Mar 19, 2018

T9G x The Little Hut at Shanghai Toy Show (4.5 – 4.7)


T9G will be at Shanghai Toy Show (4.5 –4.7) alongside Shoko Nakazawa at a special booth presented by The Little Hut.  Both artists have announced sweet Amber editions  of their popular figures including T9G’s Nekotaron.  The amber figures will debut at STS and then be available online via The Little Hut and then at Design Festa (5.12 – 5.13).

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Mar 13, 2018

Coarse – Jaws False Paradise for STS


Coarse has been hard at work on a series of jaw-dropping ultra low-run resins for Shanghai Toy Show.  The sublime Jaws False Paradise [ed. of 3, resin] joins the previously announced Crunch False Paradise, flaunting a similar pastel rainbow palette.  The new edition is a welcome return of one of Mark and Sven’s signature designs.

28435804_2008315689406641_2611284380177399808_n 28751614_1778764088842573_5778022153303621632_n

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Mar 07, 2018

Coarse at Shanghai Toy Show: Crunch – False Paradise


Coarse will be exhibiting at the first-ever Shanghai Toy Show (4.5-4.7)—the new art toy convention brought to you by Pop Mart, the folks behind the Beijing Toy Show.  What’s on tap?  So far they’ve revealed the gorgeous new Crunch-False Paradise resin busts [ed. of 3].  These are a variation of the Crunch pieces from the Cold Ways show (April 2016) at Rotofugi which featured gray hair and a purple tongue/tentacle.  We’ll keep an eye out and an ear to the ground for more Coarse STS news.

28432950_220373265181281_5747646533973573632_n (1)28430227_2024572094534633_2192610680400510976_n (1) 13734495_1820446304858329_1522612218_n

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Feb 27, 2018

Shanghai Toy Show 2018 Artist/Booth To-Date List (4.5- 4.7)


U: Added Ali The Fox, Betterme Art, Boenus, Classicbot, Devilrobots, Fools Paradise, Gas Viper, Lumicar, M’s Work, Momo Planet, ZCWO (2.27)

As we get closer to the first-ever Shanghai Toy Show (STS) in April (4.5 – 4.7), more  details have been released including a steady stream of artist/vendor announcements.  For convenience and handy reference, here’s a list of announced booths including links and where available, booth numbers. Be sure to hit the jump for a gallery of previous work from each artist/brand to get a better feel for what to expect. We’ll be sure to bring you news on STS releases as they break. 

Shanghai Toy Show 2018 Announced Exhibitors (As of 2.27.18)

16M Design, 1000 Tentacles Studio, 3A, 6HL6 (D06) - Han Ning and Li Yan, Adfunture, Ali The Fox, Betterme Art, Big Boys Toys (A25),  Black Seed, BoenusChewyhams (E2/E3), Chino Lam Art Workshop, Classicbot, Coarse (D20), Devilrobots, Eric So (C20), Fluffy House (A16), Fools Paradise Funk Toy, Gabriella Workshop, Gas Viper, Hariken, Herocross (A38), Hot Toys, iXDoll / iXTEE (A17), Jacoo Sun Studio( F02), JT Studio (B31), Kasing Lung (D27), Kennyswork (A33), Konatsu, Lumicar, M’s Work, Magger, Magician and Friends (A12)--William Tsang/ Steven Choi,   Michael Lau / Crazysmiles(A29), Mighty Jaxx, Momiji, Momoco Studio, Momo Planet, Mountain Toys, Next Level ToysOklunaPlay Studio, Pucky, Purple Toys / Qinghe Union, Red Hot Style, Ruinswork(B21), Ryan Lee (A18), Sean Lee Designs, Seulgie /Satyr RoryShoko Nakazawa, SOAP Studios, StayReal (A10), Sticky Monster Lab, T9G, Tin Towntokidoki (A28), ToyQube (C5/C6), Unbox (A21), VTSS Wazzup Family, Winson Ma (B17), ZCWO, Zu & PI 

The exhibitors announced to-date are an excellent mix of premier art toy brands, urban vinyl pioneers, and incredible independents, with select Western brands joining an impressive array of Eastern art toy creators.  If you’re amazed by the current list, there’s plenty of time to make travel plans. With nearly 130,000 square feet of exhibition space, we’re expecting quite a few more booth announcements in the near future—we’ll do our best to keep this list updated.

With its expansion into Art Toy conventions beginning with Beijing Toy Show back in September 2017 and now Shanghai Toy Show, organizer Pop Mart—with 60+ retail locations in China—continues its leadership in China’s art toy market.  If you’re not familiar with Pop Mart, we’ll be sharing more about this key brand soon—from their retail locations to their rising blind box efforts.


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Feb 15, 2018

KEIOS x adFunture x Bee Wong – Fortune Panda (4.18)


adFunture continues its toy revival with Fortune Panda, their latest collaboration with KEIOS and Bee Wong. This one is slated for April.  Our guess is Shanghai Toy Show (4.5 – 4.7) where adFunture is showing or perhaps Wonder Festival Shanghai (4.6 –4.7). Fortune Panda joins adFunture’s previously released Fortune Kayden figure.

Adfunture13 Adfunture10 Adfunture9

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Feb 14, 2018

Jason Freeny x ANATOY Collabo Project


The upcoming collabo project between Jason Freeny and South Korea’s ANATOY makes perfect sense.  ANATOY is an elaborate new platform toy based around the concept of anatomy. The platform features a skeletal concept with 12 swappable parts per figure attached via articulated joints with ‘bone’ connectors.  

So far ANATOY has shown what appears to be Freeny’s hand-done sculpt/master as well as a partial 3D scan/render.  We’re looking forward to seeing more of this collabo project.  Perhaps the final production piece will have snap-on torso and face parts which can be removed to reveal the underlying anatomy?

If you’d like to see ANATOY up close and personal, the brand will be exhibiting at several Asian Art Toy conventions including Shanghai Toy Show (E11), Art Toy Culture in Seoul, Taipei Toy Festival and Beijing Toy Show.

anatoy-bobby-26678351_573240649686551_7640538767537801048_o_1024x1024 26869467_1909666149258298_1546104212704722944_n bobby_04

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Jan 10, 2018

Inaugural Shanghai Toy Show 2018 (4.5 – 4.7)

Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 7.39.05 PM

Fresh off the success of last year’s debut Beijing Toy Show, show organizer Popmart is branching out with the brand-new Shanghai Toy Show. Featuring double the exhibition space of BTS, STS will be held at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center on April 5th through the 7th 2018.   While it’s still quite early information wise, we’ve heard informally that many of the big exhibitors from BTS will be back for STS.  While we wait for more information on vendors, artists and more, enjoy the sweet show promo by Kasing Lung, creator of the insanely popular Labubu figure.

Based on BTS’s strong exhibitor lineup and the rave reviews praising the show’s impressive organization, we’re expecting STS to be quite the show.  Pop Mart mentions in their press materials that they will carry over the high-level of service found at BTS to STS.  Apparently, staff were on-hand at each BTS booth to assist with lineup and purchasing. 

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