Apr 23, 2014

Stranger Factory Presents: Conjuring Mischeif! (05.02)


Stranger Factory will be celebrating 3 years of their gallery with a group show their store mascot Skelve as the platform. Conjuring Mischief will feature customs artworks by a ton of their friends, who include:

Kathie Olivas, Brandt Peters, Chris Ryniak, Amanda Louise Spayd, Robert Hoggard, Josh Stebbins, Jay Hollopeter, Valency Genis, Chet Zar, Cassia Harries, Scott Wetterschneider, Carson Catlin, Stan Manoukian, Scribe, Shing Yin Khor, DrilOne, Leecifer, Travis Lampe, Carisa Swenson, Candice Tripp, Jonathan Bergeron, J Shea, Josh Herbolsheimer, Tim Lee, DISARTICULATORS, Mark James Porter, James Groman, Brian Flynn, Chauskoskis, Seymour, Lana Crooks , Robert Riggs, Andrew Bell and J*RYU.

The opening reception will take place on Friday, May 2nd from 6-9PM and should be an amazing show! Be sure to expect some amazingness to happen at this event!

Stranger Factory
109 Carlisle Blvd NE
Albuquerque, NM 87106

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Apr 22, 2014

Michael Lau –- ‘Remember-disc’ * Time-Table (5.15)

 Title art for Michael Lau exhibition (lo res)

Urban vinyl pioneer Michael Lau will present a new body of work for his ‘Remember-disc’ – Time-Table solo during Art Basel HK weekend.  Opening with a private reception on May 15th at his pop-up gallery in Causeway Bay, the show is a reflection on the important lessons and qualities of life through visual interpretations of quotes that have impressed, move, and challenged  Lau over the years.  The new collection will feature 44 circular pieces tying into the ‘Remember-disc (this)’ portion of the title and a subtle recognition of his recent birthday.  Known in large part for his 3D work, Lau will also feature sculptural work in the form of ‘table’ –- once again as a way of considering time, in particular the short amount each of us is given to make a difference.

Michael Lau || ‘Remember-disc’ * Time-Table
May 15th – June 1st 2014

Michael Lau Pop-up Gallery
G/F, 6 Cleveland Street
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

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Apr 14, 2014

Milk Gallery Presents: Amanda Visell in MANTA (05.01)


Amanda Visell will be making her way out to Istanbul for her very own solo exhibition at the Milk Gallery, titled “MANTA”. “MANTA is all about being a girl, how you're perceived, and the giant hiding inside.” The show will be open on May 1st and will be in display until May 31st.

Afterwards, Amanda will be making her way to Berlin on Saturday, May 3rd for Pictoplasma for their 10th Anniversary character design conference. She’ll be there, along with Tim Biskup, Ben Bocquelet, Bubi Au Yeung, Buff Monster, Julian Pablo Manzelli, Diana Beltran Herrera, Sarah Illenberger, James Jarvis, Jean Jullien, Lizz Lunney, Andy Martin, Nychos, Benjamin Van Oost, Mikey Please, Darcel Disappoints, Brecht Vandenbroucke, and Kimiaki Yaegashi.

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Apr 10, 2014

MAD & Scott Tolleson Signing and Release Event at Kidrobot Boulder (04.18)


MAD and Scott Tolleson will be making their way to Kidrobot Boulder on Friday, April 18th from 6-8PM for a signing release and event! There, MAD will be dropping his new
KR Exclusive Green Edition Modern Hero Bank. Scott will also be releasing KR Exclusive Deep Green Trayjus. There will also be a limited edition collaborative print as a gift with purchase! Be sure to stop by and meet a couple of awesome fellas!


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Apr 09, 2014

Dragatomi Presents: Five Eyed Dragon II (04.12)


Dragatomi proudly present a 5 man exhibit featuring the artwork of Leecifer, Brent Nolasco, Drilone, Betso, and Southerndrawl, “5 Eyed Dragon II”. The opening will take place this Saturday, April 12th from 6-9PM. The very first 5 Eyed show took place 4 years ago and now it’s back with vengeance! Another reason to come out for the show is to celebrate the 5 years Dragtomi has been in business! It should be a fun gathering with most of these artists in attendance! So make plans to come check out the show this Saturday!

