Feb 23, 2015

Paul Kaiju Sunday Releases! (03.01)


Is anyone as excited for March as us? Want to know why? Because all day on Sunday, March 1st, Paul Kaiju will be releasing some amazing figures that afternoon.

The first drop will be taking place at 12PM PST, which so happens to be the Chaos Joe set. This set contains 3 figures, count-em 3, a Slugbeard in milky lavender vinyl with metallic sprays, “Lava” King Jinx in yellow vinyl with metallic sprays, and Salamander Joe in a semi glow blue vinyl with siren idol. This set will cost you $500 + S&H. There will also be a limited number of the “Lava” King Jinx, which are available individually for $250.

At 12:30PM PST is when the Prop Type King Jinx will go up. Each KJ is hand brushed with matte paints to give it the scale model vibe. These also come with a Siren Idol figure for $300.


Last up at 1PM PST are the Mockpilots in flesh and glow vinyl with Metallic sprays. Each figure includes an alternate Da De head and will retail $120 each.

10597501_1602424616655531_868240518_n 11008314_829343543821006_1237887671_n

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Full Blown Ink x Unbox Industries – Vulkira Available Now


Full Blown Ink’s Project Vulkira with Unbox Industries was successfully funded back in September Now they are finally off of the assembly lines and are ready to join your collections! Available now through Full Blown Ink’s Webstore are three beautiful 8.5” vinyl Vulkira figures in a “Stealth Mode”, “None More Black” and “Shogun Warrior” colorways. Each figure retailing $85 each and features 5 points of articulation, left and right fist attachments, and bagged with header. Numbers are limited so head on over there quickly!~

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Super7 x Astro Mu 5 Reissue (03.06)


Brian Flynn unveiled some huge news over on his Instagram! After many years, Super7 has finally acquired the rights to do some reissues of the very sought after and unobtainable Astro Mu 5 toys. We are believe Super7 will do Nakajima justice when producing these figures. They’ve already announced the date of Friday, March 6th, which could be a release or an unveil, we are unsure but excited regardless. There are still a few questions that remain, like if they are doing the minis or the standard sizes? Or is it possible they can release a new Caupsule Robo G Jumbo Machinder?! Stay tuned.

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Shoné x Mighty Jaxx – Hellraiser


Mighty Jaxx is gearing up to release Hellraiser, a new figure by Shoné (Nenand Dodic).  The figure is part of the illustrator/artist’s Onepercenters project, a series of clay sculptures created and exhibited in 2013, which is apparently named after the notion that only 1% of motorcycle riders are outlaw bikers. The upcoming drop realizes the artist’s initial goal: to have his sculptures produced as designer toys. 

Check out a WIP paint sample below, and hit the jump for a look at the OG clay sculpture it’s based on as well as a few of his other rogue biker clay figures.



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Javier Jimenez – Wananeko Indiegogo: “Baby” Stretch Goal


To translate his Wananeko resin figureWananeko resin figure into vinyl, Javier Jimenez launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise the funds to produce his vengeful cat yokai as a 5.9” sofubi figure. The sofubi edition will be created from a 3D sculpt by Victor Martin, based on Cristina Ravenna’s original sculpt. Riffing off the character’s ability to transform his body into various shapes including weapons, the sofubi will feature interchangeable hands including one holding his OG spiked ball weapon and another with the brand-new parasite blaster. The Wananeko vinyl is the first in Jimenez’s new StickUp MonstersStickUp Monsters line of toys blending urban aesthetics with classic folklore.

Having reached the initial $6K goal quickly, the campaign is going really well and moving into the stretch goal phase which, if met, will bring a vinyl version of the new Baby Wananeko (2.5)”!  If (we’ll be optimistic and say “When”) the  campaign reaches $8K, each collector who has backed at the $50 (diy), $55 (exclusive clear pink) or $70 (OG painted) level will receive a matching Baby Wananeko sofubi.


Head on over to the Wananeko Indiegogo page to check out the project, and help make the Baby Wananeko vinyl a reality.


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Sam Fout x Dubose Art – Satan’s Aces


It’s been a little while since we’ve seen new toys from Sam Fout, the man behind 2010’s Bone Ghost Agent and going waaay back Project: Neptoon.  Thankfully Sam has forged a tactical alliance with  Jonathan Dubose to  bring Satan’s Aces to the battlefield. The new line will feature six fully-posable 4-inch army ‘toon figures designed by and hand-painted by Sam with sculpting and resin casting by Jonathan.  

