May 16, 2016

Stranger Factory x Otto Bjornik – Exclusive Bai Chu Li-Fu (5.20)


Update: Corrected price.

Stranger Factory will release their exclusive Li-Fu Bai Chu resins (5.5”) from Otto Bjornik on Friday (5.20) @ 12 PM PDT for $125 (+s/h) from their webshop.  Limited to 35 pieces, Li-Fu features a 1:7 gold chase (necklace + hat ornament).  Overall the green + black design is quite sharp and fits nicely into the walking zombie myth.

Li-Fu : Nature

Green Li-Fu contains the mighty power of nature. Forged in the forest and tempered in verdant environments, the Li-Fu edition communes with nature spirits to hone in on Bai-Chu’s targets every single time (however, being green, he is a bit gullible).

The miniscule vampire stands approximately 5 ½” tall (you may need to stoop down quite low to hear him shouting “Biteyoubiteyoubiteyou!”as he is very very small). He is cursed with a rigid resin body emulating the smooth vampiric skin of his kind, and a neodymium magnet that pulls him towards your refrigerator (an indignity Bai Chu will probably never forgive you for).

His magnetic restraining talisman with the words “I Hunger” written in beautiful Chinese calligraphy is removable, and you may need to reattach it should Bai Chu prove too much to handle!


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Michelle Valigura and Amanda Visell – Stardust Skunk + Stinker


Amanda Visell and Michelle Valigura are back from Thailand with a brand-new Stardust Skunk + Stinker resin set—ahhh glitter.  They’ve also got a limited quantity of their Thailand Toy Expo Edition Elephant and Rider.  Both are limited to 25 pcs and are available now for $90 each (+s/h) from Switcheroo. unnamed (3)


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May 15, 2016

Fools Paradise – Pre-Order Darkside K.X1 at Coin Rides Game #3


Fools Paradise is now taking pre-orders for the third release in its ongoing Star Wars-themed Coin Rides Game series.   So far we’ve seen a Sand Trooper (Sand K.Troop #1) atop a Dewback and  Boba Fett (Boba K.Slave #2) taking flight on Slave I.  This time around with Darkside K.X1Darkside K.X1, Darth Keiko has got herself a Tie Fighter to ride, if only someone will give her a coin or two to make it go. 

As with the other two, the sculpting and paint look top-notch. The ship design is at once recognizable and detailed yet altered just enough to have a looser, ‘fun’, kiddie ride vibe.  The two ride support columns feature ball-joints for side-to-side action/posability.

Limited to a maximum of 500 pieces, Darkside K.X1 (~ 12” assembled) is available for preorder now through May 26th, 2016 from Fools Paradise for $299 (includes global shipping). The toys will ship in Q3.


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Yamakichiya x BlackBook Toy x Frank Kozik – Exclusive Lil Alex Evil Mum Edition



The oh so red Lil’ Alex Evil Mum Edition from Frank Kozik brings the sexy with a translucent red head + mask and gold + green glitter hat—colors inspired by his classic advert/poster for designer Anna Sui. Created exclusively for Japanese toy shop Yamakichiya by BlackBook Toy, limited stock of the Evil Mum edition is available for pre-order from the Yamakichiya web shop for 13,500 yen (~ US$1208).


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May 14, 2016

Red Hot Style – Painted Canadian Hairless (5.16)


After the recent release of an unpainted orange edition, Red Hot Style is back with a wild painted edition of their Canadian Hairless slush cast soft vinyl  figure. This time around the unusual spyhnx cat figure  has a ‘hot’ paint job with what almost look like pools of lava.  Limited to 42 pieces, this one is set for release on 5.16 China time (~ day ahead of USA) for $110 (+s/h).  To order drop an email to

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Sickboy x Life and Death USA Edition (5.19)

Sickboy_Coffin_Line Dot_2016_6

Chicago-based Line Dot will release a new hand-embellished USA edition of UK street artist Sickboy’s Life and Death resin sculpture (3 x 7 x 10.5”, edition of 10, $850)  on Thursday (5.19) at their gallery and then will offer remaining stock on Friday morning from their web shop.  The new four-color Blue + Purple edition features a coffin character—a frequent symbol in his work challenging death—and follows the original Orange + Red UK edition.  The striking and humorous sculpt builds on the strength of the character with intricate relief details—a stream of text, symbols, and more—on the sides of the coffin.  This symbolic texture seems to comment, in part, on life lived to its fullest as seen with the “#1” seal imagery.  Sick Boy has hand-painted a fractured abstract scene on the rear of the coffin—a nice touch right in line with his street art background.


