May 03, 2016

Ron English x JPS x Made by Monsters – MC Joker Grin (5.5)


Who’s Bartman Grin’s nemesis?  Why MC Joker Grin of course.  Yep, JPS Gallery returns to the costumed hero side of Springfield with this special edition of Ron English’s MC Supersized Grin from Made by Monsters. Limited to 400 pieces, Joker Grin features three secret editions—5%, 10%, and 20%—along with the normal edition (65%) shown above.    This one will be released on May 5th three ways – via JPS Gallery for international collectors, at Thailand Toy Expo via Playhouse and via Toy Tokyo (Noon PDT) for collectors in North America. While Toy Tokyo has not announced pricing, we expect it to be around the $260 mark based on pricing mentioned in JPS’s post. These should ship in early June.  Hit the jump for a look at the eye black secret.


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Super7 – Mean Green Ghost Fighter (5.05)


Great news for all you Ghost Fighter collectors, Super7 x Brian Flynn x Secret-Base are happy to announce the new Mean Green Ghost Fighter! This new GF is cast in a green vinyl with red, yellow and blank sprays and will be available this Thursday, May 5th online at 12PM PST and at all Super7 store locations at 11AM PST. Each figure will retail just $65 each.

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Brandt Peters x Cardboard Spaceship – The Night King (5.06 & 5.13)


Boy oh boy oh boy oh boy! Brandt Peters and Cardboard Spaceship are once again doing some amazing work together with the reveal of their latest toy, “The Night King”. He will be making his debut release during the 5 year Anniversary of Stranger Factory this Friday, May 6th. There will be two colorways available, Half Dead (blue) and Candy Corn (orange), which will retail only $58 for these 8” figures. If you are lucky enough to pick them up in person at the show, you will received signed boxes by the man himself. They will then be available worldwide on May, Friday the 13th online.

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Uglydoll x TAG Mini Monsters Gachas (4.4)



As we mentioned about a week ago, Uglydoll and Toy Art Gallery have collaborated on the new Mini Monsters figures—a gacha style series.  Debuting in an unpainted red edition, the series features eight characters—Babo, Jeero, Ox, Wage, Batty, Target, Ice Bat and Wedgehead.  The new 2” mini monsters drop on Wednesday (4.4) @ Noon PDT from the TAG web shop—individual figures available for $12 and a full set of eight for a special price of $72

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Super7 Celebrates Star Wars Day! (5.04)


Super7 has got to be one of the best places to get all your Star Wars needs! Be sure to join them this Star Wars Day, Wednesday, May 4th at 11AM PST as they will be offering their apparel at a special discount of $10 off all day long. They will also have other Star Wars goodies available, such as their Wallpaper, action figures, books and vintage toys and posters!

The Haight still will also have a couple Stormtroopers on guard all evening long!

Catch them at their Haight, Mission and San Diego locations tomorrow!

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Marsham Toy Hour – Episode 8 Featuring Lulubell Amy


Marsham Toy Hour’s newest episodes dives deep into the world of sofubi with special guest Lulubell Amy of Lulubell Toy Bodega in episode 8! She gives a bit of the history and the creative process when it comes to Japanese Soft Vinyl toys, as well as life of a brick and mortar store in Mesa, Arizona. Just like every week, take a listen to your hosts Gary Ham, Tyler Ham and Martian Toys by checking out their Podbean, Stitcher and iTunes. Be sure to also leave a comment!

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Frank Montano – DiamondTrooper “CivilWar” Series 1 Preorder (5.04)


Franko Montano will be doing the inevitable! He will be releasing his new “CivilWar” DiamondTrooper Series 1 figures on Star Wars Day, Wednesday, May 4th at 10AM PST. Each of these amazing figures stand 3” tall and range from $80-85 each or a full set of four for $270. The paint application and textures look amazing on these resin figures and we cannot wait to see what is in store for Series 2. This pre-order will ship in Mid-August and will be limited to only 15 sets. Find them available tomorrow HERE. More photos after the jump.


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LouLou’s Woodshop - IIIOKO Robots

unnamed (3)unnamed (2)

LouLou of LouLou & Tummie has been hard at work creating a new series of wooden toys, the IIIOKO Robots! Each figure features a wooden base and glass dome and are unique from one another. They stand roughly 12” tall and are limited to 10 one-off editions. They will be available this Thursday, May 5th at 20:00h UTC/GMT HERE. These figures would bring together any home and we cannot get enough of wooden toys!

