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Jan 02, 2018

Mai Zi Art – JOURnEY: Cody and Judy Gypsum Leg Pack


Mai Zi Art has announced a new release in their ongoing JOURnEY series.  A nod to the perils of life on the road, the Cody and Judy Gypsum Leg Pack features Cody and Judy Broken Leg edition vinyl figures with casts on their legs as well as a large ‘Born to Be Wild’ Leg Cast created in gypsum.  Limited to just 10 sets, this special high-end drop is available for $500 (+ $50 shipping) to customers in Asia.  This one is not available outside of Asia.  To order drop an email to [email protected].

We’re happy to see a new JOURnEY release as it’s been awhile.  Dig the classic HK urban style and the daring vision.

25038085_252361041965547_8074015956399030272_n 25018837_1724661304275139_2145338573828653056_n

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Playge Kicks of 2018 with New Pandemic and Misfortune Cat Pins


Happy 2018!  Playge is kicking off the new year with a trio of slick pins.  First up are the Pandemic pins (1.15”).  This circular swarm pin is available in two editions: black on silver and red on silver. Limited to 50 pieces of each, these are available for $15 (includes USA shipping).

There’s also the New Year Misfortune cat in Red+Gold.  While the edition size is a mystery on this bad boy, we do know that it’s 1.5” and available for $15 (includes USA shipping).

Pick up these pins now direct from Playge.

red_gold_mfc1 pandemic_pin_black1a

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Michael Chuah - Office Survival Mr. Pao & Pan Figures


Michael Chuah, best known for his Office Survival comic series is bringing his comic book characters to life! He is happy to announce the release of Mr. Pao and Pan, who are coming from their hectic white-collared offices, into your toy collection.

PAN is the protagonist of Office Survival.  He's the honest and kind, typical oppressed salaryman. Under the relentless tyranny of his boss Mr.Pao, he has 'evolved' into the current panda-like state he is now, only reverting to his human form when asleep.
MR.PAO is the other protagonist of Office Survival, whose sarcastic and unreasonable attitude is based on his life motto that the world revolves around him and everything exists to serve him. He's so selfish that he's constantly thinking of ways to prolong his employees' working hours while suppressing their pay.

These figures are available as sets and in limited runs. There are already 4 colorways up for grabs, which includes the OG Colorway Mr. Pao and Pan, which retail $44 each and is limited to 188 pieces each. The Mr. Pao and Pan GID Edition, which retail $88 for the set and is limited to 80 sets. The Mr. Pao and Pain Black and Gold Edition, which is super limited to 4 sets worldwide and retails $100. Finally there’s the 1-Off Clown set, which is officially sold out.

Be sure to contact him directly through his website to purchase!

4_OfficeSurvival_ClownJoker2_OfficeSurvival_GID01 2_OfficeSurvival_GID02   3_OfficeSurvival_GoldBlack

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