Nov 06, 2017

Yoskay Yamamoto – ‘Homebound’ at Giant Robot 2 (11.11)


Yoskay Yamamoto will open his new Homebound solo on Saturday (11.11) at Giant Robot 2 in West LA.  While we haven’t much in the way of previews so far, going by the flier image and two sneak peeks he posted on IG (possibly up close crops), his new collection of paintings will offer a blend of new uplifting elements and anthropomorphized characters with his signature style.   If you’re in town, the opening should be on your calendar.


Yoskay Yamamoto || Homebound
Opening: Saturday, November 11th 2017 (6:30 – 10 PM)

Giant Robot 2
2062 Sawtelle Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90062

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Nov 04, 2017

Tim’s Toys at Face Guts (11.10)

unnamed (12)
The back room of Tim Biskup’s Face Guts is chock-full of toys including  his massive personal collection of western and Japanese vinyl and an impressive back stock of a large number of his previous releases.  So how do you get to shop this treasure trove?  Tim is holding an epic toy sale event, ‘Tim’s Toys’, at Face Guts on Friday November 10th, 2017.  In a mood to clear some space, the figures in his collection will be ‘priced to sell’. He’ll also be offering items from his back stock. More?  There will also be a drop of the  Face Guts Exclusive Green Prenute (above,in the center) from Gravy Toys

He’ll open the doors for a preview session at noon during which you can gaze blankly at row after row of toys and try not to get too much drool on the carpets. With any luck, this should speed up the toy buying.  At 5 pm, he’ll start sales with the line order determined by lottery.   The frenzy will continue until either the folks in line or Tim pass out.  It all starts up again on Sunday from Noon to 6 PM.

Tim’s Toys

Friday November 10th (Browse: 12 –5 PM, Buy: 5- ?)
Sunday (11.12) from 12 to 6 PM

Face Guts
4136 1/2 Verdugo Rd
Los Angeles CA 90065

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Oct 30, 2017

Kontasuya Exhbition at myplasticheart: Exclusives + Event Info (11.3)



Not only is Konatsu returning to NYC for her third exhibition at myplasticheart on Friday (11.3, 7-10 pm), she’s bringing a staggering number of her animal friends with her. There are six show releases including Daioh Negora Pink Lucky Cat,  Negora Brown Moustache, Fluffy Negora Pearl White, Daioh Shibara Hariko, Sakiros Platinum, and Pigora White-Eye. That’s quite a lineup of production sofubi drops.  In light of the anticipation for the show, myplasticheart will hand out numbered ‘line’ tickets at 1 PM EST on Friday at the gallery.  The ticket number will determine order of purchase with the line starting at 6:30 PM for sales starting at 7.


The exhibition will also feature a number of customs from Konatsu  and guest artists Black Seed Toys and Rampage Toys (Daioh Negora, Sleeping Negora  and Negora).  Konatsu will also be live customizing her brand-new Sitting Negora on Saturday (2-4 PM) for up to 20 people—first come, first served. Customers will be able to choose from one of several painted templates and then Konatsu will paint the custom Sitting Negoras ($36) right then and there!

As is her style, Konatsu will be keeping busy during the opening reception. She’ll be live painting from 8-9 PM and doing a Meet & Greet session for fans/collectors from 9-10PM during which she’ll be signing but will not be sketching.  Goes without saying that this is a must-see event for Konatsu fans.


unnamedunnamed (5) unnamed (1) unnamed (3)unnamed (4) unnamed (2)

Konatsuya Exhibition
Opening: Friday, November 3rd 2017 (6-9 PM ?)

210 Forsyth St.
New York NY 10002

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Oct 24, 2017

Konatsuya Exhibition at myplasticheart (11.3 – 11.26)


Konatsu will return to myplasticheart for a new solo opening on Friday November 3rd, 2017.  There’s not much information yet, but mph has given us a teeny preview with the above flier showcasing  new Negora and Shibara sofubi.  If history is any guide, we can expect some original art as well.


Konatsuya Exhibition
Opening: Friday, November 3rd 2017 (6-9 PM ?)