Sickboy_Coffin_Line Dot_2016_6

Sick Boy || Life and Death USA Edition Release
Thursday, May 19th (6- 10 PM)

Line Dot
1023 N Western Ave
Chicago, Illinois 60622


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Ian Ziobrowski – Space Dabs


Ian Ziobrowski (Nugglife) has dropped a new cosmically herby resin figure.  Limited to just five pieces, Space Dabs is the latest incarnation of Waxy, complete with intergalactic pipe and a little side table with ‘baked goods’. Ian makes these by hand, from the 3-part resin figure to the painting.  Dabs is available for $95 (+ s/h) from his web shop.


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Jesse Narens – Blue and Brown Stegoforest + Acorn Warriors


Jesse Narens has released two new editions of his Stegoforest (7” long) + Acorn Warrior (2” long) sofubi sets for $60/set from his web shop. The first edition is cast in brown vinyl with silver, red, and black spray.  The second features a light blue vinyl (not quite as saturated as shown in photo) with orange, green and black spray.  Due to factory issues, these may be the last Stegoforest releases for the foreseeable future. So if you love the look of these stylish toys, the time is now.


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Peter Kato x Woot Bear – Exclusive Bedtime Bunnies Release Event (5.14)



Over the past two years, Peter Kato’s heartfelt Bedtime Bunnies have brightened days and nights worldwide.  To celebrate, Peter and Woot Bear have teamed up on a special collection of exclusive Bedtime Bunnies resins featuring cozy slippers based on the gallery’s mascot. Plus, each of the exclusives comes with a surprise mini resin – either a duck or a cat-cap.

Available in Blue (10 pcs), Yellow (10 pcs), Violet (10 pcs), Pink (10 pcs), Green (5 pcs) and Cream (5 pcs) editions, the Woot Bear Bedtime Bunnies are available now at Woot Bear’s webshop for $45 (+s/h).    For those in the bay area, Woot Bear is also hosting a release event tonight (5.14) from 6 to 9 PM  with Peter at their San Francisco location.


Peter Kato || Bedtime Bunnies Birthday Release and Signing
Saturday, May 14th (6-9 PM)

Woot Bear and Kidrobot San Francisco
1512 Haight St.
San Francisco, CA 94117


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May 13, 2016

Brent Nolasco – First Look at Ziggy

QuickMemo _2016-05-13-11-06-06-1

Seemingly sculpting and creating nonstop, Brent Nolasco is pushing the evolution of his recent creature line—Bun Bun, Barse, Felix, Sonny, Mousie, Sitting in a Pretty Daze—with  his brand-new creation, Ziggy.  Perhaps the most wicked so far, Ziggy is a devilish one with large pincer claws and little spider minions crawling on and through him. As with his brethren, Ziggy will be released as an upcoming 2-part resin figure by TaskOne/Wearenottoys

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TAG x James Groman – In the Flesh B.C. Blasters (5.13)


Following the previous sold-out purple release, Toy Art Gallery will release their In the Flesh B.C. Blasters from James Groman on Friday (5.13) @ Noon pdt from the TAG web store for $35 each or the set of 5 for $140.


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May 11, 2016

Jermaine Rogers – Dero: Creeping (Deity Series) Plasma (5.13)

Heat incoming.  Jermaine Rogers is will release Plasma, the third edition in his Dero :Creeping (Deity) series of art toy resin on Friday (5.13) @ 12 PM PDT from his web shop for $150 (+s/h).  Limited to 25 hand-signed, numbered and remarqued pieces, each 7” figure features ethereal ‘plasma’ seemingly flowing effortlessly within the water-clear Dero cast. A dramatic piece, a conversation starter, not to be missed.