First up is Ironside Battalion, due in the spring in an edition of 50. While we only have small teaser of the figure’s face/helmet, it looks like Ironside is a snarling grunt. Starting with the 2nd  Airborne Division figure, Fout will shoot for monthly drops.  We’re looking forward to seeing more of Satan’s Aces – keep an eye on @SamFout and @duboseart on Instagram.


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Feb 20, 2015

Toyqube’s Signature Series Sculptures by Kenny Scharf & WK Interact Available Now


After all of the teasers and photos, it looks like Toyqube finally is ready to roll out with the next two sculptures from their Signature Series! The first available piece is Kenny Scharf’s “Scary Guy”. This  9” sculpture is a replica of its 8’ counterpart, which was on display at he Standard Hotel and the Paul Kasmin Gallery a few years back. The “Scary Guy” is limited to 300 pieces and is made of resin and available now HERE for $324.99.


Also available from Toyqube’s Signature Series line is WK Interact’s “Brush Knife” sculpture. WK, a French artist who is now based in New York has had his artwork up on buildings since the 1990’s. “Brush Knife” stands 13.5” tall and features a resin brush (complete with resin blade) in a wood shadow box with acrylic cover. This piece is limited to 150 pieces and is available HERE for $195. Both of these items are ready to ship!


While we’re on the topic of Toyqube’s Signature Series. Shark Toof has joined the roster for 2015 with a release coming out sometime in Q3.


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Feb 18, 2015

Luke Chueh’s Sad Bear Pillow Available Now


Luke Chueh’s Sad Bear Pillows are finally available in right facing action! Luke released a left facing pillow back at SDCC, which quickly sold out. So what better way to compliment your couch with a set of these comfy pillows. This run is limited to only 50 pieces and is available now HERE for $80 each.

unnamed (1)

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Cometdbris x Chanmen – Kappa Borg


Ain’t he a beaut! Check out this amazing Kappa Borg from Cometdebris with Mechanical Engineering by Chanmen. The Kppa Borg will also be released this Saturday, February 21st at 8PM PST along with it’s buddy, the Frozen Kappa Shonen. This release will retail $30 a piece HERE. This version is a must for any of Koji’s Kappa collectors!


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Kidrobot – LA Bot Revealed


So it looks like Kidrobot is gearing up to release a new group of regular-sized ‘Bot figures inspired by famous cities. Perhaps this is a follow-up of sorts to the City ‘Bots minis (2012).   Yesterday, we showed you a photo of what we called the “Bull Bot” from Toy Fair.  Now, Alvin Ong has shared an image of an “LA” ‘Bot—riffing off the city’s “fit” / workout-crazed stereotype—that  he received from Kidrobot.

So far we have an NYC and LA design, are there more, and how will they be sold? It’s also worth noting that these figures use the “new” streamlined ‘Bot design first seen with the KR x Keith Haring (RED) releases.  The OG Tristan Eaton design with sculpted watch and facial details may be officially retired.

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Feb 17, 2015

Bad Teeth Comics - Cheestroyer Vinyl + Shirt Pack


Right at this very moment, Bad Teeth Comics is offering up a special deal! Up for grabs is a Blue Glow in the Dark Cheestroyer figure + the new Cheesfink t-shirt for only $40. The shirt is a black silkscreen on white tee and is available in both mens and womens sizes. Head on over HERE to pick up your very own set!

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Cometdebris – Frozen Kappa Shonen (02.21)


Cometdebris will have a couple very enticing releases taking place this weekend! One of them being his new Frozen Kappa Shonen. This figure features a glitter vinyl with blue shirt and turquoise shorts and details. The release will take place HERE on Saturday, February 21st and each figure will retail $60 each. Stay tuned on release information on the upcoming Kappaborg by Cometdebris and Chanmen.


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Toy Art Gallery -- “Dichotomy”, a Double Think Custom Show (2.21)


Doublethink by Takahiro Komuro (@tkomart) and Toy Art Gallery, which debuted in an unpainted yellow edition, was one of our favorite sofubi releases of 2014.   Now, Toy Art Gallery is gearing up for “Dichotomy”, a group show featuring artist customs of TKOM’s 2-headed character.  Opening on Saturday (2.21), the exhibition will feature customs by a talented roster of 40+ artists including:

Ardabus Rubber, Blurbleone, Bob Conge / Plaseebo, Butch Adams, Candie Bolton, David Arshawsky, Deeten, Devils Headquarters, Draculazer, DTOES, George Gaspar, Goreilla, Goto-San, Guumon, Joe Whiteford, Johan Ulrich, Jon-Paul Kaiser, Joseph Harmon, Josh Herbolsheimer, Kenth Toy Works, KTO, Le Merde, Macsorro, Martin Ontiveros, Miscreation Toys, MMToys, Monsterisland, Mutant Vinyl Hardcore, Okokume, Rampage Toys, Scarecrowoven, Sexualyoukai, SkullToys, Splurrt, TKOM, Todd Robertson, Topheroy, Uamou and more. 

