Aug 20, 2018

Amanda Visell – Baby Fox + Robot Resin


If you haven’t already picked up Amanda Visell’s new Baby Fox + Robot resin set, there’s still time with two sets left as of this posting.  The set features a cute red+pink fox (3.5”) with a mini-robot likely designed by Michelle Valigura. The set is available for $90 from myswitcheroo.

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Nerviswr3k – Drone Blank Show at DesignerCon


Nerviswr3k (Gabriel Rivas) has announced the first-ever Drone Show featuring 40+ artists showcasing their talents on his recently introduced Drone DIY blank. The show will open at DesignerCon 2018 (11.16-11.18) in the WeAreNotToys booth [#1213] with a lineup with a talented roster which includes Kyle Kirwan, Nugglife, Tasha Zimich, RobotsWillKill, Betso, RSIN, Miss Zukie, Leecifer, Nemo, Valleydweller, The Bots, Wetworks, TaskOne, JC Rivera, Drilone, Mike Die, Jay222, and Nerviswr3k.  See the flier above for the full roster.

While Nerviswr3k has been using the Dron e Blank as the basis of much of his work for awhile now, this is the first time he’s offered it and promoted it as a product onto itself.  If you’d like to get your hands on one, he’s taking pre-orders now ($25 including shipping)  to be fulfilled after DesignerCon.  Order by DM via his Instagram.


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Aug 16, 2018

kaNO x Knocks on Wood – New Bodega Project


So there’s a new Bodega project in the works from kaNO and new brand Knocks on Wood. Knocks on Wood posted a teaser shot which appears to be a 3D-model of the figure – more or less identical to the OG vinyl version.  So, what’s this new project about?  A few, perhaps focusing on the brand’s name, have suggested this will be a wood version.  That would be pretty dope.  If true, that would raise the question about the 3D Model…   As for when ?  We’re not sure, but we did notice that the IG post has Anaheim Convention Center as the location… DCon anyone?

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Scott C. x DKE Toys – TheGreat Showdowns: TMNT Vs. Pizza for NYCC (10.4 – 10.7)


It’s almost two months away so an NYCC teaser reveal is a nice surprise, made all the sweeter considering it’s for the next The Great Showdowns carded resin from Scott C. and DKE Toys.  Sculpted by George Gaspar (DoubleG Toys), the latest in the extremely popular series pits a hungry Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle against a delicious, friendly, and presumably rather hapless pizza pie.  Delicious stuff. This is sure to be at the top of many NYCC ‘want’ lists.

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Ron English x TAG – Poultry Rex Mono (8.17)


Poultry Rex returns to terrorize your shelves in a new mono edition from Ron English and Toy Art Gallery.   This new factory-painted rendition of the time-bending hybrid beast offers a stylish take on the mono concept.  While the head and limbs feature a white on black design, most of the body features what appears to be a gray rub on the off-white vinyl.  Poultry Rex Monochrome stands 8” tall and features 5 points of articulation (arms, legs and tail). It drops on Friday (8.17) at 12 PM PDT for $105 from the TAG web shop.

unnamed unnamed   unnamedunnamed

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Aug 09, 2018

Splurrt x Toy Art Gallery – Devilman Broken Bones (8.9)


Feel the pain with the new Devilman Broken Bones edition (5”) from Splurrt and Toy Art Gallery, dropping on Friday (8.9) at 12 PM PDT for $85 via TAG’s Web Shop.   Cast in teal sofubi, the ghastly one with 3 points of articulation reaches full fright with red and black sprays.

unnamed unnamed unnamed unnamed

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Aug 08, 2018

Sket One - 8” Honey Custom Dunnys (8.10)


The incoming 8” Honey Custom Dunnys from Sket One are the latest in his highly sought after Condiments series.  This one features a gorgeous translucent honey bear Dunny with a matching puddle of the sweet stuff and a honey dipper with traces o’honey on it. While this would look great in a toy collection, it’ll really turn heads by itself on a table or kitchen counter.

