May 19, 2018

Ron English at Pop Life FanXperience in Guangzhou


Ron English drew long lines of collectors at the Pop Life FanXperience in Guangzhou, China which runs through Sunday (5.20).  At the top of the buy list were several of his recent figures from Pop Life including the brand-new Mad Glad Boy which does reminds us of a certain nostalgic restaurant mascot.


From the massive Liberty Grins and the Mighty MC—think Ronald vs. the Hulk—to the new MC Supersized Minis from Secret Base, there’s something for every collector’s taste and budget. [Photos: Courtesy of Pop Life FanXperience.

Ron_FanX18-9Ron_FanX18-7Ron_FanX18-10Ron_FanX18-8Ron_FanX18-12 Ron_FanX18-13

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May 18, 2018

The Magician and Friends x Unbox – Oni Warrior Tattoo Edition (5.19)


First released at the Shanghai Toy Show, the new Oni Warrior Tattoo edition from The Magician and FriendsWilliam Tsang and Steven Choi—is pure fire. The most ambitious Oni Warrior to-date, the new release features an asymmetric paint design with a mostly black on gold body contrasted with a gray face and left side of the body.

Unbox will release the Oni Warrior Tattoo Edition for pre-order on Saturday (5.19) at 7 AM PDT from their web shop for $155. These should ship out at the end of May. This just might be the dose of wicked you need for your collection.

IMG_2921a 32141865_186136702211905_8301256229284478976_n     IMG_2922a 32740056_196740554383240_2017449226736238592_n

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Brutherford Industries x Kean University – Otto at Five Points Festival


Ryan Brutherford’s Industrial Design students at Kean University created Otto as practical experience of the entire process of designing a toy, producing it and bringing it to market. Under his guidance, they conceptualized, sculpted (traditional and digital) and presumably 3d-printed protos which were used to make molds of Otto.    In partnership with the Five Points Festival, his students will make their oh-so-happy pup on demand for customers with the help of Ryan and his nifty rotocast machine. Drop by the Brutherford/Kean University booth [#528] to check out Otto in person.


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Kill 666 -- Reyeno Sr. (5.18)


Kyle Harper (Kill 666) will release his debut toy, Reyeno Sr., in a neon green editon as a pre-release on Friday (5.18) at 6 PM PDT for $60 from his web shop.  His one-eyed cosmic rhino stands 5” tall and is a hulk of a beast measuring 5” wide and 5” long as well.

Far from here, in a place where the universe and the nothing meet lives a species of creature formally known as Rhinoculus Bipedalus. These unique creatures are responsible for the expansion of the universe not by some divine motive but in the act of sheer survival. These creatures peer through the edge of beyond and gain nourishment from it. Eating with their one large predominant eye they slowly make their way into the unknown leaving behind the planets, stars and all solid objects which emerge from their massive posterior. [PRESS]


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PicoPico x Medicom Toy – Grand Exposition Web (5.18)


Medicom Toy celebrated PicoPico’s 20th Anniversary of making sofubi with the PicoPico Grand Exposition held in early May at the Medicom Toy Plus store in Ometosando Hills.  The show featured 45 custom Gacky-Kun’s from various artists as well as special editions of toys Picopico designed and/or sculpted.  For those that couldn’t make it to the physical show, Medicom is offering an online version of the show.   For overseas customers (outside of Japan), the online exposition/release goes live at 8 PM PDT on Friday (5.18) via Medicom’s CJ MART.

01_IMG_5027 download download 02_IMG_5021

The exposition page has quite a few sofubi releases from several companies including One Up, Max Toy, Lulubell and of course Picopico. A few of these stand out to us. First there’s Escagot no shounena doll figure created by the artist before we was known as Picopico.  Medicom is offering new sofubi versions to celebrate the previous doll releases. Another standout is the Gandy-Kun Touya Sato Exclusive with colors chosen by Touya Sato, the father of Gandy-Kun. Finally, the Blobpus painted Shishigashira is aces in our book. If you’re  a Picopico fan, you should definitely check out the exposition page


[Exhibition photos:]

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Les Schettkoe x SFBI – Western Micksterminator OG


Oooh… It looks like Pop Life and SFBI have prepped an OG Painted Edition of the Western Micksterminator figure from Les Schettkoe. The place to see it first is the Pop Life FanXperience happening this weekend in Guangzhou, China (6.19 – 6.20). This OG edition follows the black glitter and red glitter ones.

