Apr 06, 2014

Tasha Zimich x Urban Vinyl Daily – Oops & Oww Custom Dunnys


Urban Vinyl Daily has picked up Tasha Zimich to do a special release Tomorrow, April 7th at 12PM EST. Presenting her Aww & Oww custom 3” Dunnys, which pays homage to some of the things that inspire her, such as cute and horror. This set will be available HERE for $80 each. There’s only one set of these available, so you better act quickly!


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Mar 22, 2014

Fuller Designs - Fire King Panda


Almost something coming out from the World of Warcraft comes the Fire King Panda by Fuller Designs. This piece was commissioned by a fan of both Fuller Designs and Angry Woebots, as they provided the Panda King figure, which I’m sure both parties had a hard time painting/letting go. Fuller even left the arms unpainted to add to the effect of the Fire King Panda. Both the Sun Hat and weapon were sculpted out of ave’s apoxie and this custom even features a strap made of real leather. Some fine quality stuff going on here! More photos after the jump.


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Mar 15, 2014

Kasey Tararuj & Tasha Zimich for Art Whino’s “Art Without Borders” Show (03.22)

antfarmer 4  Olive_logos_front2

Art Whino’s “Art Without Borders” custom group show is coming up quick, which means more submissions will be trickling out onto the net! On the left we have Kasey Tararuj’s “The Ant Farmer” custom Dunny, which so happens to be her very first 8” Dunny custom and boy did she do an excellent job! “This is The Ant Farmer! Tricky little anteater.  What better way to never go hungry than to manage your own ant farm. There's a reason his rosey cheeks are so chubby and plump!“ We also have Tasha Zimich’s 7”custom Foomi, which is a Hedgehog that goes by the name of Olive. It just so happens that Doctors Without Borders plays a big part of Tasha’s life and is something she feels strongly about.

This should be an amazing show with a great cause. Anyone in the area should definitely check it out. The opening reception will take place at Blind Whino on Saturday, March 22nd from 8-11PM.

Blind Whino
734 1st St SW
Washington, DC 22024


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Feb 28, 2014

Nakanari – 8” SpikiBacca Custom Dunny


Nakanari is proud to present his Spikibacca custom 8” Dunny. This one off resembles the original SpikiBacca painting that was on display at the MaiHiro Galaxy Show back in September. Unfortunately this piece already has a loving home. We hope to see more great customs like this coming from more often.


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Feb 17, 2014

Otto Björnik x Jeremiah Ketner - Collaborative Munny World Customs


We are super excited to see these two customizing super stars work together on a special project. Otto Björnik and Jeremiah Ketner are working on a couple 7” Munny World figures from Kidrobot. As you can see, Otto started it off and sent it to Jeremiah to finish up. We cannot wait to see the special touches Jeremiah will be adding to these pieces. You’re going to want to keep an eye out on his Instagram (@Smallandround) for updates on the customs.

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Feb 11, 2014

Full Look at Buff Monster x Lamour Supreme 4’ Custom Dunny

Untitled 28148e

Here’s a full look at the 4’  custom commission Dunny (Kidrobot)  recently completed by Lamour Supreme and Buff Monster, shot by Last Witness.  There’s lots of detail packed into the giant piece – pretty much everywhere you look there’s something to be discovered.  Enjoy the piece and the great shots.



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Feb 10, 2014

Skinner – RINGU Deadbeet via UVD (2.11)

Ringu 1

Skinner has created a custom micro-run (2 pieces) of Scott Tolleson’s Deadbeet.  The gritty RINGU features a grayscale design which draws out the sculptural details of the figure.  One of the customs will be availabl3e on Tuesday (2.11) at Noon EST from Urban Vinyl Daily for $160 (+ s/h).  The other?  It’s in Scott Tolleson’s personal collection.


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Jan 29, 2014

Amanda Visell – 8” Custom Wood Jackalope Dunny


Amanda Visell has just released her new 8” Custom Wood Jackalope Dunnys.  This release rounds out her Wood series which includes the production wood labbit, 3” Wood Jackalope Dunny, and 8” Wood Donkey Dunny.  Limited to ten pieces, these are available for $400 each from myswitcheroo.com.


