This is it. Here are a few glimpses of the ALMOST finished Tequila figure. Muttpop  and Monster5 still have many fine details to add to the figure, but it’s becoming very clear what is the essence of TEQUILA! For completeness sake, we’ve included images of the Tequila figure in its different stages.

From the patchwork pants with a rope as belt to his muscular six packs, the details of this toy are just amazing. I can’t wait for him to “stand guard” among my toy collection. Watch out boys…he really isn’t one to mess with.


Check back next week for details on the second phase of tweaks…and some more sweet images of the vinyl figure!

17 Replies to ““TEQUILA REVEALED!” PART 7”

  1. Any info on edition size? Colorways? Price? Great job on the pants and feet. Will we see the pancho next week?

  2. i kinda like him w/o definition put in for the abs (six-pack). it’s got a medicom feel to it. 🙂

  3. Thanks to everyone for the kind words!
    More details will be coming soon, but you can be rest assured that Tequila will be coming in at an impressive 8.75 inches (22cm)in height. Tequila wanted to be one of the TALLER guys in your collection! 🙂
    There will be two colors for Tequila.
    750 in ORIGINAL color.
    250 in EXTRA SPICY color.
    Details on how those colors look will be revealed on Vinyl Pulse.
    Price is still being firmed up. We need to get a clearer sense of the cost of shipping before we reveal the final price.
    The PONCHO is coming! You’ll begin seeing the initial sculpts of the poncho in 2-3 weeks.
    The only six pack Tequila’s familiar with is the one that’s purchased at a liquor store! Tequila’s got a little tummy…and he’s very PROUD of it.
    I’m glad you’re happy with how it’s all coming together!

  4. I like Monster5 style, he is monster designer under diferent name. he may have a shop Monster5 shop and is cool designer of child clothe. I think he is medicom sculptor and are not sure. Will the figure have story in animation? I want to see. Yuki Katayama.

  5. YUKI:
    Thanks for your support. Monster5 does in fact have a store in Japan. He’s done sculpts for many toy companies.
    Our DREAM would be to eventually have an animated Lucha Libre cartoon. We have over FIFTEEN different Luchadores.
    If TEQUILA does well, we plan to release between 2-3 new figures based on our different creations.

  6. Welcome Gobi!
    As co-creator and the artist of TEQUILA, GOBI drew and colored the TEQUILA illustration that Carl was defending!
    If it weren’t for Gobi amazing design and art skills, Tequila would have never been. 🙁

  7. Hi Gobi!!! Glad you stopped by!!! Look at what YOU and Tequila had stirred up here at VP!!

  8. wow, I can’t believe how brilliantly this model is coming along, thanks for the pics. Can we get a sneeky peeky at the poncho ?

  9. Hello. Found online that Mpop will manufacture 15 of these types of figures. Any pictures or them as a group? Will you retain the service of the same team or jump to a major company ? I ask due to the concerns in the new collectors arena for buyers to only want a niche product rather than mass. Will you merchandize the figure outside the niche market ? And when can we find this product at Market?
    Warmest regards,

  10. hey! how is that done? mean!…kinda new to vinyls…but i was wondering…what was used? and how did you shape it like that?

  11. MC:
    Our plan is to release 3-4 designer toys based on the MANY wonderful Luchadores designed by our art team of Gobi, Bill, and Fabian.
    Our next figure will be based on a very cool character that used to bully around Tequila when he was a little boy. Needless to say, they are STILL mortal enemies!
    We intend to use MONSTER5 for all of our designer toy sculpts. All of the designer toys we create will be released through MUTTPOP. If Tequila proves to be successful, we MAY go back to press with more Tequilas…but to pay respect to the original Tequila buyers, a follow up run would include a slight tweak to the original colors and a completely different box design.
    No matter what the future holds for Muttpop and Tequila, you can be rest assured that the original run of Tequilas will be a niche product.

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