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Bounce x VTSS – Bat Boy Vinyl


VTSS has just released the new Bat Boy soft vinyl figure from Taiwanese street artist Bounce.  For those of that want to ‘Make Vinyl Urban Again’, this new piece certainly hits the spot. Dig the brooding character and the crazy oversized animal paws – part boy, part bat after all. The paint applications on the face work well, especially the hand-drawn style eyes.  Limited to 200 pieces, the 8.2” figure is available now direct from VTSS for $100 (including global shipping). Considering the size and the bonus of free shipping, this is a dope figure and a strong value.

batboy04_420 batboy01_420   batboy05_420batboy02_420

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AE Workshop at FanX Guangzhou – The Fattie Mono by Eric Chow


AE Workshop is exhibiting at the Pop Life FanXperience convention in Guangzhou (5.19 – 5.20).  Eric Chow’s The Fattie will be front and center with a display of all the Lost in Obsession customs, as well as two debuts—The Fattie  Jeff Mono and The Fattie GID blank.  If you’re lucky enough to be at the show, you’ll find AE Workshop at Booth B-428 (across from the NBA booth).

download download

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May 17, 2018

Pop Life FanXperience in Guangzhou (5.19 – 5.20)


Pop Life will present the FanXperience in Guangzhou, China this weekend (5.19 – 5.20) at Nan Fung International Convention & Exhibition Center. The art toy show brings fans many of the leading brands—Popaganda (A320), SFBI (A325), Secret Base and VTSS—as well as top artists including Ron English, Andy Chen (China), Coolrain Lee, Kenneth Tang (HK)  and Zeen Chin (Malaysia).

D9832C56-6A58-4108-97F4-CE56C35FB2D7 6C7E0BE4-2B34-44C7-9440-EB651C2E1DF5 CDD61D79-F133-49E3-BA73-096304DE6781

In addition to single-day and two-day passes, FanXperience is offering a VIP pass which comes with early admission as well as a VIP Gift Box featuring a special edition Ice Kirin SFBI from Andy Chen, a special edition MC Supersized Mini from Ron English x Secret Base, a Cereal Killers Mini,  and a Commemorative FanX Coin from Ron English and 1000 Arts with the FanX Logo on one side and a stylized image of Ron on the other. Plus VIP holders can enter a 1 in 5 chance lucky draw for the new Astro Boy Grin from Ron English and Pop Life.  Tickets may be purchased through the FanX site or at the venue.


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Jean-Michel Basquiat Dunny Series from Kidrobot (5.18)


Kidrobot pays homage to the tremendously influential work of the late Jean-Michel Basquiat  with the 3” Dunny Series bearing his art and his name.  The blind-box mini series features 18 designs with several iconic images as well as his signature crown and loose, almost scribble-like aesthetic. The Basquiat Dunnys drop on Friday (5.18) at 9 AM PDT from and select art toy retailers for $11.99/blind box.  As an enticing bonus, Kidrobot is offering a GWP Gold Crown Dunny to the first 35 people who purchase case directly from them. 


With the Warhols Dunnys and now this new Basquiat series, Kidrobot is broadening the appeal of the definitive art toy platform as a canvas for art without qualifiers.  Street art, illustration, museum art, and art by the artist who holds the record for the most expensive painting sold at auction which went for a staggering 117 million dollars.  While some of the series designs are clean and minimalist – a single crown or a pattern of them, others embrace Basquiat’s bold and sometimes challenging work with scrawled text and figures that are defiant and define the edge.

In terms of collectability, this series is fairly collector-friendly with ratios with a flat ration structure: 1/24, 2/24, and 1/48.  There’s also the ‘Love is A Lie’ (notebook paper) piece with a mystery ratio. Some quick math pegs the ratio at 2/24 – unless there’s an unlisted chase. 