This ‘premium quality’ sweetness can be yours for $485.  The 8” Honey Custom Dunnys will be available for a 24-hour window starting on Friday (8.10) at 9 AM PST through Saturday (8.11) at 9 AM PDT directly from Sket’s web shop.  Don’t go from sweet to sour—set a reminder on your gizmo.

file_21a33716ea_original file_6aca7fc471_original

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Aug 07, 2018

Nathan Cleary x Pobber – Spongrenade Mono


Pobber is wrapping up production on the 4” OG Spongrenade vinyl from Nathan Cleary which were offered via pre-order in February and quickly sold out.  But…  They also teased something new… Mono.  Yep, the OG will soon have a Mono brother-in-arms—also in the fun 4” vinyl format.  Here’s hoping the Mono was part of the OG production run and will be a normal drop rather than a preorder.


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Jul 31, 2018

Fools Paradise – Three Kings Two Three Black


If you missed ACG HK last weekend, never fear the new Two Three Black is also available for pre-order directly from Fools Paradise for $285 (includes global shipping).  The latest addition to the Three Kings series completes the triumvirate of stylish figures featuring His Airness and follows the OG Red and White editions.  Limited to 398 pieces, this vinyl+pvc figure stands about 11.8” tall, comes with matching black basketball, alternate bulls head, and of course the dope black uni.   These ship Q4 ‘18.   Looking for an out of the ordinary Jordan toy?  Look no further.

IMG_2369 copyIMG_2385 copy IMG_2364 copy

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Jul 30, 2018

Godmachine x Kidrobot – Devil 8” Dunny (7.31)

From the mystical depths of Arcane Divination comes Devil 8” Dunny from Godmachine.  This deluxe, over-the-top, larger edition of the original 3” version from the Arcane Divination series just might be the biggest 8” Dunny to date with it’s oversized horns. Even the box inspires awe. Devil drops on Tuesday (7.31) in the standard black (+ gold) edition for $100.00 from designer toy boutiques including myplasticheart and Woot Bear. In addition to the black edition, Kidrobot will also release their exclusive edition on 7.31 at 9 AM PDT featuring what appears to be a pearlescent white finish with silver printing.  Don’t snooze, this one is not to be missed.

This new release should tide you over until the next coming of Arcane Divination – which by all accounts should be well worth the wait.



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Jul 27, 2018

Pop Life at ACG HK – Hong Kong Event Box (7.27 – 7.31)


Pop Life is releasing a special SFBI Originals Hong Kong Event Box at ACG HK (7.27 – 7.31).  Celebrating the art of Ron English, the box features several SFBI figures including the Astro Boy Grin from Ron English, Lucky Cat Grin from Ron English, Popaganda x Secret Base McSupersize mini, Popaganda Collectible Coin, Popaganda x PinArts enamel pin and more.  The box is available at Pop Life’s ACG HK booth (#C17) for HK$700 (~ $89) – a great value as the contents have a retail value of HK$1500.

One of the highlights of Pop Life’s convention offerings, the SFBI Originals boxes offer a strong mix of their soft vinyl figures.  The brand has recently released boxes at Shanghai Toy Show, Pop Life FanXperience, and at SDCC 2018.  If you’re new to SFBI, they are a great way of quickly adding to your collection.

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Jul 25, 2018

Luke Chueh x VTSS -- Jiagnshi


Beyond his signature Bear, Luke Chueh consistently comes up with clever concepts.  His upcoming Jiangshi toy with frequent collaborators VTSS delivers tongue-in-cheek Luke.  Instead of a traditional jumping ghost, Luke brings us a sneaker-wearing kid (presumably) in a Ghost Bear suit. The figure is part of Luke’s Ghost Bear project which he started after the passing of his father. 

With one amazing picture, Luke’s Jiangshi is right at the top of our ‘wanted’ list.  We’ll be sure to follow this one and bring you updates.

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Jul 24, 2018

Superplastic Launches Online Store with Brand New Toys


Superplastic officially launched its online store today (7.24)  with pre-orders for several new releases.  First up is the trippy, geometric Punk Skull by Okuda San Miguel who’s known for his massive murals featuring heavily-faceted character designs.  The toy will stand 12” tall, be limited to just 999 pieces, and is available now for pre-order for $150.  Punk Skull will ship in early 2019. This is Superplastic’s 2nd original figure design to date, following Maximillian Ca$h from Pete Fowler.  At 12” tall, Punk Skull will be quite large, volume wise, and just might be ‘life size’ as Superplastic suggests.

