Sep 21, 2016

Gravy Toys – Good Gravy Brick and Mortar (10.6)


Great news for all you Portlandians! Bwana Spoons and Gravy Toys will be opening up Good Gravy, a brick and mortar store featuring various sofubi toys, t-shirts, prints, pins, patches and whatever else you can stick to your jean jacket! The grand opening of Good Gravy will take place on Thursday, October 6th from 7-9PM. There will be exclusive toys and goodies from close friends to Gravy Toys, who include Barely Human, Pop Soda , Rampage Toys, Barely Human, Pop Soda, Rampage Toys, Deathcat Toys, Liverad Studio, Mixed Species, Cop A Squat Toys, Shirahama, Grody Shogun, Betty Turbo, Refreshment Toy, and Bwana Spoons.

Good Gravy
400 NW Couch Street
Portland, OR 97209

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Sep 18, 2016

Toy Art Gallery Seventh Anniversary Sale (through 9.25)

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U: Sale extended through 9.25.

There’s still  few hours several days to save with Toy Art Gallery’s 7th Anniversary sale.  To celebrate their 7th year of selling and producing toys, TAG is offering 20% off everything (minus preorders) on their web shop until 11:59 PM Sunday (9.18 9.25)—no checkout code needed. So if you’ve been eyeing a particular toy, especially sofubi—TAG’s specialty—now is the time.

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Sep 12, 2016

Marsham Toy Hour – Episode 26: Toy Manufacturing Part One


If you were ever interested in making own toys we really suggest that you listen to this episode of Marsham Toy hour. Join Gary Ham, Ryan Rutherford (Bryan Brutherford), George Gaspar and Martian Toys, where they discuss the manufacturing and production side of toys. They chat about all the different plastics, costs and a lot of things to be considered when diving into the toy world. They surpassed the hour of Marsham Toy Hour and will have to continue with a part two to this discussion. If you have any questions unanswered in this episode, feel free to shoot them an email to marshamshow[at]gmail[dot]com in hopes to have it answered by the next broadcast. Have a listen to the latest episode HERE.

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Linda Panda’s 365 Daily Sketches Book Kickstarter Campaign


Linda Panda has been sketching all year long and what better way for her to share her artwork with you than a book! With the success of her previous Kickstarter campaign for her “LindaPanda’s #DailySketchbook, she has decided to follow up with a part two! With your help through Kickstarter, she is looking to produce Book 2, which will feature 125 pages of doodles of farting animals, pretty ladies and plenty of other cute and random things. There are some great pledge levels included, such as PDF copies of the book, physical copies of book 1 (if you missed out the first time and book 2, pins and some sketches! Check out the campaign HERE for more information.

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Sep 08, 2016

Marsham Toy Hour – Episode 25 with Lana Crooks


Marsham Toy Hour are happy to bring you another transmission! This episode brings back their very first guest, Lana Crooks! It’s been quite some time since they’ve talked about soft collectibles like plush and we are happy that they’ve brought back Lana. They also chat about all the new conventions popping up and the DTA’s. Lana also updates us on her website,, which you may have guessed is a way to rate galleries! Join Gary Ham and George Gaspar with the latest episode of Marsham Toy Hour!

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Sep 04, 2016

Take 30 % off with the 3DRetro Labor Day Sale

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  unnamedunnamed (1)


We hope you’re out and about enjoying Labor Day weekend.  In between BBQs or whatever else is on tap, you might want to head on over to to partake in their Labor Day Sale offering 30% off their entire inventory.  Be sure to use the checkout code: 30LABORSALE   You can also enjoy the Labor Day savings at their store in Glendale, CA.

3D Retro
1851 Victory Blvd.
Glendale CA

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Aug 29, 2016

Mutant Vinyl Hardcore Announces “Death’s Vault” An Art Gallery in New Haven


If you’ve been watching Mutant Vinyl Hardcore’s Instagram you may have noticed him working on a workspace. That workspace isn’t just any ordinary workspace, it’s actually a new Art Gallery coming to New Haven, CT, dubbed Death’s Vault ran by MVH. In his latest newsletter, Rich mentions the very first show will take place on Sunday, October 9th titled “Black Sabbath”. MVH also mentions that he already has some shows planned out for the year. Him having plenty of talented friends, we cannot wait to see who he has lined up for an exhibit at the Death Vault. Stay tuned on more information on the space and the upcoming show! Congrats Rich, we are sure you will do New Haven proud!

Death’s Vault (Located in the old Erector Sq. Toy Co Building)
315 Peck St.
New Haven, CT 06513


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Marsham Toy Hour Episodes 23 & 24


The Marsham Toy Hour has been keeping our ears in check with the latest toy chatter. Episode 23 brought back special guest George Gaspar with hosts Gary Ham and Martian Toys. In this episode Aaron of Martian Toys announces the opening of his toy retail space “Mothership Gallery” in Philadelphia with Playful Gorilla. They also bring up the Five Points Festival Clutter Magazine is putting together. George also gives a lesson in resin safety. Listen to this very episode HERE.


