Mar 20, 2015

Gerald Okamura x Hyperactive Monkey – “The Golden Gunslinger” Wondercon Exclusive

unnamed (4)

Here is some very exciting news! Two reasons, this is our first post on a Wondercon exclusive and the second reason is that it’s featuring our good pal Jerome Lu of Hyperactive Monkey! Gerald Okamura known for his roles in Big Trouble in Little China and G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, will be forever immortalized as his very own figure, which was designed by Hyperactive Monkey and produced by Mana Studios. The “Golden Gunslinger” Edition will make its debut release at this years Wondercon at the Hyperactive Monkey booth #1550. This exclusive is limited to 60 pieces and stands 3.5” tall. They all come packaged in a take-out box with a sticker and 5” x 7” matching mini-print for $60. Gerald will also be hanging out at the booth on Saturday, April 4th from 1-3PM for an autograph session. There will be free 5” x 7” mini-prints available during the signing session while supplies last!

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Nerviswr3k x Suburban Vinyl – Exclusive Green Inner Child Release (03.21)


Suburban Vinyl will finally be releasing their very own Exclusive Green Inner Child figure by Nerviswr3k. The big drop will take place this Saturday, March 21st at 12PM EST both online and in store at Suburban Vinyl. Suburban Vinyl will also be a doing a golden ticket style release, where 3 lucky customer who find a sticker with their Inner Child will score one of three one-of-a-kind custom figures by the man himself.


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Mar 19, 2015

Kidrobot x Simpsons - 3” Homer Buddha


Kidrobot and The Simpsons are bringing you peace, enlightenment, tranquility, and doh'nut, all wrapped in the new 3” mini version of the previously released Homer Buddha. This release will soon be hitting the shelves of Kidrobot SF, Kidrobot LV, select retailers and in just a few days. These will go for $14.99 and will make a perfect addition to your mediation rooms.

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Skinner - Morgogg & Ogos Release (03.20)


On Friday, March 20th at NOON PST Skinner will be dropping the second release of his Morgogg and Ogos figures. There will only be 10 of each available, which feature a black vinyl base and an amazing mix of sprays and rubs! It gets better! Each figure also comes with a limited 8x10 giclee print, which is limited to only this run. But that’s not all! Skinner will also be doing free worldwide shipping. He ain’t done! The real kicker is, the first to purchase the Morgogg will receive a FREE unpainted black Morgogg figure. The same goes for Ogos. These will go live tomorrow in his webstore HERE for $250 each. You’re going to want to exercise those F5 fingers.  


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Doubleparlour’s Friday, March 20th Releases!


This Friday, March 20th, Doubleparlour will be having one heck of a release! They’ve been working on a ton of new releases, which cannot wait to make it to your toy shelves. There will be a limited number of multiple figures available, who include Brice, Figgles, Sylvie, Kiddoes, Pancakes, Odettes and who else knows what they’ve got planned. The big release will take place at 12PM PST on their webstore HERE. Be right by your computers when the time comes, because you’re not going to want to miss out on any of these amazing toys by a couple of very talented artists.


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Mar 18, 2015

Retroband & Mutant Vinyl Hardcore – Full Resin Vinyl at Toy Art Gallery (3.21)


On Saturday (3.21), Toy Art Gallery will open what might just turn out to be one of the shows of the year – Full Resin Vinyl with Retroband and Mutant Vinyl Hardcore.  The show brings together Retroband’s resin action figures and MvH’s sofubi – a hard to beat combo.   TAG will also debut their new lifesizeDX Sludgedemon fiberglass figures from MvH!  Not to be missed, see you there.

Retroband and Mutant Vinyl Hardcore || ‘Full Resin Vinyl’
Opening: Saturday, March 21st 2015 (7-10 PM)

Toy Art Gallery
7571 Melrose Ave.
Hollywood, CA 90046


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Emilio Garcia – Brain Heart Debuts in Pink


Emilio Garcia’s newest thoughtful creation, Brain Heart (ed of 25 + 3 AP), is now available in the debut glossy pink edition for 400 euros via his online store.  In development for a year, the impressive resin piece weighs a solid 4 pounds. Look for the iconic red edition from Outland in Amsterdam for the 1st Dutchcon towards the end.


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Ron English x Blackbook Toy – Camo Mousemask Murphy in Plane (3.18)


Blackbook Toy will release its Camo Mousemask Murphy in Plane from Ron English on Wednesday (3.18) at 8 PM PDT from their online store for 12960 yen (~$108).  The newest version of Mousemask Murphy in Plane sofubi features Ron’s Camo pattern on both the plane and Murphy’s body and gas mask goggles. Love the classic shark mouth nose art. 


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Mar 17, 2015

Super7 x Secret-Base – Green Slime Vinyl Alien (03.20)


We’re wondering if it was totally coincidental that Super7 announced the upcoming release of the new Green Slime Vinyl Alien figure with Super7 on St. Patrick’s day. Regardless of todays holiday, this has got to be one of our favorite colorways so far! This release features a translucent green vinyl with an amazing black rub. The release will take place on Friday, March 20th at 12PM PST online and at both store locations in San Francisco and San Diego.