210 Forsyth St.
New York NY 10002

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Oct 20, 2017

Woot Bear Gallery - Ben Seto in Usagi Jane and the Skullbunnies: Midori Woods, the folding forest (10.21)


Woot Bear Gallery will be hosting a very special event this Saturday, October 21st from 6-9 PM. Ben Seto will has his very own solo show, titled Usagi Jane and the Skullbunnies: Midori Woods, the folding forest. There will be both original paintings and mini-figures for your eyes to feast on!  Toy wise there will be Mini Skullbunnies and bush pigs ($20 each), an exclusive gold mini Skullbuny (20 pcs, $25), and the debut of the Infected Skullbunnies, a collaboration with Scott Wilkowski.

For paintings/mixed media pieces, Ben will offer dioramas with watercolor backgrounds (5x7”, $500) and watercolor paintings (9x12”, $400). All of which will bring joy and happiness to any home.

Ben Seto||Usagi Jane and the Skullbunnies: Midori Woods, the folding forest
Opening: Saturday, October 21st 2017 (6-9 PM)

Woot Bear
1512 Haight St
San Francisco CA 94117


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Sep 22, 2017

Bwana Spoons – Kappa Workshop + PopUp (9.24) at Faceguts in LA

facegutsflyer webz

Bwana Spoons is in LA (woo!) in part for his fancy shmancy one day event on Sunday (9.24) at Tim Biskup’s world famous Face Guts. Bwana is cramming as much goodness as possible into six hours including a free Kappa Workshop/drawing class from Noon to 1 (preceded by an exhaustive Kappa lecture spanning at least 3 minutes) as well as a pop-up featuring new toys, tees, pins and prints (1 to 6PM) from himself and Liverad Studios.   So if you’re in the area, drop by and spend Sunday with Bwana and fellow toy fanatics.

Bwana Spoon and Friends Occupy Face Guts (official name, we pinky swear)
Sunday, September 24th 2017 (12-6 PM)

Face Guts (aka Tim Biskup’s secret stash)
4136 Verdugo Rd.
Los Angeles, CA 90065

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Sep 07, 2017

Hirota Saigansho – Soft Vinyl Kaiju Exhibition at Megumi Ogita Gallery (10.7 – 10.14)

If you’re in Tokyo or can make plans to be there, you’ll definitely want to check out Hirota Saigansho’s exhibit opening on October 7th 2017 at Megumi Ogita Gallery in Ginza, Tokyo.  The exhibit will offer a retrospective look at Hirota’s toys featuring each colorway released plus potentially one-offs/tests.  In addition to his gorilla and monster sofubi figures, the event will also feature a display of  paintings, skateboards, and the debut of two new monsters. And…expect a surprise or two. 

This is an exhibition in the museum sense of the word—no toys will be available for sale.  Hirota’s Soft Vinyl Kaiju Exhibition is a must-see event for collectors and fans seeking the definitive word on his highly sought after gorilla sofubi.

Hirota Saigansho || Soft Vinyl Kaiju Exhibition
October 7th through October 14th 2017

Megumi Ogita Gallery
2-16-12 B1 Gina Chuo-ku
Tokyo 104-0061 Japan


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Aug 21, 2017

Woot Bear Pays Homage to Voltron with ‘Wootron’ (8.26)

 wootron flyer centered

Woot Bear will celebrate the lion-powered mechanical wonder that is Voltron with their upcoming Wootron group show (8.26) featuring work from Jerome Lu, JP Neang, Healymade, Ben Seto, Big C, Trashbury, Zebulon, Scott Wilkowski and Steve Ferrera.


Preview shots are starting to trickle out with some impressive work including Scott Wilkowski’s crazy Infected Voltron featuring sweet skeletal sculpt action with five embedded sculpts—one for each lion. This just might be Scott’s most intricate Infected piece so far.  But wait, that’s not all, Scott’s also created a new Wootkowski micro fig in  Voltron Cosplay—awesomely cute.

20968831_1532954500097346_2140941656893947904_n 20905493_459660157754034_3142210116841897984_n20905489_507716696230423_5372699642834190336_n

Opening: Saturday, August 26th 2017 (6-9 PM)

Woot Bear
1512 Haight St
San Francisco CA 94117

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Jul 13, 2017

Paul Kaiju for Summer Slime @ Gunnzo (07.22)


Paul Kaiju just shared some of his limited edition and one-off figures for Summer Slime show at Gunnzo with Bwana Spoons and Rampage Toys! The show will take place on Saturday, July 22nd at Gunnzo in Old Town San Diego. Raffle tickets will be distributed at 6PM with numbers called at 730PM. In the meantime, enjoy some beverages and some tacos!