This weeks episode brings us a lot of folks in this episode! Joining the discussion are hosts Gary Ham, Martian Toys, Tyler Ham and guest host George Gaspar with special guest J*Ryu. They chat about J*Ryu’s previous profession, as well as get back on the topic of where the toy scene currently us. There was definitely some great discussion in this episode, which we feel everyone should have a listen to. Find it HERE.

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Aug 15, 2016

Marsham Toy Hour – Episode 22 with Ryan Rutherford


This weeks Marsham Toy Hour brings on special guest Ryan Rutherford aka Bryan Brutherford of Brutherford Industries. His name isn’t confusing at all. We learn that Bryan or Ryan is jack of all trades and has the tools and connections to get things made. They also talk about some really good leaks and sneak peeks, as well as touch of the infamous Squink Facebook thread and collecting and collectors. Give Gary Ham, Tyler Ham and Martian Toys aka Marsham Toy Hour a listen on either their Podbean, Stitcher or iTunes.

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Aug 09, 2016

Marsham Toy Hour – Episode 21


Marsham Toy Hour is now old enough to drink! Celebrating 21 episodes, Gary Ham, Tyler Ham and Martian Toys chat about the Chris Squink Thread, which brings up the topic of dwindling sales in the “designer vinyl” world. They cover things such as collector phases, shipping cost hikes, leaks and sneak peaks and 3D printing! Give them a listen on their Podbean, Stitcher or through iTunes.

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Jul 29, 2016

Nominations Open for the 2016 Designer Toy Awards

unnamed (1)

U: Deadline is Wednesday (8.10), not Saturday as previously posted.

After the frenzy, mass of humanity, and overdose of toys + pop culture that is SDCC, we’re heading towards the Designer Toy Awards season. Nominations for the Sixth Annual DTAs are open now at through Wednesday August 10th @ 6 PM EDT.  Head on over and nominate artists, toys, stores, brands and more for all the awards categories including the brand-new Best Non-Licensed—bootlegs and other toys that use licensed properties unofficially. If there are toys and artists that really impressed you over the past year, take a minute to recognize them with a nomination and by doing so, giving them a chance to become a finalist.

Once the nomination committee has chosen category finalists from the submitted nominees, we’ll move on to online voting and then to the awards ceremony to be held in October in NYC during the week of New York Comic-Con.

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Jul 11, 2016

Marsham Toy Hour: Episode 18 Featuring George Gaspar


Marsham Toy Hour brings you another excellent episode with special guest George Gaspar of Toy Break and October Toys. They chat about crowd funding campaigns websites, sculpting, leaks and sneak peaks and a game named by yours truly. Take a listen to their latest episode HERE on their Podbean, Stitcher or iTunes

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Jun 29, 2016

Vinyl Pulse Webcam Interview Series #2: 2Petalrose

The adventure continues!  We’re happy to announce that the second episode of the Vinyl Pulse Webcam Interview Series featuring UK artist 2Petalrose is available for your viewing pleasure-–both above and over at our Youtube channel:  We talked to 2Petalrose from his London studio about the evolution of his toys from Kombat Kings to his more recent samurai figures including Maiko and Hondo, the first of his Shogun Rebels line.  As a fun bit, there’s a preview (of sorts) of an upcoming figure release. So, if you can, give it a watch. Next up? Brent Nolasco, recorded at the NYC art toy epicenter, myplasticheart

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Jun 22, 2016

Marsham Toy Hour – Episode 15


This weeks episode of Marsham Toy Hour take a break from having their usual special guest to answer your questions! If you happen to have asked any questions on their Instagram accounts, Podbean, Stitcher or iTunes, you may want to take a listen to episode 15. They get back into some of the hot topics previously brought up from past episodes. So sit back and relax and have a listen!

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Jun 13, 2016

Marsham Toy Hour – Episode 14 with The Sucklord



The Marsham Toy Hour is happy to bring you another episode with a very sucky guest, The Super Sucklord! They ask the real hard hitting questions and get to know the Sucklord on a more personal level. They chat about the bootleg toy game, reality T.V. shows and wicked after parties. Join Gary Ham, Tyler Ham, and Martian Toys for episode 14 of the Marsham Toy Hour! Listen on Podbean, Stitcher and iTunes.

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May 27, 2016

Rotofugi – 20% Off Boss Lady’s Birthday Sale Ends Today (5.27)


To celebrate their Boss Lady’s Birthday—the awesome Whitney KerrRotofugi has been running a week-long 20% off sale on most in-stock toys (and more).  The bad news is that all good things come to an end.  In this case, the birthday sale ends today Friday (5.27) at the end of the day (likely 11:59 PM CDT or 9:59 PM PDT). To score the celebratory savings, visit the Birthday Sale section of the store and  be sure to use discount code: BOSSLADYBDAY at checkout.

