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Sep 21, 2018

Coarse Open House for Frogtown Art Walk (9.22)


As part of the Frogtown Art Walk, Coarse will open its studio to the public on Saturday (9.22) from 4 to 10 PM.  While Coarse will not have special releases for the informal event, Michelle Valigura will be showing and releasing a new ceramics collection. If you’re in the area, come on out for a night of art and wine.  If you’ve never had the pleasure of visiting the studio, this is a great opportunity to do so in a laid back way.

unnamed unnamed

Coarse Studio Open House
Saturday, September 22nd 2018 (7-10 PM)

Coarse Los Angeles
2940 Denby Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90039

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Don’t Miss the Blind Bag Hell Cattle from Splurrt (9.22)


Pssst… Splurrt is dropping a run of unpainted Hell Cattle on Saturday morning at 9 AM PDT from his web shop. These will be sold blind bag style and appear to be semi-mixed parts style.  From the photos the bodies are all a deep/golden yellow white the head color varies.  Each of the Hell Cattle will also come with a Cadaver Twins head to maximize your fiendish play.


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Nychos for Jurassic Park 25th Anniversary Show at DesignerCon


DesignerCon 2018 (11.16 – 11.18) in Anaheim is shaping up to be one to remember. There’s the move, the massive hall (300K+ sqft), Medicom and more.  Plus!  DCon will present the Jurassic Park 25th Anniversary Art Show in conjunction with Universal.  The show will feature original art from top-flight artists including Nychos who recently posted a stunning preview of his piece.

To really get the celebration poppin’, DesignerCon will also release a large-format TRex vinyl from Nychos (he’s everywhere)!  Check his video for a nice 3D turnaround of the sculpt.  There will also be additional Jurassic Park merchandise from select artists available at the show.

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myplasticheart has Halloween Negora Treats for NYCC


myplasticheart has announced not one, but two special Konatsu sofubi treats for NYCC.  They will be releasing both the Negora Halloween Koantsu cast in translucent purple with fun mismatched eyes as well as the Daioh Negora Halloween featuring a classic black + orange design.  Don’t miss these at NYCC (10.4 – 10.7) in Booth 888.


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Show Me The Munny 2018 Opens Tonight at BAIT Denver (9.21)


Kidrobot’s annual Show Me The Munny group exhibition opens tonight (Friday 9.21) at BAIT Denver from 7 to 10 PM.  This year’s collection of custom Munnys will feature Denver-area artists (nice!), many of which specialize in big street murals.  If you’re nearby, drop by and check it out.

Pat Milbery, Mike Graves, Anna Charney, Scott Knecht (BigFoot), Rather Severe, Zach Yarrington, MDMN, DINKC, ESIC, Robin Munro, RUMTUM, DF Crew, JPOartPSYBE, Hollis + Lana, Jeramiah Clark from Landmark Tattoo and Mr. Mars.

42068970_242227143129999_8220618306996396477_n 42100148_2171484612884429_2479255502212174180_n  40993373_696705660687605_3368005688868344409_n 41027444_105533067019322_6033369064260390501_n

Show Me The Munny 2018
Opening: Friday September 21st 2018 (7-10 PM)

BAIT Denver
1962 Blake St. Suite 100
Denver, CO 80202

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Sep 20, 2018

Bwana Spoons Has ‘Machine Gun Ghost’ Fever (9.22)

mgg web01

Bwana Spoons seems to have a thing for Machine Gun Ghost, Paul Kaiju’s latest monstrosity.  How do I know?  Well… He’s got three MGG-related pieces dropping this Friday (9.22) at 10 AM PDT over at Gravy Toys

First, he’s got a fun, ‘psychedelic disco’ timed release art print of MGG setting the dance floor on fire. The 8.5 x 11” signed and numbered giclee print will be available for 48 hours starting on Friday at 10 AM PDT for $24 each.  Edition size will be determined by orders during the sale period. Only five per human.

