Nov 21, 2015

DKE at Designer Con – Infected Android Anomalies by Scott Wilkowski x Pretty in Plastic


If you love Scott Wilkowski’s ‘Infected’ series and dig the Android figure, you’ll definitely want to drop by the DKE booth for the new Infected Android Anomalies.  These one-off pieces started as defective parts from the SDCC 2014 Infected Android figures  (bubbles, cloudy, dented, etc.).  Pretty and Plastic has breathed new life into these with unique treatments – painting and modifying them with a mix of splatter, sparkle and bedazzleing. There are 40 Android Anomalies in all.  They will be available for $70 at the DKE Designer Con booth [#812].

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Buff Monster @ Designer Con



Buff  Monster will be showing a new one-of-a-kind printed-on-wood piece with high-gloss finish(40” x 40”) at the Prints on Wood  DesignerCon booth.  He’ll also be signing from 1 to 2 pm on Saturday (11.21).

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Munky King at Designer Con – Sepia Trouble Trouble by Dabs Myla


Munky King has revealed the new Sepia Trouble Trouble vinyl figure set from Dabs Myla.  Limited to 100 sets, this third edition will be available for $70 from the MK DesignerCon booth [#435]. The Sepia edition will also be available online on Saturday (11.21) from

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Nov 20, 2015

Gary Baseman x 3DRetro - Wild "Bad" Girls Set Release and Signing at Designer Con



For the first time ever Gary Baseman and 3DRetro will be releasing his Wild Girls figures as a set! This set includes 3 masked Wild girls dressed in black and a couple Chou Chou companions. These will be limited to only 120 sets and available at the 3DRetro booth #532 for $200 each. Gary Baseman will also be signing at the booth on Saturday from 2:30 - 3:30PM.

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Luke Chueh x Munky King - Headspace Black Set Pre-Order & Exclusive Print Set at Designer Con


At this years Designer Con, Munky King will be holding a Pre-Order for the upcoming Headspace Black Set by Luke Chueh. Each set comes with one body and two heads, as well as a exclusive print set! We bet you can't guess what the design on the second head will be! Be sure to stop by the Munky King Booth #435 to check it out in person!


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3DRetro at DesignerCon – OG Edition Bison Van by Jeremy Fish


The moment a lot of you Jeremy Fish fans have been waiting for! The release of the Bison Van figure with 3DRetro! This will be a special pre-release just for Designer Con, which is limited to 100 pieces. The van stretches 9" long and can only be found at the 3DRetro booth #532 for $100 each.

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Flat Bonnie - Snax'on the Alien and Baron Von Battington DCon Exclusives


More goodies join Flat Bonnie's booth #216 at Designer Con! Not only will she have her  three collaborative plush figures with Leecifer, Mr. Toast and Scott Tolleson (SEEN HERE), but she will have two of own exclusives available as well. Check out Snax'on the Alien who stands 11" tall and is limited to only 30 pieces for $50. Snax'on is made of faux fur, vinyl pleather and safety eyes. Special for the season comes Baron Von Battington, the Winter White edition. Limited to 20 pieces, this 16" wide plush will retail $30 a piece. The Baron is made from soft fleece, vinyl pleather, sivler chain and safety eyes. Both of these amazingly cute plushies come with a special Designer Con tag and hangtag, adoption certificate, sticker and button.


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Hyperactive Monkey at Designer Con


Get your Karate gear ready! Hyperactive Monkey will be invading Designer Con with prints, books, toys and plush (booth #421).  First up are a very limited number of the GID Monkey Kung Fu Chubs soft vinyl figures. Cast in semi-translucent vinyl, the blue Chub glows blue while the pink Chub glows the more traditional green. This new edition is the  follow-up to the debut SDCC edition.  They’ll be available for $45 each.

In addition he’ll have a pair of  hand-painted resin Monkey Kung Fu Chubs and his Lil' Kung Fu Cuties Plush clips! Be sure to stop by, say "Hi" and talk about The Flash


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Shirahama x The Sour Lemon – Yellow Kumons for Designer Con


While Shirahama won’t be able to make the trip from Japan for Designer Con, his yellow Kumons will be there!  Where?  $40 at The Sour Lemon  [#730].

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Paul Kaiju x Unbox Industries –Mini Mockbats at DesignerCon



Pssst.  If you head on over to the Unbox Industries  booth  [#722] at DesignerCon , you just might find the first batch of Mini Mockbats by Paul Kaiju  in a rainbow of colors.  These cubicle-friendly beasts (3.75”) will be available for $40 each.