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Flawtoys x Vinyl Riot – Al-kimia Custom Android Series (1.29)


Vinyl Riot is about to release the Al-kimia custom Android Series from Flawtoys.  The name refers to the ‘Mystical Essence of the Sacred Art of Alchemy’ – the ever optimistic notion of turning everyday metals into precious ones, mainly gold.  The five pieces in the set capture the idea nicely with bodies resembling steel or iron and hints of more precious materials within.  Sold blind, the Al-kimia Androids drop on Wednesday (1.29) @ 3 PM EST (Noon PST) for $80 each (+ s/h) from Vinyl Riot’s web shop.


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Jan 21, 2014

JRiot – Rioteer Playground Series

001-rioteer playground series single swing by jriot

For his latest customs, JRiot is celebrating days playing in the park or at recess.  Each edition of his Rioteer Playground Series will feature sets containing a custom android and a playground piece.  First up is the Swing Set Rioteer with a hand-made wood swing + custom android to pair with it. Instead of going with the stock android, JRiot’s done some rearranging – placing the feet on the front of the figure for a seated pose.    Limited to 10 ten sets, the set is available for pre-order for $110.  Or if you prefer, you can purchase just the custom, Relaxin Rioteer, for $60.  As with some of his earlier offerings, the custom droids are made to order with input from the collector.   Both are available from JRiot’s web shop.


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Jan 17, 2014

Collect & Display – Monthly Custom Series


Collect and Display has something special planned for the year of 2014. On every last Friday of each month, they will reveal custom pieces from one of the twelve different artists. The platforms will range and there will be a minimum of 4 pieces. You can find mini bios on each of the artists, as well as release dates for when they go live. The line up is as follows:

January - Toy Terror
February – Drilone
March – Sekure D
April – Bash Projects
May - Square Frog Designs
June – Nemori
July - Klang
August – Run DMB
September – MAp-MAp
October - April Elliott
November - Slumber
December - Stuart Harris

We cannot wait to see what these artists come up with!

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Jan 09, 2014

iROC Custom Show off


iROC has a couple customs he’s just completed and wanted to share them with everyone. First up is his submission for the upcoming Vive La Lolligag show, titled “BFF”, which is being held at TAG this Saturday, January 11th. iROC hits it out of the ballpark yet again with this cute triceratops and his custom Dunny companion. 


There is also this beautiful 3” Dunny, 5” Labbit and 1.5” Labbit custom set, best known as “The Traveler”. It’s so amazing to see such detail on such a small custom. Unfortunately this already has a home, but if you are interested in any pieces feel free to message him through his website.

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Jan 08, 2014

Jon-Paul Kaiser – Joker and Grumpy Souls Gone Mad Customs


Jon-Paul Kaiser starts off 2014 has taken a Souls Gone Mad set (Coarse) and transformed the two pieces into his renditions of the Joker and Grumpy  as seen in the bank heist from the Dark Knight film.  As he sometimes does, JPK has added a splash of color to his white + black detailed style.  The  blue and red works nicely for the Joker’s disguised appearance and also highlights the character’s emotions.


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Jan 07, 2014

Recent Customs by Carson Catlin


While the rest of us have been enjoying the Holidays, Carson Catlin has been putting his reticulating saw through a lot of serious toy cutting.  Here’s a look at three of his recent customs including two show pieces and a commission.  First up is RWB, a  custom Munny  ($200) for ‘Childish Playthings’ @ Menace Inc. Studio and Gallery.  Carson also customized a Lolligag figure for the upcoming show @ TAG (1.11).  His golden Reticu-lolli piece will be available for $450.  Finally, Carson completed his Cadela Metal commission –- a Labbit wrapped meticulously in copper wire – which is apparently quite difficult to work with.


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Jan 02, 2014

Fuller Designs – Lil’ Jammies Series Preview


Fuller Designs has recently shared previews of a few of the artist customs from the upcoming Lil’ Jammies Series.  Here’s a look at pieces by Bashprojects (above),  MaloApril, Mike Mendez, DonP, and We Become Monsters.  The full custom series will be released on January 31st at Noon CST from the Lil’ Jammies shop.  If you’d like to try your hand at customizing Fuller’s creation,  you can get them directly from his web shop.


