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Nov 04, 2017

Tracy Tubera - Maximum Effort Deadpool Resin + Thriller Pin for DesignerCon



We’ve come to expect a kicks-infused cinematic resin from Tracy Tubera each year as DesignerCon rolls around.  Walt, Future Boy, Jordan sith… and …  now Maximum Effort, Tracy’s take on the not-so-serious but 100% kick butt Deadpool. We kinda doubt Tracy has to psych himself up with a little mantra over and over again ala Wade Wilson, but hey whatever works.  The new light-hearted resin homage is a collaboration with partners-in-crime Mana Sutdios and features Jordan 4’s—Tracy digs comics but he’s all about the kicks.  We’re looking forward to the full reveal, should be any day now.

In addition to his new art toy, Tracy’s also upping his pin game with a gnarly Thriller pin done with the folks at Reppin. And yes, it’s GID.  But of course!  Find these new drops and a strong selection of prints at Tracy’s booth [#320].

23101729_124171341684462_2230321012950433792_n 23161850_416822695400122_8939288528936763392_n

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DeKorner x Scott Tolleson – Kookie No Good The Way De Kookie Krumbles Edition at DesignerCon (11.11 – 11.12)


All good (and mischievous) things come to an end. For Kookie No Good the end of the road is DesignerConDe Korner will drop The Way De Kookie Krumbles edition designed by Scott Tolleson  with deluxe packaging from their booth [#622] for $45. How will De Korner top the tried and true bag and header?  Stay tuned!  After DCon, the figure will also be available  in standard packing for $40 from De Korner’s web shop.

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Tim’s Toys at Face Guts (11.10)

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The back room of Tim Biskup’s Face Guts is chock-full of toys including  his massive personal collection of western and Japanese vinyl and an impressive back stock of a large number of his previous releases.  So how do you get to shop this treasure trove?  Tim is holding an epic toy sale event, ‘Tim’s Toys’, at Face Guts on Friday November 10th, 2017.  In a mood to clear some space, the figures in his collection will be ‘priced to sell’. He’ll also be offering items from his back stock. More?  There will also be a drop of the  Face Guts Exclusive Green Prenute (above,in the center) from Gravy Toys

He’ll open the doors for a preview session at noon during which you can gaze blankly at row after row of toys and try not to get too much drool on the carpets. With any luck, this should speed up the toy buying.  At 5 pm, he’ll start sales with the line order determined by lottery.   The frenzy will continue until either the folks in line or Tim pass out.  It all starts up again on Sunday from Noon to 6 PM.

Tim’s Toys

Friday November 10th (Browse: 12 –5 PM, Buy: 5- ?)
Sunday (11.12) from 12 to 6 PM

Face Guts
4136 1/2 Verdugo Rd
Los Angeles CA 90065

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Itokin Park and Friends at DesignerCon (11.11 – 11.12)

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Itokin Park will be making the trip to Pasadena for DesignerCon with his largest set of releases so far via The Sour Lemon booth [#1700]. He has six new spacey sofubi figures and two collaborative drops with Amanda Visell and Michelle Valigura.  On the cosmic side of things, there’s the brand-new Robot Suit in a debut Blue+silver edition, three Space Mode Man figures in Blue, Red, and Yellow and two glitter Astronauts—one in green and gold and a stunning clear + rainbow glitter edition with silver hair.

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On the collabo side,  there’s Michelle Valigura’s Robot Girl in sparkly gray with color accents and Amanda Visell’s beaver mobile figure in solid gray with color accents. Releases of these two figures are few and far between, so don’t miss the chance to scoop these.

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If you love Itokin Park’s figures, this is a great opportunity to pick up some of his space figures. In fact it is almost certainly the largest number of separate editions he’s released at any event.  Don’t miss out.

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Takashi Murakami x ComplexCon x BAIT x SWITCH - DOBtopus


Whoa. ComplexCon is really raising the bar on art toy collectibles with their brand-new DOBtopus figures from Takashi Murakami and BAIT x Switch.   There are two variants of the tentacled DOB – one with a tentacle curled in front of the mouth (A, $500) and a larger, wider piece with  a pair of tentacles directly in front(B, $750)—both with insane mouth detail. ‘Crazy’ and ‘Ridiculous’ – next level.  These will be sold at the show—perhaps via private URL as before?


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