White Touma Hell Hound

So earlier this month, I was able to purchase an all-white limited edition of Touma’s Hell Hound toy at Qeeology in Pasadena, CA. The bonus on this one is that it was hand-signed (before-hand, not onsite) with a nice blue HH drawing by Touma himself.  The drawing has such clean lines that it almost looks manufactured — he obviously is very talented and has very steady hands 🙂  This toy cost me a pretty penny but I think he’s worth it !

Mini-Review:  This new design by Touma is quite impressive. The hound has a sort of presence that’s a mix of edgy and cute rolled together.  As for articulation, there are 8 points of articulation! : head, arms, legs, each ear, and the tail.  The Hell Hound’s head is very detailed. In particular, I really love that the ears can be posed either close together or farther apart thereby changing his "mood".  Additionally, the facial features are very stylized — inset eyes, an upturned mouth with a pointy circular nose, and a sly grin.  Finally, the  collar is very detailed with the spikes being quite pronounced.  As for the rest of the body, the paws are very similar to that of Touma’s Knuckle Bears — fairly wide  and the tail is nice in that it is articulated (rotates). 

The production Hell Hounds come in three versions:

Zero                500                   Any Day Now (was briefly availabe on Qeester as a preorder)
Lt. Blue Zero   100                    ????
Enis                100                   ????

According to Raymond Choy (Toy2r Founder) on  Qeester, the two
smaller  editions  will be primarily distributed in Japan.  Which may
mean that they will be very hard to come by in the US.  I’m not really
sure why these figures are sooo limited seeing as how I think they
would sell quite well. Perhaps it’s to increase their desirability.  So if you’re interested in them, definitely keep an eye out for them and when you see ’em, buy right away 🙂  I’ll try to post about online availability as stores start to stock these guys.