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J.Riot – Omega Rioteer Blind-Box 3” Dunnys


J.Riot is starting off 2014 with his Omega Rioteer blind-box custom 3” Dunny series.  Instead of his previous comic-style designs with bold, wide-eyed expressions, each of the new pieces appears to be powered by a different mysterious element.    Sold blind, these are available for $60 each from his web store.

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Dec 30, 2013

The Unicorn Hunter by Infinite Rabbits


Infinite Rabbits has just finished off quite an amazing custom commission. Based off of EWOKONE’s Horselington figure, Infinite Rabbits has turned it into the “Unicorn Hunter”. As he stands upon his rainbow bloodied prey, the hunter has just claimed his prize of a unicorn horn. Which by Harry Potter standards is probably the worst thing you can ever do. Look after the jump for more pics!


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Dec 16, 2013

Otto Björnik – Cadmium Geishas 2 (12.17)

Cadmium Geisha 2

Otto Björnik will be releasing a second round of his custom Cadmium Geishas, which feature a new group of maikos in deferent colors with different facial expressions. There are 25 total pieces in the series, divided into 5 color groups (gold, blue, pink, wasabi green, and purple). They will each be sold blind according to color. For those interested in an entire set, please email Otto at ottobjornik[at]gmail[dot]com before the sale on Tuesday, December 17th at 10AM EST. You will then find them available HERE for $115 each.


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64Colors – Candycane Marshall (12.17)


What’s this? 64Colors will be dropping their Candycane Marshall’s this Tuesday, December 17th at 3PM! We also noticed a photo of a bunch of matching Dunnys? Could this be a dual drop? Let’s hope so! You’re going to want to click fast, because these will be gone in a jiffy.


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Dec 13, 2013

Martin Hsu’s Dragon Boy Custom Artist Series Drops Today!


Martin Hsu has enlisted the help of three very talented artists to do up his Dragon Boy figure. Available on his online store at Noon PST are custom Dragon Boys by 64Colors, Jeremiah Ketner, kaNO, and Mark Nagata. Each of which you can see after the jump! These are truly fantastic and we hope to see more one-off series in the future!


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Dec 11, 2013

Sket-One – Kikkosket Custom 8” Dunny “Less Sodium” Edition(12.13)


Was Sket-One’s previous Kikkosket too high in sodium for you? Do you prefer the “Less Sodium” green cap over the red? Well, releasing this Friday the 13th, Sket will be dropping the “Less Sodium” Kikkosket 8” Custom Dunny. They will be available at 12AM EST through 11:59PM EST. That’s a 24 hour window to put in an order for this awesome custom set. Each set features a pair of wood chopsticks, cardstock Chinese astrology place matt, 3 fortune cookies, and 1 Chinese take out container, all of which are custom packaged! Estimated delivery date is set in the middle of February 2014. Make your way to the order page HERE this Friday. Sets will retail $475.


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Dec 10, 2013

Preview: Blamo Toys -- ‘Billy’ Custom Group Show at Toy Art Gallery (12.14)


It’s December and that means holidays, cold weather (even in LA this year!) and the annual Blamo Toys show at Toy Art Gallery.  For this year’s show Blamo has given artists the chance to customize a figure that represents their distinct approach to toys – Billy.  Instead of vinyl or plastic, each 7” Billy is hand-carved from Saur wood.  Plus, a few artists will have even more room to work as they are customizing 25” Big Billys.   Even though we love vinyl and plastic, we’re looking forward to seeing how the invited artists engage with the organic material.

