Oct 12, 2017

Joe Ledbetter – DesignerCon Print (11.11 – 11.12)


With DesignerCon less than a month away, news of official ‘con exclusives and releases is flowing.  Today, JLed revealed his trippy DCon Serigraph print featuring a pink elephant who you might recognize from his sublime Outsiders series.   The 18x24” backlight-ready print features black flocking for that pyschadelic 60’s vibe. It’ll be available at the official DCon booth (#124).  The print announcement follows news of the DCon Exclusive GID 3” Dunny by Juan Muniz, available only at the DCon after party.

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Oct 10, 2017

Scott Tolleson x Broke PIggy x Kidrobot - Shard Show at Designer-Con 2017!


Scott Tolleson's 5" Shard Dunny with Kidrobot will be in attendance at this years Designer-Con in more ways than one! The Broke Piggy will be playing host to the Shard Dunny custom show with a very talented roster of artists including:

Scott Tolleson, kaNO, 64Colors, MAp-MAp, Candie Bolton, Doktor A., Mark Nagata, J*RYU, Squink, Luke Chueh, Scribe, The Bots, Jermaine Rogers, Kristina Drake, Dolly Oblong, Seriously Silly K, Leecifer, Jeremiah Ketner and the Kidrobot Design Team.

All of this action will be taking place at the Broke Piggy booth #527. All the figures on display will be available for purchase at the show and later online through The Broke Piggy web store.

Shard Group 5 inch Shard

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DesignerCon Exclusive Dunny by Juan Muniz


Oooh.  DesignerCon has announced a GID Exclusive Dunny by Juan Muniz!  The cute 3” Dunny (200 pcs, $15)  will be available for purchase only at the DesignerCon After Party.  So how do you get into the After Party ? Dcon VIP pass holders ($35) will be able to RSVP for the party, so that is the best way to give yourself a shot at picking up the exclusive. In addition to the ability to RSVP for the party , VIPs will also get one-hour early admission to the convention as well as a VIP pin.  There will also be a non-RSVP stand-by line to enter the party starting an hour after the party starts…   If you don’t have your DCon tickets yet, you can buy them now online.

IMG_7222 IMG_7220

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Aug 03, 2017

DesignerCon 2017 Tickets (8.8)


Pssst… DesignerCon 2017 tickets will be available beginning on Tuesday August 8th at DesignerCon.com.  This year’s show should be the best ever with several high-profile international brands either making their debut appearance or returning to the fold.  It sounds like the VIP program will be bigger and better as well.   Only about three months to go until DCon (11.11 – 11.12) !

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