Aug 27, 2014

Rivet Gallery Presents: Bob's Burgers Comic Release Celebration (TONIGHT!)


If you know Laura of Rivet Gallery, then you know she’s a huge Bob’s Burgers buff! That’s why they are super excited to announce that they will be releasing the very first Bob’s Burger comic book. Not only that, but Rivet is getting their very own retailer exclusive cover! The 1st issue features the beloved Beefsquatch with artwork by Tony Gennaro and Bernard Derriman. This release is limited to only 500 and will be available online for $3.99 each.

In celebration, Rivet will be hosting a Bob’s Burgers party TONIGHT (08.27) from 6-9PM. There will be a mini ball pit raffle for special Bob’s Burgers Giveaways, which were donated by Bento Box Entertainment and Alison Rose. You can get your game on at the video game station by Game Stop, featuring the game Order Up! You can’t have a Bob’s Burgers party without burgers! OH! Burgers will be serving up a special burger of the day with the rest of their menu. There will be complimentary hamburger cupcakes thanks to Claressa and The Ladybird Seat. Thanks to Derek Stewart, who will be providing the night with all the Bob’s Burgers episodes you can watch via screen and projector!

1200 N. High St.
Columbus, OH 43201

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Aug 26, 2014

Arkiv x Visual Ark – Mickeyiv Vinyl(8.28)

photo 2

The wait for the debut of the Mickeyiv vinyl figures from Arkiv and Taiwanese brand Visual Ark first mentioned in an advanced announcement last spring, is all but over.  First up is the Mickiv Classic Grey vinyl.  Standing 8 inches tall, this new release is perfect for long-time collectors looking to pick up Arkiv’s signature character as well as new collectors looking for the perfect starter piece.

Limited to 200 pieces, the new figure drops on Friday, August 29th 2014 @ 8 AM PDT direclty from Visual Ark for $100 (includes Global Shipping).


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Andrew Bell – Glow In the Dark Can of Worms

unnamed (1) unnamed (4)

Andrew Bell’s Can of Worms figure will soon be available in your favorite local designer toy stores in this fantastic GID colorway! These are an edition of only 250 pieces and will retail $55 each. There is articulation in all 3 of the heads and each of the tails and comes with an awesome can accessory, which it can be displayed with or without.

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Aug 25, 2014

Designer Toy Awards 2014 Finalists + Voting


Clutter recently announced the finalists for this year’s Designer Toy Awards via a special Toy Break Segment.   If you’d rather see it in list form, check out the full run-down on the DTA site.  

Voting for all the publicly voted categories is open over at and runs through Monday, September 1st (Labor Day). Unlike previous years, each person may vote once per category rather than daily.  The winners will be announced at the 4th Annual DTA Awards Ceremony in NYC on Saturday October 11th (NYCC weekend). We’re pleased to have been  nominated for Best Blog and if you’ve enjoyed our coverage for the past 9.5 or so years, we’d be  honored to have your vote.

We all have opinions about awards and nominees, and we’re no different. Rather than comment on each category, we’ll just wonder here out loud (well, sorta…) why Paul Kaiju was not nominated for Artist of the Year ???

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Aug 22, 2014

Angry Woebots x Silent Stage – Nightmare Panda King 2 (08.26)


Angry Woebots and Silent Stage are out to release the brand new Panda King 2. the new Nightmare edition are each hand painted by Woes and limited to only 30 pieces. They are slate to release on Tuesday, August 26th at 11AM PST in their wbestore. If you can’t wait, be sure to shoot an email over to sales[at]silentstagegallery[dot]com to reserve yours right away!

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Atama Presents: RXSEVEN in “Realm” (08.23)


Atama is proud to present RXSEVEN in his very own solo show, “Realm. The show will be taking place this Saturday, August 23rd from 7-9PM. There will be a number of custom toys as well as artwork! Be sure to come out for the evening and hang out with fellow art enthusiasts!

"Realm" is a different perspective on life and death and the brilliant dance between the two. Both life and death can depict beauty and are able to take on many forms. Most people often see death as a darker and cruel end to this life though. RXSeven has chosen to embrace this inevitable doom and show the side of beauty that it also bestows. The idea that every life contributes to the next within a cycle that ever continues moving forward.

