Mar 28, 2017

Playge – Young Gohst Pins – Blue/White and Black/Silver


Ferg has just dropped a pai r of new Young Gohst Pins.  You can choose between a Blue/White design or a Black/Silver one, or better yet pick up both.  Each is limited to 50 pieces and is available for $15 (+ s/h) from the Playge store.

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Feb 27, 2017

Kozyndan x The Artpin Collection -- Bunny Blossom Enamel Pin (2.28)


Just in time for Spring and Cherry Blossom season, comes The Artpin Collection’s new Bunny Blossom enamel pin from Kozyndan. Inspired by the art duo’s original illustration (available as a poster), the fun yet elegant pin is limited to 150 pieces and will drop on Tuesday (2.28) for $12 from Rotofugi as well additional select retailers.


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Jan 24, 2017

Kidrobot – Pinning and Winning Enamel Pin Series

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Kidrobot joins the enamel pin craze in a big way with today’s release of the Pinning and Winning blindbox pin series. The series features 40 designs (all 1:40 ratio) featuring the KR ‘bot mascot, Dunny, Labbit, as well as a handful of riffs on the Kidrobot concept/name including a fist full of K,R,B and T lightning bolts  Pinning and Winning blind-boxes are available from retailers such as myplasticheart  and of course for a very reasonable $5.99.

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Jan 09, 2017

Steve Purcell x Artpin Collection – Max Pop (1.11.17)

Max pop pin 2

Do you remember playing the Sam and Max LucasArts adventure game (1993) ?  Or even being a fan of the comics which inspired the game? If so, you’ll definitely want to pickup the new Max Pop pin from Sam and Max creator Steve Purcell and the Artpin Collection folks. Limited to 250, the playful frozen treat design will drop on Wednesday (1.11.17) at 7:59 AM  via Rotofugi for $12 (+ s/h).


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Dec 24, 2016

Ferg – Xmas Misfortune Cat Pins (12.26)


Psst. Since his pins tend to sell out rather quickly, here’s a heads up that  Ferg has announced that he’ll be dropping the new Xmas Misfortune Cat enamel pins the day after Xmas (12.26).  Based on previous drops, these will likely run you $15 or so via Playge.

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Dec 13, 2016

De Korner x Pirate Robot – Krusty Exposed Pin (12.15.16)



Pirate Robot and De Korner have joined forces for another ‘Exposed’ pin release.  This time around,  glutton-for-punishment Krusty is front and center for some Xray powered fun.  Following on the heels of the previous Marty Exposed GID pin, the highly detailed 1.25” Krusty enamel pin (ed. of 100) will be available from De Korner on Thursday (12.15.16)  @ 8 AM PST for $10 each. 

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Nov 17, 2016

De Korner – DesignerCon Exclusive Pins

 mcfly mock15043928_1499871050029575_1465664839664795648_n

Just in the nick of time, De Korner will release two exclusive pins at DesignerCon.  First up is their deluxe Marty Exposed pin by Pirate Robot (1.75” x 1”, $15) which features a 16-color design complete with spot GID on the eyes, mouth, hands, and rib cage.  Next, there’s the Mickey Trooper by B.A.L.D. (1” x 1”, $10).  Both pins include matching stickers and will be available at the De Korner booth [#622]


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Oct 31, 2016

Ferg – Squadt Halloween Skelsuit Pins

He did it again.  Ferg dropped two Squadt Skelsuit Pins for Halloween this morning.  The Gohst S002 Skelsuit pins in white+red (50 pcs, $15 + s/h) which are available from the Playge store.  The Chipp S002 GID Skelsuit pins (50 pcs, $15 + s/h) also dropped today, and wait fo r it… quickly sold out. 

unnamed (1)

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Oct 24, 2016

Ferg – Halloween Pins


So Ferg dropped three new enamel pins and two of them promptly went poof!  Thankfully, there’s one still standing as we post this.  Just time time for Halloween, comes the Orange + Black Misfortune Cat (1”) which can be yours for $13 (includes US shipping/ +$5 for first class international) from the Playge store.  Both the Green GID  Halloween Misfortune Cat and the Squadt Germ S001 Alt version are sold out.

unnamed (2)

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Sep 19, 2016

Playge -- Germ S001 and Gohst Alt B Pins


Pins and more pins! Ferg has just released two new Playge pins – Germ S001 and Gohst Alt B.  Both pins are 1.5” tall, and are available now from the Playge store for $15 (includes US shipping, international shipping is +$5).   Plus, Ferg is teasing the Alt version of the Germ S001 pin featuring a fantastic pared down gold on black design.

unnamed (1)


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Sep 02, 2016

Art Pin Collection: Swanicorn and Panda at Rotofugi


The brand new Artpin Collection has launched  exclusively at Rotofugi with the debut Swanicorn and Panda. The first pin (1.25”) is a fun collabo between Daniel Fleres and Podgy Panda. Limited to 125 pieces, the Swanicorn and Panda pins are available now only from Rotofugi for $12.

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Jun 15, 2016

Josh Divine – Alley Kids Pin Series


Josh Divine (Kidrobot concept artist) has launched his own original pin series.  Alley Kids is a series of twelve enamel-on-black-metal pins (1.5”) featuring kids you might find in an eclectic alley.  Each is limited to 100 pieces, numbered on the back. Jake, the skater and Alley Kid #1, is currently available for $8.99 (+s/h) from the Alley Kids shop. As a bonus, the pin also comes with a free Jake sticker, while supplies last.  Next up are Alexis the rocker and JØRG the metal head.



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