Feb 15, 2018

Momoco Studio – Shark Papa at Wonder Festival (2.18)


Momoco Studio will unleash their brand-new Shark Papa sofubi at Wonder Festival 2018 Winter (2.18).  As you might guess by the name, Shark Papa is a big ‘un – about 2.5x taller than their previous Shark Boy toys!  He’ll be available at their booth [5-20-02] for 12,000 yen (~ $110).

27750458_995568027273084_8886022369095677862_n 27972688_995567967273090_100988271969265951_n 27972890_995567963939757_5071172394756244485_n 27752224_995567960606424_214957248827218861_n

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KEIOS x adFunture x Bee Wong – Fortune Panda (4.18)


adFunture continues its toy revival with Fortune Panda, their latest collaboration with KEIOS and Bee Wong. This one is slated for April.  Our guess is Shanghai Toy Show (4.5 – 4.7) where adFunture is showing or perhaps Wonder Festival Shanghai (4.6 –4.7). Fortune Panda joins adFunture’s previously released Fortune Kayden figure.

Adfunture13 Adfunture10 Adfunture9

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8th Annual Designer Toy Awards Nominations OPEN!


It’s that time of year folks! Start thinking of your favorite toys, artists, companies and BLOGS *wink wink*, as the Designer Toy Awards have now opened up the nomination process for the big event on June 1st during the Five Points Festival weekend. The nominations will be open from now through March 12th at 6PM EST. To nominate, head on over HERE after registering/logging in, select the preferred Award Category and get to nomming! They’ve also added a new category, “Best Production Sculpt”, which we cannot wait to see who/what makes it to the finals. For more information, make your way to the DTA website HERE. Don’t forget to keep Vinyl Pulse in mind when you make your way to that “Best Media Outlet” category. 

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Feb 14, 2018

Martin Ontiveros x TAG – Baphomanic Flesh Edition (2.16)


Toy Art Gallery will release the Baphomaniac Flesh Edition from Martin Ontiveros on Friday (2.16) at 12 PM PST for $80 (+ s/h) over at the TAG web shop. Standing 8” tall with articulation at the head, arms and wings, the new unpainted edition of the mystical beast follows the OG Blacklight Purple edition which dropped back in October.  Oh, and did we mention it has articulated wings?  Too cool.

unnamed (2) unnamed (1)

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Igor Ventura x Kidrobot – The Death of Innocence


Kidrobot will release The Death of Innocence 8” Dunny from Igor Ventura on Friday (2.16) at 8 AM PDT.   Based on Igor’s poignant custom done as a commission back in 2015, The Death of Innocence—a ‘wood’ rocking horse decorated in a Dia De Muertos/Sugar Skull style—is a comment on what’s lost as we leave the simpler pleasures of childhood behind.  The piece will be available in three editions. The OG color and Grayscale editions will be available for $74.99 (+ s/h) from select retailers including myplasticheart as well as from Kidrobot, while we assume the Red/Black is a KR Exclusive available directly from Kidrobot.com.

Death-of-Innocence_17__05612.1518559654  27576399_207496566467974_542783385454510080_n27575029_1992893570977076_8273473314207301632_n 27574669_2112007225752693_6745614668036833280_n


The translation from custom to production piece is pretty remarkable with a really strong sculpt headlined by the ‘wooden’ Dunny horse head.  As you can see in the video below, KR has balanced the weight so that the piece rocks back forth with ease.  In my book, it’s an early pick 2018 Toy of the Year finalist.  While the toy is certainly the focus, the black on black box is nicely done as well.

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Jason Freeny x ANATOY Collabo Project


The upcoming collabo project between Jason Freeny and South Korea’s ANATOY makes perfect sense.  ANATOY is an elaborate new platform toy based around the concept of anatomy. The platform features a skeletal concept with 12 swappable parts per figure attached via articulated joints with ‘bone’ connectors.  

So far ANATOY has shown what appears to be Freeny’s hand-done sculpt/master as well as a partial 3D scan/render.  We’re looking forward to seeing more of this collabo project.  Perhaps the final production piece will have snap-on torso and face parts which can be removed to reveal the underlying anatomy?

If you’d like to see ANATOY up close and personal, the brand will be exhibiting at several Asian Art Toy conventions including Shanghai Toy Show (E11), Art Toy Culture in Seoul, Taipei Toy Festival and Beijing Toy Show.

anatoy-bobby-26678351_573240649686551_7640538767537801048_o_1024x1024 26869467_1909666149258298_1546104212704722944_n bobby_04

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Feb 13, 2018

Will Sweeney x Fern Toy – Mindseye Trooper


Fern Toy is readying the release of it’s next figure—the gobsmacking Mindseye Trooper from UK artist Will Sweeney.  Standing ~ 8” tall, the stylish ‘guardian of the vorpal sword’ offers a retro futuristic vibe.  Love the design with the textured suit, the bold colors, and the clean lines.  This will be available first at the artist’s show at Diesel Gallery in Japan opening on March 1st.  Thankfully, Fern Toy will be offering an online release shortly – we’ll keep you updated. Finally, props to Unbox who shepherded this project through production.