On the toy side, Bwana has created Tommy, who just happens to have a machine gun for a head :)  This one is a micro-run of 4 pieces and beyond a few customs here and there, will be the only release of this glorious creation. These will be $50 and be limited to one per human. And then there’s the Machine Gun Ghost himself.  Bwana has created four one-off versions of Paul’s rapid fire friend.  And it goes without saying, but just in case—strictly limited to one per human.

mgg web tommy mgg web02

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Sket One x HiteJinro – 8” Jinro Soju Dunny


Now this one’s truly special.  Sket One has teamed up with HiteJinro on the 8” Jinro  Dunny by Kidrobot.  This new production Dunny features a brand-new soju bottle sculpt matching the actual Jiro Soju packaging—the #1 alcohol in the world—and fits right into Sket’s previous food-related Dunny designs.  Except for one thing that sets it apart from pretty much every production Dunny to-date: the Jinro Dunny isn’t for sale.   But wait, you say, what about Kidrobot? KR will not be releasing these and apparently this will be the only edition made.   So this might just be the rarest 8” Dunny as well. 

So, if they are not for sale, how do you get one?  By winning one!  That’s right, the only way to get one is to win it through a series of giveaways from HiteJinro and Sket. So be sure to Follow @Sket_One and @HiteJinroUSA to maximize your chances!  Best of luck!

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Release Info On The First Two ‘Nihon No Dōbutsu’ Drops from Fakir

unnamed unnamed

A little while back we brought you word of French artist Fakir’s new Nihon No Dōbutsu custom [email protected] project featuring hand-cut clothing from Atelier Dans La Cour. Since his work is pristine, the only question we had was,  ‘when?’  Thankfully the artist has since announced that Aka Panda—the red panda—will be released on Monday (9.24) at 5 AM PDT for €600 (~ $707) and Kaeru—the frog—will drop the following Monday (10.1) at 5 AM PDT for €650 (~ $766).  Both are editions of just five pieces and  will be available from his web shop.

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The Autumn Algonac Brings Pumpkin and Squash Dreams (9.21)


Rotofugi will release the Autumn Algonac soft vinyl (edition of 150) from Chris Ryniak on Friday (9.21) at 9 AM PDT for $17.99 from their online store.  Produce by Squibbles Ink and Rotofugi,t he deep orange edition has us thinking of squash, pumpkin, and hoping that the cooler days of Autumn are soon to arrive.

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Tristan Eaton Will Release ‘The Son’ as a Timed Edition (9.21)


Heads up!  Tristan Eaton will release a giclee print of The Son—a self portrait—as a timed edition.  At 20” x 40” which is slightly less than half the size of the larger-than-life original (48” x 96”) from his Legacy 2015 solo in LA, the print will offer a strong representation of the painting’s tremendous detail.

download download

In order to meet the demand of his mushrooming collector base, Tristan will release The Son as a 48-hour time release edition from  12 PM on Friday (9.21) through 12 PM PDT on Sunday (9.23) for $200 via his online store.  The final edition size of this not-to-be-missed, embossed, signed and numbered print will be determined by orders placed within the sale period.

If you haven’t done so already, this would be a great time to pick up the beautiful Tristan Eaton: Paintings book ($75) from CASS Contemporary.  The oversized-format volume (17” x 11”)  is an excellent presentation of his paintings and does justice to the work—no trivial feat.

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Rotofugi Cat Daruma by Konatsu



cat-daruma-1 In memory of Rotofugi’s Whitney Kerr, comes the Rotofugi Cat Daruma from Konatsu.  The 1.5” mini figure is cast in Rotofugi blue  with eye-patch, a nod to the store’s mascot, Abe.  The figures are available now for $12 and  proceeds will be donated to the Whitney Kerr Memorial Fund which will help pay for the continuing education of Whitney and Kirby’s son, Lazlo.  This special release was made possible by the generous donation by Konatsu and Superpowers, her distributor. 



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Sugarfly Is Coming Soon from Remjie Malham and Unusual Creations Club


Remjie Malham’s original soft vinyl figure, Sugarfly, debuted at Beijing Toy Show from Unusual Creations Club.  Apparently available in two slightly different sculpts with alternate ears, the adorable little bug features translucent wings and a cute bug butt.  What’s remarkable about these, is that they have the look of Remjie’s handpainted work.  If you didn’t make it out to BTS, you’re in luck as UCC is planning an online release shortly!


