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Sep 07, 2017

Kaiju One – Super Sun Sun Bling Bling Treasure Lottery (thru 10.10)


Back in June we wrote about Kaiju One’s impressive and quite ambitious Super Sun Sun sofubi, a fierce take on the legend of the Monkey King.  Ever since then we’ve had one question… when?  Thankfully the time has come.  Kaiju One is offering the debut  Bling Bling Treasure Edition (~ 10.6”) in both Standard ($200)  and Deluxe packages ($250) via lottery ending on Sunday (9.10) at 8:59 AM PDT.  Shipping is $30 for Asia and $50 to everywhere else. See below for full package breakdowns and lottery instructions.

The Bling Bling Treasure Edition features an impeccable red+yellow paint scheme that brings out all the intricate detail in the legendary warrior’s body and armor.  Kaiju One’s inclusion of  numerous high quality accessories--both PVC and Metal—should offer collectors a 1:6 style experience in terms of playability and display flexibility.  Super Sun Sun supports a removable hand system with up to  five sets of hands depending on the package.  In addition, he’s ready for battle with four combat plags complete with metal poles, a Rod of Naraka in PVC and Metal (Deluxe), and an Avici sword (Deluxe) complete with removable sheath.  The Deluxe edition also showcases Sun Sun’s theatrical side with an included Chinese Opera Mask and Headdress.

Not content with releasing a compelling sofubi figure with strong sculpting and detailed paint, Kaiju One is pushing the boundaries to deliver Super Sun Sun as a fully realized character ready to bash heads with numerous weapons and regalia. Dope.


Standard Version "Bling Bling Treasure/至尊寶" - US$200

  • Figure with gripping hands
  • A pair of additional hands (random blind bag)
  • Four combat flags with metal POLE
  • Rod of Naraka ( pvc )
  • Box
  • 21434135_115096362510170_6743628537720209408_n

    Deluxe Version "Bling Bling Treasure / 至尊寶" - US$250

    • Figure with gripping hands
    • 4 pair of additional hands
    • Four combat flags with metal POLE
    • Rod of Naraka ( pvc )
    • Rod of Naraka ( metal )
    • Avīci Sword ( pvc )
    • Box
    • Chinese Opera mask
    • Chinese Opera HEADDRESS
    • Bag

    Lottery Info
    Send email to  kaijuonestudio@gmail.com with the following info:

    1.Either Standard or Deluxe Version ( choose one )
    2.Your name
    3.Instagram/facebook name
    4.Your country
    5.Shipping address
    6.Phone Number
    7.PayPal account

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    Hirota Saigansho – Soft Vinyl Kaiju Exhibition at Megumi Ogita Gallery (10.7 – 10.14)

    If you’re in Tokyo or can make plans to be there, you’ll definitely want to check out Hirota Saigansho’s exhibit opening on October 7th 2017 at Megumi Ogita Gallery in Ginza, Tokyo.  The exhibit will offer a retrospective look at Hirota’s toys featuring each colorway released plus potentially one-offs/tests.  In addition to his gorilla and monster sofubi figures, the event will also feature a display of  paintings, skateboards, and the debut of two new monsters. And…expect a surprise or two. 

    This is an exhibition in the museum sense of the word—no toys will be available for sale.  Hirota’s Soft Vinyl Kaiju Exhibition is a must-see event for collectors and fans seeking the definitive word on his highly sought after gorilla sofubi.

    Hirota Saigansho || Soft Vinyl Kaiju Exhibition
    October 7th through October 14th 2017

    Megumi Ogita Gallery
    2-16-12 B1 Gina Chuo-ku
    Tokyo 104-0061 Japan


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    Kidrobot x Elvis Preseley Graceland - Elvis Vinyl Figure?!


    This just crossed our radar, as it looks like Kidrobot has teamed up with all of Graceland to produce their very own exclusive Elvis figure. We know what you're thinking, we couldn't believe it either, as these guys are already in stock and available for purchase. This is a big surprise has there is no mention from Kidrobot about these what so ever. The Elvis figure comes in three different styles, Elvis '68 Comeback w/ guitar, Elvis '68 Comeback singing and Singing Elvis Gold Lamé. Each figure measures 4.5" tall and can be found available HERE for only $15 each.


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