Hi-Fructose coming in early May

So where do you go for the latest news on the the designer vinyl toy  scene?  Well, this blog of course 🙂  Then there’s the web boards or forums (a subject for another post) that various online toy stores offer.  But what about magazines?  It’s always nice to have a print publication to look through especially for gorgeous pictures of upcoming toys. 

There’s a new magazine  covering vinyl toys and the artists that design them called Hi-Fructose.  It comes out in early May and retails for $5.95.  There’s a great line up of articles for the debut issue including aricles on Seen, Gary Baseman, Brian Mccarty, Little Miss no name, a 10 page article on Kaiju Big Battel, Circus Punks, Dave Cooper gallery, and
exposes with Mad, Knock Knock Family, TADO, the Lifesize Moustrap, Junko Mizuno,
Jenny Bird, and DIY projects!

Good stuff!    Also it’ll be easy  to find in such  places as Tower Records, Borders, Barnes and Noble and of course various comic and toy stores.

Here are some promo images of the 1st issue sent along by Attaboy (artist and soon-to-be magazine tycoon):