2317 J Street
Sacramento, CA 95816

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Apr 08, 2014

Preview: Scribe & Alisa Ross – Supernatural Selection at Rotofugi


Husband and wife duo Scribe and Alisa Ross will bring their wildly imaginative creature-filled art to Rotofugi in Chicago for the opening of their Supernatural Selection exhibit on Friday (4.11).   Going by their instagram photos, collectors can expect plenty of 2D paintings and drawings from Scribe, a full menagerie of plush creations from Alisa, and at least one 3D sculptural edition.  If you’d like more info about the show pieces, be sure to sign up for Roto’s gallery preview list.  The exhibition will open alongside Tony Rabit’s Small World which will feature limited-edition prints in the side gallery.

Scribe & Alisa Ross || Supernatural Selection
Opening: Friday, April 11th 2014 (7-9 PM)

2780 N Lincoln Avenue
Chicago, IL 60614


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SEEN: Q Pop Shop Presents: Magical Girls Heroines : Sailor Moon & Sailor Senshi (04.05)

2014-04-05 18.02.02

We got a chance to check out Q Pop’sMagical Girls Heroines” during the opening night and boy was there a huge turn out before the show even opened! There was a line forming just about an hour before opening and by the end of the night, the line was easily 300+. The show featured tons of amazing artwork inspired by everyone's favorite group of female super heroes. It was a fun night filled with Sailor Moon fans, cosplayers, ice cream, and even Sailor Moon episodes running all night long. More photos from the event after the jump.


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Apr 04, 2014

Giant Robot Presents: SuperAwesome – Art & Giant Robot


Giant Robot will be celebrating 20 years of their magazine with an amazing exhibit featuring tons of amazing artists in “SuperAwesome: Art and Giant Robot”. This show will take place a the Oakland Museum of California from April 19th – July 27th. Exhibiting artists include: Adrian Tomine, Ako Casteura, Amy Sol, Andrew Hem, David Choe, Deth P. Sun, Hamburger Eyes, James Jean, kozyndan, Luke Chueh, Masakatsu Sashie, Rob Sato, Sean Chao, and Shizu Saldamando.

In an edition to the exhibit, Giant Robot will have custom Big Boss Robot figures by: Junko Mizuno, Katsuya Terada, Spanky Stokes, Mark Nagata, Aaron Brown, Reactor-88, Leecifer, Scott Tolleson, Dril One, Edwin Ushiro, Yoskay Yamamoto, Jeni Yang, Julie West, Gary Ham, Jason Limon, Stasia Burrington, Mari Inukai, Jay222, Scott Wilkowski, Jeremiah Ketner, Dehara, Jerome Lu, kaNO, and Gatchabert.

Oakland Museum of California
1000 Oak Street
Oakland, California 94607

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Apr 03, 2014

myplasticheart Presents: A Group Exhibition Curated by Studio Miners - “Works Cited” (04.11)

workscited_450_front workscited_450_back

Studio Miners & myplasticheart is proud to present, “Works Cited”. A group show where artists were asked to draw inspiration from children’s literature. The opening reception will take place on Friday, April 11th from 6-9PM. Participating artists include: Apak, Brian Butler, Evoker, Flying Fortress, Gary Ham, Michael Hsiung, Aya Kakeda, Sean Kernick, Abe Lincoln Jr., Phil Lumbang, MCA, Courtney Moy, Clams Rockefeller, Chris RWK, Paul Shih, Naoko Stoop, Tim Sullivan, and Mr. Walters.

What the curators say about the exhibition:
“Stories are incredibly powerful tools – ones that teach, connect, inspire, and help us to learn about ourselves. As children, bedtime stories built our imaginations. Reading sharpened our mind’s eye as we envisioned the characters in our books. Beautifully crafted illustrations in picture books introduced us to artwork and at times served as teachers, as we recreated scenes from our favorite pages. With access to technology more readily available today, children aren’t as likely to sit down and read a book as they are to catch a snippet of a story in an online game or in a thirty second ad on television. Flexing your imagination through reading as a child is incredibly important in the development of creativity and visualization, so we are asking artists to reflect on the importance of literature in their childhoods in this upcoming group show.”