Okuda-0_1600x Okuda-90_1600xOkuda-180_1600x

Superplastic also launched a pre-order for the Oh No! Special Blackout Edition Superjanky (8”) by McBess which is an inverse variant of the previously announced Oh No! design.  The new inverse design is available for $80 and slated to ship in December of this year.

McBess_Inverse2 McBess_Inverse_1

Finally, if you’re looking to show everyone your love for Superplastic, the brand is giving you a way to do so in style with four new shirt designs – shipping in October ‘18.

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Aaron Craig x Pobber – McGreasy

McGreasy Front Fast Food can be fast, fun, but then there’s that …  food coma.  Pobber’s new McGreasy vinyl from Aaron Craig captures that ‘experience’ and also serves as a fun Springfield warning to those who might make a steady diet out of burgers ‘n fries. Featuring a slobbering, very purple Homer with a burger-in-hand, Take It Greasy stands 6.5” tall, is limited to 200 pieces and is available for pre-order now from Pobber for $79

McGreasy Side1 McGreasy Back McGreasy Side2

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Jul 17, 2018

Ron English x Looney Tunes x Pop Life Debut at SDCC


For SDCC 2018, Pop Life will debut two new Looney Tunes projects from Ron English.  Sporting the artist’s signature ‘grin’, both the Speedy Gonzales and  Yosemite Sam figures are part of the SFBI Originals line which is inspired by vintage sofubi.    Both will be available as advanced releases at the Pop Life booth [#4845] for $75 each.

These officially licensed figures should help spread the power of Grin far and wide.  There’s more Ron English x Looney Tunes fun to come including Marvin the Martian and Pepe Le Pew.


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Jul 13, 2018

Luke Chueh x Kidrobot – Wannabe Dunny (7.13)


For Friday the 13th, Kidrobot unleashes Luke Chueh’s misfit take on platform toys with the 5” Wannabe Dunny. Dimly lit, this one might be mistaken as a Dunny dead ringer.  Under the bright lights, this one doesn’t quite fit in. The familiar contour is disrupted with a head sculpt that forcefully blends his iconic bear and KR’s signature platform.  Limited to 1500 pieces, Wannabe arrives on Friday at 7 AM PDT on and from your favorite art toy shops.


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RecycleC x TAG – Blood Sacrifice Takhon (7.13)


The new Blood Sacrifice Takhon (7.5”) might just be the best edition of the ceremonial sofubi from Thai artist RecycleC and Toy Art Gallery.  The beautifully primal edition blends black and red/orange with gold accents. The excellent paintings evokes the feel of time-worn rituals, artifacts and temples.   Blood Sacrifice drops on Friday (7.13) at 12 PM PDT for $95 from the TAG Web Shop.

unnamed unnamed unnamedunnamed

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Jul 09, 2018

Brent Nolasco – Dream Weaver in Shadow Gray


Brent Nolasco’s Dream Weaver character returns in a new vision.  The new Dream Weaver replaces the figure’s previous squat seated body with a brand-new standing/upright one.  Compared to the OG release back in November of 2016, the new figure has a distinct feel – perhaps less shaman-like and thus more open to the viewer’s interpretation.

The reworked Dream Weaver debuts in a glossy Shadow Gray edition. Cast as five part solid resin figure, the 7” figure is available now for $80 from Brent’s web shop

P1080504 P1080505

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Jul 08, 2018

High Proof Toys – Leafy Green Twertle Type (7.11)


High Proof Toys has announced its newest ‘type’/character: Twertle.   The bipedal turtle-like character’s face/head sculpt shares some similarity to the HPT’s Birb Type.  Limited to 10 pieces (2.25”), the debut Leafy Green Twertle—bright green with dark green ‘freckles’—will be released on Wednesday (7.11) at 8 AM PDT for $35 from HPT’s online store

HPT has added several stylish touches to it’s turtle figure, including the signature head, boots, and a swell shell with segments that almost interlock like a puzzle rather than a typical symmetrical geometric design.  Don’t miss out on your chance on bringing this cute pond friend into your home.

03 0204 05

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Jul 06, 2018

Whatshisname x K.Olin Tribu – Popek Chrome Porcelain


UK artist Whatshisname has made a name for himself with his playfully rude balloon dog sculptures including the pooping Popek  and the peeing Peepek versions. Art Toy collectors quickly fell in love with vinyl versions of both from Mighty Jaxx.  Now comes a high-end, blingtastic version from K.Olin Tribu.

