Jan 11, 2017

Ron English x Blackbook Toy – Mouse Mask Murphy in Airplane Tokyo Gold Edition (1.13)


In addition its infamous reputation, this year’s Friday the 13th will also be notable for several toy releases including  Blackbook Toy’s Mouse Mask Murphy in Airplane Tokyo Gold edition from Ron English.  The new silver + gold edition is a companion to the Bangkok Gold edition which was released last spring at the Thailand Toy Expo. Tokyo Gold is a near inverse of the Bangkok edition, swapping silver for gold, except for the mask lenses.  Interestingly, there’s a variant Tokyo Gold with silver lenses and gold rims.   No word yet on how the variant will be released, but it’s possible that it will be a chase mixed into the run.

Mouse Mask Murphy in Airplane Tokyo Gold will drop on Friday (1.13.17) at 7 PM pacific for 14580 yen (~ US$127) directly from Blackbook Toy.


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Paul Kaiju x TAG – Mini Gacha Dark Cosmos Ed. (1.13)



Friday the 13th promises to be a happy day for Paul Kaiju collectors. That’s the day that  Toy Art Gallery will release the Dark Cosmos edition of PK’s Mini Gacha figures.  The factory-painted set—trippy fluorescent and metallic paint on black vinyl—features striking renditions of the series’ five characters(~ 2”) : Boss Carrion, Unchiman, Mockbat, Demon Dog, and Mockpet.  These drop on Friday (1.13.17) at Noon Pacific for $70/set (+ s/h) direct from TAG’s web shop.    

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Bubi Au Yeung x Fluffy House - Sou Available Now!


Bubi Au Yeung and Fluffy House do  it again with their newest release, Sou! This little lady is the protector of lost souls and it is her duty to guide them into the light and find their peace. She is now the newest member to the Treeson and Ren family. Sou stands 4.5" tall and features articulation in the arms and head. You can find Sou available HERE for $45 each.

Sou Sou_4_copy

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Jan 10, 2017

Ron English x JPS x Made by Monsters – Cartman Grin (1.19)


First revealed at last year’s SDCC, Ron English’s Cartman Grin is ready for some deadly serious fun.  Limited to 300  hand-numbered pieces, the figure drops on January 19th at 6 PM Pacific for $160 (USA shipping included) exclusively from JPS GalleryJPS notes that the ‘normal’ version is shown, potentially suggesting included mystery and chase editions of the run which was produced by the Grin specialists, Made by Monsters.

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Brent Nolasco – Darkness on the Rise Eliminator

P1050377 (2)
Brent Nolasco’s Eliminator is back. The small-run Darkness on the Rise edition features a mono design acheived with a mix of hand-sprayed automotive paint to enhance durability and hand-painted detailing. Each 6.5” solid resin figure features a cape, an Eliminator button and comes packaged with bag and header. It’s available for $120 (+ s/h) directly from Brent’s web store.  

P1050397 (2)

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Josh Mayhem – Blown Away 100% Be@rbrick Series 1


Josh Mayhem is kicking off 2017 with an homage to Medicom’s legendary Be@rbrick platform figure with the just released Blown Away 100% Be@rbrick Series 1. Limited to 24 pcs, the Blown Away Be@bricks feature Mayhem’s signature wind effect on the classic figure that arguably started the whole platform craze. Signed and numbered, these are available blind right now for $150 from his web shop. These will ship in 1-2 weeks.

BlownAwayBearbrick-2 BlownAwayBearbrick-3 BlownAwayBearbrick-4

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Jan 09, 2017

Steve Purcell x Artpin Collection – Max Pop (1.11.17)

Max pop pin 2

Do you remember playing the Sam and Max LucasArts adventure game (1993) ?  Or even being a fan of the comics which inspired the game? If so, you’ll definitely want to pickup the new Max Pop pin from Sam and Max creator Steve Purcell and the Artpin Collection folks. Limited to 250, the playful frozen treat design will drop on Wednesday (1.11.17) at 7:59 AM  via Rotofugi for $12 (+ s/h).


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Scott Tolleson - Pipken Labbit Release : Standard + KR Exclusive (1.10.17)


Kidrobot will release both the standard blue edition of Scott Tolleson’s brainy Pipken Labbit ($49.99) plus their online exclusive pink edition on Friday (1.10.17).  The Lady Pipken features turquoise eyes, tan ‘fur’ and a removable pink argyle sweater. The standard edition will be available from your favorite retailers including myplasticheart and Mindzai, while the pink will only be available from Kidrobot.com

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Jan 06, 2017

Secret Base x Dynamic Planning x 36 Project – Big Mazinger Z Full Color Lottery Ending Tonight


Secret Base’s upsizing of their previously released smaller Mazinger Z continues with a Full Color edition of the Big Mazinger Z which tapes out to over 17”. This one towers over its little brother (not included) as seen above.   This new edition follows the black edition of the big ‘bot and features articulated arms with translucent blue gauntlets. Produced in conjunction with Dynamic Planning and 36 Project, this one will be sold via lottery for 37,800 yen (~ $ 332).  To enter for a chance to purchase, drop an email to info@secret-b.com by Saturday (1.7) at 1 AM PST with your name, shipping address, phone number and paypal address. 


