Jul 20, 2014

Lulubell Toys at SDCC


The Lulubell Toys booth #5045/5047 is going to be jam packed with tons of goodies you’re going to want to see in person! If you know Lulu Amy, she loves Pugs, which is why she’s super excited to announce their newest soft vinyl figure, Multum In Parvo, “a lot in a little package”. $5 from the sales of Maltum in Parvo will help support APARN with them retailing $30-55 each. They will be available in painted, unpainted, and marbled and mixed parts!

For you Grody Shogun fans, preview night is going to be for you! They’ve got Collabs with Zapataloco and RealxHead, Ensorcelled Men, the North American Grody Grouse, and so much more!

On Thursday they’ve got goods coming from Evil Dave with the “Bella Muerta”, RESTORE with the “Neo Japan!, Brian Ewing x Hateball will have a new Shub Zeroth, and Blurble and Dski One with custom and resin pieces!

Friday will be filled with Ferg x Grody’s Young Gohsts, Hateball releases, and Miscreation Toy Lotteries!

They’ve pretty much mapped out the weekend with a number of special events. Be sure top check after the jump for more photos!

Preview Night:

Grody Shogun, Multim In Parvo debut, TONS of Previews & more!

10am – Restore Neo Japan (5 pcs), Evil Dave x Grody Bella Muerta (5pcs)
1-2pm – Brain Ewing x Hateball release & signing – Shub Zeroth
4-5pm Blurble & Dski One release & signing – Oozey, Kid Toxic & customs


10am – Restore Neo Japan (10 pcs), Evil Dave x Grody Bella Muerta (5pcs)
1am - Noon – Ferg x Grody Shogun release & signing – YG micro runs & more!
1-2pm – Hateball release & signing – Zinewolf debut & more!
3-4pm – Miscreation Toys lottery – tickets handed out 3-3:15, drawing at 3:15
4-6pm – Monster Worship – release & signing


10am: Restore Neo Japan (last 5 pcs), Evil Dave x Grody Bella Muerta (last 5 pcs)
11am-Noon: Mishka release & signing – Mishka mash-ups
3pm – Mutant Vinyl Hardcore x Grody Shogun lottery – tickets handed out 3-3:15pm,
drawing at 3:15.


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Monster Worship at SDCC


Monster Worship will heavy a bevy of goods available for you at SDCC! They will be taking over the Lulubell Toys booth #5047 on Friday, July 25th from 4-6PM and you can pick up tickets for the event at 3:30PM. Let’s take a look at what they’ve got!

UnMellow Yellow Cannibal Fuckface by Johnny Ryan – $75
Unpainted Silver Glitter-Flake Mass Murder by Johnny Ryan – $85
Unpainted Glow or Unpainted Slime Green Micro Greasebat by Jeffrey Lamm$15
UnMellow Yellow Rottweiler Herpes by Johnny Ryan – $75
Slimething Slimebat by Michael Skattum – $75
Steel City Galaxy People$25 each / $75 set

There’s so much to choose from that you;’re going to want to get their early enough to secure a ticket!


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Jul 19, 2014

Lana Crooks x Scott Tolleson -- Old Beetaronomy at SDCC

Scott Tolleson has collaborated with Lana Crooks to bring his Deadbeet into the wonderful world of plush. The 19" Old Beetaronomy is crafted from a mix of hand dyed textiles, embroidery and wood. The wiley 'ol beet features a wood cane, posable limbs and leaves. Limited to five pieces, he will debut at SDCC, with three available. Adopt Old Beet' and the included 'garden surprise' from Scott's booth [#5149] for $300.


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Amanda Visell x COARSE – SDCC Custom Omen Blinks? at the Rotofugi + Squibbles Ink. Booth


Rotofugi posted this teaser with the mention of Amanda Visell, COARSE Toys, and CUSTOM at the Rotofugi + Squibbles Ink. booth #5248 at SDCC. From the silhouette it looks to be one of COARSE’s Omen Blink figures. We cannot wait to see these in person at the con. If you we’re curious, yes they will be on sale! 

