Blue Dalek Divers @ KR Online

Just a quick heads up that Blue Dalek Diver Dunnys are currently available at Kidrobot (online only I think)Only 200 were made and these are bound to go quickly (the white ones have already sold out). Here’s the direct link to the product page.  As with all the Dalek Diver Dunnys quality is very uneven and some of the paint jobs are rather rough — but they may end up being collectible in spite of or partly because of this.  Hard to know for sure.  Buy NOW if you want one or 2 (limit is 2 per person).

Update: These have sold out, hope you were you able to get one if you were interested.

6 Replies to “Blue Dalek Divers @ KR Online”

  1. I think the design is ok… but I really can’t understand how KR allow these to slip through QC/QA… in my opinion they shouldnt be on the market when the quality is so shoddy. Ah well… I’ll go sit in my chair and mumble to myself about other problems in life! ^_^

  2. KR’s website refers to them as ‘hand made and hand painted’ which might explain why they aren’t perfect. They don’t look hand done though. I am confused.

  3. Razzle, They actually were so upset with the quality of these and the other dalek space monkeys they canned the factory, hence such a rock bottom price on the product. They are working with a new factory now one with THE highest standards in quality.
    Okkle, they have assbley lines where workers will had hand painted graphics thats why there is imperfections in each one. so if they state that they are hand painted it covers any back lash on some quality issues (see 1st paragraph).
    Later Sket

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