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Nov 09, 2017

kaNO Kid’s “Heroes” Print at Designer Con


If you're scrambling around trying to figure out how to get one of each Designer Con badge, fret not as kaNO is here to the rescue! He will be releasing an 18" x 24", titled Heroes, which features his signature characters cosplaying as some of your favorite super heroes. The very same art can be found on this weekends Designer Con Badges, but to assemble that team of heroes would be getting every single type of badge, such as Exhibitor, VIP, 2 Day, Sunday, Saturday, Press, etc... The giclee print measures 18" x 24" on moab estrada 290 gsm cotton rag. These will be limited to only 30 pieces and come signed and numbered for $65. These will be exclusive to the kaNO's booth #618.

IMG_84611 IMG_84621

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Andrew Bell is Bringing Some Pet Food to DCon!

23347397_2089444491082330_1265439623308378112_n (1)

If you're desperately hungry during Designer Con, you may want to check out Andrew Bell's booth #619. He will have the final 7 Pet Food resin figures in existence up for grabs. The color variants will vary in 'Moistness', so not one figure is alike. We believe these will retail $80, just like during this past SDCC.

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Miguel Wilson - Rad Retro Michael at Designer Con


After seeing all the progress shots on his Instagram, we are happy to finally see Miguel Wilson's figure come to life.  Presenting Rad Retro Michael, an homage to one of the biggest pop stars in the world. The Rad Retro Michael will most definitely be available at his booth #1705 this weekend at Designer Con. The set includes stickers, magnet, patch, pin and 2 alternative hands, special box, 11 x 17 Michel Pasquale Print and COA signed by Miguel and all parties involved! That’s a whole lot of goodness for the low price of $260, which is also limited to only 10 sets.

RAD_RETRO_Michael_FRONT_teaser RR_Michael_Promo_Teaser3_9 IMG_6466image1 23279705_188092495086065_5696390664846049280_n

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Devils Head Productions x The Sour Lemon at Designer Con


The Sour Lemon will be housing a bunch of great releases this Designer Con weekend. To add to their roster of releases are some figures from Devils Head Productions. Introducing The Sour Lemon exclusive Apalala ($150), which features a white Japanese vinyl with fluorescent yellow, fluorescent red, olive, tan and gold paint. We also have the Jizo-Anarcho ($30) with white vinyl base and yellow and black details. Last but not least is the Alavaka ($70)in a yellow vinyl with green, brown, black, copper and red paint. The Bodhisattva head has yellow gems in ears and the Deamon head has red/black glass eyes. All of these great releases can be found at the Sour Lemon booth #1700 in Hall C.

23279962_1987291894882565_1267219732633747456_n 23348104_325745734501633_5291502212361486336_n

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Dogbird Series 1 Figures Available at Broke Piggy Booth at DCon!


Making its US Debut, Third Stage has graced the Broke Piggy booth #527 with the first stateside release of the Dogbird Series 1 figures. These figures come in a blind box form and features some very fun species mixing, which you can guess from the series name. Each figure measures 2-3" tall and will retail $12 each blindbox or a full set of four for $46. Be sure to make your way to their booth to snag yourself a Pugbird, Retribird, Siberianbird and Pengbird.

dogbird2 dogbird3

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Urban Vinyl Daily Toys at Designer Con!


The UVD Guys will be set up once again at this weekends Designer Con. They will have plenty to offer at their booth #TF16. Such goodies will include their Luna figure by The Bots in both the retailer Blue Edition and the Long Night colorway for $60 each or $100 for both. For your viewing pleasure will also be some Luna customs by Doktor A., J*RYU and MapMap. They've also got some prototypes they want to share with you as well from Mike Fudge, MJ Hsu, The Bots and Kyle Kirwan. Did we mention the rad pins they will have up for grabs by Dave Perillo and Jeremiah Ketner? These pins are a part of their Enamel Pinata series, which will retail $10 each.

image4 image1_1image1image2

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DKE Designer Con Release Round 3!