2445 Juan St
San Diego, CA 92110

sdcc17_paulkaiju__0002_kraken-edition sdcc17_paulkaiju__0001_one-off-kraken sdcc17_paulkaiju__0006_Scummy-Joe-Run sdcc17_paulkaiju__0004_glow-bat sdcc17_paulkaiju__0005_Chimera-run sdcc17_paulkaiju__0000_chimera-cyborg sdcc17_paulkaiju__0003_Scummy-Joe-one-off sdcc17_paulkaiju__0007_Quateroid

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Jul 11, 2017

Kozik x Blackbook Toy – Lil’ Alex and Dim “Stealth” Edition


These are definitely one of Blackbook Toys most limited releases to date! At an edition of only 4 pieces each, soon available via Lottery is the “Stealth” Edition of Kozik’s Lil’ Alex and Dim figures. The lottery will be held via email, which will take place from Thursday, July 13th at 11AM through Saturday, July 15th at 10:59AM. To enter, send an email over to info[at]blackbooktoy[dot]com  with the following:

Title: ACC Stealth Lottery entry
Item Name - Lil Alex or Dim. You can enter only once each item.
and your Instagram Handle.

Winners can be expected to pay roughly $120 + S&H. It has been quite some time since they’ve released a blank and what better blank to get than this crystal clear release!

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Jul 08, 2017

Edwin Ushiro -- ‘A Survey : Drawings and Paintings of Strange Things’ at Giant Robot 2 (7.8)

Growing up in Hawaii—islands steeped in tradition and folklore—LA-based painter Edwin Ushiro  has always been fascinated with the Supernatural.  For A Survey : Drawings and Paintings of Strange Things, opening on Saturday (7.8) at Giant Robot 2, he will present paintings inspired by the Japanese folklore featured in the Kwaidan: Stories and Studies of Strange Things book by Lafacdio Hearn from his personal, Japanese American perspective.  The new collection builds on Edwin’s talent of blending the mystical and the everyday within his ethereal works.


34900198964_8c46a43b3e_o unnamed (1) 35701048736_b13e906f95_o unnamed

Edwin Ushiro || A Survey : Drawings and Paintings of Strange Things
Opening: Saturday, July 8th 2017 (6:30 – 10 PM)

Giant Robot 2
2062 Sawtelle Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90025

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Jul 03, 2017

Buff Monster – ‘Something Melty This Way Comes’ at StolenSpace Gallery (8.3)

unnamed (6)

Buff Monster will bring the art of Melty to London with his Something Melty This Way Comes opening at StolenSpace Gallery on August 3rd, 2017. A gallery show and pop-up shop rolled into one,  the exhibition will offer a new collection of original art as well as new collectibles including patches, pins, and toys from his newly formed Stay Melty Brand.  He’ll be presenting a new collection of smaller works on the gallery walls including paintings on flattened spray cans—a more detailed approach to his previous spraycan pieces—as well as more traditional paintings and  painted objects.   If you’re looking for something Melty to add to your collection, this will be a great opportunity.

With the opening about a month away, Buff Monster is hard at work and has been sharing some progress pics including pencil sketches and early stage paintings. Take a peek below. We’ll  post another update closer to the opening.   

Always pushing hard and making art constantly, Buff Monster will also be in Bristol taking part in the Upfest street art festival (7.29 – 7.31) just before his London show.

19535123_464288253936445_1375563546850492416_n 19533569_673425509513349_623888718943485952_n 19535107_109740462991704_164565026315698176_n

Buff Monster||Something Melty This Way Comes
Opening: Thursday, August 3rd 2017 (6-9 PM)

StolenSpace Gallery
17 Osborn Street
E1 6TD

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Jun 21, 2017

Gunnzo Presents: Paul Kaiju, Rampage Toys and Bwana Spoons in "Summer Slime" (07.22)


Paul Kaiju is yet again continuing on the tradition of an off-site event during San Diego Coimc-Con. Hosted by Gunnzo in Old Town, Bwana Spoons also returns for the special event, along with Rampage Toys for "Summer Slime". The event will take place on Saturday, July 22nd with free raffle tickets being distributed at 6PM. Raffle tickets will then be called at 730PM, which in the mean time you can enjoy some tacos and refreshments! The event will take place at the same venue as the previous years, just so there is no confusion with Gunnzo's new store location.