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New Crayola x Kidrobot: Coloring Critters Minis + Carvola Medium Figure

unnamed (2)


The Crayola x Kidrobot collection continues to grow with two new additions.  First up is the oh-so-cute Crayola Coloring Critters 3” blind box series ($9.99 each) featuring 14 animal critters, each with names inspired by the color of the actual crayon it comes with. You may be familiar with a few of these – four were released as plush towards the end of last year.   Beyond the fun designs, it’s neat that each critter is designed to hold the crayon in some fashion, including White Scientific Mouse who cleverly grabs the crayon with its coiled tail. 

In addition to the Coloring Critters, Kidrobot has also released the curious Carvola ‘Medium Figure’ ($59.99). As far as we can tell, Carvola is a playful art take on a box of Crayons, only each Crayon sculpture features a familiar Kidrobot character (Dunny, KR mascot, Labbit, and Munny World characters) on the end.  Each of the characters has a rough, carved appearance—the inspiration for the name.  Consider it Kidrobot’s interpretation of and homage to Crayons. This one is interesting and puzzling all at once—which can also be said of many art pieces. 

Both the Coloring Critters and the Carvola art toy (medium figure feels rather awkward here) are available from Kidrobot.com and should soon be available at your favorite retailer.

unnamed (8)


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Jan 05, 2017

Kidrobot x Clutter–Designer Toy Awards Dunny Mini Series


We are very excited to see Kidrobot and Clutter Magazine teaming up for the newest series of Dunny’s, which is entirely comprised of artists from the DTA Dunny show! The Designer Toy Awards Dunny Mini Series features designs by Andrea Kang, The Bots, Gary Ham, So Youn Lee and Quiccs. These have a release date of May 2017, which makes 2017 a great year for Dunnys! Now we wait for some closer detailed shots! May could not come any sooner. 

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Richard Orlinksi x K.Olin tribu – Black Porcelain Wild Kong


Designed by Richard Orlinkski and produced by K.Olin tribu, comes the Black Porcelain Wild Kong. This is their second collaboration ever. This release is limited to only 10 pieces and features this unglazed 11 x 7.8 x 3.5” sculpture. Each piece also comes packaged in a wooden box. You can find them available now HERE for roughly $2,700.

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Upper Playground–New Jeremy Fish & Sam Flores Prints

BottledUp_1024x1024 Whale-island_1024x1024

Upper Playground has just released some new prints from a couple of their favorite artists! Jeremy Fish happily brings to you “Whales Island” and “Bottled Up”. Both prints feature Jeremy’s signature style, as well as his love for the Bay Area with the “Whales Island” print.


Coming from the mind of Sam Flores is “Night Owl”, which features Sam’s classic style. Each of the prints measure 8 x 10” for $35 and come framed! What a deal! Find them available now through Upper Playground HERE.

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Shawnimals – A Town… Of Ninjas! at Rotofugi (1.6)


If you love Ninjatown (and who doesn’t?), you’ll be stoked to know that Shawnimals will open a retrospective (ten years in the making) of his stealthy plush world at Rotofugi on Friday (1.6.17).  A Town… Of Ninjas! will feature all manners of Ninjas including the OG plush (2005, yo!) as well as most of the NOTM release too(Ninja of the Month).  It sounds like many of the NOTM releases will be available for purchase.  And… the show will also double as the launch for the new snap & hang Shawnimals Eeensy Charms from Rotofugi + Squibbles Ink.


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Amanda Visell + Michelle Valigura – Crash-Land Bat

Some times you crush it and sometimes you get crushed.  When last we saw him, Amanda Visell and Michelle Valigura’s Bat ‘n Board was cruising along without a care in the world.  That is until he took a nasty  spill and now we have the Crash-Land Bat resin set complete with snapped-in-half deck.  Limited to 25 pieces, the wayward bat stands 3.5” (toe to head) and is available for pre-order from Switcheroo for $90 (+ s/h).  Orders should ship in 2-3 weeks.


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Jan 04, 2017

Winson Ma x Gate Toys – War in the West, Time Wars: Yuan Kong

Yuan Kong new group lores 8

Winson Ma’s War in the West: Time Wars retells the beloved Journey to the West tale as a Sci-Fi epic, recasting Yuan Kong, the Monkey King, as a gifted hero who seeks to save the dying world through his abilities to travel through time and space.  The first release from the new series is a deluxe 1/6 Yuan Kong figure produced with Gate Toys.  The monkey hero comes with the crazy Mystic Being Steel Ox-Crimson Flame diorama (pictured) and is fully equipped with two full sets of armor (Leather and Jet Propulsion), six hands (3 Time Traveler Gloves and 3 Ape hands), and a full arsenal including a Dragon Rod, Flame Blade, ‘Dragon’ machine gun, and more.  The figure is available for pre-order for $460 (shipping included) by emailing info@Winsoncreation.com. Yuan Kong is scheduled to ship in Q3 2017.


