Aug 16, 2016

Woot Bear Presents: JP Neang & Candie Bolton in KAMIKAKUSHI “Walking with Spirits” (8.20)


Woot Bear is proud to present KAMIKAKUSHI “Walking with Spirits” a duo show featuring the works of JP Neang and Candie Bolton. This exhibit will showcase a collection of original sketches, paintings and custom figures by both of these talents. The opening reception will take place on Saturday, August 20th from 6-9PM through September 18th. If you attend early enough, you can score yourself a FREE special 'Finger Spirits' pin created by JP. Take a look after the jump for a preview of the show.

Woot Bear
1512 Haight St.
San Francisco CA 94117


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Aug 15, 2016

Planet 3 Toys x Lulubell -- Bōzu Nigori Edition (8.20)

Planet 3 Toys will release its Bōzu Nigori Edition sofubi via Lulubell this Saturday (8.20) at 10 AM PDT for $25 (+ s/h).  This second edition of the 3.5” figure is cast in milky white vinyl for an appearance similar to  its inspiration, unfiltered Nigori Sake.


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Deth P. Sun x FOE – Summertime Cat With Dagger Available Now

dino work

If you were unable to check out FOE’s local release of their Cat With Dagger figure by Deth P. Sun, you can now find them available on their online store! The Summertime edition can be found HERE as a painted release for $65 AND HERE unpainted for $50. This release is a run of only 60 pieces and is cast in an an orange vinyl and features 3 points of articulation in the arms and head. Cat with Dagger stands 6” tall and is ready for your shelf!

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Zectron x Obsessed Panda x Unbox Industries – Tokyo Edition Tug O' War for Black Drove (8.27)

frogger 024

Zectron x Obsessed Panda x Unbox Industries are proud to bring to you this uber limited release of “Tokyo” Edition Tug O' War figures for Black Drove, which is a toy event taking place in New York on Saturday, August 27th. This run of Tug O' War figures are limited to only 5 pieces, which features a mix of yellow, green, red and black sprays, but turned up a notch. These will retail $65 and are expected to go quickly. Black Drove is an event which will have free food, live music and a bevy of vinyl and resin toys from over 40 artists. Tickets are free, just register HERE.

The Rosemont
63 Montrose Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11206


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Marsham Toy Hour – Episode 22 with Ryan Rutherford


This weeks Marsham Toy Hour brings on special guest Ryan Rutherford aka Bryan Brutherford of Brutherford Industries. His name isn’t confusing at all. We learn that Bryan or Ryan is jack of all trades and has the tools and connections to get things made. They also talk about some really good leaks and sneak peeks, as well as touch of the infamous Squink Facebook thread and collecting and collectors. Give Gary Ham, Tyler Ham and Martian Toys aka Marsham Toy Hour a listen on either their Podbean, Stitcher or iTunes.

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Aug 14, 2016

A Look at ‘Cold Ways: Nights that Haunt the Past’ by Coarse at Rotofugi


CoarseMark Landwehr and Sven Waschk—opened Cold Ways: Nights that Haunt the Past at Rotofugi on Saturday evening (8.14).  For their annual exhibition in Chicago, Coarse presented a new collection of fine art multiple sculptures exploring the passage of time and the pull of the past.   Thanks to the  great photos of the opening from fans and collectors—Rico Alonso, Michael Walker, Sin091, and Lizardhandz—here’s a look at the show.

The new sculptures seem to offer two narratives—a reflective look at youth gone by and the unfolding saga of cat, fish, and raccoon through three striking mono pieces (Going Up, Going Down – Memento, Vacancy – Memento, and Do Not Disturb – Memento).  While the entire collection is impressive and thought-provoking, Years Adrift (above) seems to float just a bit above the rest.  The piece features what at first blush appears to be a grown-up, winged Fever.  With a double take, it’s clear that the wings belong to an exhausted goose, slung over Fever’s back.  Perhaps a comment on unfulfilled potential, Adrift showcases Coarse’s duality—expressing their visions in both  fine art sculpture and art toys with equal skill.  Beyond what many will likely consider the anchor piece, Coarse also continued its playground motif with a series of thought provoking pieces featuring a young child and an elder (presumably the older self) on a swing set, see saw and slide.