2445 Juan St
San Diego, CA 92110

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Jun 10, 2017

Tokyo Jesus, Eimi Takano & Octoplum – Yokai at Clutter Gallery (6.11)


Clutter Gallery will present the opening of the three-artist Yokai (“spirits”) show on Saturday evening  (6.11) featuring the work of artists Tokyo Jesus, Eimi Takano  and Octoplum.  With a Sphinx-like pose, Octoplum’s Ao Andon is a grinning female demon with flowing hair and pensive, well-sculpted hands.  The show features several one-off versions of the sculpt in various sizes and color treatments.  Artist duo Tokyo Jesus and Eimi Takano continue to impress with their strikingly different visions, he with dark, sometimes morbid imagery while she embraces kawaii with her adorable food characters.  Their new collections offer a mix of their popular resin characters as well as new creations.

CG_2017_06_YOKAI_OCTOPLUM_lightblue_2 CG_2017_06_YOKAI_OCTOPLUM_BLUEGLITTER_8 CG_2017_06_YOKAI_EIMI_big1
CG_2017_06_YOKAI_EIMI_3_1 CG_2017_06_YOKAI_TOKYOJESUS_skullnose_2 CG_2017_06_YOKAI_TOKYOJESUS_sumo

Tokyo Jesus, Eimi Takano & Octoplum ||Yokai
Opening: Saturday, June 11th 2017 (6 PM)

Clutter Gallery
163 Main Street
Beacon, NY 12508

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Jun 07, 2017

Super7 San Francisco Presents: Michelle Valigura in a Ceramic Kaiju Show (06.10)


Michelle Valigura will be making her way up the California Coast for her very own solo show at at Super7 in San Francisco. The Ceramic Kaiju show will feature some amazing ceramic pieces that are inspired by some classic giant Japanese monsters. Be sure to make your way to the Mission district for an evening of fun on Saturday, June 10th at 7PM. Michelle of course will be in attendance!

3253 16th Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

18878930_265362757264439_438474504033796096_n 18581167_298498273908356_7139676229522685952_n18722201_294074854384288_7984570754198929408_n 18722188_779623372212239_6882345918272634880_n

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Jun 02, 2017

Bats in The Belfry at Stranger Factory (6.2)



Friday is a big night at Stranger Factory.  In addition to the Toy Makers of Planet  Earth group show, the gallery will also present Bats in The Belfry featuring artist customs of Brandt Peters’ Night King vinyl.   The show lineup includes:

Camilla d'Errico, Jellykoe, Drilone, Haus of Boz, Dolly Oblong, 64 Colors, Tasha Zimich, Igor Ventura, Ian Ziobrowski (above), Joe Whiteford, Brandan Styles, Ink Visuals, Otto Björnik, Jess Hernandez, Victoria Rose, EL DODO ALBINO, Tokyo Jesus, Kathie Olivas, Brandt Peters, Tim Lee, Joe Scarano, Cassia Harries, Karl Deuble, and SeriouslySillyK.

Hit the jump for preview shots of the Bats.

Bats of the Belfry
Opening: Friday, June 2nd 2017 (6-9 PM)

Stranger Factory
3411 Central Ave NE
Albuquerque NM 87106


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Jun 01, 2017

Stranger Factory Presents Toymakers of Planet Earth (6.2)


Stranger Factory has a big Friday night (6.2) gallery opening with two shows including Toy Makers of Planet Earth which celebrates and showcases the work of independent toy artists and brands.  From the previews that have been floating, this is a great opportunity to see and pick up unique new art toys offering fresh new visions.  The show’s lineup includes: 

Mark Nagata, Brandt Peters, Jess Hernandez, Otto Björnik, Sergey Safanov, Junker Jane, Jen Musatto, Silk and Thistle, Victoria Rose, Lana Crooks, Daniel Talone, Steve Ferrera, Scott Radke, Stan Manoukian, JShea, Eric Althin, Kathie Olivas, Sweet Bestiary, Mudmonkey, Tanya Marriott, Art Toy Maison, Vanessa Ramirez, Fanny Kao, Cassia Harries, Sumrow, Tim Lee, Joe Scarano, Aya Kakeda, Ratokim, Munktiki, SeriouslySillyK, Super Secret Fun Club, Scott Wilkowski, Psycho Scimitar, Mizna Wada, Circus Posterus, VTSS, Black Seed, Mr. Clement, and Bob Doucette.

Hit the jump for an eyeful of previews.