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The Loyal Subjects x Transformers – SDCC Exclusive Shattered Glass Dinobot Pack


Holy cow! The Loyal Subjects has yet another special SDCC Exclusive for all you Transformers fans! Check out the Shattered Glass Dino Pack, which is limited to 500 sets! The previous Ghost Pack & Autobot Pack and Shaterred Glass pack are expected to retail around $39-$45 a set. Les Schettkoe will also be signing on Saturday at 11AM. So be sure to stop by The Loyal Subjects booth #5645.


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64Colors x Rotofugi + Squibbles Ink. – Original Mini Marshall Release at SDCC


For all you 64Colors and Marshall Fans comes the Original Mini Marshall figure! These will be available at the Rotofugi + Squibbles Ink. Booth #5248 at SDCC. For those not able to attend, don’t you worry. There will be a number held back for online orders shortly after the convention. The Original Mini Marshall stands 2” tall for $10 each, which includes a 1” button!


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Kathie Olivas & Brandt Peters at the Cardboard Spaceship booth at SDCC


Kathie Olivas and Brandt Peters will be signing and sketching at the Cardboard Spaceship booth #5638 on both Friday and Sunday from 12-2PM. Get your toys and sketchbooks ready! They will also be bringing some goodies along with them, including: mini green mint vamp masks, standard sized mint vamp masks, standard sized plasma vamp masks, 9” black cat skelves, and 9” cyan vamp skelves with red masks. There will also be the Purple Elizabeth and Purple Greeter SDCC Exclusives up for grabs for $15 a piece.

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Jul 18, 2014

Munky King – Versus II SDCC Party / Art Battle (7.24)


While for some, SDCC is about the exclusives and the signings.  But some just want to know where to party after the convention center doors close for the day.  For 2014 the answer for Thursday night is Munky King’s 7th annual (wow…) part at Basic.  For this year’s edition, MK is continuing the art battle theme they introduced last year.  Be sure to drop by to checkout Versus II for some furious drawing, and plenty of drinking and face stuffing (pizza is great, btw).

Versus II
Thursday, July 24th (9 PM – 1 AM)

Basic urban kitchen + bar
410 10th Avenue
San Diego, CA 92101

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SpongeBob x BAIT x MINDstyle – SDCC Exclusive Patrick Star Collectible Vinyl Figure


Teaming up with SpongeBob, BAIT and MINDstyle have their SDCC Exclusive Patrick Star Collectible Vinyl figure from the BAIT x SpongeBob collection. You normally don’t see Patrick with a bunch of clothing, but you can see him rocking a leather jacket, zebra pattern pants, belt with “B” buckle, and a “Patrich” chain. These are limited to 300 pieces total and will be available at the BAIT booth #4949for $50 each.

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Lana Crooks x Gary Ham – SDCC Sylvan Plush Release

sylvan 3

Last years SDCC brought you the Hermees plush release by Lana Crooks and Gary Ham. This year, this magical team brings Sylvan to life! This amazingly cute and detailed plush is limited to 10 pieces with 5 up for grabs at their booth #5139. Each plush measures 19” x 14” and are each handmade by Lana. There is even embroidered signatures and wood numbered tag. They will be available first come first serve for $285 each.

Now we’re just waiting to see the Sylvan vinyl figure produced by Pobber Toys!


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The Loyal Subjects x BAIT – SDCC Exclusive Transformers 8” Optimus Prime


It looks like The Loyal Subjects will be throwing a few exclusives towards the BAIT booth #4949 for SDCC. BAIT will be releasing TWO versions of the 8” Optimus Prime figures, the battle-hardened edition and Les Schwettkoe’s super-deformed edition. They are each limited to 200 pieces and will retail $75 for one or $120 for both!

