Apr 24, 2017

Noah Eaton x Kidrobot X Corner 12 – Reaction Custom Dunnys


Kidrobot will continue to showcase the work of talented customizers with new Reaction Series custom Dunnys from Noah Eaton and Corner 12. Dropping on Tuesday (4.25) at 9 AM PDT from Kidrobot.com, the series features color-changing Dunnys in three sizes (3”, 5” & 8”). 

Color changing? Yep, the series uses several different approaches to achieving the dynamic effect.  The 3” customs start red and then turn yellow as they are heated beyond 86 degrees, say with a hairdryer.  The 5” ‘chameleon’ customs apparently use color-shifting paint which looks like different colors at different angles and varying light.  Finally, the 8” customs are ‘mood’ Dunnys which when chilled change various hues as they warm back up or are touched.  Additionally, there are three chase 3” customs (2 of the mood variety) and two 5” mood chases.

So if you’re looking for Dunnys with a hidden trick to wow and impress, your search may very well be over.

17934613_278963749226692_5406109166932590592_n 18011207_746237872217240_847764494837874688_n  18161157_1139139116212698_7186441581493223424_n17932470_437179666626790_1109947354628227072_n

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Apr 21, 2017

Jeremiah Ketner – Three New Prints + Spring Sale

unnamed (2)

Jeremiah Ketner has just released three new prints – Spring Flowers (11x14”, $30), Favorite Things (11x14”, $30), and Let’s Hang Out (8x10”, $20). While those prices are rather reasonable, you can get 25% off any of his prints during his Spring Print Sale by using the “SPRINGSALE” checkout code.  Be sure to check out his numerous prints, as well as a selection of original part, postcards and more.

Jeremiah is also on Patreon with several reward levels including $1/month which gets you a behinds-the-scenes look including work-in-progress, sketchbook peeks and more. 10% off store purchases and more. This is a great, easy way to help support him as a full-time indie artist.

unnamed (1) unnamed

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Josh Mayhem x Kidrobot – Blow Away Custom Labbits

After several waves of wildly popular Blown Away custom Dunnys, Josh Mayhem has turned his attention to Frank Kozik’s Labbit. The first series of Blown Away Labbits features 2.5” [100 pcs, $125], 5” [6 pcs, $550] and 10” customs [3 pcs, $750] in a classic rainbow pattern with one random Gold Rush chase for each size.   Go get ‘em now at KR.

unnamed (1)

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Apr 20, 2017

Huck Gee – Gummi Blanks (4.22)

Huck Gee has just announced the latest evolution of his Blank platform.  These are 7” tall, come in two flavors (err… colorways) and are delicious.  Ok, so they aren’t candy (darn) but they still look pretty tasty if you ask us. Shiny with what appears to be just a hint of translucency.   And, just because Huck is Huck, these look great in the dark too—yep, GID!

Limited to 50 signed/numbered pieces, the Gummi Blanks drop on Saturday (4.22) at 10 AM PDT for $125 (+ s/h) from Huck’s site. These tick all the boxes: eye-catching design, small batch, hand-crafted resin, made right here in the USA.  These are slated to ship in 3-4 weeks.

unnamed (1)

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Martin Hsu – Dragon Boy Super Hits Wax


After considerable development the sculpt for Martin Hsu’s Dragon Boy Super is done and finalized. In fact, the follow-up to his original Dragon Boy has hit an exciting milestone – wax proto!  In comparison to the original figure which had a slender, subtle appearance, Super brings a more action-oriented, humorous take.  The new Dragon Boy will come boxed with a mini Dragon Dog as seen in the 3D render above (Roberto Maki).