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Huck Gee x k.olin tribu – Skullhead Black Porcelain


Surprise, surprise.  K.Olin Tribu just released a new Skullhead Black Porcelain edition (6.3”) from Huck Gee.  Limited to 50 pieces, these ultra glossy, high-end figures are available for pre-order from ArtAndToys for €416.67 (~ $490) which includes worldwide shipping.   Each Skullhead is numbered, includes a signed certificate of authenticity and will arrive in a wood box.  This new Black edition follows the White edition which is also available.


unnamed downloadsculpture-skullhead-black-porcelain-by-huck-gee

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Sep 19, 2018

Tora Kun from Shon Is A New Apprentice Ninja


Taiwanese artist Shon is working on a new Ninja soft vinyl toy. Tora Kun is an apprentice Ninja, learning the mystic ways from Shinobi, his cat ninja figure.  The sculpt features the trainee hard at work focusing his energy.  In a bit of a break from his previous toys, Tora Kun has a very expressive face sculpt and interestingly seems to have an inset eye.  We’re looking forward to learning more about this upcoming release.

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Zectron and Deadly Delivery Bring You the Z Warrior (9.22)


Next up from Deadly Delivery is the brand-new Z Warrior from Zectron.  This Trilogy of Terror-inspired resin mini brings the Zuni Warrior (‘He Who Kills’) back to life.  Are you ready ? D&D continues to keep the old school horror flicks alive. Dropping this Saturday (9.22) at 10 AM PDT  from Deadly Delivery in a deep wood shade.


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Astroknight (Leader) from Healeymade Is No Pretty Boy


Healeymade ventures over once again to the Dark Side with his recently released Astroknight (Leader) resin figure. His handcast resin rendition of Kylo Ren is as stylish as it is sinister.  This one is available now from Healeymade for $70.  As with David Healey’s other awesome art action figures, this one stands on its own without need for parody, over-the-top joke, or snark.  Not to be missed.  Perhaps the last Knight ?


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Scott Wilkowski x Woot Bear – Afterlife Artifacts


Scott Wilkowski’s latest handcrafted resin project, Afterlife Artifacts, is inspired by China’s legendary terracotta warriors, entombed with the emperor to project him for eternity. Scott’s slightly more diminutive guardians are available in four marbled glow color combinations and two types – kneeling (2.75”) and standing (3.25”).  Grab ‘em before they are gone from Woot Bear for $45 each. The Afterlife Artifacts are the beginnings of  Scott’s Warrior Series coming from Woot Bear at DesignerCon, featuring new characters as well as infected versions.

IMG_0619 IMG_0618 40737184_240767286597234_7773781031607684570_n

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The Perplexing Pink Wolf Bat Thing Mother Takes Flight from Joseph Harmon and Toy Art Gallery (9.21)


Toy Art Gallery will release the Perplexing Pink Wolf Bat Thing Mother (5”) soft vinyl figure from Joseph Harmon on Friday (9.21) at 12 PM PDT for $55 from the TAG web shop.  This Perplexing Pink version of Harmon’s fun, quirky character just might be our favorite so far—the vivid sprays pop nicely against the milky vinyl and the subtle negative space helps give the illusion of luminescence. 

unnamed unnamed

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Mummie Man Makes the Jump to Color from Rockin’ Jelly Bean x Blackdots


It’s been about two years since Blackdots first released the Freaky Monster Village: Mummie Man sofubi from Rockin’ Jelly Bean in an unpainted blue edition, followed by a few GID drops.  Now, comes the 1st color edition  with a white + red paint scheme which fleshes out the toy design and Motorken’s sculpt.  With its lighthearted, cartoon-inspired take on a classic monster and impressive size (9.45”), Mummie Man should add plenty of life to any collection. It’s available now from Yamakichiya for ¥12,960 (~ $115).

Mummie-Man_1st_3 Mummie-Man_1st_4 Mummie-Man_1st_2

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Deathcat Toys x Toy Art Gallery – Milky Amethyst Psycho Sofie and Owlene


It’s been quite some time since we’ve seen the Deathcat Toys x Toy Art Gallery gachas.  Happily, the wait is over.  TAG will release a set of Milky Amethyst editions featuring the Psycho Sofie and Owlene soft vinyls (2”) on Friday (9.21) at 12 PM PDT for $35/set from the TAG web shop.

