Although Monster5 was able to faithfully capture the essence of Tequila in last week’s sculpt (Part 7), Muttpop and Monster5 were still not happy with the back of Tequila’s pants. The wrinkles in Tequila’s pants made them look too tight. Monster5 tweaked the sculpted wrinkles to make them deeper and sharper. In addition to images of the Tequila’s pants tweak, we have included more images of the current version of the Tequila figure. This new batch of pictures includes better views of Tequila’s infamous head spikes!


Those head spikes must be handled with caution. It reminds me of the king of fruits….durian….well at least from the look of it, with dangerous untouchable spikes. Beware!!!
Check back next week for the FINAL SCULPT of the Tequila figure (without PONCHO)

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