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Nov 06, 2017

Frank Kozik – Clockwork Orange Bird Is The Word


The Mega Mao returns… Over the years we’ve seen several colorways of this showstopper. This time around it’s clockwork orange.  The 30” fiber glass Bird is the Word sculpture is painted in metallic orange automotive paint with gold flake and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. Limited to 25 pieces, these will be available on Saturday (11.11) for $1500 (+ s/h and paypal fees) by dropping a line to [email protected].   The first five orders will include a signed copy of Frank’s  Eddie Vedder gig print featuring Mao  (35” x 32”).

IMG_0565 IMG_5356_preview IMG_0598 IMG_0577

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Flat Bonnie for DesignerCon: Dobichan, Honoo and Coarse Root Plush


Flat Bonnie [booth #317] has out done themselves this year with an enticing DesignerCon lineup. For exclusives, there’s the brand-new Dobichan character available as both a 9” plush ($50) and a 2” tall holiday ornament/bag charm ($25). Both features a DCon tag and numbered, sewn-in label.  This little swampie is adorable.  Next?  The Flat Bonnie x Leecifeer Honoo plush is back in a fiery orange+ red blended DCon Exclusive edition (15”, $90) with swanky numbered tag sewn right in.  

In addition to the exclusives, Flat Bonnie has made arrangements to release a small number of the Coarse Root Carrot collabo plush complete with screen-printed cloth bag,  produced by Playhouse (13”, $50). As always, the Flat Bonnie booth [#317] will be filled with a  wide selection of soft, cuddly animal plush ready for ‘adoption’. 

Flat-Bonnie-DesignerCon-Exclusive-Dobichan-Swamp-Monster-Ornament-Charm-A7s07682-800 Flat-Bonnie-Leecifer-Honoo-Plush-DCon-2017-A7s07649_BlogFlat-Bonnie-Coarse-Playhouse-Root-Carrot-Plush

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Tracy Tubera – Jordan Sith Light Side/Carmine Edition at DesignerCon


U: Price added (11.7)

Boom!  In addition to a pre-order for his new Maximum Effort resin (Deadpool), Tracy Tubera will be dropping the Jordan Sith Light Side resin (25 pcs, 7” x 8”), hand-crafted by  Mana Studios.  Glossy white helmet and gloves, matte torso, red translucent saber, and Jordan 6 Carmines, the light side is dressed to the nines.  Pick up the new TT Vader for $210 at Tracy’s booth [#320].

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Instinctoy x Mame Moyashi – Killer Whale Exclusive Giant Maguro-Senpai


‘Thar she blows! Instinctoy has just announced their exclusive Killer Whale edition of the brand-new Giant Maguro-Senpai vinyl from Mame Moyashi.  Armed with a giant knife, the ‘Rage of Big Tails’  has come to avenge whale extinction. The debut edition of the larger figure (10.5”) blends Orca and Tuna nicely, no surprise given last year’s excellent Instinctoy exclusive Salmon Maguro, a great example of the brand’s attention to detail.  The Killer Whale Maguro will be on display at Instinctoy’s DCon booth [#503] and then will be released at Tokyo Comic Con in December with an  online lottery afterwards.  

23279711_155118241898107_610346373526585344_n23279871_533237057014696_6410715568088809472_n 23348042_125410044804643_8833583366533021696_n 23348140_524793761200973_1940696627853393920_n

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3DRetro @ DesignerCon – Jade Clairvoyant Dunny and New Gordo


3DRetro [booth #532] has just announced two new DesignerCon drops.  First up is the Jade Clairvoyant Dunny (8”, 100 pcs, $100) from J*Ryu and Kidrobot.  The jade effect on this last Clairvoyant is quite nice, one of the best colorways. J*Ryu will be signing on Saturday from 11 AM to Noon.   Speaking of final turns, 3DRetro will also be releasing the last Gordo figure by Jim McKenzie in magenta/purple ($45).  Jim will be signing at the booth from 2-3 PM on Sunday.

23164632_499821150389787_124298805972566016_n 23164913_1777724899187155_7667103861353480192_n 23279925_179607112590756_7877827906221637632_n 23348244_191519994742699_8724029136042983424_n

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Yoskay Yamamoto – ‘Homebound’ at Giant Robot 2 (11.11)


Yoskay Yamamoto will open his new Homebound solo on Saturday (11.11) at Giant Robot 2 in West LA.  While we haven’t much in the way of previews so far, going by the flier image and two sneak peeks he posted on IG (possibly up close crops), his new collection of paintings will offer a blend of new uplifting elements and anthropomorphized characters with his signature style.   If you’re in town, the opening should be on your calendar.


Yoskay Yamamoto || Homebound
Opening: Saturday, November 11th 2017 (6:30 – 10 PM)

Giant Robot 2
2062 Sawtelle Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90062

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Les Schettkoe x MINDstyle – Western Micksterminator


Les Schettkoe’s Western Micksterminator character will make the jump from concept to vinyl toy at DesignerConMINDstyle will release Les’s ironic mouse exterminator (8.5”) in a debut black + silver glitter soft vinyl edition from the Pop Life Lounge [#2100] which will greet attendees at the main entrance. While Les has designed several popular licensed-property toys featuring G.I. Joe, Transformers and Monopoly characters, this is his first original art toy. 

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Jason Limon x DYZPlastic – Stink Box Minis Debut at DesignerCon


Calling all cat lovers!  Jason Limon has teamed up with Andrew Bell’s DYZPlastic to bring you the mini series of your dreams.  The Stink Box minis feature 16 frisky felines to collect and a really clever way to display them.  Each blind box can be converted into a ‘Stink Box’ for display and discrete waste handling. These will be available in limited preview quantities at Andrew Bell’s Dcon booth [#619].  These will be released widely in stores and online in December.  

stinkbox_blindbox-frontbackstinkox_Smokey-Doodle_Chubbs  stinkbox-Kingpin

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