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Gargamel Releases at SDCC


We know where a lot of you will be lined up early in the morning during SDCC. That would be the Gargamel / Grashut booth #5144, which we talked about HERE. Gargamel has just announced some of the goods they will be bringing with them all the way from Japan. That includes: Pocket Kaiju Series “Boris” $30, Pocket Kaiju Series “FUrobo” $30, Oriental Dullahan “Houkai” $65, “Nazagacha” blind bags via lottery style 1 for $7 or 3 for $20. There’s no Gargamel booth without some custom figures! They will have new pieces available each day of the convention! More photos after the jump.


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Scott Tolleson – “Seeing Red” Malicus Release at SDCC


Scott Tolleson’s Malicus figure will be making its debut release at SDCC. the “Seeing Red” edition is limited to 10 pieces and will be available at Scott’s booth #5139 for $60. Look at that beautiful shiny red resin. You know you want it in your collection!

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BAIT – SDCC Exclusive Wandering Misfits Calliope


BAIT will have their very own SDCC Exclusive Calliope figure from the Wandering Misfits series by Kathie Olivas and Cardboard Spaceship. This new mint Calliope with bright orange hair will be up for grabs at the BAIT booth #4949 for $15 each. These are limited to 85 pieces total!

Don’t forget about BAIT’s SDCC Exclusive Andrew Bell’s Last Knight HERE and Kidokyo’s Daft Punk Robots HERE.

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Jul 17, 2014

Rotobox x Kuso Vinyl – SDCC Exclusive Catchaman Minicel Eagle Ken


Yay more Minicels for SDCC! Kuso Vinyl has just revealed the Catchaman Minicel Eagle Ken by Rotobox. This is an edition of 150 pieces and will be available at the Kuso Vinyl booth #5642 for $20 each. Hoping we see the rest of the Gatchaman crew in the future!

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The Loyal Subjects x Transformers – SDCC Exclusive Ghost Series Conehead Pack


You didn’t think the Autobot Pack was all from the Loyal Subjects booth #5645 will be releasing at SDCC did you? No sir! Check out their SDCC Exclusive Ghost Series Conehead Pack, featuring Dirge, Ramjet, and Thrust, which are limited to 500 sets. Les Schettkoe will also be signing at their booth on both Thursday and Friday.



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Max Toy Co. x Rotofugi – SDCC Exclusive Releases


Max Toy Co. will once again be hanging out at the Rotofugi + Squibbles Ink booth #5248 during SDCC. With him, will be a number of awesome releases, including Eyezons, Axrons, and an assortment custom of Kaiju figures, which will range from $80 – $390. There will also be four small handpainted runs of the Maxx Bot, Micro Negora, Micro Eyezon, and Mini Mecha Nekoron MK3, which will range from $25-$40. Mark will also be at the booth on Thursday at 2PM with his Kaiju Sketchbooks on hand for $11.

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Medicom x Toy Tokyo SDCC Exclusive “Purple” Devilman


Get your Medicom Devil Man fix at the Toy Tokyo booth #4845 during SDCC! This soft vinyl release stands 12” tall and feature amazing red, blue, yellow, green, and black details on a purple vinyl base. These should retail in the $130+ range.

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Luke Chueh x Giant Robot – SDCC Exclusive Head Space Series “Father / Fett” Print Set


Luke Chueh will be joining the good folks of Giant Robot at SDCC with his “Father / Fett” two print set from his Head Space Series. These are limited to 100 pieces with 50 being released at their booth #1729 and the other 50 online on Monday, August 4th at Noon PST. These measure 11” x 14” with a 9” x 12” image.