ATAMA & Company
5307 E. Mockingbird Lane Suite #107
Dallas, TX 75206

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My Tummy Toys’ Bismarck Figure at Popcon Asia

photo 1 photo 3

My Tummy Toys are excited to announce after a few years in development, the Bismarck figure. Here we get a small sneak peek of what’s to come to Popcon Asia, where they will be showing off this bad boy in person and taking pre-orders. There are plans to make 3 colorways of this 7” figure in blue, grey, and a Blank DIY (12 pieces each). There are three points of articulation in both hands and in the head. If you’re at Popcon Asia be sure to stop by their booth AHH-11.


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Aug 21, 2014

Colus – Impundulu Pre-Order


Colus has been working on his very own limited edition resin figure, Impundulu, which is a self funded project. The Impundulu figure stands 7” and is made from a glossy black resin and are limited to only 55 pieces worldwide. With the help of Mana Studios, they plan on having a mid-September release. Pre-Orders are now up on Colus’ Webstore for the $140 pre-order price versus the $150 regular price.

Impundulu - “Lightning Bird” is a mythological vampiric bird creature from South African tribal folklore. It can  take on many forms, one of which a rooster like bird the size of a human. Believed to be a servant of witch doctors, it seduces woman and can summon thunder and lightning from its wings and talons. 


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Aug 20, 2014

Jesse Hernandez x Kidrobot – New Dunny?!


Jesse Hernandez just posted this teaser via Instagram of something in the works with Kidrobot! This new Dunny is something you’re not going to want to miss! We’re hoping to see this as a 8” Azteca Dunny release. We are crossing our fingers for more teasers.

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Brendan Monroe – Black Marble Figment Available Now


Brendan Monroe has just made available his new Figment soft vinyl figure in a beautiful Black Marble. These are limited to only 20 pieces and should go fairly quickly. You can find them available in his Store HERE for $100 each.

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Jouwe x GLTT – Deadpool Inspired Jouwe Custom at Popcon Asia

photophoto (1)

Jouwe will be collaborating with another artists by the name of Eric Lesmana aka GLTT for Popcon Asia. He will be customizing some Jouwe figures, which will be available at the convention! Stay tuned for the full reveal of these customs! Much more to come.

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Crux – Custom Munny “H. Gurdy Fancycrasher”


Crux just shared with us his latest custom piece, which is entitled H. Gurdy Fancycrasher. This is a collaboration piece, where he did all the sculpting and painting and his wife sewed the suit for this 7” Munny from old work clothes. You can find this piece available, as well as a few other customs on his online store HERE.


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Aug 19, 2014

TAG x Secret Base x Three Tides Tattoo – Karakasa Tattoo Man GID Lottery (8.20 – 8.22)


Toy Art Gallery will release the very limited Karakasa Tattoo Man GID figure from Hiroshi of Three Tides Tattoo and Secret Base via lottery. Featuring a brand-new floral tattoo pattern, GID base vinyl with teal + green accents, this is the 6th painted edition to-date of this distinctive figure .   

To enter the lottery for an opportunity to purchase the figure, send an email to with “Karakasa Lottery” as the subject along with your paypal address and shipping info between Wednesday, August 20th @ 12 PM PDT and Friday August 22nd @ 12 PM PDT. Winners will be chosen randomly and notified up to 24 hours after the lottery period closes.  The figure will be available for $95 (+ s/h).


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Aug 18, 2014

Scott Tolleson x FlabSlab – Yoddha Bust


Scott Tolleson has revealed his newest creation, the Yoddha bust will be debuting at this years STGCC. This piece stands 10” tall and are limited to only 30 pieces worldwide. These will be available at $250 each at the Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention at Scott’s booth. The paint application looks amazing on this and really brings the bust to life. FlabSlab and Scott did an amazing job on this piece.

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Aug 16, 2014

Blamo Toys - Minky

unnamed (1)

Blamo Toys are proud to introduce to you their newest citizen, Minky! He is 88% Spunky, 10% Cheeky, and 2% Funky and is available now! Minky is hand carved from Monkey Pod wood and stands 7.5” tall. He also comes with a hand-made box! You can pick up Minky HERE for $95 each.

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Cometdebris – Summer Vacation Kappa Shonen & Clear Unpainted Kappa Shonen Release (08.16)


Releasing today, Saturday, August 16th at 9PM PST, Cometdebris will be releasing both the Summer Vacation Kappa Shoenn and Clear Unpainted Kappa Shonen figures. The Summer Vacation Kappa is cast  in a  clear vinyl with yellow eyes and is filled with goldfish and summer insects. They are both also available in sets of two so you can split the order with a friend and save on shipping. Find them available on the Cometdebris webstore tonight!