Limited to just 25 pieces, the Popek Chrome Porcelain (~10.5”) sculpture adds gorgeous chrome plating to the brand’s high quality porcelain casts created in Limoges, France. Beyond the obvious humor and shock value, Whatshiname’s sculptures offer a moment to step outside the expected, to reflect upon the nature of things, possibilities, and with this new gleaming edition, yourself and your surroundings, quite literally, which look back at you from the shiny surface.  Popek Chrome Porcelain is available now from K.Olin Tribu’s ArtAndToys for £816.67 (~$1084).  Each sculpture includes a signed/numbered COA and arrives in a luxurious box.

sculpture-popek-chrome-porcelain-edition-by-whatshisname  sculpture-popek-chrome-porcelain-edition-by-whatshisname

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Otto Björnik – Kobi (7.10)


Otto Björnik is about to release his new Kobi resin.  This clever cat has adapted to the city and now purchases his food from the local fish store.  Don’t be deceived by his innocent expression – his oh-so sharp claws tell the tale : goldfish for dinner!  Otto’s done a really nice job with these, especially  the fish in the bag – beautiful effect with an embedded cast. 

Each of the four Kobi editions—black, ginger, grey tabby and calico—are limited to twelve pieces each, stand 3.5” tall.  Kobi will be released on Tuesday (7.10) at 8 AM PDT from Otto’s online shop for $60.

PG black PG calico PG ginger PG tabby

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Jul 02, 2018

Nouar x Martian Toys – Blueberry Mister Self Indulgence + Watermelon Little Scoopy (7.4)


We celebrate America’s Independence on July 4th in many ways, with fireworks, food and more food front and center.  So it’s fitting (and filling)  that Martian Toys is offering a presale of the Blueberry Mister Self Indulgence (9”) vinyl art toy from Nouar which includes the Strawberry Lil’ Scoopy figure (4”) on the Fourth of July (7.4) at 7:04 PM EDT (4:04 PM PDT) for $150. Presale orders of the new Mister Self Indulgence will include a sweet bonus—two Bluberry Pie pins.  The food fun doesn’t stop there. They are also releasing the standalone Lil’ Scoopy Watermelon Edition for $29 each at the same time. 


The presales are limited to 120 pieces of each and are slated to ship out the 3rd week in August.  From the wording of the announcement, it sounds like this is the initial batch for both releases with more to come later.   For those keeping track, this is the 3rd edition of Mister Self Indulgence following the OG Cherry Flavor and the Clutter Exclusive Berry Pink.


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Jul 01, 2018

3A Celebrates A Decade of Toys with Ashtro Lad (7.2)


3A is celebrating its 10th Anniversary with the just launched Ashtro Lad 16” vinyl figure from Ashley Wood. The homage to the iconic manga character debuts in  three editions – the full color Anniversary edition, a nearly all black Coal edition, and the gid TRO GLOW which is a 3AA Member exclusive.


Each is available now from Bambaland for pre-order for  $250 (includes worldwide shipping) through July 9th. Since the original Nom de Plume back in 2008,  Ashley Wood and crew have made 3A one of the clear go-to brands in the art toy world – congrats on a decade of toys.

35998574_2151686891734511_8121863017357901824_n 36149525_404362523406022_5190529236334542848_n

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Jun 30, 2018

Fools Paradise – Super Professional 2 (7.2)


Fools Paradise will take pre-orders for Super Professional 2 starting on Monday (7.2).  The new release follows up the popular OG version with all new sculpts for Leon/Mario and Matilda/Princess Peach. Love the ‘nades on the belt.  There’s also a rather big ‘flower’ :)

35616596_2082543985349561_1409808566642016256_n 35986748_1979084712131172_5398945337576521728_n

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Jun 27, 2018

Splurrt x Toy Art Gallery – The Cadaver Balls Orange Dream (6.29)


They’re back… Toy Art Gallery will release The Cadaver Balls Orange Dream edition (3”)  from Splurrt on Friday (6.29) at 12 PM PDT for $85 from the TAG Web Shop.  This new painted edition features bright orange sofubi with metallic blue, purple, red and silver sprays on the body and 4 interchangeable heads.  Cadaver Balls has been a bit MIA, so it’s great to see a new edition, factory painted no less.

unnamed unnamed unnamed

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