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Mutant Vinyl Hardcore x Brandt Peters – Sack-Head


The sofubi gods have just given birth to this magnificent creature, Sac-Head. This is a Circus Posterus collaborative figure designed by Mutant Vinyl Hardcore and Brandt Peters. They have just received some test pulls and the only thing teased so far is the head. If you think the head sculpt is amazing, just wait until we get to see the rest of it! Please stand by along with us, as we wait for more to be revealed!

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Rocketboy x Bold Machines – Nohwitz 3D Printed Figure


For the past six months, Rocketboy has been working with 3D printing accelerator/evangelist Bold Machines on Nohwitz, a spunky new art toy. Inspired by the annoying know-it-all coworker who is in fact clueless, Nohwitz will be produced by Mold Machines as a fully 3D-printed run.   Designed as a 3D model, the figure includes three different hand options (hands, tentacles, and hooves) and three tooth options (molars, fangs, and tusks).

Look for a May release of a hand-painted original colorway edition (above) as well as a custom show.  For those of you looking to paint one of these, Rocketboy is considering a small DIY edition as well.

We’re excited by the toy and the possibility of  3D printing as a truly viable production choice for low-run art toys.


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Mar 16, 2015

Super7 San Diego Friday the 13th Grand Opening


Last Friday the 13th was the grand opening of Super7’s second new location in San Diego! Not only did they release a special unpainted mixed parts Crystal Mecha figure, but it was also the reveal of the new “Bring Back the Brown” Baseball Boy and SD Star logo, which are exclusive to the SD store. Both Brian Flynn and Joshua Herbolsheimer made it out to the big opening, which brought in a steady crowd through out the night. The new store offered a bevy of goodies, including all the Super7 shirts you already love, sofubi figures, vintage kaiju, ReAction toys, books and prints. Now San Diego can enjoy Super7 all year long and not just during SDCC. So if you happen to be in Sunny San Diego, be sure to stop by Super7 in downtown and come in and say “Hi”. Keep an eye out for for me (Kris aka wtfunks) since I’ll be working in the store most days.

Take a look at the photos from the opening thanks to @rtfpowermorphicon, @abevizcarra, @mandiesaurus, @tallboy_tm, @vanessa_castle, @erwinism, @super7store & @super7sandiego.

Super7 San Diego
701 8th Avenue
San Diego, CA 92101


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Huck Gee – New Mech and Skull Leader Photo Contest


Now that Huck Gee has shipped all of his amazing Skull Leader pieces to collectors, he’s giving those collectors a chance to win one of his brand new upcoming mechs.  If you’ve got a Skull Leader, take a creative picture of it and post it to instagram with the #skulleader hashtag by Monday March 23rd 2015.

The winning entry will score one of Huck’s new “Gulf” mechs based on the oh-so-cool Zentradi Officer’s Battle Pod. The new edition features a racing inspired design bearing a #23 Skullhead logo on the hood and a Gulf oil logo on the side. Perhaps we’ll see additional livery pieces featuring additional emblems of legendary racing sponsors. Speaking of branding, notice anything missing or different?  This new mech is a from-scratch sculpt, not a custom of a Dunny or other KR figure.


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Huxley Is On the Way from Cameron Tiede (3.31)


Awwww. Isn’t Huxley adorable?  Cameron Tiede will release the next all-natural wood figure from his Wood Candy Workshop brand on Tuesday, March 31st 2015.  While Cameron is keeping some of Huxley under wraps (or is that under muslin bag), what we can see of him, especially the floppy ears, is quite promising. Also, It looks like Huxley (apparently an edition of 48) will ship with a numbered wood tag—very cool! Be sure to check out the previous teasers in our first Huxley post, if you missed it, for a few more clues.

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Yury Ustsinau x Kidrobot – Blueberry for Kidrobot Black Drops on 3.26


The wait is almost over.  Kidrobot has just announced that the Kidrobot Black Blueberry by Yury Ustinau will drop on Thursday, March 26th at 9 AM PDT from, Kidrobot SF, Kidrobot Las Vegas, and we assume select retailers.  The mysterious bust will retail for $250.

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Mar 13, 2015

Alex Solis x Mighty Jaxx – Pre-Historic : Regular + Rotofugi Black (3.13)


Mighty Jaxx recently announced that Chicago artist Alex Solis won last year’s Characters contest, which they sponsored with amazing T-shirt company Threadless.  His winning design, Pre-Historic, is a humorous blend of extinct species – the wooly mammoth and the 3.5” floppy disk (who remembers 5.25 or even 8” floppies?).

