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Oct 05, 2017

Paradise Toyland – Kaiju Hunting at Taipei Toy Festival (10.7 – 10.11)


Paradise Toyland  will launch its Kaiju Hunting collaborative project at Taipei Toy Festival as both a series of six mini sofubi figures from six Japanese artists and  a featured convention exhibition showcasing each of their careers from noted works to special pieces from their archives.  The Kaiju Hunting toy line includes Triboo by Dan 
BHM (Big Hairy Monster) by Studio UAMOUKumanba by Konatsu, Rasugimasu by T9G (shared two eyes color random mix). Seedlas by Shoko Nakazawa, Satoshi Yamamoto (Hunter) by Dehara  Yukinori

The series will debut with the Invisible Hunting set of all six figures in clear vinyl with painted accents. It will be available in the Kaiju Hunting exhibition area (Exhibition A) for 2400 NT (~$79.00).

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BAIT at NYCC 2017 (10.5 – 10.8)


BAIT is headed to the East Coast for NYCC with several sweet toy debuts and an NYCC exclusive pin.  Following up on the OG editions released at SDCC,  BAIT will debut their  new Camo Transformers figures in both 4.5” ($20)  and 6.5” ($45) at NYCC.  More?  How about the TMNT Leonardo and Rafael 100+400% Be@rbrick sets from MedicomBAIT’s the exclusive US retailer and is dropping them in NYC ahead of the global launch.  Finally, if pins are your sickness, then BAIT’s going to feed your addiction with their NYCC Exclusive Dragon Ball Z Super Saiyan Vegeta white on black pins (500pcs, $20) from Figpin. All of these drops will be available from BAIT’s booth [#220]. 

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Buff Monster x Clutter – Sparkleberry Mister Melty for NYCC (10.5 – 10.8)


Clutter will release Buff Monster’s new Sparkleberry Mister Melty resin (5”, 30 pcs, $125) at NYCC.  The Sparkleberry recipe combines pink resin with clear+glitter resin and fits the Melty vibe nicely.  Buff will be signing at 1 PM on Friday (10.5).  

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ToyQube – NYCC Releases


ToyQube returns to NYC with several new releases lined up for NYCC [booth #578].  TQ’s got a bit of a dark vibe going this year with a new mono style Beneath the Harvest Pumpkin King by Jim McKenzie as well as a black-on-black Astroboy (120 pieces) in Liberty pose.  And… speaking of returning home to the Big Apple, kaNO will be at the booth from 12 to 1 PM on Saturday (10.7) to sign his brand-new 20” Dragon King figures, officially licensed by the Bruce Lee estate.


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Ron English x Made By Monsters – Police Grin at NYCC via Toy Tokyo


Ron English’s Grin is a force to be reckoned with.  Next up is Police Grin, call it Trooper Grin.  Debuting at NYCC from the Toy Tokyo Booth [588/688], the first Star Wars grin looks great from the helmet to the middle-age, overweight stormy concept complete with bulging armor. Police Grin, MC SuperSize and the Cereal Killers are all kindred spirits at the lunch counter.  One hundred of the worldwide edition of 400 pieces will be available at the TT booth for $295.  Who’s got next?  Vader ?


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