Feb 04, 2016

Nathan Jurevicius x Kidrobot Nightriders Signing at Mindzai (2.6)


Nathan Jurevicius  will be signing his new Nightriders mini series (Kidrobot) on Saturday (2.6, 3-6 PM) at Mindzai’s Markham flagship store in Ontario, Cananda. If you’re in the Toronto area, go check out the new series which features Nathan’s magical versions of the Munnyworld characters with vivid paint treatments, meet the man behind the toys, get ‘em signed, and if you’re lucky win a fun surprise prize from Kidrobot.  

unnamed (1)


Nathan Jurevicius||Nightriders Signing
Saturday, February 6th, 2016 (3-6 PM)

Mindzai Flagship Store
3623 Highway 7 E, Unit 112
Markham, ON


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Jan 22, 2016

Buff Monster – ‘Stay Melty’ Book Signing at Gr2 (1.30)


Buff Monster will be back in LA to sign his brand-new Stay Melty book at Giant Robot 2 on Saturday, January 30th from 2 to 3 PM.   Published by Gingko Press, the 224-page volume ($30) puts the wide spectrum of the Pink One’s art at your finger tips.  Street Art, Murals, Paintings, Prints, Melty Misfits sticker trading cards Toys and more-- it’s all documented in 600+ photos shot by Buff Monster himself including plenty of behind-the-scenes process imagery. 

Buff Monster || Stay Melty book signing
Saturday, January 30th (2-3 PM)

Giant Robot 2
2062 Sawtelle Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90025


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Jan 08, 2016

J*RYU – It’s a FAD 8” Dunny Release/Signing at KRSF (1.8.16)


As you’re probably aware, the countdown to J*RYU’s 8” It’s a FAD Dunny ($75) has begun with the official world-wide drop set for Tuesday (1.12 @ 9AM MST) from Kidrobot.com and your favorite art toy specialist.  However, if you happen to live in the Bay Area you can get your hands on the og bronze and perhaps the chase pewter (1:4) before almost everyone else.  Jesse will be at Kidrobot San Francisco tonight (1.8) for a release/signing from 6-9 PM.  Plus, each person who purchases the FAD Dunny will receive a fancy ass present.  Also, be sure to drop by Vinyl Pulse on Monday for an exclusive in-depth interview with J*RYU.

J*RYU||It’s a FAD 8” Dunny Release/Signing Event
Friday, January 8th 2016 (6-9 PM)

Kidrobot San Francisco
1512 Haight Sreet
San Francisco, CA 94117

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Dec 31, 2015

Sket-One x Kidrobot - 8" Sketracha Dunny Release at 3D Retro (01.22)


Join Sket-One and Kidrobot at 3D Retro for the release of the 8" Sketracha Dunny! The release/signing will take place on Friday, January 22nd, where they will have Sriracha themed food trucks and door prizes. Be sure to bring all of your Sket figures and black books! The festivities will begin at 7PM.   If you can’t make the release party, the 8” Sketracha will be released that Friday morning (8 AM MST) at Kidrobot.com and your favorite art toy retailer.

3D Retro
1851 Victory Blvd
Glendale, CA 91201

unnamed (1)


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Nov 16, 2015

Coarse Studio and Gallery Event (11.21)


Coarse will open their LA studio/gallery on Saturday evening (11.21) after DesignerCon.  Located in Frogtown (near Atwater Village), the studio is where Coarse designs their toys, prototypes them, and also their resin production facility—if you haven’t already, check out our recent  visit to the space. 

The event will feature a chance to check out the studio first-hand and browse the gallery for a look at past releases and sneak peeks of upcoming ones.  Mark and Sven from Coarse as well as Amanda Visell will be signing poster prints  as well as a special release (what could it be?).

The studio is a fairly easy drive from Pasadena (15 minutes) but please note that it is located in a semi-residential area with limited parking.  Consider ride-sharing and/or a taxi/uber/lyft.

Coarse Studio/Gallery Open House
Saturday, November 21st (7-10 PM)

2940 Denby Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90039

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Oct 26, 2015

Jason Limon x Martian Toys – Abominable Snow Cone + Woootbear Release Party

Martian Toys is serving up a new delicious vinyl treat from Jason Limon. The Abominable Snow Cone—Jason’s first original vinyl toy—brings his original Cryptidbits series painting of the same name to life with a 7.25” fearsome snow cone complete with  a formidable spoon and  2” ice cream truck.   Martian Toys has done an impressive job on this chilly beast’s production, especially in terms of  making the ice + syrup look just right.