31686869_774384932751027_745122945491271680_n 31386529_597639580634327_1073856125964648448_n 31997929_207318163211386_5808150799129247744_n Basquiat_1-1-331745465_1609730102429075_8126122396554887168_n32148053_994386010716863_6764801734352044032_n

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Tracy Tubera x De Korner – Wade X-Force Edition Pin


Just in time for his return to the big screen, De Korner will release the brand spankin’ new Wade X-Force pin from Tracy Tubera. This special edition is limited to 100 pieces.  If you’ve been jonseing for the OG Wade pin, these are back in stock and ready to go. Both Wade editions will be available for $10 each on Friday (5.18) at 9 AM PDT.


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Deadly Delivery – The Nameless Terror, Demoni and More (5.19)


Deadly Delivery returns to bring you another Killer Mail Day. Highlighting the new batch is The Namesless Terror, a brand-new Beastmaster-inspired sculpt from Zectron.  He will debut in MaBa purple along with sicker and retro header.  Rounding out this weekend’s selection are Retroband’s Demoni in Hellish red as well as a new Black Market Mystery figure.  All three drop on Saturday at 10 PM PDT from the Deadly Delivery online store.


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Josh Divine – Astro Crash at Five Points Festival


Whoa.  Josh Divine’s Astro Crash is making the the leap from genius enamel pin (Strangecat Toys) to full-fledged art toy.  Proof that even the mightiest have their down days, the figure seen above in a WIP shot really captures the moment of impact nicely. The dynamic pose looks amazing in 3D: Astro face-planted with legs over his head and his arms splayed flat on the ground. Astro Crash will make his debut at Five Points Festival in Brooklyn (6.2 –6.3), presumably as a prototype. Be sure to drop by the StrangeCat Toys booth [#423] to grade Astro Crash’s landing.

astrocrashart2-2 18809029_133888293834846_654783672834064384_n

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Skinner – Death Berry Blast Ultrus Bog (5.18)


Lulubell Toys is set to juice up your Friday with the release of the Death Berry Blast Ultrus Bog sofubi from Skinner.  The very first marbled Ultrus Bog mashes together bright blue, bright pink and purple vinyl for an irresistible concoction. Sculpted by Siccaluna Koubo, Skinner’s harbinger of death stands 8” tall and features six points of articulation – all the better to wreak havoc. Death Berry Blast drops this Friday (5.18) at 12 PM PDT from Lulubell Toys for $95 (+ s/h).

IMG_2547 IMG_2546

[Photos: Manic Images]

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May 16, 2018

Gorgoloid x UCC – Garuma in Red and Green Soft Vinyl

download download

Unusual Creation Club is offering soft vinyl versions of Garuma by Gorgoloid in both red and green classic factory-painted editions. These are available via e-mail ordering for $35 each (+ s/h).  To order send an email to with the following info:

1. Email Title: Garuma Classic Color version
2. Your Full Name
3. Your Shipping Address / Phone Number
4. Your Paypal Address
5. Your Order (red/green/a pair)

We’re happy to see UCC offering overseas releases.  Fingers crossed that Jink Wu’s Moggie is next.

download download31888409_1856513161035683_2634359779169927168_n download

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James Groman x Toy Art Gallery - Brachiosore Thawed Out (5.18)


Toy Art Gallery will release the new Thawed Out Brachiosore soft vinyl (8”, 5pts of articulation) from James Groman on Friday (5.18) at 12 PM PDT for $145 from the TAG web shop. This factory painted edition delivers the frightening vision of the sculpt by accentuating the dino hide, exposed skeleton and exposed blood vessels in striking colors.

unnamed unnamedunnamed unnamed

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myplasticheart at 5Points Festival: Birb Type Big Apple Edition from High Proof Toys


myplasticheart is slowly revealing its Five Points Festival lineup.  Today comes news of the exclusive Birb Type Big Apple edition resin from High Proof Toys.  Limited to ten pieces, these stylish birds will be available for $35 from the mph booth [#336].