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Lisa Rae Hansen - "Erock" and "Heavy Metal Wookie" (5.04)


Lisa Rae Hansen of ibreaktoys is happy to announce the release the second half of her limited edition run of her “Erock” and “Heavy Metal Wookie” figures that was available during ToyCon UK. Each being limited to only 10 pieces, the remaining figures will be available for pre-order HERE on Star Wars Day (May 4th) at 6PM BST. Each figure comes in a blister pack and are signed and numbered. The “Erock” figures also feature removable drumstick for $45 in green and pink edition. The Wookie features articulated magnetic arms and guitar and will retail $60.



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May 02, 2016

Pepe Hiller – King Pokka and the Pakkas (4.4)


After a brief pause, Pepe Hiller is back with new handcrafted wood figures.  For Wednesday’s drop (4.4), he brings collectors King Pokka and the Pakkas. The Pakkas (8 pcs, 6 inch, $110 ), a fierce yet unruly horned tribe of spear-wielding buffalo hunters,  are trained and kept focused by their formidable leader, King Pokka (1 pc, 12 inch, $380). 

Crafted from smoked oak wood, each of the smaller Pakkas carries a beech spear with brass spearhead attached with natural leather ribbon. Each has a single brass tooth, metal eyes, and articulated arms.  The big boy, King Pokka, is bigger and badder and tips the scale at an impressive five pounds.  King has a mouth-full of teeth (maple + 1 brass) and sports brass jewelry on his horns, perhaps marks of his position.

Finished with natural beeswax, each figure is signed and numbered (embossed+branded) by the artist.  Both King Pokka ($380) and the Pakkas ($110) will be released on Wednesday (4.4) at 1 PM PDT from Pepe Hiller’s web shop for respectively.


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May 01, 2016

Artisan Series by Subcarism Toyko

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 7.25.37 PM13129613_272634766402188_160006293_n13126879_1328905943793050_913155681_nScreen Shot 2016-05-01 at 7.20.35 PM

Likely inspired by the 2009 Subcarism show, the newly-surfaced Subcarism Tokyo brand is gearing up to release new editions of popular sofubi figures—both current toys and several that we haven’t seen in a bit.  As part of the upcoming wave, Subcarism will release an Artisan Series of several sofubi toys featuring a striking weathered/rusted look. The process involving ‘special paint’ gives the figures a look similar to that of metal statues exposed to the elements for several years or even decades—paint is chipped and worn away in spots and ‘rust’ can be seen scattered across the surface. 

From the preview images and videos posted so far, expect Artisan editions in white  of Ice Bat by David Horvath, Byron by Shoko Nakazawa (Koraters), Nabura Motoyoshi by Dehara, Rangeas by T9G, and the Tim Biskup x T9G Rangeas.  Subcarism Toyko has posted screenshots of the not-yet-available product pages revealing pricing for a few of the editions: Byron (14040 yen or ~US$124), Rangeas (19440 yen or US$173), and Nabura Motoyoshi (16200 yen ~US$144).  It looks like these will be made to order or perhaps offered through a timed pre-order.  Look out for an update on release details. Hit the Jump for the official teaser videos and product page screenshots.


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New Tim Biskup x T9G Rangeas from Subcarism Tokyo


It’s been awhile since we’ve seen a new Tim Biskup x T9G Rangeas and perhaps even longer since we’ve heard from intheyellow in a toy context.  Good news, there’s a new TxT Rangeas in a translucent rainbow edition from Subcarism Tokyo.

While we’re not 100% sure,  based on the toys and artists involved, we believe that Subcarism Toyko  is a new toy project—with several releases planned/teased—from intheyellow or at least with definite ties to it.  At any rate, good to see the return of some old friends.  Keep an eye out for release info.  12976464_1275434502471230_745282471_n

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Apr 29, 2016

Paulus Hyu x Kurobokan – Daydream (Nimbus) Smirk Pre-Order Now


If you won’t be making it to Thailand Toy Expo (def understandable, but def fun as well), Kurobokan has you covered with a pre-order for the Daydream Smirk (100 pcs)by Paulus Hyu right now over at their webshop for $20.  These will ship at the end of May.  Look at that face—too cute!