Bigger and better than before, this year’s exhibition features Billys from over 100 artists including: Aeron Alfrey, Ajee, Alexis Mixter, Amanda Louise Spayd, Anthony Ausgang, Artmymind, Ardi Hermawan, BenchūK, Beau Blanche, Betso, Brad Isdrab, Brendan Nathaniel, Brent Nolasco, Chauskoskis, Chris Ryniak, Cortlan Robertson, Cris Rose, Daniel Goffin, David Flores, Dax Savage, Dean Goelz, DeeTen, Doktor A, Dril One, Dustin Blanche, Emilio Garcia, Evan Sugarman, FFInc., Flawtoys, Francesco De Molfetta, Frank Kozik, Gary Ham, Germs, Hans Haveron, Hans Walør, Heather Hansen, Hints and Spices, Hugh Rose, Ian Ziobrowski, iROC, Jan Calleja, Jan Hilmer, Jay222, Jermaine Rogers, Jessicka Addams, JFury, Jocelyn Marsh, John Park, Jon-Paul Kaiser, Josh Herbolsheimer, Josh Mayhem, Julie West, Katie Weselby, Kevin Titzer, KMNDZ, Leah Minium, Leecifer, Leesasaur, Leighton Kelly, Lucien Shapiro, Marco Mejia, Martin Hsu, Martin Ontiveros, Matt Dangler, Mike Slobot, Mikie Graham, Miss Monster, Moe & Sean, Monstrehero, Nathan Hamill, Naomi Samara, Nebulon5, Nice Collective, Otto Bjornik, Obscure, Paolo Petrangeli, Podgy Panda, Reactor 88, RSIN, Rudy Fig, Scott Tolleson, Scott Wilkowski, Sean Christopher, Sekure D, Shayne Martea, Shira Loa, Shwa Keirstead, Skinner, Southerndrawl, Spankystokes, Spencer Hansen, Super Cooper, T. Cowdin, Tan-Ki, TaskOne, The Pizz, The Soft Museum, UNKL, valleyDweller, We Kill You, Zieromuko, and more.

In addition to the customs, the exhibition will feature a limited-edition run of Mummy Billys from Spencer Hansen and Shayne Martea.  If you are in or around LA, you owe it to yourself to check out the opening on Saturday (12.14).


Blamo Toys || ‘Billy’ Custom Group Show
Opening: Saturday, December 14th 2013 (7-10 PM)

Toy Art Gallery
7571 Melrose Ave.
Hollywood, CA 90046
877.910.toys (8697)


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Dec 05, 2013

Otto Björnik – The Hobbit Customs


You may be asking yourself, “Are these Otto Björnik customs for sale?!?!?!” Sadly, no, they aren’t. They are going to one lucky collector who commissioned this set of amazing custom Munny World Hobbit themed pieces. We feel it’s safe to say that Otto has yet another satisfied customer. You can see all the favorite characters, who include Balin, Bilbo, Galadriel, Gandalf, The Goblin King, Thorin, and of course Gollum. The most impressive piece we see is the Goblin King, which stands 12” tall versus the 7” Munny. Our hats go off to Otto with another job well done! More pics after the jump.


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Dec 03, 2013

Super Suck-Up 2 Custom Editions Available from Suckadelic


Did you miss out on the Super Suck-up 2 artist custom Sucklord figures at DesignerCon?  If so, you’re in luck.  The artist editions are now available online directly from the Sucklord himself at suckadelic.com.   For reference, here’s the rundown of this year’s figures:

Bob Conge/Plaseebo - edition of 28  * Healeymade - edition of 30 * Grody Shogun - edition of 50  * J*Ryu  - edition of 50 * Jesse Hernandez – edition of 50 * Leecifer - edition of 30 * Michelle Valigura - edition of 29 * Mike Egan - edition of 30 * Sket One – edition of 50 * TOUMA – edition of 50 * UAMOU – edition of 50 * Woes Martin – edition of 50 * Scott Wilkowski – edition of 50 * Sucklord - edition of 35.  The Sucklord edition is available for $35/pcwhile the other artist editions are $100/pc.

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Nov 26, 2013

Amanda Visell – Custom Robots and Beavers


Remember that one time when Amanda Visell released some customs of her Beaver figure and Michelle Valigura’s Robot Girl figure? We do, because it happened today and the 9 customs she did, went in a flash! Only retailing $100 each, why wouldn’t you want to pick one or two up? There’s always a next time! If you don’t ever want to miss out on an opportunity like this, be sure to sign up for the Switcheroo email list. For those of you who are toy masochists and want to see what you missed out on, check out the customs in their shop HERE.

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