As a part of the exhibition, MPH will also be accepting book donations for the Books for Kids Foundation, which is a non-profit organization to promote literacy among low-income and at risk pre-school aged children. For each book donated, MPH will offer a 10% discount off his/her next purchase in store on day of the donation. They are looking for books appropriate for children ages 0-6 and will be accepting books until May 31st.  

Check out submissions after the jump from Gary Ham and Evoker!

210 Forsyth St.
New York, NY 10002


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Stranger Factory Presents: Andrew Bell in “Factory Strangers” (04.04)


Andrew Bell will be making a visit to Albuquerque for his very own exhibit, “Factory Strangers” at Stranger Factory. This show will feature a number of new original character sculptures, as well as classic creature drawings from Andrew’s vault. The opening will take place this Friday, April 4th at 6PM – 9PM. Online sales will be available on April 7th. So be sure to make your way out to the Factory to check out some amazing pieces and meet the man himself!

Stranger Factory
109 Carlisle Blvd NE
Albuquerque, NM 87106


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Mar 31, 2014

Toy Art Gallery -- ‘Idol Worship’ Group Show (4.5)


For April, Toy Art Gallery will open ‘Idol Worship’ on Saturday (4.5) featuring the toy art of Brian Flynn, Frenzy Bros., Grizzli Atom, Shirahama/Yatsuashi, Tim Clarke and Yakimon.  The faithful will uncover objects  worthy of devotion -- Brian Flynn’s life-size fiberglass Doku Rocker, Tim Clarke’s hand-painted Totims sofubi, one-off hand-painted toys from Frenzy Bros and Yakimon, and limited-edition drops from Shirahama and Grilli Atom.  Drop by the opening this weekend to enjoy mysterious, wondrous, and unique creations from six independent artists.

Idol Worship
Opening: Saturday, April 5th 2014 (7-10 PM)

Toy Art Gallery
7571 Melrose Ave.
Hollywood, CA 90046
877.910.toys (8697)


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Mar 24, 2014

Q Pop Shop Presents: Magical Girls Heroines : Sailor Moon & Sailor Senshi (04.05)


Hey there Sailor Scouts! On Saturday, April 5th Q Pop Shop will be hosting a group art exhibit you aren’t going to miss out! They have yet again assembled an amazing roster of artists to participate in their all new show, “Magical Girls Heroines: Sailor Moon & Sailor Senshi”. This show is to celebrate 20 years of Sailormoon and everyone they’ve inspired. Participating artists include:

Aaron Spurgeon, Angela Pauly Llobet, Angela Sung, Arica Tuesday, Brigitte Barrager, Carrie Liao, Chelsea McAlarney, Cheyenne Curtis, Clio Chiang, CrowdedTeeth, Djordje Zutkovic, Eastwood Wong, Elsa Chang, Emily Walus, Emily Warren, Evon Freeman, Fawn Veerasunthorn, Felix Ip, Gosia Arska, Heejin Park, Jasmin Lai, Jenny Goldberg, Jisoo Kim, Joey Chou, J*RYUKali Fontecchio, Kassandra Heller, Keiko Murayama, Leo Matsuda, Leslie Hung, Lisa Penney, Lissa Treiman, Louie Del Carmen, Maria Vitan, Mayumi Nose, Megan Mitchell, Michelle Park, Mingjue Helen Chen, Miss Kika, Naoshi, Natalia Pierandrei, Nyxie Feint, Priscilla Wong, Rafchan, Rie Koga, Robot Soda (Juan Arenas), Ruriko Maruyama, Sam Kallis, Seo Kim, Sho Murase, Stephanie Gonzaga, Stephanie Ramirez, Sylvia Liu, Tara Billinger, Tatsuro Maruyama, Teacake, Tiffany Ford, Tuna Bora, Velwyn Yossy, Victoria Ying, and many more!

The doors will open promptly at 7PM with episodes projected outside! Dressing up is highly recommended for this event! Take a look at some of the artwork you will find after the jump!

