Sep 24, 2014

JonPaul Kaiser – Moby Dick Themed Custom 3” Dunny

14-5224-JPK 14-5248-JPK

JonPaul Kaiser shares with us another one of his amazing commission customs! Here we have a Moby Dick themed piece on Sket-One’s 3” Sketchup Dunny. JPK was able to capture the Pequod as a ship-in-a-bottle, as the great white whale descends into the deep ocean. It’s hard to believe he fit all of this onto a 3” Dunny. Bravo JPK!

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Sep 18, 2014

Jouwe x Toysrevil at Popcon Asia 2014

photo 3 photo 1

Jouwe and Toysrevil have teamed up to bring you some goods at Popcon Asia! On display at the booth will be a custom Jouwe figure by TRE, which wasn’t able to make it to the Jouwe launch party at Arty Farty Gallery back in 2010. There will even be a special exclusive TRE capsule, which will contain a T-shirt, Tote Bag, Print and Button for $22. Be sure to check them out at booth AAH.11.

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Sep 17, 2014

Wetworks Presents: “Norton Artist Series" for POPCON ASIA

Jenn and Tony Bot muffinman one-eyed girl

Wetworks has asked a bunch of very special guests to join in on the Popcon Asia event by customizing his Norton figure. These 14 artists will be on display at the Toy Kultur booth AAH2 all weekend and will be available for purchase. Participating artists include: Anna Johnstone, Evan Morgan, Jenn and Tony Bot, Karla Pundaodaya, Kong Andri, Lei Melendres, MAp-MAp, Muffinman, one-eyed girl, Quiccs, Toy Terror, Ume Toys, and a couple others! Any remaining pieces from the event will be available through Wetworks Webstore.


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Sep 12, 2014

Patrick Wong – Limited-edition J Dilla MADL + Resin Customs (9.16)


To celebrate the legacy of the highly influential hip-hop producer, Patrick Wong has created a limited-edition J Dilla custom MADL figure with custom resin additions.  Limited to 10 pieces, the 7” figure includes a mini record crate accessory featuring a Bobby Caldwell LP from which J Dilla sampled, the results of which led to a 2001 Grammy nomination.

Nine of the ten figures will be released on Tuesday (9.16) @ 9AM PDT from Patrick Wong’s web shop for $150 + (s/h).  The original custom will be part of the Vinyl Thoughts 5 custom show at The Quixotic World in Dallas Texas.


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Sep 08, 2014

Mai Hiro at Popcon Asia


Mai Hiro and Nakanari will be in full effect at this years Popcon Asia and with them they will bring, 10 amazing custom Spiki figures, an exclusive Black Spiki Lucky Cat release, and t-shirts. All this goodness will be available at the Plastic Culture booth #47-48 and The Mai Hiro Booth #43. There will also be a Nakanari x Marine Ramdani mini capsule on display and available for purchase. During the day, there will also be live painting demos on Mega Munnys, and of course they will also be doing doodles and sketches for the fans at the Mai Hiro booth #43. Stay tuned for more news on the exclusive Black Spiki Lucky Cat release, which is limited to only 100 pieces!


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Aug 20, 2014

Crux – Custom Munny “H. Gurdy Fancycrasher”


Crux just shared with us his latest custom piece, which is entitled H. Gurdy Fancycrasher. This is a collaboration piece, where he did all the sculpting and painting and his wife sewed the suit for this 7” Munny from old work clothes. You can find this piece available, as well as a few other customs on his online store HERE.


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Aug 13, 2014

Jon Paul Kaiser – Alien Chestburster Custom


Jon Paul Kaiser’s latest custom brings to you an iconic scene from the movie Alien, where Kane had his insides brought out by the chestbursting alien!

“I wanted to capture that moment when everything is in a state of flux; Kane is on the cusp of death, he alien is at last born but not yet fled and the crew have yet to face it once it grows.. “

This piece was done using a 5” Mini-Munny and his signature black and white paint scheme with tons of splashes of red! Check out the rest of the photos by Justin Allfree after the jump.


