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Nov 05, 2017

Cameron Tiede for DCon: Wide Mouth Demon, Beached Agony, Prints + More !

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After missing the show last year, Cameron Tiede’s Wood Candy Workshop returns to DesignerCon  [booth #215] with a strong mix of wood figures, art prints and more. Both of his new wood releases bring strong splashes of enamel color to the WCW focus on naturally finished wood.  Bringing some devilish fun, W.M.D. (Wide Mouth Demon) stands 7” tall and will be offered in 8 uniquely painted pieces.  Sand and surf isn’t always a recipe for a great day according to Beached Agony. Limited to 15 pieces, Beached Agony (8”) features a distressed character rockin’ old school striped gear with orange/red accents and comes with a print.

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In addition to shelf candy, Cameron will also bring some wall candy.The Beached Agony print  features the hapless one on a gloomy day (16x20”, 25 s/n prints, bagged+boarded).  While on a square,Cameron’s Happy Fish (16” x 16”, 25 s/n prints, bagged+boarded) have plenty of pep and personality.

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Cameron will also offer additional tempting exclusive wood figures and prints. Including painted, one-piece toys (below).

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3DRetro @ DesignerCon: Moe Hawk by KRK Ryden and Smile Greyscale by Juan Muniz


3DRetro [booth #532] has announced two new releases for DesignerCon (11.11 – 11.12). First up is the brand-new Moe Hawk by KRK Ryden.  The colorful punk skater will be available for $60 at the show and Ryden will be on hand to sign them on Saturday (1- 2 PM). The new grayscale Smile figure from Juan Muniz will also debut at the ‘con ($45). This one features a muted expression befitting his toned down appearance. If you’d like yours signed, Juan will be happy to do that for you at his booth [#719].

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