Q Pop Shop
128 Astronaut E S Onizuka St
Los Angeles, CA 90012


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Martin Hsu @ Emerald City Comic Con (03.28)


Mr. Martin Hsu will be making his way to Seattle for this years Emerald City Comic Con. You can find him at booth #3007 on level 3. With him, he will have tons of prints, books, and t-shirts, which includes his new Thunder Paw tee. You can’t forget about his Dragon Boy vinyl figures and Crabby Bear plush! So be sure to stop by his booth and say hi!

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Mar 15, 2014

Kasey Tararuj & Tasha Zimich for Art Whino’s “Art Without Borders” Show (03.22)

antfarmer 4  Olive_logos_front2

Art Whino’s “Art Without Borders” custom group show is coming up quick, which means more submissions will be trickling out onto the net! On the left we have Kasey Tararuj’s “The Ant Farmer” custom Dunny, which so happens to be her very first 8” Dunny custom and boy did she do an excellent job! “This is The Ant Farmer! Tricky little anteater.  What better way to never go hungry than to manage your own ant farm. There's a reason his rosey cheeks are so chubby and plump!“ We also have Tasha Zimich’s 7”custom Foomi, which is a Hedgehog that goes by the name of Olive. It just so happens that Doctors Without Borders plays a big part of Tasha’s life and is something she feels strongly about.

This should be an amazing show with a great cause. Anyone in the area should definitely check it out. The opening reception will take place at Blind Whino on Saturday, March 22nd from 8-11PM.

Blind Whino
734 1st St SW
Washington, DC 22024


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Mar 12, 2014

Art Whino Presents – Art Without Borders @ Blind Whino (03.22)


Art Without Borders is back once again for another amazing show and line up. This exhibit has invited tons of artists from all around the world in the aid to spread awareness and raise funds for Doctors Without Borders. This program provides healthcare to those not able get any, regardless of race, religion, or political affiliation. This show will features tons of amazing custom vinyl work, as well as resin and hand made plush pieces. Art Whino has put together a great list of artists, who include:

Angella Powell, Angry Woebots, Ardabus Rubber, Arkiv, Baby Vtec, Beef Poo, Brent Nolasco, Carson Catlin, Chanimation, Clogtwo, David Kraig, David Ten, David Weeks, Gabe Griffiths , Gabriel Carpio, Graham Franciose , Graphix Chick, HX, Ian Ziobrowski, iRoc, Fuller Designs, JALOS, Jay222, JC Rivera, Jenn & Tony Bot, Valleydweller, Jerk Face, Josh Taylor, Jfury, Juanito Maiquez, Kasey Tararuj, Kevin Gosselin, KOmega, Lickyourelbow, Matt Anderson, Matthew "Obscure" Perez, Mark Troup (Gomi), MCA, mc baldassari, Merrci, Mike Fudge, Mike Slobot, Nerviswr3k , Nick Knite, Nightmare Mikey, Nikejerk, Patrick Wong, Plaseebo, Respect Graphics, Richard Walker, Ryan "Rocketboy" McClure, Steve Ferrera, Sylvia O, Tasha Zimich, Task One, Taylored Curiosities, Thomas I. Rabbits, Tyler Coey, Uncle Studios, Vinsart, Viseone, and Wetworks.

Opening reception will take place on Saturday, March 22nd from 8-11PM at Art Whino’s New venue, Blind Whino. Check out a few of the submissions from Infiniterabbits and Fuller Designs after the jump.

Blind Whino
734 1st St SW
Washington, DC 22024


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Mar 10, 2014

Mr Clement x Rotofugi – Astrolapin in Chicago (05.16)

astrolapinINchicago_A1 astrolapinINchicago_A2

Mr Clement will be going on a Lapin World tour with Rotofugi being one of its stops! We don’t know much, but from what we can tell from the teaser above, there looks to be a new colorway of the 16” 10th Anniversary Astrolapin. Is it just me, or does this scream Toysrevil? The opening will take place on Friday, May 16th. We cannot wait to see more sneak peaks along the way!

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Mar 08, 2014

Dragatomi Presents: Mr. Toast in “Springtime” (03.08)


Dragatomi are proud to present Dan Goodsell aka Mr. Toast in his very own solo show, “Springtime”. Many of his pieces will revolve around, you guessed it, the theme of Spring! Dan will also be attending the opening night, which is tonight, Saturday, March 8th from 6-9PM. On Sunday, Mr. Toast will be accepting commission drawings from 12-4PM. What a great way to get a hold of some personalized artwork!