In addition to the numerous resin sculptures, coarse also released two new vinyl editionsCancan Ignited (280 pcs, $149) and the Cold Ways Collection (50 pcs, $400) box set.   The Cold Ways collection features what appears to be a GID edition of Do Not Disturb, the Cold Ways book by Sven Waschk and Andrew Greenberg, two new serigraphs featuring Raccoon and Fish—all in a deluxe wooden box.  Look for an announcement shortly from Rotofugi about an online release of remaining stock.


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Aug 10, 2016

Dabs Myla x Munky King – Trouble Trouble Black Online Release (8.12)


If you missed the Trouble Trouble Black (+Gold) Edition at SDCC, you’ll be happy to know that the fine folks at Munky King have you covered.  The newest edition of Dabs Myla’s explosive tongue-in-cheek vinyl duo (100 pcs, 7.5”) will be available on Friday (8.12) over at for $70 (+ s/h). As far as we know, this is the final edition of Trouble Trouble.


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Aug 09, 2016

Mame Moyashi – Master The Giant Claws


Mame Moyashi continues their series of seafood related toys with “Master The Giant Claws” to follow up with their previous Maguro figure. This beautifully detailed 4.75” figure features a poor lobster who is about ready to be added to a lobster roll. This figure is available through a variety of stores for pre-order, but for those interested in the US, you can find the Master The Giant Claws available through myplasticheart HERE for $63. We are crossing our fingers to see a nice Dungeness crab release. We cannot wait to see what else these guys have cooking up.

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Marsham Toy Hour – Episode 21


Marsham Toy Hour is now old enough to drink! Celebrating 21 episodes, Gary Ham, Tyler Ham and Martian Toys chat about the Chris Squink Thread, which brings up the topic of dwindling sales in the “designer vinyl” world. They cover things such as collector phases, shipping cost hikes, leaks and sneak peaks and 3D printing! Give them a listen on their Podbean, Stitcher or through iTunes.

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Sasha Unisex x Mighty Jaxx – Unifox Available Now in Silver & Gold


Mighty Jaxx has teamed up with Russian tattoo artist Sasha Unisex for her very own original figure, titled Unifox. This piece was based off of one of her original paintings and has been turned into a limited edition bust (100 pieces each). You can find them available in a Silver Edition and Gold Edition for $250 each. This so happens to be Sasha’s debut art sculpture, which is made from polystone and measures 6” x 7” x 7”. Orders are expected to ship in the 4th quarter of 2016.


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Kozik x Blackbook Toy – “Thug Life” Edition Lil’ Alex & Dim


Blackbook Toy is back at it again with a new release featuring Frank Kozik’s “A Clockwork Carrot” 11” Vinyl figures. Take a look at the “Thug Life” Edition Lil’ Alex and Dim, which feature a black vinyl with a black and gold matte! They also come with a “A Clockwork Carrot” custom mini bandana to either cover their faces or hang them from their backside (Bad Snoop Dog Reference). They also come well equipped with their masks and weapons. You can find them available HERE and HERE for roughly $150 each. If you pick their pair up, you can save yourself roughly $26!


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Pobber x Paulus Hyu x Kurobokan -- STGCC Exclusive Nimbus

1591425 (1)
While Nimbus might be feeling blue, collectors should be looking forward to what appears to be Pobber’s STGCC  exclusive edition (9.10 – 9.11)  Paulus Hyu and Kurobokan.  Poor pup is a bit sad at the moment-- ‘teary eyed’.  The light blue on black  really accentuates the melancholy mood.

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Aug 08, 2016

Blank Boy Canvas Exhibit Los Angeles (8.9) at SMHLA


The touring Blank Boy Canvas Exhibit hits Los Angeles for a one-week stop (8.9 – 8.16) at Self Made Hustler Los Angeles.  The show features artist customs of the large-scale Blank Boy (Tian Tian) sculptures.  The inquisitive and forward-looking character began life in a series of conceptual comics from HK creative Danny Yung.  The artist roster includes Elisabeth Weinstock, Cristina Maya, Muertitos de Hambra, Zebulon the Magnificent—a new addition joining the tour in LA—and more.  

As the tour introduces Blank Boy Canvas to folks across North America, the Mini Blank Boy Canvas DIY vinyl produced by Mindzai gives the curious and creative a chance to bring Tian Tian home and make him their very own by customizing him as they see fit. 

For a first-hand look at Blank Boy and an opportunity to purchase the vinyl, drop by the Blank Boy Canvas Exhibit in LA through August 16th. 


