Futura Laboratories 2020 Collection Launches At PL+ Art Space

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The Futura Laboratories 2020 Collection debuted on Saturday evening (12.21) as part of Futura’s Right Here, Right Now experience at the PL+ Art Space located at the Q-plex in Shenzhen, China. Powered by Pop Life Global, the 2020 collection features a compelling selection of apparel (caps, socks, tees, outerwear,), accessories (ammo cans, backpack, utility bag, waist bag), lifestyle items (clock, rug, mugs, pin sets, plates, towels, umbrellas) and of course, art toys.  Exclusive to the pop-up event, the new collection—the NYC graffiti legend’s largest to-date—offers a wide variety of designs celebrating Futura’s art from his minimalist Atoms to his signature Pointman character. Building on the initial releases at ComplexCon, the FL Camo line receives several tiger-striped additions including a backpack, snapback cap, utility pack and windbreaker.

The new FL Collection features three new art toy releases including two new Johnny vinyls: the Asia Exclusive White Edition (500 pieces) and the Exhibition Exclusive Pearlescent Edition (2000 pieces). The White Edition has a clean, high-gloss finish while the Pearlescent Edition features subtle blue, purple and yellow hues. The new collection also features the brand-new 3XVERSE blind-boxed mini figure series with eight character bust designs in matte black with white deco.  Each display case features the full set of eight toys.

While Futura’s product releases have been few and far between, the Futura Laboratories 2020 collection powered by Pop Life Global offers an unprecedented selection of goods. There’s something for every collector and fan, no matter whether the need is for shirts, jackets, caps, art toys or something else such as a rug for the living room.