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Paul Kaiju - Wasabiguana Biterfish Raffle (5.01)


Paul Kaiju has caught himself a bounty of Biterfish and is planning to release them to some very lucky collectors via raffle this Sunday, May 1st! The Wasabiguana Biterfish is cast in a green vinyl with black rub. The raffle will open be up for one hour beginning at 6PM PST, ending at 7PM PST. Winners will then be notified 4 days after the raffle and will be contacted with an invoice of $150 + S&H.


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Dennis Cornetta -- ‘Lewis’ for Stranger Factory Fifth Anniversary Exhibition (5.6)


Dennis Cornetta has been hard at work on a sharp new turtle figure which is scheduled to debut at the Stranger Factory Five Year Anniversary Exhibition on Friday, May 6th 2016.  Cornetta sculpted Lewis digitally in Zbrush, 3D output him and is now  casting up a little resin army of the figures.  The snazzy yet sad turtle looks great with his bowtie and removable glasses.  An accomplished artist, digital sculptor and more, Cornetta has his hands in several art toy projects including sculpting Brandt Peters’ upcoming Night King. Enjoy these in-progress pics (more after the jump) and keep an eye out for an update with painted pics.

Stranger Factory Five Year Anniversary Exhibition
Opening: Friday, May 6th, 2016 (6-9 PM)

Stranger Factory
3411 Central Avenue NE
Albuquerque, NM 87106


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Paradise x Mai Nagamoto – Paradise Sunrise Innocent & Core (4.29)


Paradise Toys will release both editions—GID and translucent—of their exclusive Paradise Sunrise Innocent & Core sofubi from Mai Nagamoto via their web shop on Friday (4.29) @ 10:30 PM PDT for NT$2000 each (~ US$62).  Please note that the sale link won’t be alive until the release time. Also, it’s probably best to go ahead and create a store account ahead of time to save some time during checkout.

The clear edition was also sold at least week’s SuperFest while the GID edition will also be available at Paradise’s Thailand Toy Expo booth (5.5-5.8). The rainbow-hued editions feature the larger Innocent and the smaller core who conveniently (well at least for one of them) fits in Innocent’s mouth.  


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Apr 28, 2016

Ukydaydreamer x TAG – Ultiotl Exclusives x 2 (4.29)

unnamed (2)
Friday’s going to be a great day for Ukydaydreamer fans. Toy Art Gallery has not one, but two exclusive editions of the Japanese artists’ 2-faced Ultiotl figure–black and orange.  Booth look great and feature impressive paint design. They drop on Friday (4.29) @ 12 PM PDT from the TAG web store.  Hit the jump to see the flip side with the 2nd face. 


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Tru Slithers x Blurbleone – Kid Toxic ‘Gak’ Edition (4.29)


Update: Corrected release time

Remember when Nickelodeon made getting covered in goo cool?  The new Kid Toxic “Gak” edition is a throwback to those simpler days. Limited to 4 pieces, this micro run of Blurbleone’s vinyl figure was hand-painted by Tru Slithers.  Gak drops on Friday (4.29) at 4 PM MDT from the Tru Slithers webshop for $60 (+ s/h).


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Apr 27, 2016

Marsham Toy Hour – Episode 7


Marsham Toy Hour is back for another week with Episode 7! In this episode, we learn a little about the background of our hosts, Gary Ham, Tyler Ham and Martian Toys. They also talk about things that’s got them jazzed going on in the toy scene, such as Huck Gee’s Gold Life Series with Mighty Jaxx and Full Blown Ink’s Cronus Magnus! Give them a listen on their Podbean, Sticher and iTunes.

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DMS – Deep Blue Octeapus (4.29)

unnamed (2)

If you missed DMS’s sold-out ToyCon UK Octeapus—one of his Mchanimals—he’s got another tentacled beast lined up, the Deep Blue Octeapus. This one features an octopus-like vehicle piloted by a Lunartik mini-fig.  Each of the hand-sculpted tentacles is movable thanks to the joy of magnetism for plenty of posing possibilities. The figure stands 5.5” H x 7” W and features an ocean-floor resin base. 