Opening: Saturday, February 21st 2015 (7-10 PM)

Toy Art Gallery
7571 Melrose Ave.
Hollywood, CA 90046


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Kidrobot -- “Bull Bot” at Toy Fair

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

Thanks to Vincent at myplasticheart, here’s a first look at a new ‘Bot figure which was shown at Kidrobot’s Toy Fair 2015 booth.  While we don’t know its official name, the “Bull Bot” appears to be based on the iconic bull sculpture that graces Wall Street in NYC.  It features sculpted horns and a curious Tee—“Trust me. I’m a ‘Bot”.

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Cameron Tiede – New Huxley Wood Toy on the Way

unnamed (6)

Cameron Tiede is back in the Wood Candy Workshop in a big way.  Following on the heels of his Scrambled Wood minis, he’s working on a new larger figure, Huxley.  While a completely new figure, Huxley  features the more intricate design and developed sense of character which made the first Wood Candy Workshop toy, Chester, so popular.   Cameron’s just started to tease the new figure through a series of making-of photos. Hit the break for more fun shots.  Look for more pics soon and for a release sometime in March.


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Kidrobot at Toy Fair – Tricky Cats, Junky Mizuno Dunny and More


Kidrobot was once again at Toy Fair in NYC, which was held this past Valentine’s Day weekend.  In addition to  a closer look at the upcoming Adventure Time figures which we blogged about yesterday, KR was showing more newness—some out in the open and apparently some in private.  Thanks to Toy Viking’s on-site coverage, here’s a look at some of the highlights of the booth. 

Perhaps the most interesting news is that Kidrobot is now going to be developing designed versions of Munnyworld characters – a break from their previous DIY-only status. First up is the Tricky Cats mini series featuring designs from Frank Kozik and in-house artists.

In addition to Adventure Time, Kidrobot also showed off two medium-sized figures from their upcoming Megaman series, which we haven’t heard much about since the initial news which broke about a year ago.

On the Dunny front, they revealed the 10(+4) Anniversary Dunnys, which as we had speculated carry over the unpainted front designs of the 2004 OG designs.  And… there’s a new 8” Junko Mizuno Dunny in the works for summer. Judging by the teaser shot, looks like pure Junko insanity with what appears to be an external heart + veins and more.


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Nakanari x Kuso Vinyl – Lucky Cat Spiki Lunar Edition (2.18)


To celebrate the coming Chinese New Year, Kuso Vinyl will release Nakanari’s Lucky Cat Spiki Lunar Edition.  Based on the smaller Spiki Chisai platform, the new figure features the auspicious red and gold colors with a stylized white outline design. Limited to 200 pieces, Lucky Cat Spiki Lunar Edition drops at 12 AM on Wednesday (2.18.15)  from kusovinyl.com for $18 (+/sh) in a Spiki Chisai box and does not come with the pictured “red envelope” above.   Happy Year of the Ram to everyone, especially those in China for which this is the biggest holiday of the year.


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Feb 16, 2015

Ferg x Scott Wilkowski Infected Young Gohst Red

unnamed (4)

FERG and Scott Wilkowski are at it again! This time with the new Red colorway of the Infected Young Gohst by FERG and Grody Shogun. Each figure is hand cast in resin and stand approximately 3” tall with a price tag of $70. Keep an eye out from your favorite designer toy retailers for a official release date!

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Peter Kato – Metallic Blue Bad Knight Release (02.19)

unnamed (1)

Peter Kato is proud to announce the return of his Bad Knight sculpts! The Metallic Blue Edition Bad Knight figures are set to release this Thursday, February 19th at 8PM EST in his Online shop. Each piece is hand-painted and handmade from 7 individually resin parts. The Bad Knight stands 3.5” tall and will be limited to 8 pieces at $40.


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Jeffrey Lamm x Unbox Industries - SMD5 "E.V.A." Pre-Order Edition Available Now


Sporting the Unit 01 colorway from the Evangelion anime series comes Jeffrey Lamm x Unbox Industries’ new SMD5 “E.V.A.” figure! This special Pre-Order edition is available now HERE for $85 a pop. The SMD5 stands 9” tall and features 5 points of articulation and expected to ship sometime in March.

