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Nov 03, 2017

Munky King x kaNO – The Messenger


By taking a knee, ex-NFL QB Colin Kaepernick sent a powerful message heard widely throughout America and the world.  For Patrick Lam, co-founder of Munky King, the message resonated personally as husband of an African-American woman, father to two mixed-race children, and Uncle to a nephew who died under mysterious circumstances after a traffic stop by police.   Moved to act, to support the cause of racial equality put front and center by Kaepernick, Patrick reached out to kaNO to create The Messenger,  a vinyl figure of Kap on one knee, a powerful symbol of protest and resistance.  We’re looking forward to seeing a proto of the figure at DesignerCon.  Hit the jump for the official press release.



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Munky King -- ‘Kap’ Figure in Development

With its next project Munky King makes an unexpected move into new territory.  Revealed as a silhouette, the new figure features a stylized rendition of ex-NFL player Colin Kaepernick taking a knee in protest of social injustice—a gesture which has generated visceral reactions throughout America and the world.  We’re obviously eager to see more of the sculpt and if things goes as planned, Munky King will display a prototype at their DesignerCon booth.

Likely to inherit the controversy surrounding Kaepernick, the as-yet un-named art toy will almost certainly spark discussions, some heated, some thoughtful, some of which might move things forward a step or two here and there. While some will certainly criticize MK for making a clear political statement with this project, art is an expression of feeling, belief, and point of view and need not be pleasing or acceptable to all.  In fact, many would argue that art is stronger or strongest when it moves people deeply,  positively or negatively. The push-back sentiment that art and culture should steer clear of politics mistakes creative endeavors as merely entertainment and commerce.  The obvious commercial risk demonstrates the depth of Munky King’s sentiment and desire to support the movement Colin Kaepernick brought into the living rooms of sports fans worldwide.

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