Surf VS. Stake Show

Surf VS Stake at Project Studio featured surf and stake boards painted by over 30 artists, among them are Joe Ledbetter, Upso, Thomas Han and Luke Chueh. Unaware of a cover of $10 "donation" to enter, the doorman was kind enough to let me in with only the cash I had…..$5. The moment I stepped through the narrow walkway, I found an attractive crowd hovered around the pumping DJ and a bar in the back serving up drinks, the Studio was a cross over of a gallery and a lounge.  Nonetheless, I ventured out seeking boards by the various artists of my interests and look at what I found…..

Joe Ledbetter




Catching up with Joe, I found out it took him four days to finish his surf board and if my memory serves me right, it was going for $2,500, but contact Joe or the studio to confirm. And the rumor has it the toy is coming out REAL soon…..



Thomas Han




Luke Chueh


Damion Silver

Brian Gibb

4 Replies to “Surf VS. Stake Show”

  1. Joe’s work rules, but what I want to know is when we’ll start seeing toys from Luke Chueh. The world needs more melancholy pieces of plastic.

  2. Soon… Munkyking is producing a toy based on Luke Chueh’s Possessed painting. In fact, there was a very early prototype at SDCC this year.

  3. Excellent. There’s a picture of it over on the MunkeyKing forums and it looks great.
    I’m surprised that no one has done a set of ‘Monkeys with hats’ toys. Apart from wanting them all myself they’d make great presents for people.

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