Mar 10, 2017

FOE Drops GID Cat With Dagger and Red + Green Fumetsu (3.11)


FOE Gallery will have two special drops on Saturday (3.11). First up is Deth P. Sun’s new GID Cat with Dagger sofubi —check the blue eyes—from FOE.  The nocturnal cat will be available from 4 to 7 PM at the Invisible Fountain in East Hampton, MA. .

And… for round #2, FOE also has  sweet red + green colorway of Cop A Squat Toys’ Fumetsu. These are cast in clear vinyl with red, green, and gold spray on the exterior and interior. These will be available from FOE’s site at 6 PM PDT.


unnamed (1)

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One-Night ‘Taste of The Orient’ Brings Sofubi to Munky King


It’s been quite sometime since LA has hosted a sofubi show.  Looking to fill that gnawing void, partners in crime Jerry and TylerTyler will present the Taste of The Orient group show for a one-night run on Saturday (3.11, 7 to 11 PM) at Munky King.  The ‘menu’ will feature tasty morsels from Purple Toys, Retroband, Paul Kaiju, Brandt Peters, MilkboyToys, Violence Toy, Kenth Toyworks, Yokai-Yu and more. Look for one-offs and a few editions including Boss Carions, Chimeras, and more from PK, a pair of gnarly of Muo Gui Meats from Retroband, several hand-painted Astro Bats (RxH) and at least one Orion from Mr. Peters, and an army of toys from Kenth Toy works including an edition and one-offs of Milkboytoys’ IT Bear plus one-offs his own Naminori Kaiji Oron (whew!).    Wristbands for the lottery will be passed out through 8 PM. Hit the jump for preview pics.

To The Orient
Saturday (3.11.17) from 7 to 11 PM

Munky King
5702 W. Pico Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90019


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Mar 09, 2017

Amanda Visell and Michelle Valigura – GID Robot and Fox + Crash-land Bat

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Amanda Visell and Michelle Valigura have served up a double dose of glow goodness with today’s release of the GID Robot and Fox plus the GID Crash-land Bat. Each features hand-painted details for fun with the lights on or off.  Both releases are limited to ten pieces and are available for $90 each from Switcheroo.

unnamed unnamed (1)

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Mar 08, 2017

Ron English x JPS x Made by Monsters – Sun Flowers


It’s Spring and the Sun Flowers are in bloom, just in time for Art Fair Tokyo 2017 (3.16-3.19). Perennial conspirators Ron English, JPS Gallery, and Made by Monsters have cultivated three varieties – Smiley, Grin, and Sponge!  These will be presented as an installation and available for sale JPS’s booth (N21). Luckily, JPS will hold back a limited stock of each for online sales.   

Ron English’s Sun Flowers stand roughly 16.5 inches tall, are metal and vinyl hybirds, and are limited to 333 numbered pieces complete with COA.  The 333 pieces breakdown to 33 Smiley, 100 Grin and 200 3-Eyed Sponge.  They will be available for $150 (+ s/h), with delivery at the end of March.



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Fools Paradise – Scout. Troop at Coin Rides Game #5 (3.12)


While the first three Coin Rides Game figures from Fools Paradise focused on Star Wars themes, the brand has been focused recently on DC-based releases. We return to a galaxy far, far away for the  Scout. Troop at Coin Rides Game #5 vinyl which features Keiko as an Imperial Scout Trooper zooming (or is that moving side to side?) on a speeder bike.  Limited to 299 pieces, Scout will be available for pre-order starting on March 12th at 8 AM PDT from Fools Paradise for an as-yet unannounced price.

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Super7’s March 15th Releases with Invisible Creature and The Toxic Avenger!