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‘Get Animated’ with Bugs Bunny and Tweety from Pat Lee (9.20)


The Get Animated series of figures from ToyQube, Soap Studio and Warner Brothers brings together popular artists to re-imagine classic WB cartoon characters.  To date, the popular project has announced and revealed toys from six Hong Kong-based artists: Eric So, Kenny Wong, Pat Lee, Chino Lam, Pucky & Tik Ka. It turns out that what’s been shown so far is about half of what’s planned with ToyQube set tounveil the USA artist roster in October!  


So far the figures have only been available as pre-orders in Asia from Soap Studios. Now, ToyQube is starting to take pre-orders for USA collectors. First up from ToyQube are a pair of figures from Pat Lee, best known for his comic book work for both DC and Marvel.  Both his Bugs Bunny (13”, $179.99)  and Tweety (9”, $169.99) vinyl + pvc toys feature highly-stylized dissected/cut-away designs that create an irregular mosaic by mixing bits of  each character’s iconic appearance with anatomic details.


Bugs features a wild, dynamic design blending the traditional gray+white with vivid, fleshy pink.  From his mismatched eyes to his bulging heart and curious leg shackles, the toy offers surprises and unexpected details.

unnamed unnamedunnamed

Pat Lee’s Tweety design just might out do his Bugs, no easy feat.  Here Tweety is recast as a force to be reckoned with.  A stylized Sylvester lurches out from his brain, perhaps in an attempt to flee the enraged canary with his angry violet eyes and almost mech-like power.  The patches of gray, fibrous anatomical details lends Tweety a futuristic, mechanically menacing appearance.

ToyQube will offer pre-orders of the Bugs Bunny and Tweety Get Animated vinyl figures from Pat Lee starting on Thursday (9.20) at 9 AM PDT from the TQ web shop.  Tweety is expected in December, while Bugs Bunny is due to ship in late January 2019

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Sep 18, 2018

Mooncake Androids from Andrew Bell !

After last night’s speculation, Andrew Bell has released a special Mooncake Android gift set for $46 on the Dead Zebra shop featuring four mini Android toys inspired by the traditional Mid-Autumn festival treats.  This Asia region release comes in a fancy box that looks like a Mooncake box. Once opened, the androids sit in a tray that only reveals their heads, furthering the illusion.  Nicely done, Mr. Bell.  Get ‘em before they vanish.

download download download

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Get Ready for Cheezy Grin from Ron English


Are you ready for Cheezy Grin ? Ron English’s take on a very familiar spongy character will drop at Dopeness Art Lab in Taipei on Saturday (9.22) as part of Ron English’s solo. The  new vinyl figure with a toothy grin is a co-production from Made by Monsters and Dopeness Art Lab.

download  download

Dopeness Art Lab is also previewing Super Star Grin!   Here’s hoping for an international release open to overseas collectors.

41389989_239590636721067_5112178205719648734_n 41595636_209135413122425_4212375791197986220_n

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Bigfoot Opens ‘Mountain Gods & Forest Demons’ at Woot Bear (9.22)


Bay Area Artist Bigfoot will bring his ecocentric art to Woot Bear for the opening of Mountain Gods & Forest Demons on Saturday (9.22, 6-9 PM). Bigfoot will have several several paintings for the show including fun shape-cut pieces of his namesake character. 

A veteran of the art scene, Bigfoot is probably best known in the art toy world for his Bigfoot vinyls including the OG ones from StrangeCo and more recently from Dragatomi, many of which are available from his online store.

unnamed unnamed 42100158_1863210673770343_7307100074953031873_n

Bigfoot||Mountain Gods & Forest Demons
Opening: Saturday, September 22nd 2018 (6-9 PM)

Woot Bear
1512 Haight St
San Francisco CA 94117

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Casey Weldon x ThreeA – Tuxedo Kittypillar


Seattle artist Casey Weldon’s Kittypillar vinyl returns from ThreeA in a brand-new black+white edition.  Tuxedo is the first of a new wave of colorways (five in total) set to consume your wallet.  Tuxedo Kittypillar stands 8” tall, features 3 points of articulation, and is available now for $89 from Bambaland which includes worldwide shipping.  This one is slated to ship in November 2018.

Kittypillar is one of those toys that you never dreamed you needed, until it grabbed hold of your imagination.  It’s fairytale familiar, yet Weldon weird, and completely compelling.

download download

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