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Secret Base – Blue Glitter Spongebob DX at Toy Art Gallery (8.10)


Secret Base continues its line of Spongebob sofubi with a dazzling new edition. The Blue Glitter Spongebox DX features a blue glitter-covered skeleton embedded in a clear vinyl skin. Beautiful.  And for an extra bit of razzle dazzle, the figure comes with a matching keychain.  Toy Art Gallery will offer the figure on Wednesday (8.10) @ 12 PM PDT from their webshop for $90 (+ s/h).


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Cop A Squat Toys – Summers End and Dark Arts Fumetsu

Dark Arts Group LOGO

Cop A Squat Toys has a double scoop of Fumetsu fun lined up on Tuesday (8.9) @ 2 PM EDT (11 AM PDT) from their webshop. First up is Summers End cast in clear vinyl with GID Ailesh guts inside. Each  of the four figures ($80)  features a different flat colorful  paint design and comes packed in a bag with letter pressed header card.   If you’re looking for something with a bit more gravitas, Dark Arts ($80) has your number.  The very limited edition transforms the base clear vinyl (+ GID innards) into a sophisticated take on noir with a stylish mix of charcoal, gold, clear read, hand-painted gold accents.  Darks Arts will arrived in a bag topped with a letterpressed header card.

 Summers End Yellow LOGO

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Aug 05, 2016

Harma Heikens x Toy Qube – Firestarter (8.8)


ToyQube continues its innovative Signature Series with Firestarter by Harma Heikens.  Based on A Good Year (2014)—an original wall-mounted sculpture measuring 42” high—the new smaller piece brings her incendiary statement about the relentless cycle of destruction and creation, uprisings and revolution to a broader audience. Sized  to impress on a shelf (14” x 4” x 10” high), Firestarter sits upright, wheel ablaze, ready to roll on.   The limited-edition polystone piece will be available for pre-order on Monday (8.8) for $165 (+ s/h) at for a Fourth Quarter 2016 arrival.


Firestarter -- Artist Statement

To me the burning tire refers to the popular revolt that we see a lot of these days. A gasoline-filled tire is a low-fi weapon, similar to the Molotov cocktail. But the "Wheel of Fire" is also an ancient religious symbol, referring to the sun an the motion of the earth, and the symbolic nature of fire is both creator and destroyer, purifier and defiler. The symbolic meaning of the burning wheel and the actual application of the burning tire as a violent means of revolution coincide, which makes the image extra powerful.

But it's of course also a symbol of speed- if you want it to be about formula 1 racing it's okay with me, it's never just one thing- and it's an obvious rock&roll reference too:

'This wheel's on fire, rolling down the road
Best notify my next of kin
This wheel shall explode!'


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Huck Gee x Vannen – Blank Black Variant Watch

 unnamed (11)

Huck Gee’s Blank Black Variant watch has dropped from both and for $65 each.  The watch features a black case, a gray and black dial featuring the Skullhead Blank, white hands, and the kanji for death printed in red on the crystal itself (nice touch).   Each of the watches comes in a signed/numbed package.


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Kidrobot – Dairobo-Z 5” Dunnys by Dolly Oblong

unnamed (4)

Kidrobot has just released the fun new Dairobo-Z 5” Dunnys from Dolly Oblong. Based on the design of their DTA Dunny 2015 show custom, Dairobo-Z is energized by a love of Japanese giant robots.  As a fun nod to a mostly bygone era of toys, the Dunny features a rocket-fist frozen mid-launch.  Emblazoned in silver, blue, yellow and red, the standard edition is available from Kidrobot and select retailers for $34.99.  In addition, Kidrobot has an exclusive purple with a hint of blue GID edition (250 pcs)—translucent blue rocket trail FTW—available for $34.99 directly from



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Aug 04, 2016

Fools Paradise – Lowfool vs. Lowfool: Inner Conflict

IMG_9243 copy

Fools Paradise continually surprises  and impresses with unexpected takes on iconic characters.  Their art toys don’t simply offer unusual visual treatments and concepts but often offer a new perspective on the super heroes or intergalactic warriors we’ve grown up with.