Here we have DKE Toys' final round of releases for this years Designer Con for their booth #812! First up is the El Trooper by Carlos Ramirez, which is a follow up to the previously sold out Santo Vader release from SDCC. Each resin figure is hand-painted and are packaged on a plywood backer card. The El Trooper is limited to 20 pieces and will retail $100. Next we have the Le Lutteur by Kjelshus Collins, which is based on the classic luchador action figure. Each figure is hand-cast and hand-painted and stand 4" tall and are packaged on card. These will come signed and numbered in an edition of 25 pieces for $65. Talk about double hit with the nostalgia button. Coming from two entirely different worlds is the Shogun Vader by Kosmo Toys. These come specially packaged in box and are limited to 20 pieces for $65. On the more political side we have the VIP Citizen Trump - Diamonds and Gold by Nick C. Kirk. Each figure stands 5" tall and comes packaged on a custom 6 x 9 cardback. The riot gear is painted in 24K gold and the shield is dusted with diamonds! Limited to only 13 pieces, the VIP Citizen Trump figure will retail $95. 2BitHack will have his FN-2187 Starkillerbase Sanitation Worker action figure. Each figure is hand-cast and hand-painted and is limited to 20 pieces for $55. Last but not least is an array of customs by DLL Customs, which will range in price of $45 to $250. There will be one-offs and limited runs of his resin creations available.


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Depressed Monsters at Designer Con!


Let these monsters soak up your sadness! The Depressed Monsters booth #727 Designer Con will be scattered with these 8" one-off creatures, that goes by the name of Yerman. There will also be a micro run of 3 classic brown colorway Yerman, which will retail $45, while the one-offs will range from $50 - $60 each. Not only will they have these abs plastic figures at their booth, but they will also be carrying prints, stickers and pins!

IMG_1768 IMG_0189

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Zeb Goodell - Okita The Reluctant French Bulldog Samurai Assassin

If you want to see some rad stuff in person, you're going to want to make your way to Zeb Goodell's booth #1715 at Designer Con. Hewill be showing off hisnewest handmade resin 10" sculpture of Okita The Reluctant French Bulldog Samurai Assassin. Not only will you be able to look at it, but you will also be able to buy it! Limited to 11 total pieces broken into different colorways (2 green 2 blue, 2 black, 2 gold and 3 red). The piece itself comes with removable mask, gun with leather holster, backpack, custom bandana and samurai sword. Okita also comes packaged in a laser etched wooden box! All of this will retail $475 each.

After the great war of 2149 decimated the earth, leaving all survivors in imminent peril, Okita appeared. Was he from another realm, planet or just created? .. no one really knew, but he was exactly what was needed. Nomadic groups had sprung up across the newly formed "united" states terrorizing anyone in their paths. For as long as anyone could remember Okita was out there vanquishing enemies and avenging those who were wronged. With the knowledge he acquired from the long forgotten art of the Samurai, Okita vanquished his enemies and restored order for a short period of time. But now there is another uprising and he must return.    This is his story... Okita the Samurai Assassin.


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Jesse Hernandez at Designer Con!


It's no DCon without our good friend Jesse Hernandez! He will be bringing some heat to his booth #802 with some prints, apparel including limited edition socks with illskillzclothing, collabo Luchador Masks with WWE pros, and pins, but our standout winner will be the DCon Exclusive Ozomahtli done with Task One. There also will be some small run resin editions and one-offs available. You're going to have to make your way to his booth to see these stunning figures in person.

23348246_1346146952179763_8162235645515792384_n 23347940_141428329837349_1422078691206234112_n mask_exclusive (1)

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Nathan Ota x 3DRetro – Coozie for DesignerCon


Painter Nathan Ota has collaborated once again with 3DRetro to bring his ethereal, arboreal paintings to life as a brand-new vinyl art toy debuting as a preview release at DesignerCon from the 3DRetro booth [#532]. Coozie features his recurring half tree/half boy character who’s often  seen exploring his forest surroundings. With the new toy, Coozie is seen sitting atop a low tree stump. At first glance he seems to merge with the tree, the separation between the two blurring into a shared identity. If you‘re wondering about the character’s name, in his graffiti days, Nathan used to write ‘COOZ’.

Pop!-Goes-the-Weasel 23164077_145443919414758_7911281604058677248_n nathan_ota_1

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Miso – Twin Bun Bunn for DesignerCon


For her very first Designer Con, LA artist Miso will debut her brand-new Twin Bun Bunn sets.  The two may seem similar, but if you look closer you’ll see that Bun (pink) is nice and Bunn (blue) is … naughty—check out those red eyes and super sharp fangs. These are  100% Miso: sculpting, casting, painting, and packaging. Each features a . An edition of 25 sets, each features the pair of 4” hares with fancy cord loops for hanging on a wall or on your Christmas tree.  She’ll have the first ten Twin Bun Bunn sets available at her artist table [TC17 in Hall C] for $150 each.

In addition the new bunnies, Miso will also have a selection of her small faux taxidermy style resins painted in a beautiful porcelain style.

Twin_ed01_sq1 package_IG_2 Twin_ed01_3

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