If you look closely, the figure’s base shape might look similar.  Recognize it?  In collaboration with Rotobox, Martin incorporated the Mini Cel platform into the design.  Now that the sculpt is done and the wax proto is done, we’re wondering when? Hopefully it won’t be too long before we hear about a release for Dragon Boy Super which is being produced by PowerCore and VTSS Toys.

martin_hsu_dragon_boy_super01 martin_hsu_dragon_boy_super02
martin_hsu_dragon_boy_super04 martin_hsu_dragon_boy_super03

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Okedoki – Lover Boy Debuts at ToyCon UK 2017 (4.29 – 4.30)

With oversized glasses, a rather large noggin and a form-fitting suit, Okedoki’s new 11” figure turns on the charm.  The cartoony sculpt definitely takes us back to the adorable, can’t be stopped Urkel and the simple fun of 90’s sitcom TV.  Sculpted and painted by Okedoki, this release continues her focus on charming, uplifting pieces while changing up the aesthetic a bit.

The very first figure from the Original Version (edition of 8) will be available at ToyCon UK 2017 (4.29 – 4.30) from the Collect and Display booth for £576 ($720).  The signed and numbered figures come in a stylish Canadian pine box with Plexiglass front and what appears to be shaped-foam to keep Mr. Heartbreaker safe and sound.  The rest of this first edition will be released later in the year.

unnamed (2)unnamed (3)

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Scott Wilkowski – El Dorado Available Now


El Dorado lives.  Scott Wilkowski has just released his new 6” resin figure cast in a mix of translucent colors featuring internal demon bones.  These are available now for $160 (+ s/h) from his site.  Collectors can list color preferences which Scott will try to accommodate.

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Pucky x Unbox – Pookie Chocolate Edition


Pucky has just released the Chocolate Edition of her Pookie  vinyl figures produced by the fine lads at Unbox Industries.  Each of the four whimsical characters return in choco-infused versions: Pookie, Darlie, Professor Bean and Gooby.  Limited to 100 pieces each, the Choco Edition figures come in special chocolate bags specific to each character. They are available individually with Pookie priced at 550 HKD (~$71) and the other three going for 600 HKD each (~$77).  A set of four is available as well and includes a free Poke Minions tote bag and Pookie Family Sticker. Pick ‘em up now directly from Pucky’s web shop.


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Apr 19, 2017

Gary Ham x Clutter x Kidrobot – Five Points Festival Dunny Exclusive

unnamed (2)

Amped for the brand spankin’ new Five Points Festival (5.20-5.21) ? Clutter just turned up the volume a few notches with the ammouncement of the Exclusive Five Points Dunny from Gary Ham and Kidrobot. The cute ‘n scary design will be available in three colorways: orange+blue (450 pcs), black+red (300 pcs) and finally a black and gold VIP exclusive (250 pcs). 

The only way to score the VIP exclusive is to purchase a Five Points VIP Pass ($125) which includes several perks including 1-hour early admission, private entrance, entrance to the DTAs (only way for the public to attend), VIP party and more.

FivePointsFest_01 FivePointsFest_02 FivePointsFest_03

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Buff Monster – Pink Chrome Mister Melty (4.21)


Buff Monster is releasing a very special Pink Chrome edition of his 2-faced Mister Melty figure this Friday.  This one features sexy bling chrome action from the sofubi head through to the resin body.  Ultra luxurious art toy? Yes, indeed.  Pink Chrome comes with a swanky burgundy velvet bag.  It drops on Friday (4.21) at 7 AM PDT  for a rather reasonable $40 (+ s/h) from Buff Monster’s shop.

unnamed (1)

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Aaron ‘Woes’ Martin x Silent Stage – 420 Mini PK3 (4.20)


Just in time for probably the most laidback day of the year comes the 420 Mini PK3 from Woes and Silent Stage Gallery.  Limited to 100 signed/numbered pieces, this latest edition of the smaller Panda King 3 (4” x 4”) is cast in translucent tree green.  Naturally it’s dropping on Thursday (4.20) at 11 AM PDT for $59.99 (+ s/h) direct from Silent Stage.