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Coarse – Do Not Disturb Ignited (1.9.17)

unnamed (4)

Coarse has announced their new Do Not Disturb Ignited edition.  The  Ignited version features a GID Cat and (what’s left of) a mono Fish with GID accents. Limited to 150 pieces, Ignited will drop on Monday, January 9th 2017 at 7:59 AM PST from the Coarse Shop for $189.  The toys are in stock in both Hong Kong and Los Angeles and should ship within 2-3 weeks.  Definitely a nice start to 2017 for Coarse collectors.

unnamed unnamed (3) unnamed (2) unnamed (1)

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Jan 03, 2017

Awesome Toy Launches War of the Apes with Electric Ape


Awesome Toy kicks off the new year with Electric Ape, the debut figure for the new War of the Apes series.  The first Electric Ape features a playful blue+red design highlighting the impressive ape head sculpt.  A whimsical red vinyl scarf finishes off the debut.  Electric Ape is available worldwide via Medicom with overseas orders via the Project 1/6 online shop for 10,800 yen (~ US$92).

imgrc0069531121 imgrc0069531120

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COOKone x Delicious Vinyl x Blackbook Toy – Mr. 12 Gold and Silver Glitter


Blackbook Toy is bringing the bling with two new editions of the Mr. 12 figure (7.5”) from Japanese graffiti artist COOKone.  For his latest turn, Mr. the mascot character for LA-based record label Delicious Vinyl returns in both gold and silver clear glitter editions with contrasting paint accents. The two are inverses of each other, swapping gold for silver and vice versa.  Each is available for 10,800 yen (~ US$ 92) + s/h direct from Blackbook Toy. If you order both, you’ll receive a 1000 yen discount.  These will ship in February.


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Marsham Toy Hour – Episode 42 Featuring wtfunks


I’d just like to say thank you to Marsham Toy Hour having me back to your show! Not sure why, but I thank you anyways. I’d like to also not thank you for using that photo. Anyways, in episode 42, myself, Gary Ham, George Gaspar and Carlos East recap 2016 in the toy world, as well as predict what 2017 has in store for us. kaNO also joins the fun with his very own “kaNO’d” segment, where he really lets a certain host have it. Take a listen to the first Marsham Toy Hour podcast of the year HERE or listen via Youtube HERE.

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Super7 x Capcom – Street Fighter II M.U.S.C.L.E. Figures


Super7 has just announced that their long awaited Street Fighter II M.U.S.C.L.E. figures will soon be releasing! These were last shown off at the Super7 booth back at San Diego Comic-Con and will soon be hitting their store shelves. These figures were sculpted by the uber talented @Seriouslysillyk and feature 12 characters, who include E. Honda, Guile, Zangief, Dhalsim, Blanka, Vega, Sagat, Chun-Li, Ryu, Ken, M. Bison and Balrog. We believe there will be 4 packs to choose from, which will contain 3 figures each and will retail $6 a pop! Stay tuned for product shots and release info!

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Woot Bear Presents: Zachary Sweet in “Hear Me Spirit” (01.13)


Make your way to Woot Bear Gallery for a special exhibit, featuring the works of Zachary Sweet in “Hear Me Spirit”. This art show will feature a number of original artworks by Zachary, as well as the debut release of his Zozo resin figure! The exclusive debut release is best known as the Bonedaddy colorway! The show will take place on the spookiest of nights, Friday, January 13th aka Friday the 13th from 6-9PM. Zachary will most be in attendance and beverages will be supplied by Lagunitas!

Woot Bear
1512 Haight St.
San Francisco, CA 94117



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Toy Geeks: Behind The Counter (01.17)

Ben of 3DRetro, Jack of Jackorama, and George Gaspar of Toy Break/October Toys are happy to bring to you this new years, a brand new weekly web series, which will discuss toy releases, events, news and everything in between! Be sure to tune in on Tuesday, January 17th for the very first episode of Toy Geeks: Behind the Counter! And apparently yes, there will be puppets.

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Whatshisname x Mighty Jaxx – Popek (01.07)


Whatshisname and Mighty Jaxx are working together to bring to you their latest collaborative figure, Popek! Whatshisname is best known for Popek, the squatting pooping balloon animal dog. With the help of Mighty Jaxx, they are bringing it to life in 3D form! This first release will stand 8” tall and will feature a glossy red paint to give it that realist balloon feel. These will drop on Saturday, January 7th on the Migthy Jaxx webshop. Each Popek figure will retail $100 each. These will also go great with the Freeny x Mighty Jaxx Clear Anatomy Balloon Dog.

15624884_1699074970405523_1626532169721577472_n 15625089_397490607252904_1058663344874979328_n

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kaNO x ToyQube – 20” Dragon King


kaNO and ToyQube are going big once again.  Check out the teaser for the upcoming 20” Dragon King vinyl !  Considering the OG Dragon King was pretty awesome, the giant version is shaping up to be something special.  If you’re thinking you’ve seen this growth spurt before, you’re right – Hi-def –>> 24” Hi-Def resin.  Though this time the bigger DK will be in vinyl just like the OG release.

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