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Dec 08, 2017

Ziqi x Unbox – Mixed Parts Little Dino (12.9)


Prehistoric Ice Cream, while we’re not sure it’s tasty, it sure is cute.  Unbox will release special mixed parts Little Dino—‘Dino Ice Cream’ figures (~ 4”) from Ziqi on Saturday (12.9) at 4 AM PST on their webshop for $70 (+ s/h). As with other mixed parts drops, each dino treat will have assorted and mismatched colored parts  and be more or less unique.

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Taku Obata x Unbox Industries – Sofb Boy 24 Hour Timed Release


If you missed out on last weekend’s sold-out release of Sofb Boy from Taku Obata and Unbox, you have another chance, perhaps the last one. Due to overwhelming demand, they are offering the figure once again as a 24-hr timed release which started earlier Friday and runs through Saturday (12.8) at 6:59 AM PST for $85 (+ s/h) via the Unbox Web shop.  This second production run will ship out in late January/February.  Props to Unbox for making this excellent figure available to all collectors eager to add Taku’s first art toy to their shelves.


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Alex Pardee x Mighty Jaxx – Bunnywith Vinyl (12.9)


Bunnywith is back! That’s right, Alex Pardee’s classic, armless Bunny is back.  You’ve enjoyed him in plush and molded pvc, and how comes a brand new vinyl version (8”) from Mighty Jaxx.  So that’s all good, any downsides?  Only one, Bunnywith will only be available for 24 hours beginning on Saturday (12.9) at 4 AM PST for $109 (includes shipping) from Mighty Jaxx’s online store.  He looks good by himself, but even better ‘with’ something else – after all the Bunny is universal.

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