Both the original Cherry and the Blueberry editions are available for pre-order directly from Martian Toys for $125 each [+ s/h].  They are also offering two excellent Prints On Wood (8x10)—one of each flavor—for $60 each or $100 for the set.   The toys will ship on October 30th.

Speaking of October 30th, Jason will be at Wootbear in San Francisco this Friday (6-9 PM) for the official Abominable Snow Cone release party.  Each attendee will receive a special Wootbear x Jason Limon print (while supplies last).  So if you’re in the Bay area, be sure to head on over.




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Oct 07, 2015

Coarse – New York Scratches with Omen Fade Ignited at myplasticheart (10.9)


As previously teased, Mark Landwehr and Sven Waschk of Coarse will make the trip to NYC for ‘New York Scratches’ on Friday (10.9) @ myplasticheart.  In addition to showcasing some new work, the event will feature a special release – Omen Fade Ignited.  The GID edition comes in an elegantly screen-printed bag with a dedication to the late collector Roman Shevchenko—whose bright yet brief life is the inspiration for the figure.  Each piece was packed in LA by the Coarse crew as a heartfelt last goodbye.   The 7” Omen Fade Ignited will be available for $90 at the event.


Coarse || New York Scratches
Friday, October 9th (8-10 PM)

210 Forsyth Street
New York, NY


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Sep 29, 2015

Scott Tolleson x Kidrobot x Rotofugi – Imperial Lotus Dragon Release & Signing Party (10.02)

unnamed (8)

For those of you in the Chicago area, you’re going to want to stop by Rotofugi this Friday, October 2nd for the Release and Signing party of Kidrobot x Scott Tolleson’s Imperial Lotus Dragon 8” Dunny. This one night event will take place from 7-9PM, where there will be prizes and special giveaways. We cannot forget to bring up the pair of amazing custom Imperial Lotus Dragons by Scott, which will make an appearance at the show. The Imperial Lotus Dragon will retail $100 and will also be available in stores and online at Kidrobot.com the same day at 9AM MST for those not available to make it to the release.


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Jul 17, 2015

Woot Bear Presents: The Pop-Up Art Book Release & Signing w/ Skinner, Junko Mizuno & Jim Mahfood (07.25)


On July 25th from 6-9PM, Woot Bear will be hosting a release event for the Pop-Up Art Book! The book release and signing will feature 3 of the featured artists from this amazing pop-up book, who include Skinner, Junko Mizuno and Jim Mahfood. Be sure to check out the event, hang out with the artists, pick up this great art book, and of course have a good time!

Woot Bear
147 Clement St.
San Francisco, CA 94118

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Jul 13, 2015

Sunny Side Up Launches Pothead Planters by Yoskay Yamamoto at Giant Robot 2 (7.19)


Sunny Side Up Studios, a collaboration between Yoskay Yamamoto and Emi Uchiki, will launch the Pothead ceramic planters designed by Yoskay on Sunday, July 19th from 2 to 5 PM at Giant Robot 2.  Pothead seamlessly combines Yoskay’s graceful signature character aesthetic with the calming purity of plants. Pothead measures 4.5 H x 6.25 D x 5.75” W, is made in the USA, and will be available in satin white and glossy yellow editions for $80 each. Call it houseware, functional art, or decorative object, we’ll skip the label and just say Pothead is pretty awesome.

Pothead Release
Sunday, July 19th 2015 (2-5 PM)

Giant Robot 2
2062 Sawtelle Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90025



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May 10, 2015

Craola - Green Edition Ralf Signing at 3D Retro (05.30)


It’s already been a year since the opening of 3D Retro in Glendale. To celebrate, 3D Retro will be having a very special guest stopping by the store for a signing/release. On Saturday, May 30th, they will be releasing the new Green edition Ralf figure from the upcoming stop motion short film “I’m Scared: The Movie” by none other than Greg “Craola” SImkins. The event will take place from 6-10PM with Greg in attendance from 7-8PM. There will also be plenty of fun to be had with food, drinks, more artists, more signings and some surprises!

3D Retro
1851 Victory Blvd
Glendale, CA 91201

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Apr 06, 2015

The Loyal Subjects x Alternate Universe Comics – MMPR Wave 1 Release Party (04.09)

unnamed (4)

In celebration of the new Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Wave 1 blind box figures, The Loyal Subjects will be having a special release party at Alternate Universe Comics in Los Angeles. The event will begin at 6PM and there will also be special guests from Saban Brands and Joe Allard who will be signing. There will also be special treats for the guests who attend as well!