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Amanda Visell x Michelle Valigura – Mayan Gold Jacks and Moonglow Tiger Cub Naps


Amanda Visell and Michelle Valigura keep up the fast and furious pace with a pair of new resin releases for your collecting pleasure.  The Mayan Gold Jack (3.5”, 25 pieces, $40) is cast in sparkly brownish gold resin and is finished off with painted details. 

Amanda is in love with Moonglow. So much so that she’s following-up on the Moonglow Lazy Days Tiger with the brand-new Moonglow Tiger Cub Nap (6”, 15 pcs, $190). The blue+black painting style exudes the peaceful laid back mood of a girl and a mini tiger cub relaxing under a midnight blue sky.  Both releases are available now from Switcheroo and are slated to ship in 2-3 weeks.

unnamed (2)unnamed (3) unnamed (1)

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Ron English x Toy Art Gallery – Poultry Rex Green Slime Edition (4.21)

unnamedBeware!  Poultry Rex (8”) is on the loose once again.  The Green Slime edition of Ron English’s ‘missing link’ figure will drop this Friday (4.21) at 12 PM PDT from Toy Art Gallery for $85 (+ s/h).  Chicken? Dinosaur? Yes, and he’s quite hungry.

unnamed (1) unnamed (2)

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Apr 18, 2017

Super7 – Street Fighter 2 and Toxic Avenger Debut Releases @ C2E2


Super7 will be attending C2E2 in Chicago for the first time! They will be bringing with them all of their awesome goods, as well as a couple debut releases! First up would be the Championship Edition colorways of their Street Fighter 2 ReAction Figures, which includes the alternative costumes/colorways of Ryu, M. Bison, Chun-Li, Zangief, Ken and Blanka. Each figure will retail $15 a piece.


Their latest ReAction Figure release will soon be available in a Glow In The Dark edition! The Toxic Avenger can be found in this awesome Toxic GID colorway, which will retail $15 as well. Not able to make it? Don’t fret, as Super7 will make these available online and in-store, shortly after the convention!

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Six TwentyEight – “Yellow Tripper” Mitt (04.19)


We are happy to finally see a painted edition of Six TwentyEight’s Mitt figure! The “Yellow Tripper” is the original colorway of this cute bumper toy and will be available on Wednesday, April 19th at 9PM Japan Time. These are limited to one per person and can be found available HERE for $42 a piece. Just like the other releases, you have a couple of display options. You can choose between having Mitt in his Bumper or having him stand with his bumper!


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Fluffy House Toys – The Not So Ordinary Bear


Fluffy House Toys has just put out a new set of figures, dubbed The Not So Ordinary Bear! Getting tired from the norm and wanting to be “not so ordinary, this cute lil’ bear changed up its attire with a fresh scarf and a pink shirt saying “I Am Not Ordinary”. This vinyl release is limited to 500 pieces and includes both Bear and his Rabbit pal. You can find them available now HERE for $42.


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Marsham Toy Hour: S2 E4 – Collector Series 2


This weeks exciting episode of Marsham Toy Hour brings two toy collectors to the mic! They kindly welcome to the show Windy AKA igypsywoman and Theresa AKA tmhawk24 who both have some incredible toy collections, as well as some great photos of them! We get a glimpse on a couple different types of toy collectors and how they got into the hobby, as well as the lengths they go to to get some very sought after toys! Give them a listen by hitting “play” button below!

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Huck Gee x Mighty Jaxx – Gold Life: Golden Claw


Golden Claw is the newest addition to the Gold Life series from Huck Gee and Mighty Jaxx.  The ferocious tiger warrior and wielder of his eponymous weapons joins the previously released Raku (Day and Night editions) and the Soul Collector.  While Golden Claw has previously made appearances as a limited-edition custom back in ‘08 and a 3” Dunny, the new iteration appears to be the most detailed with additions to his gear as well as various refined elements. Compared to the Dunny, this one’s hat—featuring a well-down woven texture—includes the fancy flourish as seen on the OG customs.