Toy Makers of Planet Earth
Opening: Friday, June 2nd 2017 (6-9 PM)

Stranger Factory
3411 Central Ave NE
Albuquerque NM 87106


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May 31, 2017

Vessels Group Show at Munky King (6.2)

Munky King will present Vessels, a one-night only lifestyle/home decor show, on Friday (6.2) at 7 PM at their HQ in LA.  If you’re looking for a planter or plate or bowl with artistic flair, you need to come and check out pieces by Michelle Valigura, Dave Bondi, Jen Kuroki, Kozy Kitchens, Bill McMullen, Lap Ngo, Satori Designs, Ness Lee, Melanie Abratnes Designs and more.


Friday, June 2 2017 at 7 PM

Munky King
5702 W. Pico Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90019

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May 25, 2017

Martin Hsu – Hawaii Pop-Up / Signing at Pioneer Salon (5.26)

Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 8.49.36 AM

Aloha! Martin Hsu return to Hawaii for a one-day Pop Up presented by Umi Toys Hawaii, Monsarrat Ave. Shaved Ice at  Pioneer Salon in Honolulu on Friday (5.26) from 5-7 PM local time. Martin will be showing new works inspired by the island paradise and be signing his latest book—Dragon Boy Tales.  He’s also have prints, the Dragon Boy plush toys, and more for all your art and collecting needs.

If you’re anything like us, you almost always forget to eat before going out to an event. Luckily you’re covered this time around.  Pioneer Salon will be serving their full menu of plate lunches and ramen burgers and Monsarrat Ave. Shaved Ice will be offering a dollar off their shaved ice flavors during their Happy Hour (4-6 PM). Be sure to hit the jump for a quick preview.

Martin Hsu Pop Up and Signing
Friday, May 26th 2017 (5-7 PM)

Pioneer Salon
3046 Monsarrat Ave.
Honolulu, HI 96815


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May 16, 2017

Sergey Safonov – Preview of ‘Birds of Moscow’ (5.18)


Over the past  several months, Sergey Safonov has been posting tantalizing photos of his hand-crafted wood bird figures, some of which include blown glass elements.  We’ve been admiring them from afar and wondering how/when they would be shown/released.  Turns out Sergey will be showing them at his Birds of Moscow exhibition which opens in Moscow this Thursday (5.18).

The birds have a refined, old world feel, sophisticated yet down to earth.  They sport stylish hats and seem to have a sense of purpose—perhaps that’s due in part to their pointed beaks.  At any rate, the new collection is impressive. Hit the jump for a preview of select pieces.

After the show, we believe the remaining pieces will be available online.  As part of his intention to have the show travel around the globe, he’ll be showing two of the pieces for Toymakers of Planet Earth in June at Circus Posterous.

Those little Birds of Moscow are always in a hurry. Wherever they fly, they take this city with them, sometimes cantankerously shrieking, other times softly tweeting. Their tiny beaks are snapping, the golden caps, floating. Birdies can’t stand one another, yet their chirping hearts beat in unison. White flickers, ooze and concrete, sweet marble curls… The little birds of Moscow softly and elegantly walk among us. They look only upwards and crumble this city under their feet. Ash and coal. Birds of Moscow are watchfully looking from everywhere, waiting for the continuation of old stories. And lonely laughter in the silence.


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May 11, 2017

Giant Ron English Statues Removed in Shanghai

ron english with MC Supersized statue

The breathtaking installation of two towering MC Supersized and Liberty Grin statues (~ 20 ft) for Ron English’s East Meets West art exhibition in Shanghai was unfortunately cut short. As reported by the South China Morning Post, the statues were installed Wednesday morning China time and then were subsequently removed a few hours later at the request of mall management, law enforcement and local government, even though the proper permits had been requested and received by the Reel Department Store, the local show sponsor, as part of the exhibit preparation.

While one might be suspicious of the reasons behind the removal, the stated reason was a matter of size.  As Ron explained in response to the question of whether the removal was politically motivated, “I don’t know. I am not familiar as the situation seemed to be one of the size and scale in the public square, and perhaps things being lost in translation versus anything else.”  

While the South China Morning Post reports that McDonald’s was apparently not pleased with a larger-than-life MC Supersized, the restaurant chain’s complaints were ultimately not the reason the statues were removed.  In fact, MD Young of exhibition producer Pop Life explained that “…was not the issue as the artist was able to provide proof of US copyrights for his works.”

