PODLINGS by Doktor A.

Doktor A. has been very busy lately. How busy? Well, take a look at his most recent creation. PODLING, a 5” tall 2 part platform toy designed, sculpted, currently individually hand cast and painted by the artist himself. Now that’s what I call one hard working fellow!! This early look at the POLDINGs is based on detailed information he sent us about the toy and its design.  PODLING was a project Dr. A started purely for fun last Christmas but obviously it has now turned into something way more. Since  the PODLING is a platform toy, the design is based around "a suggestive but unspecific shape". Hence, it is something easy to get to grips with and enjoyable to work on. There are currently about 15 artists from around the world customizing designs for the PODLING including quite a few “names" loved by we, toy collectors. A show featuring all the customized PODLINGS is also in the mix. Currently there isn’t a manufacturer on board to produce the toy but from the pictures, I can’t see why no one has shown interest. The endless possibilities of this fellow are overwhelming. From the hypnotic blue swirls to the mischievous grin to the classic 60’s wood panel to the fearless lizard, I would love to see one done up as “Tarzan”. Dr. A has other toy projects on the boil such as the PODDYs (little marshmallow fellows), which are at the prototype stage with work from October toys. Make sure you check out his website for more information. And please…..someone produce the PODLINGs so I can have one  sitting on my shelf.

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