Custom Qee Auction for Tsunami Relief Aid

An  auction of custom Qees benefitting tsunami relief  starts this Thursday, April 14th on Ebay!  This auction was organized through the message boards and features great one-of-a-kind toys by such notable names as MAD, Sket-One, TADO and Mimic.  The customs cover almost the entire range of Qee shapes and sizes: 8-inch Qees, 2-inch Qees, Knucklebears, and a Baby Qee (MAD’s Starface).   So be sure to check out these customs and make as generous a bid as you can afford!  It’s for a great cause and you might get an awesome custom toy as well!

There are soo many cool designs but several standout for me:

Sket-one’s Ganesh Qee because it’s simply beautiful and seems to almost completely transcend its origins as a toy.

Mimic’s Yoda Qee because it’s very kick ass with a light saber to boot.  Gotta love the facial detail!

Tesselate’s LED Qee which I previously blogged about — just such a neat idea and effect.  I wonder how this is powered? Internal batteries?

And finally, Chad Mount’s 2-inch "Why?" Qee is a streamlined yet very compelling
design.  In part, the expressive eyes of this figure really add to the
overall feeling.  Check it out below: