens' art education efforts.  The bar flavors will include Milk Chocolate, Bittersweet, Crispy Rice, Dark Chocolate with Almonds, Dark Chocolate with Mint, Milk Chocolate with Hazelnuts, Dark Chocolate Espresso and the boutiques old favorite Salty Pretzel.    The bars will be sold in a boxed limited-edition (naturally!) "gallery set" for $40 starting in November online at www.chocolatebarnyc.com, Chocolate Bar  stores and Yoyamart.  For pre-orders please call 800.481.2462 or email [email protected]   In case you haven't heard of Chocolate Bar, they are a  trendy brand  producing chocolates for adults and have been featured on the Food Network.   

This project will likely increase the exposure of the involved artists and hopefully urban and lowbrow art as well. The box set would make a nice holiday gift but I can't see collecting it though I'm sure some people will!  One thing is for certain, it's for a good cause: children's art education.

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