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May 03, 2016

Super7 Celebrates Star Wars Day! (5.04)


Super7 has got to be one of the best places to get all your Star Wars needs! Be sure to join them this Star Wars Day, Wednesday, May 4th at 11AM PST as they will be offering their apparel at a special discount of $10 off all day long. They will also have other Star Wars goodies available, such as their Wallpaper, action figures, books and vintage toys and posters!

The Haight still will also have a couple Stormtroopers on guard all evening long!

Catch them at their Haight, Mission and San Diego locations tomorrow!

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Marsham Toy Hour – Episode 8 Featuring Lulubell Amy


Marsham Toy Hour’s newest episodes dives deep into the world of sofubi with special guest Lulubell Amy of Lulubell Toy Bodega in episode 8! She gives a bit of the history and the creative process when it comes to Japanese Soft Vinyl toys, as well as life of a brick and mortar store in Mesa, Arizona. Just like every week, take a listen to your hosts Gary Ham, Tyler Ham and Martian Toys by checking out their Podbean, Stitcher and iTunes. Be sure to also leave a comment!

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Apr 27, 2016

Marsham Toy Hour – Episode 7


Marsham Toy Hour is back for another week with Episode 7! In this episode, we learn a little about the background of our hosts, Gary Ham, Tyler Ham and Martian Toys. They also talk about things that’s got them jazzed going on in the toy scene, such as Huck Gee’s Gold Life Series with Mighty Jaxx and Full Blown Ink’s Cronus Magnus! Give them a listen on their Podbean, Sticher and iTunes.

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Apr 16, 2016

Win a Trio of XXray figures from Mindzai


Love the new DC XXRay figures from Jason Freeny and Mighty Jaxx but haven’t picked them up yet?  You’re in luck! Mindzai has you covered with their XXRay contest for a chance to win the Batman, Superman and Wonderman XXRay toys ($60 value). To enter hit the jump for the entry form or visit the contest page. The deadline to enter is May 15th, 2016.  One randomly chosen winner will score the XXRay trio.


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Apr 11, 2016

Marsham Toy Hour – Episode 5 w/ Killer Bootlegs


This weeks Marsham Toy Hour welcomes special guest host Killer Bootlegs. Gary Ham and Tyler Ham get the show rolling as Martian Toys is out of town attending Toy Con UK. They discuss the bootleg toy scene, resin toys, holy grails and gender specific toys! Take a listen on their website HERE.

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Apr 08, 2016

Horrible Adorables x Fonzo World – Artist of the Month Fonzo Release


Fonzo World’s Artist of the Month features the ever-so talented Horrible Adorables! They’ve done up four of the 4.5” Fonzo figures in their signature style by using foam, wool felt and glass eyes. Each figure is limited to a single piece and can be found available on Fonzo World’s webstore for $120 each. Be sure to head over there now to pick your favorite before it’s gone.


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Apr 05, 2016

Marsham Toy Hour – Episode 4 Featuring Lana Crooks


Episode 4 of Marsham Toy Hour has just gone live! In THIS episode, Gary Ham, Martian Toys and Tyler Ham welcome special guest host Lana Crooks to their round table discussion. They discuss the ins and outs of curating and participating in custom/art shows. If you’re an aspiring artist or in fact would like to put together an art show, this may be the podcast for you! Be sure to subscribe to them on iTunes to updated on any new episodes!

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Mar 13, 2016

Master of One with Special Guest Gary Ham


The Master of One Podcast has graciously invited one of our good friends Gary Ham to the audio stage for their ‘Break The Mold Toy Customizers’ series. Take a listen as they go behind Gary’s thought process on his pieces, how he got into vinyl toys, why he turns to wood as a medium, and some of his upcoming products with Pobber Toys!

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Mar 11, 2016

Rotofugi – Spring Mini Munny Painting Party & Class (3.26)


To celebrate the thaw, the coming bloom, and the joy of creativity, Rotofugi is hosting their Spring Mini Munny Painting Party & Class on Saturday, March 26th 2016 (1-4 PM).  For $35 participants will receive a Mini Munny, have access to all needed paint/art supplies, and receive instruction from artist Mary Ruth Butterworth. Oh, did we mention the snacks ?  You can create a festive spring Munny similar to the one on the flier or do your own thing surrounded by other creative folks.  Keep the piece for yourself, or give it as an Easter gift to that someone special.   You can register for the Spring Mini Munny class with Rotofugi now (class limit: 18).

Spring Mini Munny Painting Party & Class
Saturday, March 26th 2016 (1-4 PM)

2780 N. Lincoln Avenue
Chicago, IL 60614

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