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Aug 14, 2014

Josh Keyes x Toyqube – The Hermit & The Migratory Soul Sneak Peek


Keith Poon of Toyqube just shared this awesome teaser of the new Josh Keyes art toy they have in the works, dubbed The Hermit & The Migratory Soul. This figure is a part of the Signature Series, which includes Josh’s previous Lifted sculpture and the soon to come Kenny Scharf release (SEEN HERE)! We’re hoping to see more photos and information in this piece very soon!

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Scott Tolleson – STGCC Exclusive Oozebeet Deadbeet

10598190_704422749643779_669401203_n 10597338_1493013637603933_1822491261_n

Here’s another Scott Tolleson STGCC exclusive for ya! The Marbled Lime Green translucent with GID Oozebeet Deadbeet will be limited to 30 pieces and comes bagged with an awesome headercard! These will be available at Scott’s booth for $60 each. [VIA Spankystokes]

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Jason Freeny x Mighty Jaxx–GID Radioactive Skull Bomb


Tomorrow on Friday, August 15th at 7PM PST, Mighty Jaxx and Jason Freeny will be releasing the all new Glow in the Dark Radioactive Skull Bomb! These are limited to only 50 pieces and will be available through the Mighty Jaxx Webstore for $79 a piece and free shipping worldwide!   

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Jouwe x Hello Muaw Teaser for Popcon Asia

hellojouwe POSTER

Jouwe shares with us another teaser for Popcon Asia. He will also be collaborating with a young graffiti artists from Bandung on a few projects, who goes by the name of Hello Muaw. We cannot wait to see what these two guys do together. Stay tuned! Take a look at the previous teaser with David the Killer HERE.

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Aug 13, 2014

Gary Baseman -- ‘Mythical Creatures’ Documentary on Kickstarter


The Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the completion of Gary Baseman’s ‘Mythical Creatures’ documentary is in the home stretch seeking a $100,000 stretch goal before ending on Monday (8.18). The film relates and personalizes the tragic lessons of the Holocaust through his parents’ personal harrowing experiences and heroic struggle against the Nazis  in part with allegorical animation featuring Baseman’s characters and creatures. The money raised will help fund a  filmed visit to the hometown of Baseman’s parents (Modern-day Ukraine) which will see the creation of an art installation as well as post-production for the documentary.

There are plenty of tempting rewards for project backers including a signed Gary Baseman x Shepard Fairey Partisan print, several T-shirts, movie poster and perhaps of most interest to toy collectors, a 12” limited-edition Toby Doll ($150).  This new Toby plush is a follow-up to the long since sold-out larger 16” version (2005). Head on over to the ‘Mythical Creatures’ Kickstarter to learn more about the film and all of the available rewards.


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Silent Stage x Slick – Upcoming Mickey Figure


Here’s a teaser shot of the upcoming Mickey figure in the works from Slick and Silent Stage.  Judging by the pic, the world’s most famous mouse is ready to regulate with his trusty Mac-11.  Going off the vibe, perhaps the new toy is based on Slick’s bandana Mickey seen in his earlier art.  In addition to the standard figure, look out for a 5’ killer as well.


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Silent Stage x KNKLSNHUGS – R2-D.DOOM Tee


Angry Woebots is branching out.  His new KNKLSNHUGS project combines and mashes up his favorite things.  First up is the Hip Hop meets Lucas R2-D.DOOM Tee in collaboration with Silent Stage.   The shirt is available now for $30 (+s/h) over at the Silent Stage web shop.

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Flawtoys -– Project Unknown Brownhide + Pink Skullhead Dunnys


Sander of Flawtoys recently stocked his store with several new toys. Limited to just 3 pieces, his Project Unknown Brownhide figure features a boy inside a bear suit.  Standing 6” tall, the resin piece includes swappable faces -- boy and skull.  It’s available now for 80 euros (~ $106) + s/h from the Flawtoys shop.  His second release, the blind-boxed double-cast Pink Skullhead Dunnys sold out quickly at 40 euros (~ $53) a piece and it’s pretty easy to see why.  Flawtoys continues to release high-quality figures in an impressive variety of shapes and styles.


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Brent Nolasco x Toy Art Gallery – Night Stalker Edition Blood Thirst


This Friday, August 15th at 12PM PST, Toy Art Gallery will be releasing Brent Nolasco’s Night Stalker Edition Blood Thirst figure. This is the first painted edition of Brent’s original soft vinyl figure. The Night Stalker edition features black rub over white vinyl with black, silver, red, and gray sprays. Blood Thirst stands 9” tall with 5 points of articulation. Find them available in the store for $75 each.


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