Having received approval for the wax casts by Muttpop,
the manufacturer began to produce metal replicas of the silicone molds
for use in the mass production of the Tequila figure. So what’s left?
COLOR! Muttpop’s art team used Pantone #’s to identify the colors of
both the Original Tequila and his color variant. The ORIGINAL color
scheme uses a traditional paint application approach. The EXTRA SPICY
color scheme conceptualizes what the Tequila toy would look like if
created in 1950s’ Japan. You can see images of both versions below. 

HOT!! HOT!! HOT!!! Can we say HOT???? I can’t wait to see the paint
application test of EXTRA SPICY Tequila!! I think it is going too hot
to handle!! Be here next week for a glimpse at the first Rotocast Vinyl
Tequila paint application test!

3 Replies to ““TEQULIA REVEALED” PART 14”

  1. Looks great!!! I really like the idea behind the Spicy version. i didn’t get it at first, but once I read the description, it made sense. I really like how his eyes and teeth pop from his face in the variant. He looks more menacing. What are the number’s on these again? Has Tequila always been missing a tooth? I hadn’t noticed it till now. Good job, can’t wait till December.

  2. BORT:
    I’m glad you like what you see.
    Yup, Tequila has always been missing his tooth.
    The numbers are as follows:
    750 ORIGINAL
    Thanks for your support.

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