Mighty Jaxx  will release the 4” Pre-Historic polystone figure (200 pcs, $30) in the standard painted edition from their online shop at 7 PM PDT. This follows the Chunky Knight, Solis’s first figure with Mighty Jaxx.  In addition, Rotofugi  will release their exclusive glossy black edition (30 pcs) as well as the standard edition at the same time (7 PM PDT) from


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Bwana Spoons – Friday the 13th Drops: Mixed Parts Lonny and Paulo Pre-order


For Friday the 13th Bwana Spoons has a sofubi trio.  First up are the Orange is the New Crack Mixed Part Lonnys with clear, translucent neon, rootbeer, and silver glitter parts.  These look great and are available in both painted ($46) and blank ($42) versions. 

Bwana is also taking pre-orders for Paulo Glow Naked ($44), the very first Paulo the Moonlight Kreeper figure.  The latest Sons of Brodarr character has a new sculpted head, and new right arm (not shown) with removable hand.  There’s also a Painted DX Paulo completed with 8x10 print ($66)


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Mar 11, 2015

Mutant Vinyl Hardcore x Miscreation Toys – The Iron Monster (03.13)


Mutant Vinyl Hardcore and Miscreation Toys has a doozy of a toy release for you this Friday the 13th (Friday, March 13th)! Cast in a glow in the dark vinyl and standing 15” tall is The Iron Monster. MVH really went to town on this release, which features metallic bright red, black and silver to black rubs and subtle green highlights with hand-brushed details. Each monster also comes with a hand embellished MVH tag with metal chain. There will only be 10 available up for grabs HERE at $225 each.


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Tracy Tubera – Peek at New “Yellow” Walt Edition


Oooh.  Tracy Tubera and Mana Studios are cooking up a new batch of Walts.  Tracy recently posted this design illustration on Instagram showing a dope respirator emblazoned with the TT logo--nice touch. While it’s a bit hard to see there in the corner, it looks like this one will be cast in Yellow resin. Word is that it will drop towards the end of the month.

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Mar 10, 2015

Vintage OG Silver Oozeball from The Disarticulators (3.12)


The Disarticulators are following up their Vintage OG Oozeball sofubi which was released at Wonderfest Winter 2015, with the new Vintage OG Silver edition.  The new edition swaps out the gold spray details for silver spray on the same squishy “Oooze-it Green” soft vinyl with hidden squeaker as the Wonderfest edition.

Slightly larger at 3” than the keshi version (2”, 2014) which inspired it, the Oozeball sofubi—designed by Tru:Tek and sculpted Zectron—features a more organic sculpt which pays homage to Georges Méliès’ A Trip to the Moon (1902), as well as Ooze-it and Madballs.

Limited to just 15 pieces, The Vintage OG Silver Oozeball drops on Thursday, March 12th 2015 at 2 PM PDT for $50 (+s/h) from the Man-E Toys webshop.

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Super7 San Diego Grand Opening Mixed Parts Crystal Mecha Release (03.13)


Super7 has just announced that they will be releasing a very special mixed parts Crystal Mecha for the new Super7 San Diego Store this Friday the 13th (03.13) at 6PM. There will also be a very limited number of them available through their online store at 7PM PST. The Crystal Mecha stands 9” tall and will be available for $95 each.


Be sure and come hang out from 6-10PM. There will be drinks, snacks and plenty of toy folks to geek out with!

Super7 San Diego
701 8th Avenue
San Diego, CA 92101

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Ron English x Toy Art Gallery – Springtime Modzilla (3.11)


Toy Art Gallery will celebrate the thawing season (we hope) with their new Springtime Modzilla by Ron English. The latest edition of the wild 13”  sofubi figure with over 20 parts is cast in a pale soft yellow vinyl and includes a signed/numbered limited-edition giclee print.  Springtime Modzilla drops on Wednesday, March 11th 2015 at Noon PDT for $145 (+/sh) via TAG’s online store and at their retail location on Melrose in Los Angeles.


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Huck Gee – Cold Heartless Bastard (03.12)


Huck Gee is out with a new edition of his Heartless Bastard busts. The “Cold” Heartless Bastard edition is limited to only 10 pieces with a beautiful frosted effect. They even buffed out the chest so you can see its ice cold blue heart. They will be available this Thursday, March 12th at Noon PST in the Huck Gee store at $225 a piece.

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Scott Tolleson x Kidrobot – Upcoming “Lotus” & “The Birth” 8” Dunny?


This teaser has been floating around of an upcoming Dunny release from Kidrobot. Just from the flier, we think it’s safe to say that we can expect an upcoming Scott Tolleson Dunny. This design also resembles” The Lotus & The Birth” 3” Dunnys from the Evolved Dunny series back in 2013. There is only one way to find out, wait for the official release information! Check back soon!

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Luke Chueh x Mighty Jaxx – Bat Bear

11055469_1467876803465749_497621660_n  5592daabff2b4c63c861dbaead3a2090

Luke Chueh’s original painting “Bat Bear” will soon to made into a figure, perhaps event a bust. The good folks over at Mighty Jaxx will be taking the helm on this project and knowing those guys, they will do a mighty fine job. We cannot wait to see what comes of this! Stay tuned for more info.

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