26868917_2066158213626641_1112018065735811072_nMindseye_Header  26872965_1226350294163054_4019931845360615424_n

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Toy Geeks Behind the Counter Season 2 is Here!

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 5.11.39 PM

You’ve been waiting all winter for the thaw, the sun, and Season 2 of Toy Geeks Behind the Counter.  Well… at least one of three isn’t too bad… TGBTC S2 E1 is now up for your watching pleasure—a full hour !  Check out the first episode of the new season featuring Ben, Jack V., Sarah Jo and guest host George.  Watch it below or on Youtube.

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3DRetro TEQ63 Exclusive from QUICCS x Martian Toys (2.15)


Oooh… 3DRetro will release a dose of fresh street style with their Exclusive TEQ63 vinyl (6”) from QUICCS x Martian Toys. The 3DRetro Exclusive features a dope digital camo pattern that has to be seen in person to really appreciate the amazing pad printing at play here. The swappable arms (apart, or together hoodie style) really adds to QUICCS’ strong design.   Limited to 100 pieces, this one drops on Thursday (2.15) @ 12 PM PST from 3DRetro.com for $70 (+ s/h).

IMG_2104   Quiccs_side-1quiccs-6b

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JT Studio – Jians Valentines Exclusive

JT Studio opened a 24-hr pre-order for new Jians Valentine Exclusive vinyl figure (4.3”) in the dead of last night Stateside time. To be on the safe side you should get your order in by 11:59 AM PST on Tuesday (2.13). This special edition sports a really nice paint application mixing matte black flat purple.  Limited to just 99 pieces, the Valentines Jians can be yours for $80 (includes shipping) directly from his web shop

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Feb 10, 2018

Kidrobot – City Cryptid Dunny Series (7.18)


Kidrobot will launch the new City Cryptid Dunny series in July. Curated by Scott Tolleson, the new series features cool cryptid—fabled, mythical, real or not creatures—designs from a talented, truth-seeking roster including Greg “Craola” Simkins, Chris Ryniak, Alex Pardee, Charlie Immer, Amanda Louise Spayd, Chris Lee, Candie Bolton, Skinner, Tara McPherson and Scott Tolleson.  The series features the mysterious, the fearsome and the plain weird including Bigfoot, Nessie, Chupacabra, J’ba Fofi, Ahool and more.  City Cryptid is current available for pre-order from myplasticheart and Capsule Corp Comics for $11.99/blindbox.

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Feb 09, 2018

Dehara x Unbox x Nickelodeon – Spongebob Satoshi

Unbox got into the crossover groove in 2017, with several officially-licensed Spongebob collabo projects including the Spongebob Molly toys with Kenny Wong and the Spongebob Uamou.  Their deep dive to Bikini Bottom continues in 2018 with several new drops including the Spongebob-themed Satoshi from Dehara.  Unbox just posted a test pull which nicely shows off the strong sculpt.  We’re assuming the final paint design will be patterned after the proto (hand done) shown last year. Unbox has also teased Spongebob Elfie figures from Too Nathapong.


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Fools Paradise – Three King Set


Fools Paradise has just made available the Three King Set, which includes Two Three, Nine One and Three Three. This amazing trio of basketball history is definitely a must for any NBA fan. Not into the set? You can also pick Nine One and Three Three individually at $285 each or $540 for the pair (Made to Order/Max Limit 388 Ea). The set itself is available $838 and is the only way to obtain Two Three if you haven’t picked him up for the previous release. Each figure features alternative heads and basketball accessories. You can place your orders for them HERE.


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ABCNT x Mighty Jaxx – Bitchy Rich Madness (02.10)


ABCNT and Mighty Jaxx are out to release a new colorway of their Bitchy Rich figure. Be prepared to get hit in the face with laughing gas, as the new “Madness” edition is set to release this Saturday, February 10th at 7AM PST through the Mighty Jaxx webshop. This colorway is a playful take on Batman’s number one nemesis, which isn’t the first time we’ve seen the theme applied to our current president. Be sure to check out Mighty Jaxx’s Interview with ABCNT HERE. Retail we believe in the $80 range, similar to the previous release.

ABCNT_BitchyRich_Madness_Blog_Image_03 ABCNT_BitchyRich_Madness_Blog_Image_04

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Feb 08, 2018

Huck Gee x Jon-Paul Kaiser x Pobber – Skullhead Samurai: Legend


Huck Gee x Jon-Paul Kaiser’s Skullhead Samurai is back for one last turn. The Legend Edition (9”, 50 pcs) sends our deadly hero out as a golden warrior.  The new and final edition of this fun collabo is available now directly from Pobber PST for $120 (+ s/h). These will ship out at the end of February.