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DKE at Designer Con: Luke Chueh x GFYT x Special Ed Toys Drink Boba’s Boba


DKE is once again your go-to-spot for clever retro  bootleg figures. One of the highlights has to be  Drink Boba’s Boba by Luke Chueh and the crazy folks at Good For You Toys and Special Ed Toys. Who knew that Luke’s clever, word play but so much more, painting would inspire not just a bust but an honest-to-goodness 3.75” action figure??  If you love yourself some Boba, you’ll want this one. $110 from DKE a.k.a. Bootleg Central – Booth #812.


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Mindzai at DesignerCon


Mindzai has made the trip from Canada for it’s first Designer Con.  Their booth [#500] will feature several of the figures they’ve produced.  For those that love adorable platforms, there’s the Hideki DIY edition—an art toy of the Hideki Project character—which is limited to 100 pieces signed by the artist and the produce and comes with a spray painted box.  Continuing with DIY platforms, Mindzai will also have the new Tian Tian Blank Boy Canvas vinyl figure created by HK designer Danny Yung. Inspired by a Chinese saying, the toy celebrates the promise and potential of children.  Funded by a successful Kickstarter, the new DIY Lovebot—reminds us that we all need love, even powerful robots—from Matthew Del Degan should also be available at the booth.  Rounding out the toys available for sale, there’s the stylish, first-ever turntable-compatible art toy, DJ Trakkz by T.T. Topperz.

And… while he’s not quite finished, Lethal Taco will be ready for a close-up at the booth.  Drop by and check out the painted prototype of the larger-than-life food truck hero saving the day with his tasty grub and his cleaver.


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Bill McMullens x Munky King – Superstar Destroyer Print for DesignerCon


Nobody does Kicks + Star Wars like Bill McMullen.  The latest evidence:  This groovy Superstar Destroyer screen print which will be available from the Munky King booth [#435] at Designer Con.  This one is a 6-color beauty (ed. of 50 s/n, 16x16”, 100 lb bristol paper).  The Force is Strong with this One.

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Uh Oh Toys – Errants Racing Sets for Designer Con


For this year’s Designer Con, Uh Oh Toys has cooked up some awesome Errants action.  Aaron seemingly has been working overtime on six separate racing sets – each featuring the three Errants characters (complete with racing capes) plus a pull-back race car –all in a nice blister + backing card package. Great stuff.  Get ‘em from the Bwana Spoons and Monster Circus Booth [#1102].



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Nov 19, 2015

The Chung!! at Designer Con: Pouty Pigs




David "The Chung!!" Chung  will release his brand-new  Pouty Pigs resin figures at Designer Con. David  sculpted, cast and hand painted these rather surly looking characters—love the expressions.  There are two colorways-– Cold Blueded and the DCon exclusive Midnight Pig (ed. of 12).  Pick ‘em up at The Chung!!’s booth [#913[.

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Itokin Park at Designer Con


We’re pretty excited that Itokin Park will be at Designer Con this year.  From the pics he’s posted,  he’ll have editions of the above Pink + Silver Rocket Boy--a collabo with Mirock Toy--a White+Silver Modeman  and a very cool Astronaut with green hair and what appears to be an off white-yellowish body. Plus, there’s the crazy black + gold glitter astronaut—maybe a one-off or a few glitter customs.  Be sure to drop by the Sour Lemon booth to check out his toys and say hello.

12224171_1513028972349558_129266068_n (1)


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Toy Art Gallery at Designer Con


Toy Art Gallery are going full force with this years Designer Con with a huge selection of toys! Some of them being releases with toy makers such as, Secret-Base, Kikkake, KTO, Devilrobots and TKOM. The other toy releases being from their own production line who include artists: Candie Bolton, Crummy Gummy, Doktor A., Frank Kozik, James Groman, Hideyuki Katsumata, Joseph Harmon, Kagremaru, Kamakiri, Magical Design, Radio Active Uppercut, Snatchpunch and Spanky Stokes. Many of  these figures will be the first release! They will have a little something for everyone, which is why we feel like their booth #1221 will be a stop for everyone.


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Mishka Presents: Secret Walls "The Battle in the Bierhall" - L'amour Supreme vs. Skinner (11.21)



If you're in the area for Designer Con, you're not going to want to miss out on "Battle in the Bierhall", a Secret Walls event put together by Mishka. The main event will feature a couple titans in the toy and art scene, L'amour Supreme vs. Skinner. The event will begin promptly after Designer Con at 7:30PM at Der Wolfskopf. Afterwards will be an afterparty featuring the Dj stylings of Greg Mishka L'amour Supreme and Skinner from 9PM - 2AM. Did we forget to mention a toy release by Paul Kaiju, Splurrt and Mutant Vinyl Hardcore? Yup! That's happening too!


