Luke Chueh @ Gallery 1988

At the busy intersection of Melrose and La Brea, slightly before 7:00 p.m., there was already a line outside Gallery 1988 for the opening reception of Luke Chueh’s show. As the door opened, the crowd quickly entered and headed straight to the cashier to place their orders for a specify  exhibiting piece. The prices range from a few thousand dollars to one hundred dollars, making them all pretty affordable and so within minutes at least half of the exhibiting pieces were marked sold.

I snagged Luke before the crowd start to thicken and we spoke about his work and his up coming toy "Possessed" which is being produced by MunkyKing. Like all toy collectors, Luke was anxious in getting Possessed released. However, due to his busy schedule, there have been some slight delays. Nonetheless, we can wait and we WILL wait!!! Thomas Han who had a collaboration piece with Luke and Joe Ledbetter was also present. Now check out the pics below and if you get a chance, swing by Gallery 1988, the show ends on October 4th.


"Jacked"my favorite piece






Thomas Han

Goofy Patrick of MunkyKing


5 Replies to “Luke Chueh @ Gallery 1988”

  1. Wow! Nice show. I love Luke’s story telling — “Jacked” is great. And the one where he’s switching between bunny and bear ears is also pretty loaded.

  2. “jacked” was also my favorite piece at the show (i actually think it’s probably my favorite piece that luke’s done thus far, though “hope extinguished” is close for me). the alchemist was also very nice in person (i’ll have to settle for a framed postcard). and hey, i’m famous now (that’s me at the bar in the shirt with the skull in the next-to-last pic). i was amazed when the first two people in the door bought close to half of the pieces too. the stuff i liked was unfortunately a little outside my price range. maybe next time.

  3. go jake…go jake…go jake….:-) I enjoyed the show as well…and was very surprised how quickly things went…

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