Alternate Universe Comics
1498 Sunset Blvd
Unit 1
Los Angeles, CA 90026

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Dec 02, 2014

Super7 x Invisible Creature – Colonel Stinson + Leroy C. Wormwood (12.5)


Updated: Full final  photo of both releases  

Invisible Creature will be in the house at Super7 on Friday (12.5) for a double drop of fancy toys.  First up is the new Colonel Stinson sofubi (proto seen @ sdcc ‘12proto seen @ sdcc ‘12), the first character in Invisible Creature’s Odd Galaxy world filled with space misfits. Apparently cast in green vinyl with assorted spays, the Colonel looks spot-on atop a treaded vehicle and will come with a limited-edition box + art print. 

Secondly, comes Leroy C. Wormwood.  This one is described as deluxe wood + vinyl edition of Leroy C. and is a collab with Uncle Goose Toys who produced IC’s Stack and Scare creature sets.  While we had originally speculated that this one would feature a ‘worm’ wood accessory, we’re pleasantly surprised that it’s actually a clear Leroy (w/orange + lime green sprays) with a woodworm inside!   This one comes with a limited-edition art print as well.

In related IC x Uncle Goose news, it looks like the new Stack ‘n Scare tiles are about to drop as well.

Super7 x Invisible Creature
Friday December 5th 2014 (6PM)

1427 Haight St.
San Francisco, CA


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Nov 25, 2014

P!Q x Ron English – Exclusive Dinogrenade Release (11.28)


P!Q may be one of the best places to check out for Black Friday. Want to know why? Because they have teamed up with Ron English for an exclusive Dinogrenade release. What’s so special about this release? Well, Ron has added his own unique special touch to each of these figures for the low low price of $100 each! The signing event will take place on Friday, November 28th from 2-4PM. The Dinogrenade stands 4” tall and 8” long and will be limited to 100 pieces.

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Oct 17, 2014

Martin Ontiveros x TAG – The Magi Maleficarum Release @ Halloween Show


Martin Ontiveros’ Magi Maleficarum (SEEN HERE) will be making its very fitting debut release during Toy Art Gallery’s Halloween Show this Saturday, October 18th. The “All Hallow Eve” Wizard set are each hand-painted by Martin should be a hit at the show! Martin has also mentioned that there will be another release available for Designer Con!

Toy Art Gallery
7571 Melrose Ave.
Hollywood CA 90046

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Sep 30, 2014

Nathan Hamill x 3DRetro – Lavabear Mamalia Release Event (10.4)


3DRetro will host a release party for Nathan Hamill’s new Mamalia Lavabear vinyl figure (8”, 150 pcs.) with a ‘natural’ color design at their new retail location in Glendale.  Nathan will be on-hand to sign  both this  new follow-up edition as well as the original Classic edition (125 pcs.) which debuted this summer at SDCC.  The celebration of the new figure will include ‘lava’ floats, food trucks, and more.

Lavabear Mammalia Release Event
Opening: October 4th, 2014 (7-10 PM)

1851 Victory Blvd.
Glendale, California 91201

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Sep 19, 2014

Buff Monster –- Melty Misfits 2 Launch at P!Q NYC (9.20)


After a sweetly successful Kickstarter campaign, Buff Monster will release his Melty Misfits 2 sticker trading cards in grand fashion at the PiQ store at the Grand Central Terminal in NYC on Saturday (9.20) from3 to 6 PM EDT. The follow-up to the first series once again pays homage to the the classic Garbage Pail Kids with 41 original characters painted by Buff Monster in acrylic and airbrush.  Each wax pack ($5) features kiss cut cards and potentially randomly inserted signature cards, sketch cards, foil cards, trippy lenticular cards, variants, errors and yes, a golden ticket  for an OG Melty Misfits painting.   If you’re near NYC, go on out to the store on Saturday, pick up a few packs (or maybe even a display case) and get Buff to sign them for you.  The cards will be available exclusively from PiQ at the store and online for two weeks. After that you’ll be able to pick them up from Buff’s web shop.

Buff Monster || Melty Misfits 2 Release/Signing
Saturday, September 20th, 2014 (3-6 PM)

P!Q Grand Central Terminal
8 Grand Central Terminal
New York, NY 10017


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Sep 17, 2014

Kidrobot SF Presents: Artist Signing and Blacky the Dragon Dog release with Martin Hsu (09.20)


Come on over to Kidrobot SF this Saturday, September 20th from 6-8PM for a special event with Martin Hsu! They will be releasing his brand new Blacky the Dragon Dog figure in the OG colorway and blue color variants! Martin will be there of course signing and sketching for fans, as well as giving away a FREE exclusive Blacky print with purchase.