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Aug 06, 2014

Yosiell Lorenzo – Sickling & Woodland Orphan Release (08.07)


Yosiell Lorenzo will be releasing some amazing pieces this Thursday, August 7th at 11AM PST. First up are three new Sickling sculpts, which vary in size from 4-8” tall and will range $150-250 each. He will also be releasing his latest sculptures, the Woodland Orphans. These pieces measure 7” x 9” and are acrylic on resin and are mounted on moss treated wood plaques. They will be available for $200 each. You can find all of these amazing art pieces on his webstore HERE tomorrow. 



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Infinite Rabbits for Toy Box Cleveland (08.09)


Check out Infinite Rabbit’s submission for the Toy Box Cleveland Show at Breakneck Gallery. His Fhtagndroids custom Android figures will be available at the show, along with some of his other custom pieces. If you have a custom Android collection, you’re going to want to try and get your hands on a few of these! The detail is amazing and it looks like its popping right out of the picture. Any remaining pieces from the show will be made available online shortly after. The show will take place this Saturday, August 9th.

Breakneck Gallery
17020 Madison Ave,
Lakewood Oh, 44107

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Jon Paul Kaiser – Custom Commission Show-Off!


Jon Paul Kaiser has finished up a couple new stunning commissions! First is Pinhead from Hellraiser. Jon used a Real x Head Ryusei Ninja Ichibanboshi figure, which served as a darn near perfect base for this custom.  He also had to meticulously insert and glue each of the needles.

There is also “Rose & Sky”, a Pacific Rim “Gypsy Danger” Jaeger inspired custom, which Jon uses Huck Gee’s Penelope McStompalot 8” Dunny as custom fodder. This guy comes equipped with power sword and battered shield!

If you’re looking to get a custom done by Mr. JPK you may want to shoot him an email over to jpk[at]jonpaulkaiser[dot]com, as his list just opened up! Be sure to click after the jump for more pics! Speaking of photos, these were all taken by Justin Allfree.


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Aug 05, 2014

Josh Mayhem –- The Mech-Azrael


Here’s a look at Josh Mayhem’s latest 3” bashtastic custom, ‘The Mech-Azrael’, created for Toy Box ClevelandToy Box Cleveland at Breakneck Gallery (8.9).   Bearing a menacing expression, the intricately transformed Dunny is ready to deal pain with a  gleaming mechanized body (17 points of articulation) ready for flight and fight.

Toy Box Cleveland
Opening: Saturday, August 9th 2014

Breakneck Gallery
17020 Madison Avenue
Lakewood, OH 44107


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Jul 16, 2014

Huck Gee – 8” Beardie McBeardsalot


Are you a fan of Huck Gee’s Beardie McBeardsalot from Kidrobot’s Art of War series? Well you’re going to want to take a look at this! Huck has created a limited run of 10 8” Beardie McBeardsalot custom figures. They are each signed and numbered and come with shown above. Each Beardie McBeardsalot will retail $850 and comes packaged in a laser etched wooden box. Interested? Send your inquiries to sales[at]huckgee[dot]com ASAP!

Salvaged cars, skull covered bikes, acid heads, leather and bandages. Knives, katana, whiskey and a strange affinity for clown girls. No fucks given. Beardie McBeardsalot - The Skullheads.


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Jul 14, 2014

Daniel Fleres x Cardboard Spaceship – Mutant Misfits at SDCC


Daniel Fleres along with a number of other artists will have these awesome custom Wandering Misfit figures available at the Cardboard Spaceship booth #5638 at SDCC. It looks as though Daniel chose Brandt Peters’ Inkslinger figures to paint up, which he did an awesome job of! Stay tuned for more photos from other artists and other goods from the Cardboard Spaceship booth.