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May 10, 2016

Super7 – Glow Edition Cyclobot (5.13)


Super7 are big fans of Friday the 13th. They tend to release something special every time the superstitious date knocks around! This year they will be dropping the new Glow in the Dark edition Cyclobot from Super7 and Secret-Base. This fighter figure by Brian Flynn will be available this Friday, May 13th at 12PM PST online and at all their store locations for $65 a piece. This release features a GID vinyl with purple, blue and red spray details.

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Marsham Toy Hour – Episode 9 with Guest Randy Regier


Join the boys of Marsham Toy Hour with their latest episode, which features guest toy artist, Randy Regier. He brings to the podcast some amazing stories from his past, growing up thrifting for toys, and having his pieces in museums. Randy isn’t the typical toy artists that we are used to, which is why we enjoyed listening to this episode so much! He shares his experiences as a high end toy artists in a very much different “Art Toy” world. Join your hosts Gary Ham, Tyler Ham and Martian Toys with their latest episode on Podbean, Stitcher and iTunes.

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Zectron x Joe Whiteford – One-Off Death Bats (5.13)


Joe Whiteford has got his hands on 10 of Zectron x Brandt Peters’s Death Bat figures from Unbox Industries. He did some amazing work to produce these one-off figures that will be available this Friday the 13th in his webstore HERE. None of these figures are alike, which gives us a hard time to select one because they are all so good. If you are lucky enough to checkout with one of these in your cart, you can expect to pay $200.


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Konstantin Budkevich – New Kosrobots Available Now!


Konstantin Budkevich just made available two brand new Kosrobot figures on his webstore! You can pick up either the fully hand-painted “Black Star” Edition for $34 HERE or the unpainted Grey Edition HERE for $24. The Kosrobot is hand sculpted and feature 5 points of articulation with magnetic joints for easy swapability! Be sure to pick one of those up to join the other ranks of his figures, such as TSIHATA and Cosmos Cold.


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May 09, 2016

BAIT x GI Joe x 1000 Toys – 1/6 Snake Eyes


BAIT has joined forces with the 1/6 specialists 1000Toys on a new officially-licensed Snake Eyes figure.  Shown at this past weekend’s Thailand Toy Exo, the new figure features a synthetic  take on the deadly assassin courtesy of the TOA Heavy Industries imprint. From the official description, it sounds like Storm Shadow might be lurking in the distance as well. Look for the BAIT x 1000Toys Snake Eyes to debut this Summer.

A project to resurrect an old-generation soldier using his DNA info has been requested to TOA Heavy Industries from the Arashikage Clan. After a successful DNA restoration close to 80%, the soldier was then resurrected using the Synthetic Human body with the restored DNA info. Even though the memory restoration was incomplete, the soldier became to successfully accomplish numerous covert missions on his own.

In the midst of a rescue mission for captured engineers, the soldier is ambushed by a mysterious white shadow…

Photos: @Hiro_Padawan & @2kaha2


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FERG – Squadt Nozzel S001 Lapel Pin


The pin craze is in full effect, and the new Squadt Nozzel S0001 lapel pin from Ferg  might be one of the best we’ve seen recently.  Limited to 100 pieces, the  large format soft enamel pin (1.5 inch, 2 posts) comes carded, signed and numbered.  Get it now for $15 (US shipping included, +$5 for Firstclass INTL).


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May 08, 2016

Reveal: Tim Biskup x T9G Rangeas Rainbow from Subcarism Tokyo (5.13)


Update: Added Release Info

After our initial post with some teaser shots, here’s a full look at the new translucent Rainbow TxT RangeasRainbow TxT Rangeas by Tim Biskup and T9G  in the works from Subcarism Tokyo  It’s been a loooong while since we’ve seen a new collabo Rangeas so it’s great to see this new sexy beast—translucent rainbow, yes please. In the latest news, Subcarism has announced that the Rainbow TxT Rangeas will be released on Friday, May 13th @ 4 AM PDT from their webshop for 7560 yen (~ US$67). International shipping is 2000 yen (~ US$17). 