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Kidokyo x BAIT – SDCC Daft Punk Robot Release


Kidokyo will be releasing his Daft Punk Robot figures at the BAIT booth #4949 during SDCC. These are limited to 100 pieces each and will be available all days! There will also be limited quantities available at each BAIT store and Online beginning on Thursday, July 24th. Each figure will retail $75 or get the pair for $120

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Toy Tokyo – SDCC Exclusive Green & Black Da’ Lizard by Mark Bode



Toy Tokyo will be home to both the Green and Black SDCC Exclusive Da’ Lizards by Mark Bode! As far as we know, the Black edition is limited to 200 pieces for $80. Mark will also be signing at the MINDstyle booth #4845 on Saturday, July 26th from 12-3PM

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DKE Toys – SDCC Exclusive R2-DX by Motorbot


Motorbot will have his SDCC exclusive R2-DX figures available at the DKE Toys booth #5045. Each figure is hand made and limited to only 20 pieces for $45. No more looking up to C3-P0 anymore!

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3DRetro x Vannen x Kronk –- SDCC Exclusive White Rat Basterd


Early this month, Vannen brought word that they were working with 3DRetro to release a limited-edition Kronk art watch at San Diego Comic-Con.  Now they’ve released images and details of the new watch –- a White edition of the OG Rat Basterd watch, which dropped last fall.   The White Rat Basterd will be available from the 3DRetro booth [#5049] beginning on Preview Night (7.23) at a special price of $60.  Act quickly at SDCC if you’re planning on buying one since the first 30 people to buy the new watch will receive a free bonus limited-edition Kronk giclee print.


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Toy Art Gallery x Rampage Toys x Splurrt – Exclusive Yellow Lab Mice


Toy Art Gallery will release their Exclusive Yellow Lab Mice mini-figure set from Splurrt and Rampage Toys on Friday (7.18) @ Noon PDT from their webshop for $50.  Crated by Splurrt and produced by Rampage Toys, the set features three  3” Lab Mice, each with different heads, cast in yellow vinyl with pink, orange, blue/green, black + more sprays.  We dig these – fun, humorous and as a bonus, affordable.


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Interview with Jermaine Rogers on ‘CHOICES’


[On the eve of the release of Jermaine Rogers’ first self-produced vinyl toy, CHOICES, Vinyl Pulse reached out to him to explore the character, the connection to the underlying storyline, and his perspective making art and art toys.  Enjoy the interview and be sure to check out the SDCC release info, after the jump.]

Q: Hi Jermaine. You've been making art toy fans really happy over the last year or so.  Next up is CHOICES -- a blood red-eyed, knife wielding rabbit with something or someone clearly on his mind. Can you tell us more about the character and  his fellow brothers often seen in your various gig posters and art?  Do the Dero and these unusual rabbits see eye to eye?

Well, these bunnies belong to a particular patch of woodland very far away. They're involved in a centuries old dispute with a community of raccoons who share the woodland with them. The two sides don't really like each other, but tolerate each other for the most part. From time to time, there are flare-ups. Sometimes violent flare-ups. Every community has it's extremists.

But, every community has it's level-headed, forward thinkers...and they exist among the bunnies and raccoons as well. More stories of the individual players in this story will come out in future figures/prints. This bunny in particular is faced with some sort of decision, as well as an instrument to help him carry it out. His choice is not specified, because that is for the viewer to decide.

As far as the Dero and their relationship to these bunnies, I'm going to 'no comment' on that. It's been pretty well established that the bunnies, raccoons, and Squire (the human-headed pig creature) all exist in the same storyline. Squire is a source of tremendous peer pressure on the bunnies. Meanwhile, the Dero and Veil storyline is a different thing entirely. I will say that, yes, these 2 struggles exist within the same 'universe'.


Q: I've always wondered how you make your character choices.  Which comes first, the animal or the concept/feeling you'd like to portray ?

There really is no process that I stick with. I let it happen naturally. Sometime, there is a type of being that I want to artistically portray, and I look for the right way to do that. Sometimes the 'right' way for me is the way that no one else will expect. In any case, I try not to dictate a process in any certain terms. Just let it happen. Often when you feel the ground sort of cracking beneath your feet, you instinctively look for something to grab on to. Artistically speaking, sometimes it's just better to throw your hands up and just fall with it. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. But it keeps everything 'real', you know? The art is coming from your gut.


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