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Dec 02, 2017

Taku Obata x Unbox Industries – SOFB Boy (12.2)


The day has come… Unbox will release SOFB Boy by Japanese sculptural artist Taku Obata on Saturday (12.2) at 7 AM PDT from their webshop for $85 (+ s/h). Highly anticipated, these should go quickly.  If you miss this first opportunity, Unbox has your back with another online drop planned. 

First shown exactly a year ago in proto form, the figure translates one of Obata’s towering wood B Boy sculptures into soft vinyl via a digital scan.  Besides the affordability and more practical form factor, the dynamic soft vinyl figure offers new possibilities with impressive articulation (9 points: elbows, wrists, legs, arms, and head ???) transcending the static presentation of Obata’s other mediums including bronze and wood.  SOFB Boy’s flexibility to Tut however you see fit, is a perfect match for the frenetic hip hop dance form.

24175437_169818506938889_1028804388635803648_n 24127142_203409910203072_2467601879991844864_n  24254535_499582267077275_4693996828977266688_n24327232_134189217285148_1981797033924624384_n

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