Kidrobot SF
1512 Haight St.
San Francisco, CA 94117


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Aug 05, 2014

Mark Bode –- Da’ Lizard Brown Ed. Release at Toy Tokyo (8.7) + SDCC Recap


Mark Bode will be at Toy Tokyo on Thursday (8.7) for the release/signing of his Da’ Lizard Brown NYC Edition produced by MINDstyle.   This event is a follow-up to the earlier San Diego Comic-Con launch of the Green and Black toy editions of the  lizard character created and popularized by his father, Vaughn Bode.   Hit the jump for photos of Mark’s SDCC signing.

Mark Bode || Da’ Lizard Release/Signing
Thursday, August 7th 2014 (4 to 6 PM)

Toy Tokyo 
91 Second Avenue (btwn. 5th & 6th St.)
New York, NY 10003


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Jul 08, 2014

Ron English x Toy Art Gallery – Status Factory: Book Signing & Toy Release (07.13)

ronenglish_postcard-403x600 ronenglish_postcardback-403x600

Updated: New product info + additional images

Ron English will be at TAG this Sunday, July 13th for the signing of his latest art book “Status Factory” and the release of two new soft vinyl collaborations with TAG, the Modzilla (13” tall – 20 individual pieces) and the Urban Big Foot (6.5” tall). Expect hand-painted one-off’s, secret editions, and possibly factory paints as well. The elusive  3’ Lil’ Bigfoot life-size fiberglass pieces may also make an appearance.   In addition to the TAG produced sofubi, Ron will debut his new Dinogrenade vinyl at the event.

TAG will also have the Little Big Foot necklace, which is the first piece of a number of future jewelry pieces and twelve unique Tempter Tot prints.  Finally, the first 30 collectors will receive a show-exclusive hang-tag print, which Ron will sign.  The signing will take place from 2-4 PM with the release event will continue until 6 PM, so be sure to stop by and say “Hello”!


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Jun 25, 2014

Kidrobot’s Art of War Dunny Signings & Release Events (06.27)

aow-party-flier- -trade-party-v2-digital-580x750

Kidrobot will be holding a couple release events of their newest Dunny Series, “Art of War”. At Kidrobot Boulder you will find kaNO signing and sketching for he fans from 6-9PM on Friday, June 27th. There will also be an exclusive print by kaNO for those who spend $50+ in the store.

Kidrobot Boulder
1468 Pearl Street
Boulder, CO 80302


Kidorobot San Francisco will also be having a shindig on the same night from 6-8PM, where you can hang and get goods signed by Drilone, Kozik, and Huck Gee!

Kidrobot SF
1512 Haight Street
San Francisco, CA 94117


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May 30, 2014

Super7 The 13th Anniversary Lucky Bags (06.13)


On Friday, June 13th at NOON PST, Super7 will be releasing their Super7 The 13th Anniversary Lucky Bags! They will be available in Large (6 figures) for $250 and Small (3 figures) for $125 and will each feature a variety if limited edition toys. You can expect to find some large, medium, small, test samples, unseen and unknown, and one-off figures! No two bags are alike.

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May 14, 2014

Plastic Culture Presents: Jouwe Welcome Party with Marine Ramdhani (05.17)


Marine Ramdhani’s Jouwe is finally coming home to Indonesia after 2 years of being on tour to the US, Germany, and Amsterdam. They will be celebrating with a special release event with Plastic Culture at Ore Premium Store in Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia on Saturday, May 17th. The even will feature a “talk show” and signing session with Marine. There will be 5 different colorways to choose from, yellow, blue, GID, blank, and gray. They hope to see you there!

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Apr 16, 2014

Scott Tolleson’s Kidrobot Boulder Exclusive Green Trayjus (04.18)


Scott Tolleson has just revealed his Kidrobot Boulder exclusive Green Trayjus for this weekends meet and greet with MAD. Isn’t it lovely! This piece, along with MAD’s 18” Modenr Hero coin bank will be available on Friday, April 18th. Don’t forget about the collaborative print between these two masterminds as a gift with each purchase! Check out our post on the event HERE.


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Apr 02, 2014

Darbotz x MyTummyToys – Black Edition Monster Ball Release Event Recap


Donny Pandega was nice enough to snap some pics of the Darbotz x MyTummyToys Monster Ball Release at the Loubelle Shop not too long ago. The Black Edition Monster Ball figure is now sold out and are now in the hands of some very happy fans. Of course Darbotz was in the house signing and meeting his fans. The event was full of grub, toy lovers, and music provided by Dj Uya. Take a look at the rest of the photos after the jump.


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