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Sep 01, 2017

Ron English x Mighty Jaxx Take on the Staple Pigeon (9.2)

Ron English’s take on Staple’s iconic pigeon is menacing, stylish and of course, grinning.  Beyond the signature skull grin, the interlocking jigsaw of color that runs from head to toe is a striking nod to Jeff Staple’s impactful design and fashion.  The colorful, sculpted-in sections make the toy with a funky, hip vibe. The patchwork of curves, notches, and spiky lines weave their magic into an eye-catching whole. 

Seemingly lacking an official name, the new figure we’re calling ‘Pigeon Grin’  is Mighty Jaxx’s second art toy collab with Staple and follows the dramatic Washizu from James Jean.  The Pigeon Grin vinyl (8”) will be available for pre-order from Mighty Jaxx on Saturday (9.2) at 7 AM PDT for $120 (+ s/h).

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Ron English x APPortfolio x Made By Monsters – Shocking Sun Flowers (9.3)


Ron English’s amazing Sun Flower sculptures  with an uncanny likeness to Mr. Squarepants are back in fun new colors.  The new Shocking Sun Flowers—a collaboration between Ron, APPortfolio and Made by Monsters—are a follow-up to the Growing Grins editions released at Art Fair Tokyo this Spring.  

While the OG editions featured a ‘natural’ palette with yellow flowers and green stems, the new editions (16.5”)  feature more unusual, even Shocking colors.  Shocking Pink (230 pieces) features pink petals, green stems, and a purple pot while Dark Force (70 pieces) features a yellow + black design with GID teeth.

They are available at special events in China from September 1st through the 2nd and also online from APPortfolio on Sunday (9.3) at 9 AM PDT for $510 (+ s/h) for the Shocking Pink and $1020 (+ s/h) for the set of the Pink and the Dark Force.  For full info, check out @APPortfolio.

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Six TwentyEight – MITT Rainbow



Six TwentyEight  will release MITT Rainbow just in time for the fall convention season.  The new colorful bumper car bulldog will be available first at the Beijing Toy Show (9.8 – 9.10)  from Wrong Gallery [A28].  The new Rainbow edition will also be available in October at several conventions and retailers:

- New York Comic Con (10.5 – 10.8), My Plastic Heart's booth
- Taipei Toy Festival (10.7 – 10.10) ,Wrong Gallery's booth
- Fewmany Shop, Tokyo Japan
- Vintage & Vinyl Club, Hong Kong
- Collect and Display, UK
- Minty Fresh, Netherlands
- Toy Art Gallery, California

The figure will also apparently be available online from Six TwentyEight at some point.  We’ll keep you updated.



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