On the back of the sellout ToyCon UK version of the DMS Octeapus, comes the Deep Blue colourway of this Mechanimal.

Standing at around 5.5" tall x 7" wide (depending on the positioning of the tentacles) and featuring moveable, changeable magnetic tentacles, these are pieces to play with and pose. The Deep Blue Octeapus is limited to 15 made-to-order pieces and will be available on Friday (4.29) at 10 AM PDT for £49.99 (~ $72) + s/h from the DMS online shop. Happy hunting!


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Amanda Visell + Michelle Valigura – Pig + Butterfly

unnamed (1)
I guess we shouldn’t be surprised anymore when the dynamic duo—Michelle Valigura and Amanda Visell—release yet another brand-new odd-couple resin set. Next?  Pig + Butterfly! This pairing brings together pig (4.5 x 3.5 x 3”) with a smaller, graceful butterfly, in let’s call it a ‘natural’ edition with a true-to-life paint design. Limited to 25 pieces, the new all-handmade set is available for pre-order for $90 now from myswitcheroo and should ship in a few weeks.


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Fuji – Robuson in Yellow for Design Festa 43 (5.14-5.15)


Fuji (Takuma Fujioka) will release his transformable Robuson sofubi in a new yellow edition for Design Festa 43 (5.14-5.15) in booths B40-41—online release post show. Seemingly inspired by Kaneda’s speeder bike in Akira, Robuson’s clever design allows the figure to take many visually distinct forms with what appears to be just 4 total points of articulation. Still photos don’t really do justice to Robuson’s many poses/looks.   

The wings or arms, can be extended forward for a speeder-ish pose; they can be rotated downward for a airship-like look, swept backwards for an oddly creepy yet appealing collapsed look.  What might not be immediately clear from photos is that there’s a rear thruster/supporter tucked underneath the bottom of the figure that serves as the third balancing point and can be rotated forward for a compact feel or backwards for a longer, more airship look.  The fourth articulation point ?  The ‘cockpit’ flips open to fully reveal Robuson’s face.


Beyond the clever articulation, the sculpt shines here, dense with futuristic detail from wheels to vents throughout (including the downward facing front surfaces). Check Fuji’s video below for a better feel for Robuson’s design.  We’ve gone and posted pictures from multiple editions including an unpainted gray test shot to show off the figure to full effect.


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Inami Toys – Mecha Top (4.28)


Getting their Sci-Fi on, Inami Toys has taken their Rock-Paper-Scissors Top resin to a new level with the Mecha Top (8 pcs, $70) dropping on Thursday (4.28) @ 8 PM EDT from their webshop.  Taking on the personality of a futuristic mining marvel, Mecha Top features a weathered design with genuine cold-cast metal for the handle and drill set against a classic yellow base paint. This edition also includes a rock base to enhance and complete  the mining theme. Beyond a strong character design, Mecha also innovates with an articulated pilot.  Finally, creator Kevin Nam created a behind-the-scenes video showcasing the process behind making this edition—embedded below for easy viewing.


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Reactor-88’s Custom Corner – Jump Jumper Ant


Welcome  to the April 2016 edition of Reactor-88's Custom Corner. This month we’re featuring Jump Jumper Ant.

What’s your name?

My stage name is Jump Jumper Ant and my real name is Gahel Zermeño.

Where are you located?

In México City.

Day job or full-time artist?

I work mainly in art, but also in advertising, photography, and speech. I’m now starting in the world of tattoo as well.


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Apr 26, 2016

Full Blow Ink – Cronus Magnus Crowdfund

Eric Smith of Full Blow Ink is at it again! With the success of his Vulkira Project, he wants to create an evil foe to combat. That is where Cronus Magnus comes into play. Just like Vulkira, Cronus Magnus stands 10.5” tall and is made of soft Japanese vinyl. In order to get this figure made, he is in need of your help! Through Indie Go Go, he plans to use the funs for a minimum production run of 600 pieces. The campaign will offer 2 colorways, the main being a GID vinyl and a tribute Great Mazinga colorway, which will both feature a foil sticker for the belly just the classic Jumbo Machinders. The campaign will go live on Saturday, April 30th, which you can check out now HERE. There are a bunch of packages to choose from with a bunch of awesome perks, including original artwork from various artists and even an exclusive pilot figure!


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