2317 J Street
Sacramento, CA 95816

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Mar 06, 2014

myplasticheart Presents: Kelly Denato in “Sweet Nothings” (03.14)

unnamed (1) unnamed

myplasticheart is proud to present a collection of new works by Kelly Denato in “Sweet Nothings”. You can expect a range of brand new pieces featuring a mix of acrylics and watercolors. The opening reception will take place on Friday, March 14th from 6-9PM. Kelly will also be in attendance to chat and hang out with all of those who come out.

210 Forsyth St
New York, NY 10002


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Mar 03, 2014

Preview – TAG x Miscreation Toys – ‘The Crawling Dead’ (3.8)



Toy Art Gallery will present ‘The Crawling Dead’, a custom toy group show featuring the Autopsy Zombie Staple Baby from Micreation Toys.  Jeremi Rimel has been creating his Autopsy Babies, a horror art toy line designed to stimulate and feed our love  for things grotesque, strange, and weird.  Opening on Saturday (3.8), the Crawling Dead group show celebrates Rimel’s first vinyl edition, the Autospy Zombie Staple Baby sofui, with customs from 40 or so talented artists including:

Absurd Toys, Big C, Bob Conge / Plaseebo, Brent Nolasco, Chet Zar, Cop-A-Squat Toys, Deeten, Devils Headquarters, Dlux, Dr. Hill, Dskione, DuBose Art, Eckotyper, Elegab, Ferg, Frenzy Bros, Galaxy People, GERMS, Goreilla, Greg Mishka, Grizlli Atom, Grody Shogun, Hip Hop Robot Tattoo, iROC, Jason Freeny, Jason LimonJay222, Jeremi Rimel, Jim Koch, Jon-Paul Kaiser, Kenth Toy Works, Killer Bootlegs, L'amour Supreme, Lil' Japan, Martin Ontiveros, Matt Perez, Matthew Dutton, Michael Pro, Mikee Riggs, Mutant Vinyl Hardcore, N.C. Winters, Naoto Hattori, Nebulon5, Necessary Nonsense, Nicole Rimel, Paul Kaiju, Retroband, Scarecrowoven, Shirahama, The Committee Of Public Safety, The Pizz, TKOM, Topheroy, and Velocitron.

Miscreation Toys || ‘The Crawing Dead’
Opening: Saturday, March 8th 2014 (7-10 PM)

Toy Art Gallery
7571 Melrose Ave.
Hollywood, CA 90046
877.910.toys (8697)


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Feb 18, 2014

SEEN: TAG Presents: Dark Invasion

2014-02-08 18.38.31

Last week was the opening exhibit of Toy Art Gallery’s Dark Invasion show, which features work from Paul Kaiju, Mutant Vinyl HardcoreGuumon, Galaxy People, Scarecrowoven and Devil’s Head Productions. The show was filled with a bunch of amazing art pieces, tons of original one-offs, and cross-over custom pieces. There was also the reveal of Paul Kaiju’s newest piece with TAG, Slugbeard. It had made its debut/release in a blue vinyl, as well as a set of chibi figures.


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Feb 10, 2014

The Loyal Subjects x Toy Tokyo – Optimus Prime Art Show (2.15)

As part of their trip to NYC for Toy Fair, The Loyal Subjects will present an Optimus Prime Art Show at Toy Tokyo on Saturday (2.15).  The exhibition will feature artist interpretations of Optimus Prime, which each artist customizing an 8” Optimus Prime DIY  figure and an original piece of art (painting, illustration, sculpture, etc.).  

The artist roster includes Axis, Aves, Steve Caballero, Jonathan Bergeron, Les Schettkoe, Freehand Profit, David Morgan, Mark Maher, Luis Garcia, Sean Carmine Isabella, William Paukert, Leonard Panzica, John Warden, Ramon Campos, Joshua Lamb, Pint, EVOL, EWOK, Fred Smith, James Haunt, Gregory Siff, Crash Phaze2, Nerviswrek and Jon-Paul Kaiser.