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Jul 12, 2014

Jon Paul Kaiser – Custom Smiley Grin Vinyl Bank

14-4743-JPK 14-4860-JPK

Jon Paul Kaiser has gotten his paws on a couple Smiley Grin Vinyl Banks by Ron English and this is what he’s created! On the left we have “Scribed Murphy”, an homage to Robocop and to the right we have the Dark Night Joker. The details on these pieces are amazing and the black and white with a touch of red  is superb. Unfortunately these already have a home with one very lucky collector. If you’re looking to get a commission, feel free to send a message over to JPK.


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Jun 13, 2014

Drilone – Custom Wandering Mistfits (06.18)


Gracing the Circus Posterus store page will be Drilone’s custom Wandering Misfits! Every little misfit will get touched up by one of the masters of rust. Be sure to check out the Circus Posterus Store HERE next Wednesday, June 18th for your chance to nab one of these beauties.

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May 09, 2014

Nakanari – 20” Ninja Spiki Dunny


It was at his workshop at Full Sal University where Nakanari showed off his latest custom piece, the 20” Ninja Spiki Dunny. This awesome custom will be making its way to its owner very soon. I know… I know… you were all wondering if it was still available, but this 20” custom was a commission for one very lucky fan. The paint job was done by none other than Nakanari and the accessories were created by Outta My Mind Creations. Check out more of the photos after the jump.


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May 05, 2014

‘One of One’ Custom Show (6.14)


While Artist Johnny ‘KMNDZ’ Rodriguez is best known for his compelling paintings, he has recently been customizing toys and enjoying the process, perhaps more than he first expected.  Inspired by the experience of painting on platform toys, he’s put together ‘One of One’, a group custom show with an impressive roster of artists, many of whom are accomplished painters or street artists who have either never customized toy or done so only in passing:

64 Colors, Alice Yeh, April Elliot, Attaboy, Axis, AX2, Blamo, Bob Dob, Bryn Perott, Camille Rose Garcia, Catcult, Cikcuk, Codak, Defer, DrilOne, Ekundayo, Elizabeth McGrath, Erik Siador, Fr. Bill Moore SS. CC., Gabbie Custom Art, Germs, Graham Curran, Gris Grimly, Jill Ricci, Joe Scarano, Jophen Stein, Juan Thorp, Kingsley, KMNDZ, Leecifer, Marco Zamora, Mari Inukai, Max Kauffman, Mike Maxwell, Miss Mindy, N.C. Winters, Paris, Phidias Gold, Rick O’Brien, Rusty Jordan, Spankystokes, Super Cooper Berella, TAG, Tasha Zimich, Terror Visual 1984, The French Fury, Tom Pathe, Urban Medium and Yoskay Yamamoto

One of One will open  at the dA Gallery in Pomona on Saturday June 14th (6-9 PM) during the Second Saturday Art Walk.  For the latest info and previews, check out the show’s official facebook page.

‘One of One’
Opening: Saturday, June 14th (6-9 PM)

da Gallery
252 D South Main Street
Pomona, CA 91766


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May 02, 2014

Seen: ‘Star Wars Legion’ -- A Custom Stormtrooper Helmet Show


Lucasfilm, Disney, and Neff have put together ‘Star Wars Legion’, a Stormtrooper Helmet exhibition running  at Robert Vargas Gallery in Downtown Los Angeles through Star Wars Celebration Day, May 4th. The show features  hundreds of mini Stormtrooper helmets customized by artists from various Disney divisions and street artists selected by Neff. 

Vinyl Pulse checked out the exhibition on Thursday during the Artists Reception.  We were impressed with the imagination and creativity on display.  Yes, there were the expected military themed pieces, but they were easily outnumbered by pieces that reimagined the iconic helmet as a truck/car cab, or as food, cartoon characters and more. The work is impressive considering that artists had roughly just three weeks to work on their pieces and many are not used to working with 3D canvases.

If you’re in LA and looking for a fun art experience, drop by Star Wars Legion on Saturday, 5.3 (2-6 PM)  or Sunday (Noon – 4 PM).