Super7’s got a couple awesome releases for Wednesday, March 15th! For their first release, they will have available their newest series of ReAction Figures, The Toxic Avenger! These will be available in both Movie colorway and Cartoon colorway. Each figure will retail $15 each and will available shortly at both San Diego and San Francisco locations.

unnamed (1)unnamed (3)

While we’re talking about Super7, talk about a double whammy of vinyl figures from the creative minds of Invisible Creature. Also releasing on Wednesday are the Purple Passion Leroy C. ($35) and Cobalt Crusier Colonel Stinson ($65). These will both be available on their webstore and brick and mortar shops at 12PM PST.

unnamed (2)

Last, but not least. The Super7 San Diego store will be celebrating their 2 year anniversary with a 10% off everything in-store only sale! Give them a visit on Saturday, March 11th in the East Village of Downtown SD from 11-7PM.

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James Groman x Instinctoy - King Korpse Threat Variant


King Korpse has been on a tear lately.  As soon as a new edition is released, it’s quickly devoured by collectors.  So it’s exciting to see that James Groman and Instinctoy are working on a new ‘Threat’ head-sculpt.  Aptly described, the new sculpt features an enraged King Korpse with his mouth agape.  We can’t wait to see more on this fearsome development.


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Mame Moyashi - Chef Squidiano Pre-Order Available Now!


Mame Moyashi’s newest sculpt has just been unveiled! Dubbed the Chef Squidiano, this eight-armed cephalopod’s first release features a pink/purple colorway and stands a similar height with the Maguro and Giant Claws figures at 4.75” tall. Myplasticheart has them available for pre-order HERE for $64.99 with a pre-order deadline of April 10th! Be sure to snag one before its too late!

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Jesse Hernandez x Silent Stage – Metal Jaguar Skull (3.15)


Badass.  Jesse Hernandez has teamed up with Silent Stage on the brand-new Metal Jaguar Skull and it looks great.  The 7” W x 4” H x 5” D solid resin piece has a nice metallic finish with rubbed effect—Raiders baby.  The 2.5D approach works well here, nice relief details, especially the teeth and horns.  Limited to 35 pieces, Jesse’s Skulls drop on Wednesday (3.15) at 11 AM PDT over at Silent Stage.

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Alex Solis x Mighty Jaxx – Baby Puft (03.11)


Alex Solis and Mighty Jaxx team up once again to bring you another Baby Terror! The Baby Puft is absolutely terrifyingly cute and is ready to cause mayhem through out your toy shelves. The debut release will take place on Saturday, March 11th through Mighty Jaxx’s webstore. Don’t forget to bust out the chocolate and graham crackers for this amazing piece!

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64 Colors x Rotofugi – Toasted Mini Marshalls Are Back


If you missed the Toasted Mini Marshalls at last year’s SDCC (or are building an army), you’ll be happy to know that the little scrumptious treats from 64 Colors and Rotofugi are back!  That’s right both Joyful and Surprised are available for $9.95 or you can pick a set for $19.90 (+ s/h).  These are hand-painted—in Chicago—so no two are quite alike.


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Candie Bolton x Toy Art Gallery – Bake-Kujira Orange Lottery (3.10 – 3.12)

unnamed (3)

Candie Bolton’s Bake-Kujira:The Phantom Whale returns in a fierce new unpainted Orange edition from Toy Art Gallery.  The new edition of the 11” figure will be sold for $150 (+ s/h) via an email-based lottery starting this Friday (3.10) @ 12 PM PST through Tuesday (3.14) @ 12 PM.  To enter, drop a line to “Bake-Kurjira Lottery” as the subject along with your paypal address and shipping info.  Happy hunting!

unnamedunnamed (1) unnamed (2)

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Mar 07, 2017

Marsham Toy Hour – Episodes 50 & 51


Prepare your ears folks, as there are a couple new Marsham Toy Hour episodes! Both these episodes are a tad different than the norm. Episode 50 the Marsham Dudes were invited by the Kult Gallery to moderate a Singapore based panel featuring Mighty Jaxx, Daniel Yu, RZL and Tulika Ahuja.  


For episode 51, they get things going with very first episode of the Collector Series. They invite super collector Robert Howell of Lulubell Toys. What goes on in his mind a collector and what drives him. Both episodes are very good listens, so be sure to check them out!