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David Horvath x Devilrobots – Bat & Cat Motors at Art Toy Culture 2016



David Horvath and Devilrobots unveiled and debuted Bat & Cat Motors at this weekend’s Art Toy Culture in Korea.  Cute meets cute plus fun cars + planes = awesomeness.  Created in conjunction with Korea’s Delitoys and Riri’s Door, the project debuted two figure sets—Bat Set and Cat Set—which appears to be just the beginning of an expanding product line with planters and other product shown. The sets for ATC were apparently limited to 30 sets (!) and retailed for 260,000 won (~US$220).

However, there’s still hope as Horvath has mentioned these will be available in very limited numbers for an upcoming release (presumably online).  To get the latest info, be sure to follow @bnc_motors.


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Subcarism Tokyo – Artisan Series Sofubi (5.9)

13129131_214191032298649_1859887710_n13092497_281513708851548_957359187_n 13166683_1744713955812912_115665378_n13126784_277694982566677_1575193607_n  13116724_996453543772550_1498929664_n

Subcarism Tokyo will offer their  distinctive Artisan Series of sofubi figures with pre-orders  running from Monday (5.9) at 4 AM PDT to Sunday (5.19) at the same time, or until they sell out.  These special hand-crafted figures feature a unique weathered look simulating cracked and rusted metal. The finish sets these apart from previous editions, creating a convincing illusion from toy to statue, while retaining its soft vinyl roots.

There are five in all to choose from – Rangeas by T9G (19440 JPY or ~US$173),  Byron by Shoko Nakazawa (14040 JPY or US$125),  Nabura Motoyoshi by Yukinori Dehara (16200 JPY or ~US$144), Ice Bat by David Horvath + Sun-Min Kim (16200 jpy or ~US$144), Tim Biskup x T9G Rangeas (18360 JPY or ~ US$163).   These are expected to ship 4-6 weeks after the pre-order closes.

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Toy Art Gallery x Kenth Toy Works – Nadsat Boy Le Mans Blue


Toy Art Gallery has released the new Le Mans Blue Nadsat Boy (7”, 4 articulation points) from Kenth Toy Works.  Cast in a sweet shade of blue, the new Nadsat Boy comes with white skull-cane accessory and is a stylish take on Kubrick’s cult classic. Available now exclusively from the Toy Art Gallery webshop for $55 (+ s/h).


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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain 1:1 Bionic Arm


If you’ve been waiting to get your hands on the 1:1 scale bionic arm from Metal Gear  solid V to channel your inner Venom Snake, you’re in luck. Previously available exclusively through a special  Japan-only Metal Gear Solid V bundle, the out-of-control Phantom Pain 1:1 Bionic Arm (420 mm or ~20 inches log) from Sentinel Toys is being re-issued as a stand-alone collectible with wide availability.   Featuring hyper-articulation, the Bionic Arm features fully fingers and the tension—perfect for the gesture of your choice or even for holding objects.

The Metal Gear Solid V Bionic Arm is available for pre-order from Nsurgo for $185 (+s/h) and should ship in early May—right about now.


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Alex Pardee x ToyQube – The Astronaut (5.10)


The Astronaut, a new polystone + ABS figure from Alex Pardee and ToyQube will be released on Tuesday (5.10).  Based on a small series of paintings following Dogulas’ voyage into space and the price he pays for the exploration, the 10” figure looks great, especially with respect to his umm… extraterrestrial companion.  ToyQube will release the figure on the 10th at 1 PM EDT in a special ‘Day One’ package featuring a bonus print (8x10”, below) for $145 and the standard edition for the suggested retail of $130 from their webshop.  The figure will also be available from select art toy shops.



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May 07, 2016

Thailand Toy Expo – Amanda Visell + Michelle Valigura


Amanda Visell and Michelle Valigura are back at Thailand Toy Expo (2nd year in a row), this time in the 3A booth.  Amanda has created a mechanized division of one off editions of her Ashley Wood WWR-inspired pieces including Berties, Brambles and at least one Harold.  She’s also releasing TTE exclusives of her Micro Bramble and Slug as well as the Micro Bertie and Snail.  Finally, Michelle and Amanda have released their newest resin—Elephant and Rider—a perfect match for the event.  Btw, definitely check out the closeup after the jump – painted detail is really nice. Pics?  Michelle Valigura – ground correspondent!


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