Star Wars Legion

Robert Vargas Gallery
620 Main Street
Los Angeles 90013



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Apr 06, 2014

Tasha Zimich x Urban Vinyl Daily – Oops & Oww Custom Dunnys


Urban Vinyl Daily has picked up Tasha Zimich to do a special release Tomorrow, April 7th at 12PM EST. Presenting her Aww & Oww custom 3” Dunnys, which pays homage to some of the things that inspire her, such as cute and horror. This set will be available HERE for $80 each. There’s only one set of these available, so you better act quickly!


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Mar 22, 2014

Fuller Designs - Fire King Panda


Almost something coming out from the World of Warcraft comes the Fire King Panda by Fuller Designs. This piece was commissioned by a fan of both Fuller Designs and Angry Woebots, as they provided the Panda King figure, which I’m sure both parties had a hard time painting/letting go. Fuller even left the arms unpainted to add to the effect of the Fire King Panda. Both the Sun Hat and weapon were sculpted out of ave’s apoxie and this custom even features a strap made of real leather. Some fine quality stuff going on here! More photos after the jump.


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Mar 15, 2014

Kasey Tararuj & Tasha Zimich for Art Whino’s “Art Without Borders” Show (03.22)

antfarmer 4  Olive_logos_front2

Art Whino’s “Art Without Borders” custom group show is coming up quick, which means more submissions will be trickling out onto the net! On the left we have Kasey Tararuj’s “The Ant Farmer” custom Dunny, which so happens to be her very first 8” Dunny custom and boy did she do an excellent job! “This is The Ant Farmer! Tricky little anteater.  What better way to never go hungry than to manage your own ant farm. There's a reason his rosey cheeks are so chubby and plump!“ We also have Tasha Zimich’s 7”custom Foomi, which is a Hedgehog that goes by the name of Olive. It just so happens that Doctors Without Borders plays a big part of Tasha’s life and is something she feels strongly about.

This should be an amazing show with a great cause. Anyone in the area should definitely check it out. The opening reception will take place at Blind Whino on Saturday, March 22nd from 8-11PM.

Blind Whino
734 1st St SW
Washington, DC 22024


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Feb 28, 2014

Nakanari – 8” SpikiBacca Custom Dunny


Nakanari is proud to present his Spikibacca custom 8” Dunny. This one off resembles the original SpikiBacca painting that was on display at the MaiHiro Galaxy Show back in September. Unfortunately this piece already has a loving home. We hope to see more great customs like this coming from more often.


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Feb 17, 2014

Otto Björnik x Jeremiah Ketner - Collaborative Munny World Customs


We are super excited to see these two customizing super stars work together on a special project. Otto Björnik and Jeremiah Ketner are working on a couple 7” Munny World figures from Kidrobot. As you can see, Otto started it off and sent it to Jeremiah to finish up. We cannot wait to see the special touches Jeremiah will be adding to these pieces. You’re going to want to keep an eye out on his Instagram (@Smallandround) for updates on the customs.

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Feb 11, 2014

Full Look at Buff Monster x Lamour Supreme 4’ Custom Dunny

Untitled 28148e

Here’s a full look at the 4’  custom commission Dunny (Kidrobot)  recently completed by Lamour Supreme and Buff Monster, shot by Last Witness.  There’s lots of detail packed into the giant piece – pretty much everywhere you look there’s something to be discovered.  Enjoy the piece and the great shots.



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Feb 10, 2014

Skinner – RINGU Deadbeet via UVD (2.11)

Ringu 1

Skinner has created a custom micro-run (2 pieces) of Scott Tolleson’s Deadbeet.  The gritty RINGU features a grayscale design which draws out the sculptural details of the figure.  One of the customs will be availabl3e on Tuesday (2.11) at Noon EST from Urban Vinyl Daily for $160 (+ s/h).  The other?  It’s in Scott Tolleson’s personal collection.


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