As you can see in the pictures above and after the jump, both of Ron’s statues look great and were the perfect calling cards and anchors for the exhibit.  While only a fraction of the potential audience was able to see them, the news of their removal and display at a future stop on the art tour will ensure that many more people will see and enjoy them.


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May 09, 2017

myplasticheart x James Groman – Madballs All-Star Art Jam and Exhibition (5.18)


myplasticheart and James Groman will present the Madballs All-Star Art Jam and Exhbition on Thursday May 18th (7-10 PM) at the mph store.  The exhibition will present new takes on the classic American Greetings’ toys with inspired customs of the recently released Kidrobot medium format vinyl Madballs from: Andrew Bell, Brent Nolasco, Carlos Villagra, Chris Ryniak, Doubleparlour, Dski One, Grizlli Atom, Guumon, J*RYU, James Groman, Jon-Paul Kaiser, Mark Nagata, Mechavirus, Miscreation Toys, Remjie Malham, Retroband, Scott Wilkowski, Skinner, Tru:Tek, Violence Toy and Wonder Goblin

If you live in NYC or will be in town for the first-ever Five Points Festival (5.20-5.21), you’ll definitely want to drop by mph for the opening.

Madballs All-Star Art Jam and Exhibition
Opening: Thursday May 18th, 2017 (7-10 PM)

210 Forsyth St. NYC

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May 06, 2017

Ron English – East Meets West Tour: Hong Kong

Ron English’s East Meets West is spreading the gospel of Popaganda throughout Asia with multiple stops including Seoul and Bangkok. Here’s a look at the Thursday’s VIP Opening (5.4) of the Hong Kong event  attended by numerous high-profile guests including none other than Michael Lau.  The travelling exhibit features a retrospective of his culture-jamming billboard exploits, part of his counter culture legacy as the “Godfather of Street Art”. The faux marketing takes aim at corporate consumer culture from big tobacco to big pharma and of course, sweetly addictive breakfast cereals.

East Meets West also features a Black Light Magic installation, new MC Supersized paintings exploring Asian culture, and numerous appearances of the artists’ popular Cereal Killer characters—as life sized-sculptures and the new event exclusive blacklight editions of the new minis.  If you’re looking for the latest Ron English lifestyle and art toy drops, the Pop Life gift shops at each stop have everything you need from new MC Supersized figures in communist garb to an amazing new blacklight grin featuring a Ying/Yang design.  Hit the jump for more event photos.

The Qube at PMQ
35 Aberdeen Street
Central Hong Kong


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Apr 12, 2017

Michael Slack – We’re All Weirdos, We’re All Wonderful at Rotofugi (5.5)

unnamed (1)

Artist/Illustrator/Children’s Book Author Michael Slack (@michael_slackart) will open his We’re All Weirdos, We’re All Wonderful solo at Rotofugi in Chicago on Friday May 5th 2017.   The show will feature Slack’s original art including several fun wood character cutouts painted brightly with both cel vinyl and enamel. Michael will also read several of his children’s books including  Monkey Truck!, Elecopter and Turtle Tug to the Rescue! on Saturday (5.6)  at the gallery from 1 to 2:30 PM. Roto will have the books for purchase if you (we won’t tell) or your little one falls in love with one or more of them.

17494877_1837988073193122_6099935484056698880_n 17495214_1314050225355500_1235959195421900800_n 17495341_204751830013805_6915843145603219456_n

Michael Slack||We're All Weirdos, We're All Wonderful
Opening: Friday, May 5th 2017 (7-10 PM)

2780 N Lincoln Ave
Chicago IL 60614

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Apr 11, 2017

The Bots x Urban Vinyl Daily Presents: A Luna Custom Group Show @ Rotofugi (05.05)


The Bots and Urban Vinyl Daily are excited to announce the Luna Custom Group Show! On Friday, May 5th, make your way to Rotofugi in Chicago to see some amazing custom pieces by: 64Colors, Ally Burke, Davemarket, Doktor A, Dolly Oblong, Horrible Adorables, Huck Gee, Igor Ventura, J*Ryu, Jeremiah Ketner, Jon Paul Kaiser, MaP-MaP, MJ Hsu, Obsessed Panda, One-Eyed Girl, Otto Bjornik, RxSeven, Scott Tolleson, Tomodochi Island and Will Rimel. The opening reception will take place from 7-10PM with The Bots in attendance!

2780 N Lincoln Avenue
Chicago, IL 60614

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