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Kozik x Blacbkook Toy – A Clockwork Dim & A Clockwork Hateball


Blackbook Toy are happy to announce two new releases in collaboration with Frank Kozik. They are bringing in a new edition of Kozik’s A Clockwork Dim with a brand new Milk Bottle accessory, as well as a mask from that famous “break in” scene. The body is cast in a clear vinyl body with a clear yellow vinyl head. You can find them available now HERE for $140.  Also available is a super limited edition Clockwork Hateball, which was painted by Marvel Okinawa. These are limited to only 6 pieces and will available through email lottery. The lottery will take place on March 9th at 7AM PST through March 11th at 6:59AM. An extra bonus for those picking up these figures is a free Lil’ Alex pin! And for an extra extra bonus, anyone purchasing 2 Dim figures or can get a chance to win themselves an unpainted Dim head.

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Toy Geeks: Behind The Counter Episodes 7 & 8

We got a couple new episodes of Toy Geeks Behind The Counter for you! Both of these episodes bring to you some puppet action! Episode 7 with Trippy the Clown and episode 8 with Chester Pepper from the dumpster. Both episodes of jam packed with toys, reviews and puppets!

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Mar 06, 2017

AKA Curious Boy – East to West: XuanZang

bronze version5

Shanghai-based artist Curious Boy (@akacuriousboy) has just released his new art toy, XuanZang.  The new figure is the third release in his East to West series, a hip-hop infused take on the legendary Chinese tale Journey to The West.  XuanZang offers a new vision of the tale’s central character, a monk, making the perilous journey. The artist’s stylized warrior monk figure features a striking, elaborate helmet/cloak (removable) symbolizing the White Dragon Horse.  He also flashes a modified version of Jay Z’s signature hand gesture.

XuanZang stands 9” without cloak about 10.25” with it.  The figure will be available in four planned versions including Bronze (above) which features an impressive patina effect and Golden (below).  Both are available now for $150 (including global shipping). To order drop an email to


golden version6 golden version2 bronze version7 bronze version8

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Chris Ryniak – Foggy Smidgen (3.11)

Heads up! Chris Ryniak’s next release is this Saturday and will feature the Foggy Smidgen resin as well as a slew of original drawings.  True to his name, Foggy Smidgen is cast in matte transparent resin and perhaps contrary to his name, sure to bring smiles wherever he goes. No word on pricing yet.  The drop is set for Saturday, March 11th 2017 @ 12 PM PST from

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Mar 02, 2017

Staple x James Jean x Mighty Jaxx – Washizu (3.4)


Washizu, the previously mentioned collab between the Staple brand and James Jean will be available as a 24-hr timed edition on Saturday (3.4) at 8 AM PST over at for an as-yet unannounced price.  Inspired by Akira Kurosawa’s Throne of Blood—a retelling of Macbeth—and its lead character, the striking PVC figure offers James Jean’s vision of the film’s climatic scene, recasting Jeff Staple’s signature Pigeon—celebrating its 20th anniversary—as a graceful yet powerful warrior absorbing a volley of arrows. 

As seen in the concept art, Washizu—produced by Mighty Jaxx—makes the transition from strong drawing to forceful sculpture with a commanding finish featuring a blue slate effect and golden arrows—that final color choice is in flux.  With an artful mix of the Staple Brand, James Jean and Akira Kurosawa, this promises to be one of the premiere drops of 2017.