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Saibooku22 – Lotus Carp and Boy for Fan Xperience (5.19- 5.20)


Saibooku22 will launch his next soft vinyl project, Lotus Carp and Boy, at booth AA01 at the Pop Life Fan Xperience  in Guangzhou City, China (5.19 – 5.20). These pics of the debut Tiffany edition (8 pieces) show off the cube-shaped sculpt with action and details from multiple angles and sides.  Very nice.

   download download downloaddownload

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Xpanded Universe – Metal Sloth Exclusives for Five Points Festival (6.2 – 6.3)


Xpanded Universe has posted this sweet shot of the Metal Sloth sofubi figures they will be dropping at Five Points Festival. It sounds like the clear is an exclusive edition and a couple of Red Marble APs will also be available at the show. Be sure to drop by their booth [#724]

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Five Points Festival 2018 Exhibitor Map (6.2 – 6.3)


Five Points Festival is just about two weeks away – are you ready?  Here’s a look at the up-to-date exhibitor map so you can prep your attack strategy. Peep the full vendor list on the 5Points site. Enjoy!

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Superplastic – Janky KS is a Run Away Hit + new Maximillian Ca$h


After a day and change, Superplastic’s Janky Kickstarter is on fire.  The initial 25k goal quickly flew by and as of this post, they’ve raised $190k…!  The Maximillian Ca$h figure proved quite popular – the rewards with the ‘Falling into Autumn’ edition have sold out.  Does that mean no more Max Ca$h?  Thankfully, no.  Superplastic is now offering reward tiers with the psychedelic ‘Weekend in Malibu’ edition – which was actually the first edition teased before the KS launch. This one is an edition of 777 pcs compared to 333 for the previous one.



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PHASE2 x Unbox Industries – Mixed Parts Abomination Deity Guardian for Five Points Festival


First revealed in February, Unbox Industries will debut the Abomination Deity Guardian from NYC graff legend PHASE2 at Five Points Festival via Toy Tokyo’s booth. First out of the chute is this crazy Mixed Parts edition which flaunts Phase 2’s design and sculpt work on this trippy vision.

The Mixed Parts image matches one of two versions of the figure first shown back in February.  Here’s wondering whether the version with the tentacle-style head+ hands is being made as well.


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May 15, 2018

Badjujutoys – Guu OG Color Pre-order (5.18)


‘GUU…’ That’s the sound of the powerful stomach growl and source of the name of   Malaysian artist Jacquelyn Wong’s rice-eating yōkai character and first soft vinyl toy. She will release the OG Guu  (~4”, 30 pieces) for pre-order from her Badjujutoys site for $85 starting on Friday (5.18) at 6 PM PDT and running through Sunday (5.20) at 7AM PDT. For this first edition, she will be hand-painting each figure herself.  GUU is set to ship in July.

From his squat, horned appearance to his own legend, Guu is Jacquelyn’s original creation.  The spirit’s friendly yet powerful appearance mirrors the tales of his contrasting nature which turns on how much or little rice he’s had to eat.

Guu, is a creature that resides around rice fields and farms in close proximity to humans. The name “Guu” is inspired by the sound it makes when its stomach rumbles. Guu is known to grow bigger in size and cause trouble to others when hungry. So, people sometimes leave rice balls or rice wine around as offerings to keep them happy. It is believed that a well-fed Guu will bring blessings to those around them. [Press]


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Squink – Toho 3” Custom Dunny (5.17)


What’s this?  Squink is prepping his new Toho custom 3” Dunny.  Look familiar?  He should, this little Yeti is cousins with the recently released Kono 5” Dunnys from Kidrobot.  While there’s more than a passing familial resemblance, Squink’s new pristine hand-painted design features several differences in terms of face shape and increased detail throughout.  Toho will drop on Thursday (5.17) @ 12 PM PDT from the Squink Shop for £78.95 (~$106) plus shipping.  Quick fingers will be the key to adopting the first of Kono’s growing family.

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Plastic & Heroes Exclusive Dubs Edition Boxing Brain by Ron English x ToyQube


Just in time for the Warriors’ Western Conference Finals collision with the Rockets, San Jose’s Plastic & Heroes is showing much love for the home team with their Exclusive Boxing Brain Dubs Edition vinyl toys (4.75”) from Ron English and ToyQube. These come in both home and away colors and are available individually ($25) and as a set ($45) direct from Plastic & Heroes.

whitefront_1024x1024@2xbluefront_1024x1024@2xbothpackage_1024x1024@2x   bothback_1024x1024@2x

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