Their brand-new Lowfool vs. Lowfool: Inner Conflict vinyl offers a comical take on the everyday lives of Super Heroes.  This first edition features Superman hunched over a tiny arcade game as he battles his sometime nemesis – Batman, on screen.  Powered in part by the play on scale—a ridiculously large hero (even by comic book standards) and a way-too-small arcade game—the absurdly awesome concept imagines a world in which super heroes aren’t so different from diehard fans who buy every product and yes, play every video game with reckless abandon.  Limited to 398 pieces, Inner Conflict is available for pre-order now from Fools Paradise for $255Fools Paradise for $255 (+ $30 for Global EMS Shipping) and is scheduled to ship in the fourth quarter of 2016. As you can see below, Fools Paradise is planning a companion piece featuring the Caped Crusader. Batman vs. Superman, indeed.


IMG_9246 copy


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k.olin tribu x Medicom – 400% Porcelain Be@rbrick


unnamed (1)unnamed (2)  

In unexpected yet awesome news, k.olin tribu has collaborated with Medicom to turn the Japanese’s brands iconic Be@rbrick into a 400% scale high-end porcelain figure.    This piece fits in well with Medicom’s previoius high-end treatments including numerous wood versions. The 400% Porcelain Be@rbrick is available for pre-order from Art + Toy for 445.83 euros (~ US$498) with an expected November 2016 release.Very cool.


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Amanda Visell – Miner + Mole plus Stagon and Lumberjane


Amanda Visell and Michelle Valigura must never sleep!  They’ve just dropped two new resin releases.  First up is the brand-new Miner + Mole (ed of 25, $90). The super-cute Mole features a pose that brings back fond memories of seals and walruses.   But wait there’s more, Stagon has returned!  That’s right first spotted back in December of 2012 as a wood sculpture,  the Stag-Dragon is back as a special second edition of the newish Stag and Lumberjane resin sculpts (ed of 10, $90).

unnamed (2)


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Aug 03, 2016

Candie Bolton x Toy Art Gallery – Bake-Kujira: The Phantom Whale Apparition Edition (8.5)

unnamed (1)

First surfaced at DesignerCon 2015,  Candie Bolton’s Bake-Kujira: The Phantom Whale sofubi will become a terrifying reality with  Friday’s release (8.5, Noon PDT) of the Apparition Edition from Toy Art Gallery for $85 (+ s/h).  Risen from the corpse of a fallen whale, this spirit brings vengeance from famine  to plague and natural disasters to the village that ended its earthly existence.  The debut stone gray edition harnesses the full fury and  fearsome beauty of the 11” sculpt.  


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Brent Nolasco – Barse Bust

QuickMemo _2016-07-29-14-38-39-1

Brent Nolasco’s Barse has returned, this time as a bust.  The 5” micro edition resin features the familiar Barse bear head in natural brown  paired with a swanky yellow+ blue bust torso. Each hand-painted  bust ships with a fancy wooden base, free sticker pack and buttons  in bag and header packaging.  The Barse Bust is available now for $65 (+ s/h) from Brent’s web shop.


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David Dick – Upcoming Bōzu Nigori Edition


David Dick and Planet 3 Toys are readying the second edition of the Bōzu figure.  Shown in a nicely shot teaser above, the Nigori editon is inspired by the milky appearance of Nigori Sake, an unfiltered variety. This edition will be a nice ying-yang compliment to the In the Shadows debut black edition.  While there isn’t a firm release date yet, the figure should be released from Lulubell in the next few weeks or so.  We’ll update you once date/pricing info is available.

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Aug 02, 2016

myplasticheart - Rooftops + Sidewalks : Illustrated Works on Boundless Brooklyn Model Kits (8.5)

unnamed (4)

myplasticheart in collaboration with Boundless Brooklyn will present the opening of Rooftops + Sidewalks on Friday August 5th, 2016. The group show will feature artist customs of the Boundless Brooklyn’s water tower and mailbox no-fuss-assembly chipboard models.  Curated by Leo Espinosa, the exhibition will showcase the work of Sonni Adrian, Jordan Awan, Calef Brown, Andrea D’Aquino, Rob Dunlavey, Sandra Equihua, Leo Espinosa, Lisk Feng, Bob Flynn, Charles Glaubitz, Raul Gonzalez, Jorge Gutierrez, Don Kilpatrick, Loris Lora, Aaron Meshon, Roman Muradov, Keith Negley, Robert Neubecker, Laura Osorno, Claudia Pearson, Micah Player, Julia Rothman, Himanshu Sharma, Bob Staake, Ellen Surrey, Jacob Thomas and Marius Valdes.  Hit the jump for a select preview.

Rooftops + Sidewalks
Opening:Friday August 5th, 2016 (7-10PM)

210 Forsyth St. NYC


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