The new 4” Golden Claw is available now for $30 (+ s/h) from Mighty Jaxx and is expected to ship in Q3 2017.

gNJzjToSMq8EOI5PaUhg_GL_GoldenClaw_7s_800x  FHhxSI14Siu4F4zHOr7g_GL_GoldenClaw_1s_800x G2ahJDdQT0K5fBPJNCUe_GL_GoldenClaw_5s_800x

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Luke Chueh x Munky King – The Prisoner Kuma Kush (4.20)


Luke Chueh and Munky King will celebrate 4.20 with the release The Prisoner Kuma Kush, Medicinal Marijuana Variant (how’s that for a name?!).  This one features a light mint green prisoner and a green prison/pill bottle.   To add to the herbal fun, this edition also features a randomly inserted dark green flocked chase.  Kuma Kush drops this Thursday (4.20) at wait for it… 4:20 PM PDT directly from Munky King. The price has not been announced, but previous editions have retailed for $30. And… we’re pretty sure the weed is not included.


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Apr 17, 2017

Blackbook Toy x Lamour Supreme x Mishka – The Beast (4.23)


The Beast has finally escaped into the wild.  Blackbook Toy’s new figure from Lamour Supreme and Mishka breathes new life into the Keep Watch piggy bank with a brand-new monstrous body sculpted by Kenth Toyworks. The 13.5” figure features seven points of articulation and features the classic two-faced design with Cyco Simon on one side and the eye-ball on the other. Limited to ten pieces, the debut red and green edition features a hand-painted design by Kenth Toyworks and will be available at Super Festival 74 (4.23) for 25,000 yen (~ $229).

2 3 4

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What’s New Ep1 featuring kaNO

DeKevin has been hard at work on the What’s New video series, his new passion project. The premiere episode dropped today featuring legendary NYC transplant kaNO.  In addition to taking deliver of his new Jordan Royals, walking us through his piece for the Luke Chueh-curated Friends with the Animals show, he also previewed his new Ghetto Card custom figures which he’ll be dropping at the Five Points Festival (5.20-5.21) in NYC.  His take on the iconic NYC metro card, these are customized versions of the Stud figure from Squid Kids Ink.   If you haven’t already, go check out Ep1 of What’s New, it’s a fast and fun(ok, not so furious) watch.

Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 10.07.29 PM

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Fools Paradise -- Bane is Joining the Ride Series


Fools Paradise is teasing an upcoming new ‘Ride’ series release featuring Bane. This follows a growing list of DC Universe-inspired releases including the Last Ride featuring the caped crusader, the Keiko Joker Ride release, and the Batman vs. Superman Lowfool drops.   The post mentions Thailand Toy Expo 2017 (5.4 – 5.7), which we assume means the toy will be displayed in proto form there. Fools Paradise often reveals protos for upcoming projects at TTE.

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Apr 14, 2017

Toy Art Gallery – 20% Off Spring Sale (thru 4.16)


Toy Art Gallery is bounding into the season with a tempting Spring Sale offering 20% off nearly everything—pre-orders not included—they carry.  Head on over to the TAG web shop to take advantage of the savings (no code needed) before the sale ends at 11:59 PM PDT on Sunday (4.16).  Hop to it!

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Apr 13, 2017

Marsham Toy Hour: S2 EP 3 with kaNO


This weeks episode of Marsham Toy Hour brings a very special guest, whom we are excited to join the gents. Introducing New Yorks finest, kaNO Kid! We get some good insight and some very good conversation going on the topic of flippers, Kickstarter, KAWS and what kaNO believes is the current state of “Urban Vinyl” toys. Give this episode a listen!

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Paul Kaiju – Black Metallic Chimera Raffle (04.16)


Trade in your Easter egg baskets for a few minutes to take part of Paul Kaiju’s Black Metallic Chimera Raffle taking place this Sunday, April 16th at 6PM to 6:10PM PST. This raffle window for one of PK’s most coveted colorways will only be one for 10 minutes! Winners will be notified 4 days after the close of the raffle, where they will receive an invoice for $200 for this beautiful beast!

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