The event celebrates the 30th Anniversary of the Transformers and showcases brand-new Transformers product created by the Loyal Subjects. Se TLS will be releasing the new blister carded 3” Ultra Mangus figure (48 of 500 pcs available), Cyberton 2-pack set and the Rainmakers set(48 of each set will be available).  Additionally, the brand will release an exclusive Zip-Up Shockwave Hoodie and Slag Tee with 24 pieces of each available at the event.  As part of the celebration, several key Transformers artists and designers will be on hand including John Warden, Joshua Lamb and Mark Maher.

Optimus Prime Art Show
Saturday, February 15th 2014 (7-10 PM)

Toy Tokyo
91 2nd Ave.
New York, NY 10003


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Feb 08, 2014

Chris Ryniak x T + CP -- Golden Spicy Sticky Ginger (2.15)

With a week to go before Travelling Circus opens at Rotofugi, the previews are coming quicky. One that caught our eye is Chris Ryniak's new Golden Spicy Stinky Ginger sofubi produced by Tomenosuke + Circus Posterus. This one looks to be translucent orangish vinyl with gold glitter and several sprays. Love the paint app which gives the illusion of opaque and translucent in one figure.

The exhibition features the talented Circus Posterus roster including Stan Manoukian, Tim Lee, Chris Ryniak, Amanda Louise Spayd, Joe Scarano, Stephan Webb, Shing Khor, Katie Carillo, Jen Musatto, Brandt Peters, Kathie Olivas and Travis Louie.

Travelling Circus

Opening: Saturday, February 15th 2014 (7-10 PM)



2780 N Lincoln Avenue

Chicago, IL 60614

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Feb 06, 2014

Dragatomi Presents: The Art of Love (02.08)


This weekend stop by Dragatomi, as they’ve compiled a ton of talent to bring to you, “The Art of Love”. The show will take place this Saturday, February 8th at 6PM. Participating artists include: Jerome Lu, Phil Lumbang, John “Spanky” Stokes, Lana Crooks, Leecifer, Mikie Graham, MaloApril, Tasha Zimich, ValleyDweller, Jeremiah Ketner, Mark Nagata, Podgy Panda, Double Parlour, Jason Limon, Carson Catlin, Ardabus Rubber, Jay222, Mike Fudge, Betso, Nakanari, Susan Lee, kaNO, DrilOne, Nemo, Malo_One, Daniel Fleres and Candie Bolton. This show is cash and carry, with pieces priced at $150 and less. Pieces will then be made available at 7PM online.

2317 J Street
Sacramento, CA 95816


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PangeaSeed x Cometdebris x Pow Wow Hawai'i x 1xRUN present: Aloha, Sametan! (02.10–15)


Pangea Seed, Cometdebris, Pow Wow Hawai'i, and 1xRun proudly present to you, Aloha, Sametan! This Custom Sametan art show will take place at FreshCafe Hawaii in Honolulu. This show will feature 30 artists from all around the world with the same goal. That’s to save sharks! We’ve seen some amazing works so far from Dski One, Scott Wilkowski and Silent Stage Gallery. Remaining pieces will be available online on February 15th at 12PM PST through the Pangea Shop. Check out some of the previews after the jump!


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Feb 04, 2014

SubUrban Vinyl Presents: Heart Strings – A Valentine’s Day Art Show (02.08)


SubUrban Vinyl is proud to present “Heart Strings”, a Valentine’s Day Art Show. This show will exhibit a number of different art pieces, from sculptures, designer toys, canvases, prints and much more. The opening reception will take place on Saturday, February 8th from 6-9PM. Participating artists include: Jason Chalker, Task-One, Emma Overman, Kirsten Easthope, Nervis Wr3k, JFury, Carson Catlin, Bryan Collins, Jerkface, Missy M Toyz, Rsin, Luna Bee, Blazon Brikhaus, RT Vega, Soko Cat, Small Angry Monster, David Ten, “The Real Talent”, Gavin Rivas, Taylored Curiosities, Tasha Zimich and A Little Stranger.

SubUrban Vinyl
4 Frederick St
Waldwick,NJ 07463

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