Baseman and Touma @ SDCC

As many of you know, we just returned from the event of the century,
well maybe not THE event of the century but pretty close. SDCC was an
amazing experience in many aspects, but the overwhelming concentration
of toys and the people behind them in one same place, was what blew me
away. There are so many stories to share and toys to show, I don’t even
know where to begin. However, I thought I start off with something
quite personal to me.

On the busiest day of SDCC, as I was waiting for the crowd to thin
out around Kidrobot’s booth so I can say hi to Paul, I noticed Touma
and Baseman exchanging conversation. I swiftly approached them and
noticed they were drawing a sketch for each other. What an awesome
sight, 2 great artists in their own right from 2 parts of the world,
standing a few feet from each other, exchanging creative ideas. Using
their medium of choice (Baseman: color pencils, Touma: A blue felt
pen), they meticulously drew their characters. Within a few minutes,
the blank white pieces of paper were filled with their signature
drawings. They were also very gracious of my presence snapping away
with my camera. Touma doesn’t speak any English and Baseman with no
Japanese, were able to communicate through their art. That was quite an
enlightening moment for me. They say love is the common language, I say
art is. And pictures are worth a thousand words, so here they are.   

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  1. wonderful sight to see them exchange! i even brought my own sketchbook for them to sketch down at comic con. i managed to get about 12 artists to sketch for me! i feel like a kid at the comic con!

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