SMD5 is from a breed of monsters known as Star Eaters, this particular individual has been domesticated and put to industrial use.
SMD5's natural heavy armour and strength make him well suited for deep space mining operations. A few modifications to his mouth (rock crushing metal jaws) and breathing apparatus turn him into the ultimate deep space digger.


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Kidrobot x Cartoon Network – Adventure Time Toys at NY Toy Fair


Vince of myplasticheart took a trip down to New York Took fair and took a few snaps of what Kidrobot has got going on with their new project with Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time line. One particular shot caught our eye, which was the medium sized Finn figure in a different colorway. Could that be the SDCC exclusive? Also take note of a few the characters we didn’t see in the promo flier, like Pajama Finn, Marshall Lee, the Ice Queen and the Lich King. I’d like to see all these toys wrapped up in one of Jake’s everything burritos.

VIA myplasticheart Instagram

IMG_2261 10991050_10155263381440014_7847912831105932184_n

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Super7 x Funko – Star Wars Super Shogun Warriors Boba Fett & Shadowtrooper


It was back in 2010, Super7 released one of the most epic licensed toys around, the Stormtrooper Super Shogun! This had gotten us very excited with hopes of other Star Wars universe characters to be made. A couple years later came a teaser of a Boba Fett Super Shogun, which blew our minds! Unfortunately nothing has been announced since then, but from out of nowhere, Funko displayed the all new Boba Fett and Shadowtrooper Super Shoguns. With the help of Funko, these badass 24” toys will be made! The release of the Shadowtrooper will be happening very soon. How soon? How about Star Wars Celebration on April 16th soon. As for the Fett, they will be released during San Diego Comic-Con.

The Shadowtroopers were made in the same factory as the original Stormtrooper Super Shogun and the Boba Fett at a different factory. Be rest assured, the quality will be the very same! By the way, the Mandalorian has a working shooting backpack!

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Feb 13, 2015

Hyperactive Monkey’s Top 5 R-Rated Toy Lines from the 80’s


The 80’s were an awesome era for action figures. Hollywood gave us some of the most iconic action packed R-rated films in the history of cinema and the toy companies created some of the coolest figures based off these movies. While the movies the strictly targeted towards adults the toys oddly were targeted at children. Here’s my top five action figure lines based off of R-Rated films.


5) Remco’s Conan (1984)

Although this line is based more upon it’s comic origins, it was shortly released after the 1982 film. Series 1 consisted of Conan Warrior, Conan King, Thoth Amon, Jewel Thief, and Devourer of Souls. Remco’s 5 1/2” figures were in the same scale as Mattel’s He-Man line. However Conan figures sported a more aggressive look and definitely could give He-man some serious competition.


4) Diamond Toy’s Commando (1985)

Based of the 1985 Arnold Schwarzenegger film, this line of toys only featured one character from the film, John Matrix. Instead being a one man army as in the film, the toy line gave John Matrix an assortment of colorful comrades. In addition to the 3 3/4” line, Diamond Toy’s released a 6” version and 16” Super Action Figure


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Hyperactive Monkey’s Top 5 Monkey/Ape Designer Toys


5. Atomic Monkey’s Franken Monkey

Franken Monkey is the perfect mixture of cute and scary. His removable skull cap exposing his brains is one of the reasons why it’


4. Winson Ma’s Apexplorer Jungle

Winson Ma’s (formerly of Brothers Worker) highly detailed and accessory loaded Apexplorer is one of the coolest 1/6th scale figure ever. The lens is even detachable on his camera!!!


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An Interview with Macsorro


Macsorro (Jorge Macswiney) is one of my favorite artists. I stumbled upon his work via Instagram and was instantly drawn into his world. His paintings are amazing and my favorites of the ones that feature his stylized girls. In addition to being a skilled painter, his skill in sculpting is also great.

Jerome: Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got started?

Macsorro: My artist name, Macsorro, was given to me by a friend a long time a go. It stuck, so I ran with it. I've been painting and sculpting since I was a child. I guess we can say I'm currently, and will always be, a student of the school of YouTube (there's nothing you can't learn now a days). In 1998 I went to an art show featuring the art of Mark Ryden. I had never been to an art show before that one. I fell in love with the idea of painting, and having people come to the show and see my work (one day I thought). It wasn't until 2007 that I put on my big-boy pants and started showing, and selling my artwork. Ever-since I've shown my paintings, drawings and sculptures a many domestic and international galleries.


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