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Woes x Silent Stage Gallery - 'Cali Growlers' Panda Head Release at Designer Con


Woes and Silent Stage  are at it again with the 'Cali Growlers' Edition Panda Head. Exclusive just for DesignerCon, this release is limited to only 20 pieces for $250 a pop. Each head mount is hand painted by Aaron and will be available at the Silent Stage booth #909.

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David Horvath x Sun-Min Kim x Klim Kozinevich - Dream Big Friends Kickstarter

Dream BIG Friends 02

Awhile back we briefly mentioned the Dream Big Friends project, then shrouded in secrecy, from Ugly Doll creators David Horvath, Sun-Min Kim and Klim Kozinevich of Bigshot Toyworks.   Now, we’re happy to bring you a first-look at the project which seeks to provide uplifting dolls which promote curiosity, achievement, and a more realistic body image—the antidote, if you will, to the ‘All Pink, All the Time’ status quo.  

Designed as an ongoing line, Dream Big Friends will begin in mold-breaking fashion with its debut doll – Yuna (10”) and her cat, Kamata.  Perhaps the first Asian-American lead in a doll series, Yuna comes in a stylishly casual outfit—check the socks!—complete with a Giant Robot Tee, a savvy nod to the creator’s friendship with the brand, its role in promoting Ugly Dolls in the early days, and of course GR’s promotion of Asian culture.

To make this Dream a reality, the three creators have launched a Kickstarter to fund Yuna’s production.  The campaign is very straightforward with two backing levels -- $40 for one Yuna and $80 for a pair.

If you’re going to be at DesignerCon, be sure to drop by the Bigshot Toyworks booth[#901]  to meet Yuna in prototype form.


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Tracy Tubera – Future Boy ‘MAG’ for DesignerCon


After a teaser shot awhile back, Tracy Tubera has unveiled the next edition of his Future Boy resin slated for DesignerCon.  Made in collaboration with Mana Studios, the MAG edition celebrates the speckled design of the Nike MAG BTF-inspired kicks.  Instead of  the shoe’s LEDs, this Future Boy rocks GID speckles for old-school light power. Limited to 100 pieces, Future Boy MAG will be available for $120 from Tracy’s booth [#320].

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3DRetro at DesignerCon: Artist Gnome by Ron English

gnome_1_final 2

3DRetro will release the OG edition of it’s new Artist Gnome figure (4”) from Ron English.  This triple-take jumbles the artist’s identity with that of his three-eyed Bunnny Rabbbit for an unique (and 1st) self-portrait toy. This first edition is limited to 300 pieces and will be available for $30 from the 3DRetro booth [#532] for $30.  

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Nov 18, 2015

Super7 x Secret-Base - Silver Phantom Alien Release at DesignerCon



Super7 has just announced a last minute exclusive release for DesignerCon! Feast your eyes on the new Silver Phantom Alien from Super7 and Secret-Base. This stunning release features a crystal clear soft vinyl with a silver paint rub. These will be available blind with a chance to score a limited 'spooky alien mouth' variation. Find them at the Super7 booth #406 for $50 each.

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Paul Kaiju at DesignerCon with Splurrt


Without a doubt, the Paul Kaiju booth is one of the most popular at DesignerCon. Paul will be sharing space with Splurrt at booth #533 for the weekend. He's got both days covered with amazingly painted soft vinyl, which will be on display. DesignerCon will also be the debut release of his new Biterfish and Popo Von Poomz figures. The booth release/raffle schedule is as follows:

9:00am: Free tickets available
12:00pm: Paulkaiju Random Drawing
3:00pm: Splurrt Random Drawing (Saturday only!)
Sunday November 22nd:


10:00am: Free tickets available 
12:00pm: Paulkaiju Random Drawing


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Amanda Louise Spayd & Chris Ryniak at Designer Con



The amazing duo known as Amanda Louise Spayd and Chris Ryniak will have their very own booth #1230 for this years DCon. They've been working non-stop to bring you the very best critters for one of the biggest art toy events of the year! Everything will be on a first come first served basis, so be sure to make their booth one of your top priorities. One of those goodies being their exclusive Thimblestump Hollow Tropical Edition of Grumblethorn and Buckley by Cardboard Spaceship.



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