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Toy Art Gallery – Bone Xray Spongebob DX from Secret Base (2.8)

unnamed (3)
Secret Base has worked their sofubi magic once again and the result is the new Bone XRAY Spongebob DX figure, conveniently available this Friday (2.8) from the Toy Art Gallery web shop for $115 (+ s/h).  The stark, minimalist design features a bone white internal figure with black rub to accentuate the fine details in the skeletal sculpt. Secret Base often includes extras with these figures—this time around it’s a matching Spongebob keychain. Neato!

unnamed unnamed (2) unnamed (1)

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Six TwentyEight – Super Gold Edition MITT (02.15)


We got a lot of gold glitter going on today! Six TwentyEight has another amazing colorway of their “MITT” Figure. The New Super Gold edition features a clear vinyl filled with glitter, red spray on the headlights of the bumper and scarf, and paint details on the face. Each figure comes with bumper MITT and the bumper car, which you can swap out for his lower half. They will be available on Thursday, February 15th through the Six TwentyEight webstore, as well as the following retailers: Fewmany, Wrong Gallery, Vintage & Vinyl Club, Angel Abby, Streams Art and myplasticheart. Retail for these puppies are $52 and we don’t expect them to last very long.


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Amanda Visell – Pegaphunt Centurion


Available now in very limited quantities is the new Pegaphunt Centurion by Amanda Visell! With only 13 of these glittery goodies available, these won’t last very long. Each figure is hand-made, hand-painted and measures 7” wide. You can find them available now through the MySwitcheroo shop HERE for $175. Did we mention the helmet also comes off!


unnamed (2) unnamed (1)  IMG_1248

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Feb 07, 2018

Marsham Toy Hour – S3 E4 with Igor Ventura


This weeks episode of Marsham Toy Hour brings in a special guest by the name of Igor Ventura, master customizer all the way from Brazil! We get to learn about how Igor was first introduced into toys and where it has brought him to today. There is some good discussion on the new Wild Ones series and kind of what goes on behind the scenes of a KR Production piece. The big news drop is about his very own release with Kidrobot, the Death of Innocence 8” Dunny. A release date is given and everything! With all the Dunny talk in this episode, they even end things with a fun trivia game. Please give this episode a listen below!

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Feb 06, 2018

Kasing Lung – Wild Things Labubu Lottery from Superman Toys


If you missed the pre-order for Kasing Lung’s Wild Things Labubu back in November as part of his Monsters show at Paradise Toys in Taipei, there’s a second chance to score this gem.  Superman Toys will be offering 100 pieces via lottery in the coming days – no ordering details so far, whether it will be in-person, online…  Keep an eye on their Instagram.


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Kyle Kirwan -- ‘Final’ Willo (2.9)


So this one is bitter sweet.  Kyle Kirwan has re-imagined his signature Willo figure with a dark yet quirky new sculpt.  The bitter?  The name tells the story – Final Willo.   Yes, Willo’s days are numbered, though thankfully there are a few chapters left. Turns out this is the first of three colorways of his ‘final’ vision of the character.  And what a vision it is—Willo is transformed from a humble, innocuous looking creature—albeit rather large—into  what we’d describe as a hunter imbued with a bird spirit. The sculpt features tattered demonic wings, skull helmet, bird toes and in a bit of a twist, a curiously cool giant bird-face belly.   Limited to ten pieces, the beginning of the end will be available for pre-order on Friday (2.9) at 9 AM PST from his web shop for $250 (+ s/h).

20180206_10261220180205_233453 20180205_233522

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Kurobokan Toys – Year of Nimbus Special Releases!


Kurobokan Toys is celebrating this Lunar New Years with three very special releases! With it being the year of the Dog, you know they got something special for that! The first reveal is the Orange Crush Edition Daydream (Nimbus) figure. This is a run of only 150 pieces world wide and can be found through select retailers. Those being Ozzo Colletion (Singapore), myplasticheart (USA), Collect and Display (UK) and JP Toys Gallery (Thailand). These will be available on Saturday, February 10th.


We are looking forward to seeing what the other two releases they have in store for us! Stay tuned!

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Lunar New Year – Year of the Dog Android Mini (02.07)


It’s that time of year folks! DYZ Plastics and Andrew Bell are celebrating the Lunar New Years with a brand new Android Mini figure. It being the year of the dog, we have a special release to reflect just that. The New Year of the Dog figure will be available on Wednesday, February 7th in the DZ Shop at 11AM EST HERE for $10 each. This release stands 3” tall and features a double sided gold painted medallion on ribbon collar, doggy eared designed antennae and super awesome window boxed packaging. 

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Scott Tolleson – Dark Crystal Shard Dunny


Scott Tolleson will soon be releasing this bad boy! Feast your eyes on the new “Dark Crystal” Edition Shard Dunny. Towering at 5” tall, Scott has plans to release this resin figure sometime next week. So you may want to keep your eyes peeled on his Instagram for that very Important information. We believe this guy may run around the $150 price point.

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Super7 – Silver Back Wing Kong (2.7)


Super7 will drop the new Silver Back Wing Kong sofubi on Wednesday (2.7) at Noon PST for $95 (+ s/h)  from the S7 web shop (plus SF & SD S7 locations) in extremely limited quantities.  The fearsome 9” flying primate features black vinyl with silver and frosty blue spray.  This one’s a truly excellent beast for your sofubi collection.

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