17075859_1577992112229625_3062440793059885056_n 17075841_585762851624259_4869787675739029504_n 16789744_163691327471713_6083189921965670400_n

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Craola x C4 Toons – I’m Scared Short is now Online


As you likely know, Craola collaborated with the stop-animation specialists at C4 Toons on his first short, ‘I’m Scared’.  Brought to life by numerous Kickstarter backers, the  5-minute film brings us Ralf, his brother and plenty of things that go bump in the night including the Stair Monsta.  While the short has been screened at film festivals and special events over the past year and a half or so, it hasn’t been available online until now. It’s free to watch and enjoy (over and over again) on Youtube

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Oasiem Karmieh – ‘Eleven’ Art Toy

Do you love Netflix’s Stranger Things? If so, you’ll almost certainly dig Oasiem Karmieh’s new art toy of Eleven. The 3D-sculpted figure brings Rocio Garcia’s fun cartoon-style illustration of the Eggo-floating telekinetic wonder to life with an in-action pose.  Eleven’s dress sways and she makes the magnetic Eggos dance.  The figure stands 6” tall, includes a metallic base, and yes, the three mini waffles. Limited to 20 signed and numbered pieces,  Eleven is available for pre-order now for $175 (+ s/h) directly from Karmieh Industries.

eleven-toy-figurine_81f208bb-517e-4c22-b6d1-70c2ce0d4463_1024x1024 eleven-figurine-art-toy_2048x2048

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Luke Chueh x Flabslab – Boba v 1.3 PreOrder Ends Soon


In case you haven’t had a chance to pick up the Luke Chueh x Flabslab OG Boba, you’ve got one last chance but you’ll have to act quickly, as in now.  For about another day or so (do it now to be sure), Flabslab is offering version 1.3—this third offering features slight modifications to the rear of the helmet—as a preorder for $300 (+$90 for shipping) via Flabslab. This piece is quintessential Luke Chueh (yes, without the bear!) – Boba sipping a Boba, pretty darn near perfect!

product_image 16906318_176596619507524_2997920681942843392_n    16906347_697905687047316_1044925763129704448_n

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Amanda Visell x Michelle Valigura – The Bat

unnamed unnamed (1)

Beware villains!  The Bat from Amanda Visell and Michelle Valigura is on the prowl.  The new 6.5” resin is available in both OG (25 pcs) and Dark (5 pcs) editions.  The super pumped caped crusader is available smiling (OG) or not (Dark) for $125 (+ s/h) from Switcheroo.  To the bat cave!


unnamed (2)unnamed (3)   QUEzNkY1NzBCQzFDOEZGQjk1MDE6ZTcwMDY4ZDhiMWIzYTU0NWI1OGJkZGNjMTY5Yzc4Zjg6Ojo6OjA=

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Mar 01, 2017

Super7 x Aliens –18” Matte Black Warrior Alien


Super7 first released the Prototype Edition Warrior Alien at SDCC 2016, which meant that a movie version would soon come! That time is now here, as Super7 just put up for pre-order the 18” Matte Black (1986) Alien Warrior. This piece is fully articulated with glow in the dark accents and metallic snapping mouth. This figure comes packaged in a vintage styled windowed box. You can find it available now HERE for $195. Estimated shipping date will be late March.

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Secret Base – Spongebob DX Green + Clear GID via Toy Art Gallery (3.5)


Hunting for the latest Spongebob DX sofubi from Secret BaseToy Art Gallery has you covered with the new green + clear GID edition which features a dissected-style design with a painted green + pink left side with star eye and a clear right side revealing the inner GID skeleton.  It drops on Friday (3.3) at 12 PM PST from the TAG web shop for $115 and includes a matching enamel pin. 

If you’ve never seen one of these up close, rest assured that they are quite nice.  While I can’t vouch for this particular GID edition, I do know the previous red GID glows extremely well.


unnamed (5) unnamed (1) unnamed (3)
unnamed (4)  unnamed (6) unnamed (2)

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Kosrobot Does Daft Punk’s Thomas Bangalter


Just like us, Kosrobot is also a big fan of Daft Punk. Inspired by an old photo of the digital duo in regular old civilian wear, Kosrobot has taken it upon himself to create a 1/12 toy based off of it! These Thomas Bangalter figure is currently in the prototyping phase, which we hope to see fully painted and casted in resin by the end of this month. This of course will be followed by a 1/12 scale Guy Manuel De Homen Christo later in the year. Be sure to give Kosrobot a follow for progress photos!


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